Eyelash interior: what material to choose?

Recently eyelash become very popular, because it is a quick way to make cilia dense and beautiful, but look - fascinating. Eyelashes can be expanded in two ways:

  1. American or Hollywood (capacity beams);
  2. Japanese (build-piece).

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, however, when the life of the Japanese build cilia longer, they look more natural. If, for example, the eyelashes were backfilled beams 5-7 eyelashes, then the natural loss of eyelashes, which is attached to the material, it needs urgent correction.

Materials for nails, eyelashes and hair are now widely available to all, they are mostly made from synthetic materials. What is the capacity mink, sable, or silk? The use of natural fibers of wool and silk animals impossible, because it can be a severe allergic reaction. Just silk, mink and sable fur were the similarity to the name of the structure of artificial fibers. This synthetic eyelashes singler for increasing the length of which can be 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm.

  1. "Silk" eyelashes. They are very popular, as are affordable and look the most natural. Moreover, a big advantage of using this material is its low weight, and thus even weak cilia can withstand the load during a certain time. Wearing silk eyelashes can be from 3 weeks to two months, if necessary, making the correction.
  2. "Mink" eyelashes. Materials for eyelashes of this type can also be of different lengths, but in diameter they are little more than silk. Look "mink" eyelashes like painted in black ink, are worn as long as the "silk". Service Eyelash of this fiber is very popular among brides, actresses and all those who want to stand out strongly through the spectacular sight. But "mink" eyelashes can absolutely not come Girls with thin sparse eyelashes, as it will be for them to excessive load.
  3. "Sable" eyelashes. The maximum length and large in volume, creating a theatrical effect. Sable eyelashes are increased specifically to a particular subject (eg, a celebration or a photo shoot), soon, in a few days, they will be removed.
 Eyelash interior: what material to choose?

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 smoky eyes

Today, very relevant and fashionable smoky eye makeup or otherwise smoky eyes. Many women have used it at the beginning of the last century, smoky eyes and remains popular to this day. What is the peculiarity of his, and what he attracts women? With smoky makeup can create an exquisite and mysterious way, to look seductive and sexy. Smoky eyes can be used as daytime and evening makeup. The difference is only in the choice of suitable colors. For daytime make-up smoky eyes perfect warm pastel, olive, golden tones. For evening make-up smoky eyes is best to choose cooler colors - black, gray, brown, and the like.

Makeup in the style of smoky eyes - it's much shade shadow and eyeliner. In the process of its implementation mascara applied to the eyelashes several layers and transitions between different shades of shadows made smooth. The more carefully chosen color shades are, the more attractive it looks smoky eye makeup effect. And most importantly, it does not take much time. Eye makeup smoky eyes is suitable for almost all women, regardless of age and hair type. It can be used as a blonde and a brunette.

Smoky makeup application technique

There are several options for applying makeup in the style of smoky eyes. They differ in technique and color scheme. Consider the technique of applying a simple smoky makeup steps.

The first step in creating smoky eyes will use corrective means eye. First of all it is necessary to those women who have dark circles under the eyes. You can apply an ad hoc basis, without giving the shadows roll in the folds of the eyelids.

 smoky makeup

To perform the steps smoky eyes use a very soft pencil. To give the image of femininity and tenderness should choose colors as close to the color of your eyebrows. If a woman wants to get smoky eyes using a more aggressive image, the color of the pencil should be black or gray-black. We draw the shape of the eye, giving them an almond shape, then carefully shaded eyeliner.

 smoky eyes for brown eyes

When creating makeup - smoky eye effect is obtained and by applying shadows. Darker colors are used for the upper eyelid and the lighter shade is applied under the eyebrows. It is best to use at least three shades. Smoky eyes make-up technique involves careful shading shadows, without sharp transitions.

 makeup smoky eyes

The next stage of implementation of smoky eyes will incrementally applying dark tones on the lower eyelid. It should make a very fine brush. After that smoky eyes make-up gets finished look, and then painted eyelashes mascara. Very impressive look heavily painted thick long lashes.

 smoky eyes for blue eyes

How to make a smoky makeup to the primary emphasis is on the eyes? In this case, lipstick and blush should be selected soft tones. It is best to tint lip gloss or lipstick to match the lip and apply the powder on the face skin color. To make-up was expressive emphasis usually done only in one area of ​​the face. Makeup smoky look suggests the emphasis on the eyes.

In this technique makeup smoky eyes there is nothing complex, and any woman can do it yourself . You should not, however, abuse the shadows with sparkles when creating makeup smoky eyes, because the excess glitter make eyelids swollen and his eyes heavy and tired.

And how to make a smoky eye makeup to women who do not like to use pencils and connector? In this case, we can recommend the dark shadows. But their application should take into account that they can crumble and do not go smoothly, so working with shadows quite difficult. Their excess can be removed with sponge. Before applying makeup smoky eyes it would be nice to curl slightly cilia with special tweezers. This will give a feminine look openness and expressiveness.

Smoky makeup for brown eyes

 smoky eyes step by step

From the color of the eyes of women depends largely on the shades and shadows, mascara and eyeliner used in makeup smoky eyes. And that depends on how to do smoky makeup for women with different shades of eye to highlight their glow and beauty.

Smoky eyes for brown eyes - is an opportunity to highlight their natural beauty and depth. Smooth transition shadows from the weak to the more saturated colors is important for everyone, but for the brown-eyed women - is a basic rule. What shade is best to use when creating a smoky makeup for brown eyes? An excellent option is a brown-olive scale, especially if the skin color from dark-skinned woman. Owners of light skin suit of bright blue, cornflower blue, lilac and purple shades.

Nature endowed brown-eyed girls and women thick and dense eyelashes, so mascara is desirable to limit the use. When creating smoky eyes for brown eye of a relatively small amount of mascara, allows you to select each cilium. In order to avoid clumping before application of mascara can be lightly powder. Smoky makeup for brown eyes needs to be made with great care, because the dark eyes attract more attention and negligence in this case is unacceptable.

Smoky makeup for green eyes

 smoky makeup for brown eyes

To green eyes, fit a large number of different color shades, and a woman may not even be aware which one is better is not try for yourself. When the smoky makeup for green eyes, try brown shade with a hint of chocolate. The combination of dark green, gold and brown colors give your eyes a mysterious shine. Eyeliner pencil can be bluish. Smoky eyes to green eyes can be made and violet tones. Particularly impressive it will look in the evening make-up. Below you can see the different options smoky makeup - photo attached.

Of course, some women may be surprised, but reddish, orange, copper shade, perfectly accentuate the eye color, playing on the contrast. Performing smoky makeup for green eyes, put on the upper eyelid several different shades of reddish brown shades, and on the bottom - green shade to match your eyes. Calm range for everyday makeup smoky eyes for green eye can be created with the help of olive or gray. In this eyeliner on the inner side of the eyelids is applied to a green pencil.

Smoky makeup for gray eyes

 smoky makeup photos

Properly applied makeup smoky eyes for gray eyes can create unexpected effects and look stunning. For daytime make-up will suit lighter shades of shadows, and for evening, use dark brown and dark blue shadows. When applying makeup for gray smoky eye does not forget about the selection of the appropriate fittings. We offer you a make-up smoky eyes - see above photo.

Smoky eyes to the gray eye offers women with golden skin color warm shades of make-up - a bronze, sand. And for white skin are possible options turquoise, blue, green, purple. Metallic shades emphasize the magical beauty of the gray eyes. You can try silver, gold, copper colors eye shadow smoky eyes in the gray eyes.

Quite often gray eyes can be a green and blue hues. To emphasize the blue cast perform smoky makeup steps as follows. Apply to upper eyelid bronze, sand, orange or yellow shade. Good blend them. Then make eye rims, blue pencil. Complete Makeover blue-black ink, which will also give blue eyes. Smoky makeup for gray eyes at the ideal gray-blue shade.

To give your eyes a green tint when the smoky eyes, use green and chocolate shade. You can add color indigo. They are applied to the upper eyelid and the lower is fed with green pencil.

Smoky makeup for blue eyes

 smoky makeup step by step

How to make a smoky makeup owners of blue eyes that accentuate them? The basic rule for women with eyes - it is less is better. Therefore, when the smoky makeup for blue eyes should approach this carefully.

Eye color is best underlined purple, gold, silver and pale pink shade. They are perfectly in harmony with the blue eyes. But doing smoky eyes to blue eyes, should not refuse also from gray-brown, lilac and lavender especially shades.

If a woman loves a spectacular make-up, you can try bright blue shade. But we should remember that performing smoky makeup for blue eyes is necessary to comply with the measure. It should highlight the color of the eyes, and not replace it. If done correctly, the blue eyes will become even more vivid and expressive. Go to parties and discos can be used for make-up smoky eyes for blue eye coal-black shadows. They should be applied along with other shades and shadows shade carefully. You can see the options of the smoky eye makeup - photo attached.

Evening smoky makeup

Evening make-up smoky eyes of different colors for the eyes is also different among themselves. Commonly used more saturated shades of shadows, it is appropriate to this eye color.

For example, how to make a smoky eye makeup with green for a spectacular evening out?   You can use purple, red-brown and coal-black shadows, causing them consistently. For eyeliner shade also used these colors. Eyelash paint two coats of black mascara. For evening make-up smoky eyes perfect copper and gold color palette. Women with gray eyes as evening smoky eyes fit green and blue tones.

Smoky makeup for blondes

 smoky makeup for green eyes

Once used only smoky eyes brunette, but now smoky eye makeup - see above photo, is very popular and blondes. This makeup looks terrific and draws attention to the eyes. Chocolate, Bronze and wine shades emphasize the very good gray and blue eye blonde. They will look great in the evening make-up smoky eyes. However, very dark shade can mute the sparkle in her eyes and looking blonde with blue eyes will be difficult. Smoky eyes for blondes with brown or green eyes will look good when using gold, bronze, olive and brown shadows. Too bright shade will create a dismal effect.

For daytime make-up smoky eyes blonde suitable for brown or gray mascara. Quite unusual looks brown ink at a blue or dark blue eyes. You can of course use, and blue ink for blue and gray eyes.

Choice of lipstick and blush is also very important in the make-up for blondes. Basically it can be bright shades of pink, lilac and coral colors of lipstick. Lip liner can not be applied. On top of lipstick will look nice lip gloss lighter shade. Brown blush is well suited for blondes with dark skin, peach - look great on the freckled face and pinkish coral - decorate the white skin.

Smoky makeup for brunettes

 how to make a smoky makeup

How to make smoky eyes brunettes? To begin with, it is ideal for all women with dark hair and makes them look attractive and sexy. Smoky eyes for brunettes should be bright, but not provocative. If a woman wants to highlight her eyes, it is not necessary for them to apply a lot of mascara and eyeliner broad lines.

How do smoky eyes brunette with brown eyes? You can on the inner corner of the eye cause shadows silver, brown or tan, and external - pearl black or dark gray. All this should be lightly shaded. In the case of smoky eyes makeup for brunettes with light eyes dark shadows at the outer corner of the eye replaced with shiny gray shades. Black eyeliner and dark shadows with glitter applied along the contour of the eye. For a more open look, you can add a bit of gold shadows. All this is carefully shaded. It looks wonderful smoky makeup - photo attached if to emphasize the lower eyelid with pencil lighter shade.

We told you how to do smoky eyes make-up for any occasion, and now everything depends on you. Try a different, dare, dream, and all the others will always admire you.

 Smoky eye makeup

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