Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension procedure appeared not so long ago, but with each passing day it becomes more and more popular. This is explained not only by the fact that lashes get a nice, fluffy and natural - they are also very practical. These do not need to dye eyelashes, save time for make-up and flushing, is not afraid to get under the rain or go swimming in the sea.

How is eyelash

In the salons of eyelash in two ways:

  1. Traditional capacity
  2. Japanese capacity

Traditional capacity is attached to the base of the existing eyelashes artificial eyelashes in small bundles of 3-5 pieces. The length and thickness of eyelashes customer chooses. Such extended eyelashes must be not less than 1 time in 15 days corrected.

Japanese same capacity differs from the traditional building so that the lashes are not fastened beams and one. Such capacity is more durable, longer eyelashes stick and adjustment shall be 1 time per month.

The main reason for the durability of the eyelashes in the Japanese building is that a roll of his "native" cilia (and it is a natural process), the beam does not fall eyelashes and eyelash only one attached to it. Clearly, this is less noticeable, and, consequently, the need to adjust the lashes are not urgent.

Color stackable eyelashes can be very different from black, graphite and brown to silver, blue and pink. Long eyelashes are usually different. Long eyelashes are glued to the outer corner of the century, medium and short - to the middle of the eye.

Care Accrued eyelashes

For about three weeks the "native" lashes are completely renewed, therefore, the same service life and "acquired" eyelashes. Therefore adjust the lashes should be at least once in two weeks, without waiting for Fly over all extended eyelashes.

Daily care is not complicated. Accrued eyelashes not rub, it is undesirable to sleep face down, and. Of course, they can not touch up ink. And why do it if they are so beautiful, and the ink can contribute to their peeling. A sauna, daily contact lens wear and shorten the life of eyelash extensions.

What are the contraindications for eyelash?

First of all, eyelash is not suitable for those who can manifest an allergic reaction to the adhesive for eyelashes. Not lucky, and those who often suffer from conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the century), for them, this procedure is not available. If your own lashes are very weak or oily skin on the eyelids, the eyelashes can be, but they will stay very long.

 Eyelash Extensions

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 makeup for blondes with blue eyes


  • Color palette
  • Daily Makeover
  • evening make-up

It has long blonde with blue eyes were considered the most attractive and feminine. It is the image of the blonde man found something naive and angelic. However, this is not the only way that can create a woman with blond hair. She can skillfully transform in gentle creature, and the fatal beauty. And all this with the help of a skilled make-up, which will make the appearance of the blonde even more expressive.

Color palette

Makeup for blondes with blue eyes suggests a fairly bright color palette. To easily select the desired color palette makeup, pay attention to the shade of hair and skin tone. First of all, it concerns the women who dye their hair blond shades. Unlike natural blonde, their skin tone darker than usual. In this case, guided only by the skin tone.

  1. You - warm with a touch of honey blonde hair and fair skin with pink or peach midtone. For make-up will suit you the most warm and bright colors - pale pink, olive, peach, coral, red brick, terracotta, brown, chocolate, warm shades of beige and shades of gold and bronze.
  2. If you have a porcelain skin with a bluish midtone, bright blue eyes and gray hair - makeup fit cold colors. Blue, blue, gray, silver, cool metallic shades, white, purple, violet, cool cherry, plum, turquoise, red and classic cold pink - your perfect color palette.

 Makeup for blue eyes blonde

Daily Makeover

The face

Do blondes tend to be fairly thin and delicate skin. Therefore tonal framework should have a light moisturizing texture. Reflective particles that make up the tone, make your skin radiant and highlight its tenderness.

Concealer hide circles and shadows under the eyes. Then brush for makeup, apply concealer light patting strokes. So the tone will form a thin and even layer. At the end of powder the face crumbly powder.


Be sure to highlight the eyebrows. For natural blondes are absolutely contraindicated in black or dark brown eyebrow pencil. Choose a shade of pencil or shadow, close to the shade of the eyebrows. Ideally, it should be one or two shades darker than the natural color of your eyebrows.

Pencil thin to do neat touches without pressure. Shade the space between the hairs. Then carefully comb your eyebrows special brush. If desired, they can be formed into droplets using a gel or hair mousse.


For daytime makeup is preferred pastel shades.

  • Eye makeup in beige tones.

In the area of ​​rolling century, apply the shade of beige, blend thoroughly. In the crease of the upper eyelid, apply a terracotta shade and also carefully blend them. Coat lashes with two coats of brown mascara. And that on the eyelashes left clumps of mascara, comb their special comb for the eyelashes. For these purposes, by the way, you can use a brush from the old carcasses. Only it is necessary to pre-wash properly.

  • "Smoky Aes" in pastel colors.

For the blue-eyed blondes perfect makeup "Smoky Aes" made gray, pearl or lilac shades.

Before using shadows apply concealer on the eyelid skin or base.

The darkest shade of color applied along the lash. Carefully its shaded toward the temple.

Middle shade applied to all of the mobile eyelid and well-shaded.

The final touch - and we put the lightest shade. It is applied under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye. Light shade will make eyes shining. Nakraste eyelashes colored, but not bright ink harmony with color shadows.


Day use pale pink or peach blush. Apply very little to the apples of the cheeks. This will refresh your face.


For daytime makeup is well suited pale pink and beige shades of lipstick or lip gloss. You can also simply cut around the contour of the lips neutral pencil to shade the line and put on top of a transparent lip gloss. We get a very natural.

 makeup for blondes with blue eyes

evening make-up

The face

Before applying the mask the tone shortcomings certainly concealer and apply make-up base. For evening make-up is better to use tonal base with more dense and resistant coating than for the day. Secure the tone of loose powder with the effect of light flicker. In artificial lighting powder particles scatter the light - this is your skin will look great and younger.


Underline bending eyebrows - a prerequisite evening makeup. Use eye shadow eyebrows desired shade (1 tone darker than your natural). Apply a shadow of a special brush, then comb the brush and place them with gel.


To create an evening make-up are welcome to experiment with color. The eyes in this make-up should be bright.

Make Smoky Aes using different color shades. Pick the most harmonious combination. And the color shades fully open, become bright and saturated, apply a shade slightly moistened applicator or brush.

Blue-eyed blonde for the evening eye makeup, you can try the following color combinations:

  1. Golden color applied to all mobile eyelid. White - under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye. Grey color - in the fold.
  2. Light shade of gold on the mobile eyelid. White put under the brow and in the corner of his eye, and chocolate - in the fold.

For an evening out is very handy and classic black eyeliner. Spend it a thin line along the lash, and then lift up the line a little bit towards the temple.

Eyelashes nakraste black ink. Cilia should be well separated, so be sure to brush your mascara after their brush.

For evening make-up you can use false eyelashes. You can use as individual bundles and eyelashes, decorated with rhinestones, feathers and fur - evening makeup allows himself such liberties!


Be sure to use blush. In the evening it can be brighter. Blondes with fair skin is very suitable terracotta shade of blush with shimmering particles. Use a large brush round shape. Apply blush on the highest point of the cheekbone and blend thoroughly.


For evening makeup and bright lipstick need deep shine.

Only blondes fit almost all shades of red lipstick, especially owners of porcelain skin. The main thing - to find a shade of red whine.

Seeds and wine shades of lipstick can also be used for evening make-up blue-eyed blondes. Ashy blonde more suitable shades of plum and cherry and honey should look at the cranberry lipstick color and shade of burgundy.

Pink shades of lipsticks in the evening make-up, as well as mother of pearl, will help to create a fresh and gentle way.

Lipstick coral color bright makeup accentuate eye.

Paint is better lipstick with a brush - so it will fall more evenly. In the middle of a lower lip for a volume can cause a drop of gloss.

 Makeup for blondes with blue eyes. Application Technique

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