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The fastest way to get hold of a perfect skin - use a masking agent. Of course, this is just a ploy female, allowing time to hide imperfections like acne and post-acne - true grooming needs constant "recharge." However, even if you regularly watch your face, you are still unable to predict a "force majeure" as rashes caused due to PMS or dark circles under the eyes. And then come to the aid of cosmetics with tinted effect.

The perfect disguise: types and tone correction tools

Masking means in the form of foundation has a dense structure in comparison with conventional tonalnikov. Such a cream - a basic element of the correction in the face makeup. He is like a magic wand, to help conceal allergies, suddenly appeared a pimple or small wrinkles. Undoubtedly, for the best results should be used in tandem with him other masking agents (eg, green concealer to eliminate redness). By itself, it will serve you well if you need to whip up a cover up inflammation or vessel bursting.

As you have probably realized, masking foundation is not intended for everyday use. It's too thick, so quickly clog pores, causing the appearance of "black spots", and early wrinkles. The use of this cream on combination or oily skin of the face only aggravates her condition. The formulation provides a high concentration of its various oils that triggers accelerated production of sebum. Yes, and means to cause the entire face evenly with a thin layer you do not succeed - the effect of "mask" is provided. If you use a masking cream to hide from prying eyes "crow's feet" around the lips and eyes, replace it with a cream with firming ingredients, modeling the oval of the face. Put it in the bag only in case when there is no possibility to update the make-up by other tonal resources. It has similar properties cream powder.

Especially for skin prone to oily sheen was created by a masking agent as toning gel. It lightweight structure compared with the cream, there is no harmful oils and parabens. The gel has matting properties - no oily fat person will not have an hour or two. However, its opacity is low - gel perfectly cope with freckles, pink traces of acne and enlarged pores. But wrinkles, acne and inflamed comedones he was not "in the teeth." Learning to be able to use any schoolgirl, it spreads easily over the skin ordinary sponge. And masking gels are very inexpensive.

Masking a pencil - a cosmetic product for the "melee" with elements of the inflamed skin. The owner of oily problem skin can use it in conjunction with tinted gel. Pencil will hide the scars, moles, flasks burst in the eye and large pimples. Due to the arsenal of several shades of this equalizer, you can even visually lighten large dark spots.

Compact (dry) concealer is a crumbly powder skin tones, packed in a plastic or glass jar. This masking agent requires the girl is smart enough to use it competently. Dry powder you will be able to disguise irregularities, and concealer mixed with cream, talc hide the small and small eruptions. But do not buy it if you have never used masking agents.

Concealer Stick is useful to mask large inflammation and too wide pores on the wings of the nose and cheeks. In fact, this same camouflage concealer, packaged in a small tube to twist. But unlike him, he is well mattes and leaves no streaks.

Concealers for age should have a light texture that will not slide and emphasize age-related changes in the form of wrinkles. To hide dark circles under the eyes, you need to use it in conjunction with a green corrector, but to lighten the skin and giving it a fresh appearance is enough only concealer.

Tonal lotions, foams and fluids are designed for normal and combination skin. The principle of operation of these funds is the same: wiping face with cotton pad, you apply a layer of liquid to powder. This Lite version of the toners has a low opacity, hiding a post-acne and enlarged pores.

In a separate group of corrective cosmetics can distinguish color correctors. Usually, they are presented in a mosaic. Orange concealer will help to cope with a black eye, lilac-lavender removes unhealthy yellowness from your face, and green neutralizes redness of acne and allergic rashes.

Highlighter and a white powder used for visual skin whitening, and so sto- len freckles, small scars and age spots. Typically, these masking agents are available in the form of a shimmering white powder or beads, capsules from the same powder.


Terms & Correction

In order not to spend a fortune on similar action for cosmetics, look for universal correctors, which combine several functions. For example, matting cream powder (combining the coating properties of dense and absorbing action tonalnika powder) or toning gel highlighter with reflective particles. The higher propensity of your skin to various kinds of inflammation, whether it's acne, "black spots," or acne - the more should be in your arsenal of high density. Be sure also to ensure that they met in the composition of antibacterial ingredients (tea tree oil, salicylic acid or zinc). This concealer does two things at once: hides and dries inflammation.

Consultants when buying cosmetics skin color tinting usually for selection perfectly appropriate shade you spray on the back of his hand. You're going to mask the flaws on your face and not on the hands, right? Therefore, going for shopping, bring a sponge or cotton pad and a mirror. Apply color to the boundary face and neck and blend it. If the concealer blends with the skin and is almost imperceptible, feel free to buy.

Wrong with the tone when buying a masking cream? You can make it lighter, diluted tonalnik liquid base makeup or moisturizer. Choosing tinting cosmetics, remember: bright and shiny shades refresh the skin and reduce the appearance of "crow's feet" and dark - draw attention to imperfections and emphasize your age. If you are over 30, your beautician must be a semitone lighter concealer color of your face.

Means, packed in a glass jar, a bottle of spray, stick or tube preferably auto-corrector pencil with retractable applicator. On its tip foam accumulate bacteria that can trigger inflammation amplification. If you can not afford the luxury of a monthly change of masking agent, choose a more economical and hygienic option.

 masking agents

Secrets of the application of certain types of concealers

Powder concealer is applied with a wide brush, designed for powder. Face moisturizing cream beforehand - so it is better distributed on the skin, and will last longer. Over it is impossible to apply liquid foundation, so that you can only fix disguise compact powder.

The masking cream is applied to clean skin or on a base for makeup. Spread a small amount of money with the help of sponges. Blend cream so carefully so as not to be seen the contrast between different areas of the face. Face powder loose powder, and only then proceed to apply make-up. Take a cloth matting, as skin because foundation strenuously produces sebum.

Corrector pencil is applied on top of the usual foundation. The core of his vysokopigmentirovan therefore means requires careful shading. Liner hammer fingertips into the skin. Apply a thin layer on top of powder or toner fluid.

Multi-colored concealers applied to the base in a small amount. Suffice it to a couple of drops in order to hide a pimple or black eyes. Distribute agent applicator for applying shadows and carefully mask proofreader Stick or cream.

Whichever method of camouflage you choose, remember: any corrector - only temporary measures. To not have to hide the imperfections of daily care for their skin.

 Face Concealers

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 eye make-up with the impending century

  • Problem eyelid
  • Subtleties makeup

With this simple trick, as the right makeup, you can give a person the freshness, add a drop of puzzles, pour a bit of intrigue and completely transform the look. If you have a classic type of person, the right-set eyes and broad brow space, you can take risks and make the most unexpected types of make-up - up to the extravagant. But often, women have a problem, and in this case the make-up is designed to adjust the face and hide the little nuances.

Problem eyelid

The main problem in women of mature age - is impending eyelid. But the young girls can be such for ever - a person acquires a sad expression, and his eyes became dim and sorrowful. Let's try to fix this situation! And here can help not only the plastic surgeon (also an option, but is it worth the hurry?), But the usual make-up.

Makeup artist well known tricks and techniques that can help you correct the impending eyelid. This kind of makeup should be a clear algorithm:

  • Raise and extend the eyebrows with a pencil;
  • Under eyebrow cause light shade
  • On the inner corner of the century should be to put the shadows lighter shade;
  • At the outer corner - dark shade;
  • Dark shadows shaded and slightly beyond the boundaries of the eye;
  • Making liner - from the middle of the century to outer corner; line should expand.

 beautiful eye makeup with the impending century

Subtleties makeup

Under the shade is necessary to put a foundation - it will not slip into the shadows, it looks brighter and more saturated. In addition, modern industry produced a foundation have caring properties - they will nourish the sensitive skin of eyelids.

Impose shade

Remember one immutable rule - a shadow hides impending eyelid. Therefore, use the corner of the eye to the problem is the dark shades of shadows. Pearly shade, you should not apply - they are visually increase the "kapyushonchik", so use only matte shades. By adding a little light shadow to the inner corner, waving a bar on the bridge, you will achieve amazing results - like eyes burst open. Strong shades of dark shadows can not be used - it is better to make them "smoky" with small touches of deep color.


If you love arrows (they are not difficult to love - they give sight charm and flirty), then know that the issue of the impending century, use only black pencil. You have available liquid eyeliner? Give it to a friend - in case of problems with the impending age to apply make-up liquid liner impossible. Do not start to lead an arrow from the inner corner - eyes get even smaller and sadder. But starting with the mid-century, it is possible to achieve the desired effect.

Arrows draw better when the eye is closed, then open it up and look at - whether you draw a ponytail. It must be bent up and go abroad for the eye. Please do not apply a clear strip - just map out the future arrow; making sure everything is done right, it can be confident movement and apply clear bright line. On the lower lid to put the arrow in any case it is impossible, there is a little bit better than shade brush dark shadows.

Draw the eyebrows and eyelashes

The main thing to do - is to visually push drooping eyelids on the eyes, to separate them and lift. This can be achieved by forming an eyebrow. Firstly, they must be rare (thin - optionally). Secondly, the most raised up - arc, surprise-izgibistye. Eyebrows should be perfect - it is incumbent on them, "pull" the attention of the eyelids. Eyed view gives the impression of a young person.

Mascara makeup impending age can be any color, just avoid brown and purple - the eye will look wept red, and it does not add charm. Overhanging eyelid - it is an opportunity to increase the eyelashes, applying a lot of ink. It is possible and to increase them, but you can just put a quality mascara that is not showered. Just do not overdo it - it should not be lumpy and lay pieces. With the help of mascara can be a little curl lashes in the outer corner of the eye.

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look beautiful, a surprise on the faces of others and catching compliments. Do not hesitate to his small drawbacks - "kapyushonchik" can hide and disguise just skillful make-up. That's the word called ordinary makeup. Clearly following the recommendations of the make-up artists and practicing on his own face, you quickly learn in minutes to put a competent, professional make-up. Just use make-up to high-quality products - to give preference to proven brand on the market of cosmetic products. And then an army of fans and confidence you provided!

 Eye make-up with the impending century

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