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  • We are doing triceps
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It is well known that it is necessary to engage in sports and doing regular exercises, if you want to always have a good figure. But the usual and standard movement quickly bored, you start to make them have "somehow", and as a result did not get the effect. But if you use dumbbells, it is possible to widely vary the exercises themselves.

Since the dumbbells held in the hands, and the emphasis in the formation of ideal forms, too, is made on the hands. But the hands are considered to be the most difficult part of the body in terms of shape recovery. And we must make every effort to ensure that in the open sundress and in evening dress with tight sleeves, you looked great.

Most importantly, we must immediately clarify - Exercises for arms with dumbbells should be done regularly. If you really want to spring and summer to be prepared, then begin classes right now. Every day, without gaps and output methodically perform each exercise. Only patience and perseverance, persistence and work will give the desired result.

 Exercises for arms with dumbbells

We are doing triceps

The most problematic area is the hand woman inside. Spread your arms to the side and look at the line that goes from the armpits to the elbows. Hanging loose skin and swayed like a jelly? Agree, a little pleasant. This is your triceps feels completely at ease - he was not pumped. So they are going to do in the first place, and there will the following program.

  • Position - standing. Back straight, knees bent at poluprisede, hands are along the body. Dumbbells with palms turned back. Now start to bend your elbows. For greater efficiency (increasing the tension in the triceps), the elbows should be held tightly to the body;
  • Almost repeat the first exercise. The difference is that now it is necessary to lift the arms alternately;
  • We continue to stand and translate hands in a different position: raise them above his head and weaved into the lock fingers. Here you can use a dumbbell. Now, drop the hands behind his back;
  • Stand with your legs slightly bent. Hands stretched out to the body. Palms with a dumbbell "look" down. And now tightens his hands, bending them at the elbow to the chest. Keep your movements were not sharp - it should take place smoothly, without jerks.

It is important to breathe correctly. At first breath, then exhale. You can even make noisy breathing - loud hissing sounds will have a beneficial effect on the lungs. In general, it would not hurt to apply for such training and some breathing exercises.

If done regularly, these four exercises, then a month later you will see the first results, namely -skin will not be hanging and hands begin to acquire accurate shapes. Just be careful - if these lessons is very easy to hurt your back. Therefore, the main rule - to keep the back straight! That squared his shoulders, reduce shoulder blades together - just make a perfect posture.

By the way, these exercises will not only involve the triceps, but also strengthen the back muscles. It is very good for those who work sitting and standing, who are forced every evening to massage and "disperse" stagnant blood in the back and shoulders. After such exercises go headaches and a feeling of "Cola" between the shoulder blades.

Go to the biceps

Everyone knows what a biceps - a two-headed muscle located on the outside shoulder. In order not to go into the anatomy, just know that the roundness of the arms and nice density depends on the state of this particular muscle. So, all in order.

  • We sit down on a chair and sets his feet shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on your knees, palms turned up with dumbbells. Now bend your elbows;
  • All do the same thing, but now it turns left and right hand;
  • Hands divorce in hand (with stand) and begin to raise them up above his head. Raised hands met there and returned to its original position. This exercise is quite difficult, so try to execute it mildly, did not immediately start with a large number of times;
  • Now, we sit down on the floor, keeping the back straight, and my hands with dumbbells must lie on his feet. Now, raise your hands up, delayed by 30 seconds and then goes down. It is important to do exercise without rocking. That is, you should just sit, do not move, only operate the hand.

Exercises for the biceps, triceps and should carry 10-20 times. Of course, the first time is unlikely to succeed to make the full range, but we need to urgently increase the number of approaches. You can start with just 2-3 times. The main thing is to start at all! And that is our eternal laziness just relaxes and prevents own "blind" her perfect body.

Generally, it is believed that the biceps "work" is quite simple and easy. The same push the help. Only it is necessary to do them properly. If you prefer to do push-ups on the floor, you know, so you will inflate and triceps, and biceps. If on the sofa stool-bench, there is only the biceps. And in this exercise, watch your back. It should not squirm, sag and even rock. Movement is done only by hand. Some of the ladies sing and help themselves, and arch the back - it's wrong!

A very effective form of training is to hand you can do on the bar. After all, the whole load here lies precisely on the biceps - it is simple in the case of pull-ups. If you are able to lift your torso over the bar and straighten your arms, then exhaust the triceps.

If you really want to strengthen the hand, then all the exercises must be done with dumbbells in his hands. Even banal charging many coaches spend it with them.

 exercise with dumbbells Hand

Additional devices

Even if you do all the exercises on a regular basis, nobody will give you a guarantee that will quickly come to the desired result. So tune in long events. Pay attention to your skin - in such stretched and weakened muscles, always a cellulite and stretch marks. Just imagine - you tighten the muscles and even the skin will be a little firmer, but that no "orange peel" or whitish stretch anywhere by themselves will not go away. So be sure to include the complex training massage, sauna and perhaps a spa treatment. Even regular massage with honey will do wonders!

If possible, make sure you buy a subscription to a gym. All the same class under the supervision of a professional trainer will be much more effective. It is likely to overtrain, but you're unlikely to want to have inflated powerful arms. Although, of course, it is an individual matter, and everyone chooses his own way. But the most acceptable for the ladies - a dense, rounded shoulders and tightened the handle.

And be sure to be in a good mood! If everything is done "under duress", then nothing happens. Just adjust themselves to a new life full of adventures and passion. You need to be invincible motivation. Invite your friends to employment, hang on the wall and pictures of beautiful slender women. More walk in the fresh air, go to the skating rink or just jogging at a nearby square or park. And do not be shy when you go to the first race, I was surprised to notice how many people are engaged!

 Exercises with dumbbells hand - to achieve ideal forms

 exercise to burn belly fat

All children dream of personal magic wand. And if not, then on the staff of Jean, who will catch every word you say and do all desire. But the years go by, the dream never realized. Whether gins today in short supply, or wands of moisture and act. As a result, children grow older and become more pragmatic. They no longer believe in love, wary of a friend, but ... still dreaming of a personal magician. Of course, the desire of the former children have a more modest, and the number decreases sharply (whether adults see the world more real, or are tired of waiting, and have agreed on all three attempts), but the fact remains - we all secretly believe in miracles. Women dream of becoming slim and impunity have cake instead of doing exercise for burning fat accumulated in the abdomen.

And none of them does not even know that the most powerful wizard whole life looking at them from the mirror and wait, and when people will no longer be in the clouds and begin to implement our plans in life. For daily exercise it is the very unique opportunity to burn excess fat on the abdomen. Therefore, let us learn to see the beauty in the life that surrounds us, and at the same time consider the most effective exercises that will help us lose weight. Usually, the biggest problem of all women is belly fat. Here with him today, and we will fight.

 regular exercise to burn belly fat

Exercises for a flat stomach

First, let's define what a workout - it's not exhausting exercises to complete loss of consciousness, who do you see in nightmares. We are going to learn the methods of burning belly fat, which bring not only a flat stomach and slender waist, but a good mood for the rest of the day. Just do not forget to throw out all the chocolates, cakes and other products hazardous to figures from the refrigerator. You can feed your entire strategic reserve of her husband. And while it fills your stomach with your favorite candy "Bear in the north", we will teach you the most simple exercises to burn fat:

  1. Running in the morning. You will not believe, but the usual morning run (together with a cold shower after) can not only burn excess fat on the abdomen, but also save you from a lot of habits there. The fact that many women do not eat because they are hungry, but because their lives are very few highlights. Gray being seized and temporarily chocolate comes relief. And then the bad habit delayed not only in the brain but also in the stomach - as a new layer of fat. It is necessary to you? We are sure that there is. So crank Service, and forward to the new experiences.
  2. Those who slept for a morning jog, giving a second chance. Wash, dress and go for a walk. To the usual walk on the street turned into a fascinating exercise, buy a pedometer. With it, start a contest with yourself, and pass every day more than the day before. If you do not have time for a walk, try to walk to work. Do everything in order to move more, and then forget not only about the thick layer of fat on the abdomen, but about the small diseases caused by a fixed way of life.
  3. Parents of small children, suitable exercise and roller skates. You probably drive your child to and roledrom the rink. So why not join the child and keep him company? The more that an hour spent on the rollers, get rid of belly fat and bring you closer to the baby.
  4. Bicycling also works wonders. Only for two-wheeled coach to help you become leaner, you should not just roll the bike out of the closet, but dare to ride on it. And then everything works by the method of arithmetic progression. The more you ride, the less fat on your stomach. It's great, is not it?
  5. If no time to run, and rollerblading and biking you really embarrassing, sign up for dancing. Suit absolutely any of them - the eastern, Latin and sports. The main thing that they liked you and you went to school with pleasure.
  6. The following exercise will take place in our pool. We are talking about swimming - a sport that strengthens the immune system, makes the muscles flexible, and the amount of fat on the belly negates.
  7. What kind of weight loss without the rope! Think of how much time we spent in childhood, jumping through a colorful rope and what were slim at the same time! You should not make excuses and say that children have better metabolism or less disease. In this course you are right. However slender kids only on what is constantly moving. So why do not we jump rope for the promised reduction kilograms?

If you notice we have given in the article only exercise that can easily perform any woman, without exception. Plus, many of the exercises may well be not only cause weight loss, but also a favorite hobby. At the same time it does not matter which of the paragraphs of article you choose. The main thing is that you start to change your life, and this is the beginning of the magic!

 Simple exercises to burn belly fat

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