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Many women, sitting on a diet, do not think about the consequences. And, of course, are not prepared for the fact that after losing weight they will not expect quite the perfect result that they wanted. After a sharp change in weight leads to stretch marks and sagging muscles, and this will agree, it does not look aesthetically pleasing. Especially noticeable these unsightly changes in the arms, thighs and stomach. And if the stomach and hips can still be hidden under a long skirt or pants, then my hands in the hottest time of year is always in sight. Therefore, it is necessary to start adjusting to them.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles in the arms are selected in such a way that there are not only on the problem areas, but also in the muscles of the chest, pulling it, making it more elastic and high. Starting the program for you below, as they say, "kill two birds with one stone." That, of course, can only rejoice.

Secrets of Successful Workout

First, let's look at the basic rules of training, following which you will achieve the results in a relatively short period of time.

  • For some exercises from the program, you'll need a dumbbell. Choosing them you need individually. The weight must not be less than 0, 5 kilograms, but not more than 2 kilograms;
  • In addition to the purchase of dumbbells special mat and comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • Do not overload yourself on the first lesson! Otherwise, the next day you just can not get out of bed;
  • Do the exercises in a measured, breathe evenly;
  • The main thing is not quantity but quality - this rule applies to all physical activities;
  • Before the start of training required to do the warm-up, and after it - for stretching muscles.

 exercises to strengthen the hand

Exercises for arms with dumbbells

Main nuances we have learned, we can now proceed to the actual classes. And the first in the queue, we exercise with dumbbells. They differ from regular classes heavier load. But the result of such training several times more effective.

  • Extension arms

This exercise can be done sitting or standing. The back should be straight, chin slightly raised. Pick up a dumbbell, take a deep breath and raise your arms straight above your head. Exhale and slide his hands behind his head so that the elbows are bent at right angles. Then gently screw them back. Make exercise at least 8-10 times;

  • Area

Take a dumbbell in your left hand. Make the right foot a little forward thrust. Lean and Lean your right hand on your right knee. Keep his head elevated, back - perfectly straight. Hand with dumbbell press to the body at right angles. Inhale and pull the arm back, straighten it completely. On the exhale, return it to the place. Keep upper arm muscles were strained. After 8-10 repetitions of leg to change the stop and take a dumbbell in your right hand. All repeat;

  • Bench press

Lie down on the mat, bend your knees, hands with dumbbells position on the breast so that the palms facing forward. Imagine that you are raising the bar. Exhale and slowly pull your hands up, inhale and return them back. Repeat 10-15 times;

  • Breeding hands

We continue to lie. Hands spread out with dumbbells in hand. At the expense of time - slowly lift your hands over a two - drop the elbows on the floor, and a dumbbell on the chest, three - again throwing hand in hand. Repeat at least 10 times. A similar exercise can be done standing;

Exercise "lift"

  • This exercise is also performed on the one-two-three. Standing, arms down at your sides. Once - bend your elbows and slowly rising. Two - spread them apart. Three - omit. Perform each exercise slowly, no sudden movements should not, repeat 10 times.

Exercising in this program, you will achieve muscle strengthening hand pretty quickly. With each workout, try to add a number of approaches for each exercise.

 regular exercises to strengthen the muscles in the arms

Classes without dumbbells

This complex is also quite effective, although it is not heavy with exercise equipment.

  • Simple push-ups

Sit on one hip. Lean hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width. The fingers at each other. Torso starts to fall to the floor, bending your elbows. Hold this position for a few seconds, and you feel tense muscles of the arms. Then rise back. For the first time enough and 5 push-ups. Gradually increase of 30-40 times;

  • Sophisticated push-ups

Get on your knees, hands rest against the floor. Make a motion, described in the previous exercise, with only one difference - when lowering the elbows pressed against the body. Load increases gradually, based on their status;

  • Exercise "prayer"

Sit cross-legged. Folded hands for prayer. Now start with the power to press them against each other. When you reach the maximum effort to hold the position 20 seconds Exhale and relax. Repeat 3-4 times. The same exercise can be done with his arms raised above his head or with downcast;

  • Pushups on the contrary

Lie on the stomach, buttocks and abdomen pressed to the floor. Uprites palms into the floor so that your fingers facing forward. Now proceed from the floor, straightening the arms. Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower. Repeat 10-15 times;

  • Push away from the table

Sit at a table facing the wall, and place your hands in his region. Begin to push him away with force. Hold this position for 5-6 seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times.

  • Raising the body off the floor

This exercise strengthens the triceps. Sit on the mat, bend your legs at the knees. Slightly lean back and place your hands on the floor, fists clenched. Now begin to tear the body off the floor, getting up on his hands. You will feel as tense back muscles of the arms - the triceps. Do 10 of these lifts;

  • Push-ups in front

Remained sitting on the rug. Now up against the legs and hands on the floor. The fingers facing forward. Let down one leg to the other. Now almost the entire weight of your body is transferred to the hands. We start doing push-ups, lowering the body to the floor as low as possible. Do 10 push-ups, and change the leg and repeat the exercise;

  • Side push

Lie on your right side. Legs straight, head raised. Right-handed bow themselves in the area of ​​the belt, the left hand rests on the floor near his chest. Getting a start on the floor on one hand, lifting the torso, buttocks remain in place. Repeat 10 times and change side.

That is such a complex. Perform it should be 2-3 times a week, with training for 20-30 minutes. You do not need to combine these two programs in one lesson. For example, on Tuesday you simple exercises Thursday - power. Saturday - again simple. So you'll get the results, and will not be too tired.

And of course, do not forget about the other parts of the body. Include in your exercise program for the feet, for the press, for the waist. After all, the figure should be fully proportional. For best results, as well as to prevent cellulite and stretch marks, enroll in a massage parlor. This procedure is not only useful, but also pleasant. And try to monitor their appearance all year round, and then you will not need any diet, and do not have to urgently restore the elasticity of the muscles. Regular exercise - that's all you need for a beautiful and healthy body!

 Exercises to strengthen the muscles of hands: struggling with the effects of diet

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 Hand exercises for women


  • Beautiful terrain - it exercises hand for women
  • Exercises for the hands at home or in the gym
  • Where to begin? What muscles are paying attention
  • A set of exercises for hands without dumbbells
  • A set of exercises for the arms with dumbbells
  • Hitch is the final step in any workout

In order to have good posture and do not hesitate to wear a summer sundresses and tank tops top, beautiful evening dresses with cleavage and tight T-shirts, women should pay attention to the training of muscles of hands. And if you do not give it enough attention, then over time they will become your problem area. Exercises for arms for women will make them graceful and beautiful.

Beautiful terrain - it exercises hand for women

Some people believe that exercise for beautiful hands more interesting to men and women devote their time, waist and hips. Although really elegant and beautiful hands is very important for women, but in their case - a tightened feminine form, and for men - and a stone heap of muscles muscles.

Many slim women are dissatisfied with their hands look very thin. When a woman is in addition to thin arms training must also include in your diet carbohydrates from cereals and protein foods. And obese women have a complaint - at the hands of the skin is flabby. Such women would do well to pump up the muscles in the hands, the skin is tightened.

Is it important to ensure that the woman had a beautiful form of hands and what to work on this?

Yes, because the need for each woman - to be beautiful at 100%. And her hands are not an exception, since there are situations in life when your hands are paying attention. In general, a modern woman's life - a sedentary work at a computer at home and at work, driving a car - all this requires active work of hands. Also, excess weight tends to accumulate and, if not controlled.

 a set of exercises for hands for Women

Exercise hand at home or at the gym?

In women, there is often the question of whether to make them beautiful hands, performing a set of exercises in the gym, and there will not be raised as a result of muscle like a bodybuilder. No, if you will regularly visit the hall, working with the best weight for you and sit on a rigid diet. Coach with experience in the gym for you to pick up a special set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of your hands and you end up with a beautiful relief rather than piling up muscles. Testosterone - a male hormone that converts fat into muscle mass. Women dominated by estrogen, which lay fat, so women are not in place to build muscle relief bodybuilder without "Chemistry." But it is important to know that the use of testosterone in women can lead to infertility.

If you engage in home fitness, you should follow some rules. To get started buy yourself a dumbbell, and remember that every training session includes a complex exercise that should be carried out regularly. General training on muscle groups workout involves the main part and cool down. To warm up, use restorative exercises to warm up the muscles, it needs to make a number of approaches for each. At this stage, work and the biceps and triceps, but without the weighting. The main part of the workout, you can connect the complex with dumbbells, but many coaches are advised to work with either the biceps, triceps either after only one session.

You can also connect to the main part and exercises for the muscles of the back and chest. The final part of the training necessary to help the muscles to relax after an active part at this stage would be beneficial stretching exercises of the muscles, which actively participated in the earlier set of exercises. This will allow the body to gradually shift from an excited state to a calm, decrease heart rate, causing the heart to its normal state.

This do not stop, except the complex training exercises for hand, there are other sports that can be used for the beauty of your hands well, such as swimming lessons, tennis and climbing. Without a doubt, nothing can give more grace to your hand like dance classes. Very suitable for this belly dancing. The main thing you need to set a positive result and do the exercises for hands regularly for women. And you end up with something that sought - beautiful, well-groomed hands.

Where to begin? What muscles are paying attention?

It is necessary to know with what kind of a group of muscles you're working. Each exercise is aimed at training a specific muscle group, and therefore it is necessary to take into account the degree of severity in the preparation of compound exercises, not to overload the muscles.

 exercise the right hand for women

A set of exercises for hands without dumbbells

  • Pushups beneficial not only to the muscles of the arms, but also train the muscles of the chest, that women are not equally important. You can do push-ups on the floor, or if you find it difficult to start from the chair. When performing the exercises, make sure that your back is flat and your pelvis does not touch the floor. For starters, you can try to do push-ups 5-6, gradually increasing the load, without damaging your health.
  • We stand straight, pull your hands to the sides at shoulder level. We describe for 1 minute straight arms full circles in one direction and then for 1 minute in another.
  • Sitting cross-legged, and, straightening his shoulders, elbows lift up horizontally, palms together, thumbs up straight. Slowly we press the palms against each other, remaining so for 15-30 seconds, then relax the muscles. Doing exercise is repeated 5-6 times.
  • Get up on all fours, knees, place the shoulder width apart, hands at the same time rest on the floor at the same distance apart. Palms facing the sides, back straight. Slowly lower yourself by bending with the hands until the chest almost touches the floor. Now we have to go back. For starters make this exercise 5-6 times so as not to hurt yourself.
  • Take the position of lying on your stomach, hips and thighs at the same time pressed to the floor. Slightly apart legs, lean on the palms, fingers forward. It is necessary to straighten the arms, pausing in this position for 3 seconds and return to starting position. When performing the exercise, keep your elbows were placed in the hand, with the back of the shoulder is tense. Repeat 5-6 times.

A set of exercises for the arms with dumbbells

  • Hold a dumbbell in your hands, with the hands should be lowered along your body, palms facing forward. Bend your arms at the elbows with dumbbells and slowly lower. Making turns on the right and left hand for 5-6 times, gradually increasing the load in the future, up to 10 repetitions. To start the dumbbell must not be severe enough to take the shells 1, 5 kg.
  • In the hands holding dumbbells and lift them up. Bend your arms at the elbow and drop the dumbbell behind your head, then slowly return your hands to the starting position. Repeat 5-6 times.
  • Legs put shoulder width, knees slightly bent, bend forward slightly, back when it is straight. Hands with dumbbells pressed to the body and pull along the torso. Bend your arms, forearms, static, return the body to its original position. Fix the result of repeat 5-6 times.
  • Our position: feet are shoulder-width apart, hands at this time stretched along the body, palms inward. Getting breeding hands with dumbbells in hand to a position parallel to the floor, back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 5-6 times.

 the right set of exercises for the hands of women

Hitch is the final step in any workout

It helps eliminate the appearance of pain in the muscles after an active workout because it helps the conclusion of metabolic products from the muscles. The hitch can be run at a low pace, turning into walking or stretching. Very helpful and pleasant continuation after a workout can be a gentle massage and a warm bath.

Make the hands of relief - not an easy task, so do not convince yourself that the results will be apparent in 1 - 2 lessons. Increase the burden of training gradually, but do a set of exercises regularly. Beautiful hand - this is important for any girl who care about their appearance. Not all women know that well-groomed hands, too, are an ornament. It is believed that a set of exercises for the hands will help you to keep what is given by nature, and put in order, if something does not suit you.

Exercise will give a nice relief will clean your hands, and sagging skin. And still some restrictions in the diet can help get results very soon. The exercises can not be performed on a full stomach, it must be at least at 1, 5-2 hours after a meal. Should drink plain water without gas. Only then will the energy spent by you, will be used for its intended purpose and benefit. I wish you success!

 Exercises for arms for women - your way to perfection

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