exercise with dumbbells for the feet

  • Why dumbbell?
  • Select the correct load
  • Effective complex containing exercises for the legs
  • A few words about proper nutrition

Every woman tends to a perfect body does everything possible for that. However, many of us have heard that you can bring the figure in order of doing exercises with dumbbells, shake their heads in disbelief. After lifting weights - a male occupation, it can give a sophisticated ladies' figure "mannish" look. In fact, it's not as scary as it seems. The right set of exercises will help strengthen muscles, giving them a nice relief, so that the body will get sexy, seductive forms.

Exercises with dumbbells suitable for all muscles of the body, a program designed for a particular muscle group, includes special exercises which are quite easy to perform at home without spending money to pay for the gym and the time to tour the city. Today we will talk about exercises for the legs, but first let's go back to the actual weights, which represents the sports equipment, wonders what he is capable of and how to choose the right load?

Why dumbbell?

Women seeking only to the fact that to lose weight, and fast, dumbbells will not help. Exercises to accompany them not only lose weight, how much muscle growth. Therefore, the weight, oddly enough, he added, but the figure, on the contrary, lose in volume and gain smartness.

In addition, strength training benefit the body as a whole. Complex training strengthens muscle tissue, thus maintaining all the internal organs, causing them to work in the correct mode. A strengthening of the joints reduces their fragility.

Select the correct load

If you compare with other dumbbell exercise equipment, you will notice that the exercises with them ideal for any load virtually no restrictions. Training for the feet with dumbbells strongly do not load the body, since the shell is lightweight. A woman who chooses to study at home, can choose for himself any weight dumbbell. Besides, now commercially available shells of different shapes and colors that look is "feminine". It is best to opt for dumbbells, which will lie comfortably in your hand, and their weight does not cause discomfort when practicing.

In that case, if you are satisfied with your figure, but I would like to correct a little parts of it, in this case the muscles of the legs, select a dumbbell with a small weight to one kilogram. But to build muscle definition, purchase heavier projectiles - not less than three kilograms.

Knowledgeable people are not recommended to engage in more than two or three times a week, training should last about 45 minutes. This is necessary in order to allow the body and legs mice recover from stress. If desired, you can combine exercises with dumbbells to other sports, such as swimming.

 leg exercises with dumbbells

Effective complex containing exercises for the legs

So we come to the main - to the complex, strengthens the leg muscles. These exercises require preheating. Make a little workout or dance to your favorite music. Doing exercises, be sure to follow the breath - this is one of the main factors contributing to successful training.


This exercise will help develop endurance legs and tidies the front thigh muscles.

Be straight, connecting the legs together, hands with dumbbells omitted along the body. Then we take a step forward with one leg and bend the knee so that it does not leave forward, and was on a level with the ankle. We make a breath and start from the floor, returning to the original rack. What Do the same exercise with the other leg. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times for each leg, you will need to make at least two approaches.

Reverse lunges

This exercise with dumbbells allows you to pull up the back of the thighs.

Starting position, as in the first exercise. Exhale and set aside the leg back, bend the knee so that it touched the floor. Doing entrance, back to the starting position. Just as with the first exercise, it is recommended to make two sets of 10-20.


This exercise raises the tone perfectly legs, namely the gluteal muscles, and strengthens the front thigh.

Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart, hands with dumbbells along the lower body. Exhaling, squat, do not forget to keep a straight back! Strongly do not need to squat enough fall as if you sit down on a chair. Breathing in, return to the starting position. You can supplement these exercises with dumbbells lifting hands up to chest level. This will not only tighten the buttocks, but also to strengthen the muscles of the chest and back. Number approaches equally to the first and second exercise.

Squatting in a pose "swallow"

Doing this exercise regularly, you tighten the muscles of the calves, thighs, and learn how to keep the balance.

Stand straight, feet together, hands with dumbbells goes down. Exhale and lift one leg on the floor, lean forward. At the same leg and torso should be located parallel to the floor. I'm sure many have learned a certain position "swallow". On the inhale bend the knee his legs resting on the surface, and squat, trying to keep his hands touched the floor with dumbbells. Here it is necessary to try to keep your back as straight as possible, so you reduce the load on it.

Well, that's all over workout for the legs! Do not forget to stretch the leg muscles, to the morning they did not hurt so much.

A few words about proper nutrition

The question concerning food, in any sport is particularly important. Of course, a person's diet, dealing with dumbbells, does not imply constant fasting or eating some unfamiliar dishes. Wanting to pump up the muscles of the legs and other body parts, you should ensure that the food was aimed specifically at raising the energy in the body. Your diet should prevail dishes, rich in proteins and vitamins, as well as vegetables and fruits. Animal fats and carbohydrates, try to avoid. Do not torture yourself hunger strikes, it can lead to the opposite result - the skin becomes flabby and "decorated" the large number of extensions. And you do not want, right?

We hope that these tips will help you and your feet will be the envy of all around you women, and men will not be able to pass such a perfect beauty!

 Exercises with dumbbells for the feet - beauty care of his body

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 how quickly lose weight in the hips


  • How to lose weight in the hips by means of gymnastics
  • Dancing for quick weight loss in the hips

Having slender legs and hips every woman wants. However, not every girl can boast of perfect forms and afford to wear short skirts and shorts. It upsets the girls and makes them think of ways whereby you can quickly lose weight in the hips. Basically, such methods for slimming enough. And if you choose the most suitable and to make every effort to find a way to quickly lose weight in the hips, you will be able in a minimum period of time. What are these methods?

How to lose weight in the hips by means of gymnastics

Before looking for a quick way to lose weight in the hips, it should be noted that without a balanced diet and diets, none of these methods will not be effective. The daily ration is necessary to include as many high-fiber vegetables and fresh fruits. It should contain low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. The use of animal fat is undesirable. Acceptable white chicken meat, which should be replaced with fish, containing a lot of useful substances. On the day you need to drink at least two liters of liquids - fruit juices, mineral water without gas, unsweetened tea. Carbonated drinks and alcohol use is not desirable.

Of course, to lose weight quickly in the hips, need regular exercise. However, exercise with dumbbells or squats with heavy weights in this case does not quite fit. They are able to trigger muscle growth calves and thighs. Too muscular lower torso visually shorten the growth and makes stocky figure. To correct this shortcoming then quite difficult. The muscles are pumped up, even after a complete cessation of activities for a long time.

Generally to lose weight in the hips should be approached without fanaticism. Otherwise, you can get a sagging belly, stretch marks and loose skin on the body. At the same time physical activity every day you must pay not less than thirty minutes. Otherwise, the desired result is not achieved. Exercises should be performed at a fast pace on the first four or five times each. This is increased to twenty or thirty repetitions. Breathing during the exercises should be smooth, calm and free.

So, what can be a complex exercise for quick weight loss in the hips?

Exercises for losing weight in the hips: the complex first

  1. Lie on your back, keep your hands on the waist. Bend alternating each leg at the knee and pull it up;
  2. We get up straight with your feet together. Making the slopes, pulling the fingers toes. We try not to bend at the knees;
  3. We sit on the floor and rest your arms raised behind. Raise the straightened legs by turns, bends to one side, then up, omitted;
  4. We sit on the floor, bend the leg, tightens them to his chest, then in such a situation lie down on your back. Then we get up, without changing the position, and a little wobble;
  5. Take a chair, put on his leg. Hands on the back of the head. Bend and straighten the leg. Change it and repeat the exercise;
  6. We get up straight with your feet together. To swing from the heels to the toes, arms stretched upward.

Exercises for losing weight in the hips: the second set of

  1. Lie on your back. Arms extended along the body. Move his legs up and begins to bend and unbend them;
  2. The starting position is the same, but the palms of the hands are under the buttocks. Leg raises and make the crossing by changing the position of one leg over the other (exercise "scissors");
  3. Get up on one leg, the other grabs hold of the knee. Rotate the foot in this position, and then change the leg;
  4. Kneeling, leaning on the arm's length. Alternately raise straightened legs as high as possible;
  5. Crouch, his hands on his head.

Exercises for losing weight in the hips: a set of three

  1. Lie on your back, hands on his belt. Pulling the most intense leg and slowly lift them. Then, just as slowly lowers and rises again;
  2. Lie on your back. Hands on his belt. Legs stretched. Pull the toes of each foot alternately forward;
  3. The starting position is the same. Pulling the legs tense, jerky lift them off the floor at an angle of 45º and omit;
  4. Lie on your stomach. Hands stretched along the body. Simultaneously raise and lower the legs and torso;
  5. We go in a circle, first on the toes, then on their heels;
  6. We go in a circle with your knees bent.

Of these three sets of exercises, you can choose any. The main thing that gymnastics daily. Then they certainly will give the desired effect. If this exercise does not deliver much pleasure, there is an option to lose weight in the hips with the help of dance.

 quickly lose weight in the hips

Dancing for quick weight loss in the hips

Currently, there are an enormous number of ways to the beautiful half of humanity has successfully solved the problem of excess weight on the hips. Some women struggle with excess weight, exhausting yourself diets and disappearing in gyms. However, there is a nice, useful, capable of imparting a desired shape thighs method. They are dancing, which, like diets, there are many kinds.

If a woman does not know how to dance, never mind - learn to dance is never too late, even in old age. The main thing - to have a persistent desire. With regular dance sessions the question of how to lose weight in the hips, will simply irrelevant. Because they allow you to constantly keep in shape and keep the body in good shape. You can study dance alone, buying for this tutorial, showing in detail all the movements. And if exercise alone does not work, the best option is to sign up for dance classes.
This will give an excellent opportunity not only to get rid of unwanted folds at the waist and extra inches on your hips, but also to find new friends.

Today there are many different dance styles, so choose the one that is more to their liking, do not make any problems. It is very important not only guided by personal preferences and wishes, but also his physical training. After all, if the body is not accustomed to high loads, or they are contraindicated, the complex dances can hurt and cause ill health and overwork. It is recommended to start with simple movements and gradually complicate their perfecting dancing skills.

The most popular these days among the fair sex is a belly dance, which helps purchase wasp waist, hips harmonious lines, grace, femininity and sexuality. No weight loss diet can not cope with these tasks better than this kind of dance. Along with it enjoys no less interest and a strip of plastic, which aims to perform the same number of problems. For the more active, physical development and mobile women can recommend club dance, hip-hop, Latin and others that allow to lose a lot of calories and lead figure in order.

Dancing - a great weight loss method, which also makes a woman confident, cheerful, optimistic. However, regular exercise and a well contribute to this. In short, the solution to the problem of improvement bedёr depends on the preferences of women. The main thing that she reacted to this with all diligence. And the goal is reached.

 How fast to lose weight in the hips

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