Exotic wedding

Fashion trend of recent years - a wedding on the beach somewhere in exotic locations. This is not surprising. Wedding - a momentous event, and the newlyweds like that it was an unusual, leaving vivid impressions. And what could be more romantic and brighter than the triumph of non-traditional ceremonies spent at the seaside? And thousands of young couples who decide to marry, rush to the gentle sea, to connect to its bank for a lifetime.

In general, there is a custom for a long time at the Hawaiians, American Indians from the south-west of the continent's other nations that live in warm climates. In many cultures there is a tradition for couples where the bride and groom belonged to different ethnic groups. The wedding ceremony in this case was to symbolize the union of man and woman, and the union of cultures.

At the same time, our wedding on the beach became widespread thanks to the hippie movement. They sought to unite with nature, rejecting the conventions of modern society, and therefore began to follow the ancient traditions of the peoples occupying the seashore. The tradition has spread, and today the wedding in some exotic location has become very popular.

The most popular places for the ceremony are secluded "paradise" island with pristine nature and unusual local tradition. The leaders among them the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius. In these places, the amazing beauty of the scenery - lush nature, white sand, azure water of the sea - as if created for such a romantic celebration. Add color to the wedding and the locals with their unusual customs.

Equally popular and weddings. Conducted in Cuba, Cuba. Along with the wedding ceremony you can get great pleasure from the historic sights, beautiful nature and cultural traditions.

Considerable interest in the cause of young couples and Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia. Local customs are able to make the wedding with national costumes to the accompaniment of musical instruments include the original, romantic and unforgettable. These weddings can also be combined with the study of the local attractions and luxurious vacation.

 Exotic wedding

 plan to prepare for the wedding


  • Approximately 5-6 months before your wedding
  • Approximately 2-3 months before your wedding
  • Approximately 1-2 months before your wedding
  • Approximately 3 weeks before your wedding
  • A few days before the wedding
  • On the wedding day

Wedding - a great event in the life of every person. So, to prepare for it in advance and must be very careful. After all, nothing should be lost, and everything must go "without a hitch, without a hitch," as they say. Many newlyweds are turning to specialized agencies that help in order to organize a wedding. Their mission - to facilitate this process as much as possible for the bride and groom, and consider all the way down to the smallest detail.

But usually, in our lives constantly occur any laths. Therefore fully trust the agency is still not worth it. You yourself have to control the process of preparing the feast and at least know how he is progressing. After all, this day is important for both of you like no other, and everything in it to be perfect. For this reason, especially for you, we wrote the plan. After all, only a competent plan of preparation for the wedding will insure you against unpleasant surprises.

So, the most important rule to guarantee the success of the event - it is, of course, promptly started preparing for the wedding. It is not necessary to postpone everything until the last moment - certainly something will be missed. And so you will have enough time to analyze all several times and if necessary, appropriate amendments.

 Preparations for the wedding plan

Approximately 5-6 months before your wedding

  • Wedding Date

Mark the date and the approximate day of the wedding - at least approximately. So you not to get lost when you are in the registry office offered several dates to choose from - usually and happens. Think, whether it is the time to come live far from family and friends, take an interest in the work, it would not set out above no universal scale catastrophe, and everything like that.

  • Honeymoon

Honeymoon you are planning a honeymoon? Then be sure to check in advance the schedule of planes. Remember that the vast number of flights available, usually on weekends. Try to plan your trip on their honeymoon at least in general terms. Hotels, tour - do not forget to calculate the costs and provide surprises. If your honeymoon you plan to spend abroad, apply for a passport.

  • Stock up information

Study all of the available information concerning the weddings and their organizations. This can be done online and in specialized journals. Very often this point the couple simply ignored, believing themselves all know. And a very good reason - in fact, you can find a lot of information that will be extremely useful.

  • Registry Office

Be sure to select the registrar, in which you want to register your marriage. Do not forget to learn in the registry office, that you will need for this. For example, many registry offices register the marriage only if one of the newly-married couple living in the area to which this same registry office and apply.

Go to the registry office and write a statement. In the registry office can provide information about firms, helping to organize the wedding. Examine carefully their services, prices and terms for which they can cope with the tasks.

  • The material side of the issue

Be sure to determine the approximate amount of money you are willing to invest in the organization of his triumph. In most cases, young couples are faced with the same problem - the worst possible time found that money is sorely lacking. A restaurant is already booked, limousines "beat the hoof" and pigeons are languishing in anticipation of when you release them into the sky.

And starts to panic and chaos. Debts friends, loans from banks - as a total, happy family life begins with debt. And very hardball, it's worth noting. So insure against such a situation - just count all the costs and be sure to lay the amount for contingencies. If the money is not enough - not in a hurry to take the credit in the bank. Ask for the help of their parents, if your relationship let you do it. And even better - to reduce costs: the wedding will last only one or two days, and then begin the daily life. You do not want to start it with debt? By the way, it's time to better keep track of your finances: Get a table of costs and revenues.

  • Make a guest list

Write a list of invited guests. And always keep in mind the fact that the wedding - a place for positive emotions. Therefore, think over very carefully the list of invitees - not worth it to sworn enemies encountered face to face on your wedding. Consult with your other half and discuss it together. Approve the list of those who would like to see at their wedding. Keep in mind the wishes of both sides.

Be sure to pre-order the invitation in the right quantity. And do not forget about the rule of "10 plus". Invited 50 people? Order the invitation 60. You'll see, they will certainly come in handy. Wedding invitations should be ordered after the listing of all approved visitors.

  • Take care of your appearance

Go to a beauty salon or spa. Today there are many programs for future brides, a course which is designed for a few months or weeks. Refresh and rejuvenate the skin on the face, do body hair.

In addition, immediately after a day or two before the wedding, to conduct a rapid procedure, helps to give the face, hair, hands simply inimitable look. And do not forget about sports! During these six months you have a great opportunity to bring the muscles in tone, to increase stamina, enhance overall health, and wonder at the festival.

Approximately 2-3 months before your wedding

As we approach the cherished date becomes a lot more trouble. Approaching them responsibly, so you do not reap the fruits of their carelessness.

  • Wedding

In recent years become increasingly popular good old tradition - a wedding in the church. But for this event should be promptly prepared. If you care to get married in the church, it is best to choose a suitable church advance and discuss the details with the priest.

  • Wedding dress, wedding rings

You're going to sew a wedding dress or buy ready-made? In any case, it is time to start looking for a suitable interior studio. Searching for a name of your dress can be tightened. After all, to find exactly what you need, is quite difficult. You have to remember that a fitting dress in the cabin or in the studio, where you sew it, you may need to visit a few times.

Want to buy a ready-made clothes? Decide on the style, color and length of your dress. Then go to special salons in search of a suitable model for you. Be prepared for the fact that it will take more than one or even two weeks. Be patient, loyal girlfriend and / or mother, and go in search of his one and only - the wedding dress.

Get a specialized jewelry store your future wedding rings. But this product is better not to do on their own - still ask your opinion for almost a spouse. Better yet - go to the jewelry store together. After all, after all, and these rings you have to carry all their long and happy joint family life.

  • Restaurant, accommodation

Next, you should consider where you will receive guests. It should find a suitable cafe or restaurant. Moreover, it is advisable not to settle for verbal agreement - wise to conclude a contract, to the eve of the wedding do not know what you are left with no restaurant. Alas, it happens. Perhaps it will be necessary to think about a hotel for its guests.

 training plan wedding

Approximately 1-2 months before your wedding

  • Tamada and photographer

Find toastmaster and accept it rough script banquet. Of course, to the smallest of details to plan a scenario is impossible, but to have a rough idea of ​​what awaits you, it is necessary to know everything. You will also need a video cameraman and wedding photographer.

  • A wedding dance

Hire a choreographer, or go to the dance courses. You should not only consider their dance at the wedding, but also to execute it flawlessly. And this should be how to try. Hire musicians who will play at the ceremony and decide the music for your dancing. If you do not plan to "live" music, do some drawing playlist.

  • Honeymoon

Coming on a honeymoon? It's great! But remember that the tickets must be purchased in a timely manner. The only exceptions are "last minute" tours - they must be purchased for a few days before departure. But be prepared for the fact that you can trap different surprises.

  • The image of the bride

Decide with the stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser. Be sure to make a trial makeup and hair. Otherwise, the wedding day you could suffer serious disappointment.

  • Wedding services

In that case, if you do decide to apply to the agency wedding, then now is the best time to do this. It is not necessary to apply to the first available - better ask opinions about it.

  • Wedding procession

Arrange a limousine in advance. Decide on the number of cars that will be in the motorcade. Think of decoration for each machine. It may be bands, balls, rings, flowers or any decoration to your taste.

  • Invitation

Invitations to this point you should already be ready - it's their time. Send out invitations to all the guests: someone to hand them personally, and for someone - send mail. It is not necessary to postpone this occupation at the last moment - people also need to plan your time.

  • The menu for a celebratory banquet.

Arrange the restaurant, consider and approve the festive menu. Once again stipulate room decoration, which are planning to hold a banquet. Already, pick the right firm that will be able to make the wedding cake. Decide what kind of cake you would like.

Approximately 3 weeks before your wedding

So cherished date is getting closer - worries and anxiety is even greater. Well, as they say: the last fight - he was the most difficult. And you have to get out of it a winner.

  • Again Invitations

We sent out invitations? And now, be sure to check that all your wedding invitation arrived at each destination. Determine the exact number of people who have agreed to come to the wedding.

  • Service staff

Make sure that all hired staff, including staff and organizers of the wedding itself, ready to perform their duties.

  • The image of the bride

Begin systematically solarium. Decide should look like the bride's bouquet and boutonniere. Buy all the necessary details toilet newlyweds: shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry.

  • Gift List

Think about what gifts you would like to receive. Make a list of necessary and notify its guests. Guests need enough time to buy a gift.

  • Drinks for a celebratory banquet.

Get a drink, including alcohol, to calculate their exact number of expected guests. Order your wedding cake.

  • Hen and stag parties

Think about your last bachelor party and bachelorette party. Invite your friends. And do not forget to consider a scenario in advance - hardly a simple booze remember. But by strippers and prostitutes should be abandoned. You want to get married, but not to run up on the wedding day?

  • Wedding Schedule

Despite the fact that all the details have thoroughly thought through, still write a detailed schedule of the wedding day. Specify the time for each task: hair, makeup, bride, registration (or wedding), a banquet in a restaurant, the time of departure on a trip. Be sure to come up with a plan on the second day of the wedding: the necessary measures and activities.

  • Other nuances

Take care of the firework on the holiday. Make all the necessary arrangements for travel after the wedding.

 convenient plan of preparations for the wedding

A few days before the wedding

Write a list, which fill all who should help you during the celebrations. Get confirmation from them that they have not forgotten about their responsibilities. The list of those responsible for a wedding celebration, should be included: hair stylist, makeup artist, cameraman, driver, hairdresser, florist, photographer, chef, restaurant manager, designer of the grand hall, wedding cake postage, toaster and others.

  • Pre-schedule a plan for accommodating guests.
  • Celebrate your bachelorette party and the bachelor party.
  • Be sure to set aside a couple of glasses and bottles of champagne for a walk.
  • Make a special card on which were written the names of the invited guests, so that everyone can find their place at the banquet table.
  • Find out what the weather will be the day of your wedding.
  • A few days before the wedding spread the shoes that are going to wear.
  • Think about what to put in the handbag of the bride.
  • Fold the bags, which take on a trip.
  • Before the wedding day call all responsible for its implementation.

On the wedding day

  • So, tell me stress, "No! ". Do not be nervous and do not worry. You did a great job and accurately be able to do whatever is necessary in this day.
  • In the morning before the wedding should take communion in the church.
  • Before you leave home make sure you have the most important thing: a ring and a passport.
  • Minor concerns on this day must take the witnesses bride and groom.

Witnesses must:

  • Witnesses bride placed her handbag. Think about everything and not miss anything.
  • Make sure that absolutely all the cars in the motorcade were decorated accordingly.
  • Make sure that whatever food, wine glasses, champagne and water needed to walk, was in place. Do not forget about the wedding props envisaged scenario. Prepare a flower petals and rice, which sprinkle the bride and groom. As a rule, this option is responsible toastmaster.
  • Be sure not to lose the marriage certificate at the registry office.

Happy and successful marriage to you!

 A perfect plan for the preparation for the wedding

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