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No eyebrows can not imagine his face - it might turn into a mask. Those same traits physiognomists for one can determine a person's character. In the science of great importance is given to the eyebrows. For example, in women with a triangular shape eyebrows - overbearing and rigid. They clearly know what they want and achieve their goals with confidence. Girls U-shaped eyebrows - soft and flexible, and the "arch" over the eyes, which are shaped more like a straight line - a bright evidence of the person that does not have persistence.

Experts say that the opposite is true: changing appearance, including making the correction of eyebrows, you can influence the character, create a new image. For example, if you want to turn into a vamp, the inner edge of the eyebrows need to do low and close together, and to create a feeling of something totally new, it is sufficient to impose on its own eyebrow makeup and draw others.

Clearly defined "arc" of regular shape can change any person .  Sometimes, it would seem, everything is perfect .  Makeup, hair style ... but something is not right .  Take a closer look to yourself, you may want to make adjustments to the eyebrows? This can be done in different ways: pull out with tweezers, special paint on the pencil, to decide on the tattoo, and so on .  Another method that is becoming increasingly popular - eyebrow correction thread .  Since ancient times it was used oriental women to always be beautiful and attractive .  With only one cotton thread they created the perfect brow shape .  Today, by the way, a method of removing unwanted hair on all parts, not only the face but also the body, does practiced in South Asia and the Middle East .  It is very simple and effective - are immediately expressive eyebrows, as with the large excess hair "disappear" and fluff, which is problematic enough to pull out a pair of tweezers .

The rule of the golden section

Before correction, learn form their eyebrows. To do this, make a few samples, staining them in different colors with the help of contour pencil (choose colors to your taste - from maroon to gray and black). It is possible to experiment to lengthen or shorten, extend or reduce the basic shape of the eyebrows. Since they are actively involved in facial expression, then changing them, you can transform the look and make it more expressive and give prettiness.

Eyebrow today is consistent with the doctrine of the ideal proportions - the rule of the golden section. To determine the ideal shape for your face, you can with a regular pencil. This is done in three stages.

  • Attach a pencil to face vertically through the outermost point of the interior of the eye (near the lacrimal gland). Place crossing the line eyebrow pencil will show you where to start.
  • Now attach the pencil at an angle, one touching the wing of the nose, and the second swipe through the pupil to the brow. The point of intersection with the "arc" - a desired peak bending.
  • Now attach one side of the pencil to the wing nose and another swipe along the outer point of the eye to the eyebrow. The point of intersection show the place where to end "arc".

If you decide to self-correction procedure, consider his age and individual features. For example, the arc-shaped "strings" eyebrows make you older, adding age and smooth - visually narrow the eye. In broad face eyebrows should not be narrow and leaving behind the eye is greater than two millimeters. They should have a clear ending, but look natural. Making his eyebrows raised and slightly shorter than the ends, you can slightly extend the broad face and narrow to make visually larger. You can change the shape of a rectangular, oval making it visually, if slightly reduce bending eyebrows. As you can see, with just one correction you can dramatically change your entire way.

Once you have decided on a form, you can start to correct.

 right eyebrow correction thread

Technique of the procedure

To learn how to adjust the eyebrows using a thread, you need skill, knowledge of the theory and, of course, experience. The easiest way to get the right information and make good correction - visit the beauty salon where professionals not only select the right shape, the right to you, but perform the procedure safely and effectively. But if you are not looking for easy ways, then patience, and all must succeed!

This technique of correction of eyebrows is that the special string strongly pulled, thrown a noose around the hairs, which then abruptly pulled out. Traditionally, women in the East held its teeth on one side, but it is very inconvenient, especially if you carry out the procedure themselves. In this case it is better to use both hands - to tie the thread ends and in the middle of a peculiar twist in the loop. Thus you can remove excess hair not only on the eyebrows, and on the upper lip, near the nipple, chin and other parts of the body.

Choose a thread made of cotton. Synthetics electrified and does not create the necessary tension, and the silk is too smooth and will continue to slide. In beauty salons use special fiber, which is an intertwining extremely thin nylon threads. With the rapid contact with the skin they are easy to grasp the hairs and pull them under heavy tension. Therefore, this method is considered the most effective for the correction of eyebrows, especially since it allows you to deal with those areas that are not subject to pincer.

Pros and cons of using the correct thread

Before proceeding directly to the removal of unwanted hair, think, are you ready to go through such a procedure. For this we consider its advantages and disadvantages.

The main plus - the perfect brow afterwards. As we mentioned above, this method allows you to remove even down to which the tweezers are not always able to cope. Furthermore, despite the fact that the process is quite painful (especially if this is the first), it passes quickly. You do not have to endure a long plucking. However, feelings are always individual - it depends on the human pain threshold. If the procedure is done correctly, the skin is not too injured, it is removed not only the excess hair, and dead cells of the epidermis.

Among the major shortcomings can be identified that carry out such correction yourself at home is difficult. However, if you tried and did not work, refer to the salon. Today, this method is popular, and prices on quite mundane.

Another negative - a strong pain. Doing correction with tweezers, you can numb the area of ​​eyebrows superimposed ice, but by using yarn that does not work, because wet hairs do not stick to it. But if you want to look attractive, it is necessary to sacrifice something.

After correction of the updated form of the eyebrows saved about one month. Then the hairs grow back again, without changing its structure. Sometimes after the procedure may be a little red (actually, as after plucking). That it does not spread and passed quickly, this is the place to be treated with an antiseptic.

Make Eyebrow House

To learn a new way to adjust, take not thick cotton thread, face cream, a bowl of water at room temperature, ice and cotton. Initially, the skin should be prepared for the procedure: moisten the area of ​​hair removal, and after the vehicle is well absorbed, soak cotton pads with warm water and apply it to your eyebrows, remove excess cream. Unwind the required amount of thread, tie it at the ends and in the middle twist in the loop. The latest move gradually throwing on the extra hair and pulling. After the procedure to attach eyebrows ice, and then lubricate the skin cream.

There is another version of such a correction. Its difference lies in the very preparation. It all starts with no moisture, and with decoupling. You can make a correction after a shower or a special person to hold over a container of hot water for about ten to fifteen minutes. After such preparation, clean the skin with a tonic or other alcohol-containing solution, for example, tincture of calendula. Remove excess hair, moving in the direction of filament growth. This will prevent damage and reduce pain.

To reduce sensitivity, never make a correction during the month, as in this period, the female body is most receptive, it increases the likelihood of inflammation and infections. If the eyebrow area on the skin has irritation, better give up the procedure and that it took a lot easier during the preparation of carefully steamed face - the pores open, and you can easily remove excess hair.

Beauticians recommend to make a correction at least once a month, if necessary. If you have accessed to the salon, remember that your hair will still grow messy, so you have to pick a new form. This should be based on the type of person - only in this case, you will meet with success!

 Eyebrow thread

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