Hand exercise without dumbbells


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  • A set of exercises for the hands

Every girl wants to feel delicate and fragile flower, creating a perfect appearance and a rich inner world. And if the intangible essence of perfection required concentration of spiritual forces, to give the charm of the external features have to work hard physically.

It would be nice if the extra weight, clinging to the abdomen and thighs for a long winter, you could lose just as easily as boring and warm clothes. But give firmness abdomen and buttocks, back relief sagging arms can help only regular active exercise combined with proper nutrition. And if until now you neglect even the elementary charge, there is no hope for a successful solution to the problem in the short term.

 useful exercises for hands without dumbbells

How to deal with

Too much load does not bring you closer to the goal at a time, and the consequences could be dire. The pain in the muscles not only will allow you to continue training - you can barely move. Therefore, only a gradual increase in load, the transition from the simple to the complex will allow to catch up with minimum losses. For best results, load should be moderate, systematic exercise, because of the desire to have a sports figure and fit enough.

Very well, if to put their ideas you choose to use the services of a fitness club. The sports facility is most likely, you will master the program to strengthen the muscles of the body, including the hands. If you are concerned about the state of his forearm larger than the state of the other parts of the body, do not forget to notify the instructor. It is designed to have special exercises aimed at restoring these problem areas.

If a visit to a sports club does not have the strength, resources or time, you can achieve the desired effect and on their own, doing exercises at home. Starting lessons is never too late, the main tune in advance for a positive result. In addition to these exercises do not need any sophisticated sports equipment. At first, you can do even without dumbbells. In training, do not overdo it. Before its start, a good heat the whole body, including the muscles of the arms.

 the right exercises for hands without dumbbells

A set of exercises for the hands

  • The most effective exercises for hands without dumbbells - push it. For those who have not worked, it is better not to start push-ups from the floor and from the sofa or even a window sill. The only undisputed condition of such exercises should be a simultaneous lowering and raising of the whole body, rather than its individual parts. For HD performance voiced by: at times - sank, two - up. Repeat 5-6 times, eventually to increase the number of repetitions to 10;
  • Sit on a chair, leaning his hands on the seat. Squeeze the triceps, with a force slowly lift the body over a chair. Then slowly return to starting position. Do not forget to keep the shoulders in the lowered state. Do about 20 repetitions. This exercise will be most effective at a minimum speed of its implementation;
  • Stand with your arms out to the sides, feet shoulder width apart. Without bending your elbows, hands, draw imaginary circles - one minute on each side;
  • Get on all fours, spreading her hands parallel to the shoulders, expand your fingers in opposite directions. Curls Earn chest touching the floor. Try to keep your back straight. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise at least 8 times;
  • Lying on his stomach, spread his legs apart. Make sure that your thighs are tightly pressed to the floor. Please focus on the hand. The direction of the fingers should be directed forward. Lift your upper body so that the hand straightened completely. Fix the position for a few seconds, then return to starting. Repeat 8 times;
  • Very lightweight, yet effective exercise for hands can be performed several times a day. Sitting in the position of the Turkish sultan, straighten shoulders and clasped his hands before him. Make sure that the angle of the elbow was straight. Slowly start to squeeze the palms together, stand still in the maximum compression point for 15-30 seconds. Relax your hands and repeat the exercise again. During leisure, do not lower your elbows. Make at least 4-5 sets. Within a few weeks you will become stronger not only the muscles of the arms, and chest. For variety, you can squeeze the hand at the level of the abdomen or above the head;
  • Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart. The housing in a slightly tilted state. The elongated cross our arms in front of him, palms alternately turns up and down. Make 20-30 repetitions. Well That thing can be done without inclination, crossing his arms over his head. Do not forget to rotate the palm in different directions. After exercise vigorously shake hands;
  • The body slightly tilted forward, legs bent at the knees, fingers clenched into fists, outstretched in front of him. With a visible effort to have alternate arms back, then abruptly thrown into the starting position. During the exercise, you can bend and unbend fingers rotate fists. Repeat 10 times for each hand;
  • Standing straight, lift the arms up to shoulder level, palms facing forward. Firmly fold down arm - palms facing back. Make at least 10 approaches. Keep biceps muscle tension was strong enough, do not relax. After each movement freezes for a few seconds. After the exercises relax your hands and shake them.

Exercise for hands-consuming quite a bit of time, they are plain and will not require painful efforts. Performing them constantly, you will become the owner of a beautiful biceps and triceps relief. Their impeccable form will allow proudly displayed around the elegance of flowing lines and sexy curves. Upcoming summer dresses and bright, airy sundresses become your faithful companions for the summer, creating a festive mood and cheerful carefree atmosphere around.

 Exercises without dumbbells Hand: striving for ideal forms

 exercises for the muscles of the chest


  • Warm-up
  • Basic exercises
  • Contraindications

How nice to have a beautiful and firmer breasts! And you can open sundress wear and evening dress with a deep neckline, and lingerie looks more sexy. But there comes a time and once magnificent bust has not pleased its possessor. This happens because of the age-related changes, birth of a child or a sudden weight loss. But do not despair! A special set of exercises for the chest muscles can lead to order. Just set a goal and be patient. Believe me, a regular exercise routine will give fast results!

To start training, you should get two dumbbells. It is not necessary to buy equipment too heavy - your task is not to get to the bodybuilding competition. It is enough dvuhkilogrammovy dumbbells - and the load will be correct, and the effect is visible immediately. Note that each exercise should be repeated several times, and too much weight in their hands to bring the opposite effect - you can stretch your muscles and even tendons. A reasonable approach to the selection of dumbbells will help avoid such troubles.

You can enroll in the gym and spend all classes under the supervision of an instructor. He will tell, and even the best exercises. If there is no opportunity and time to attend training on a regular basis, it is necessary to examine all the details of these activities in the home.

 exercises for the chest muscles


To begin any exercise should be a warm-up. It is necessary to prepare the muscles to the load, reheat them.

  • Make samoobnimaniya. It's very simple - become your feet set shoulder width apart, hands fall down. On the inhale begin to raise his hands to the sides (at breast height) and then tightly hugging himself. Be sure to secure this position for 10 seconds. You should feel your chest muscles tighten. Then return to the starting position;
  • Lie on the floor (do not forget to lay a mat), turn on your stomach. The chin is on the floor, eyes directed forward, arms pulled back and placed along the trunk. Now raise the legs, bending them at the knees, then we raise the shoulders off the floor and try to reach out your hands to the ankle. Be sure to linger in the position for 5-10 seconds. Doing this exercise should be slow breathing - deep;
  • Push-ups. This exercise should be done not on the floor, and, for example, a bench or even on the wall. In the warm-up phase is not a task for the inflation of the arm muscles - just a little to warm them all. Some push-ups would be sufficient.

So, this workout is finished - you can begin to exercise power.

Basic exercises

Remember a few rules before starting to exercise:

  • Be sure to use a small pillow - it can be underlay under the shoulder blades or under the pelvis to prevent pain during employment;
  • Each exercise should be repeated 10 times, with the exception of only occasional workout - then guided by their own capabilities;
  • Conduct training only an hour after eating, but it is better to do the exercises in the morning before breakfast;
  • During training you can not drink, it is desirable to simply rinse your mouth with water.

Now you can go from warm-up to a more serious complex of exercises:

  • Lie on your back and pull your hands up - it should be parallel to each other. Do not forget to take a dumbbell. Now spreads his arms to the side, put them on the floor and rises again. These effective swings to the side can tighten internal muscles of the forearm. You will no longer be saggy skin, and, consequently, the chest muscles will be tightened;
  • We do not change the position, but move your hands to the hips. Note that they do not have to lie on the floor. Now, raise your hands up and plants her head - inhale, return to the starting position (arms do not put on the floor) - exhale.
  • Now we are working on breeding hands. I put one hand on the floor, along the trunk. But the second climb up and are beginning to take it to the side. At the same time, note that the movement should be slow and measured. Then return to the starting position. Doing this exercise on the one hand, go to another.
  • Now we get up (feet shoulder width apart) and do the exercises, familiar to every child. This Mahi hands - "mill" and a dilution of the hands to the side, and the factory hands behind his head. In his hands are dumbbells. Each exercise is repeated 10 times, and only then you can move on to the next step.

If you hold such training regularly, you will soon feel that it is possible to increase the load.

The above will be able to exercise effective one month to clean up the chest muscles. Just do not throw the exercise at this stage. Remember, watch out for their beauty must constantly. It is best to start as early as possible, then you will be easier to return to the previous form.

 exercise for the chest muscles


Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but not on the part of health. All exercises for the muscles of the chest should be done after consulting your doctor. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of negative effects of such exercise. You can not hold them in the presence of:

  • Existing inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • Diagnosed with cancer;
  • With increased body temperature;
  • If you have problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • When varicose veins. Especially if there are manifestations of the disease is on the hands and chest.

Go to your goal hard not recede before difficulties! And soon you will be able to afford any, even the most daring outfits!

 Regular exercise for the chest muscles to help restore the old form

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