increased self-esteem


  • "What I can see how I'll be in the future"
  • "If something would happen ... then I would have done ..."
  • "Wings of confidence"
  • "The most charming and attractive"
  • «Search real hope"
  • "Autopilot"

Self-doubt is not a terrible vice. It would seem that terrible will happen if because of it you give up in order to try his hand at a new job, or to get acquainted with the pleasant man. And what would turn out that this work - the vocation of all life, and the person - your destiny? You never know, because they were insecure and did not use his chance. If you calculate how much loss in life is due to indecision and timidity can be horrified. Doubts devour everything - money, power, love, success. There remain only regret impracticable dreams and unrealized opportunities.

But it's never too late to change. To do this, you just have to be a confident person. Using simple assertiveness training, which consists of simple exercises, you can better know yourself.

Confidence is born from the knowledge of their capabilities and of itself.

Training goal: to explore and know yourself, self improvement, increasing personal and professional growth, self-discovery and therapy, revealing its untapped potential.

The objectives of the training:

  • learn to live brightly and happily, carrying their dreams come true;
  • learn how to open and be aware of their habits and outlook on life;
  • learn his true nature;
  • with absolute confidence to feel in all situations;
  • to understand how to deal with shyness and anxiety;
  • confidently hold a conversation and business meetings;
  • easy to conduct performance before large crowds;
  • do not be afraid to take risks.

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"What I can see how I'll be in the future"

The purpose of the exercise training: learning to produce an objective self-esteem themselves, learn to focus on the result you want to achieve.

This exercise should be carried out in a group. It is necessary to take a piece of paper, pencils and paint the way you see yourself. The colorful pattern is, the better. Doris important elements of your life: hobbies, hobbies, favorite pet, and so on. D. Then you need to collect all the leaves and mix well, then all share their impressions about each picture.

Using a piece of paper and pencils to draw itself again, but now in the future. Aloud need to say a kind of "protection" of the figure.

 Training self-esteem
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"If something would happen ... then I would have done ..."

The purpose of the exercise training: to develop a rapid response to various conflict situations.

Exercise is carried out in the group in a circle. One person comes up with a conflict situation (for example: "If someone stole my purse on the bus ..."), and the second expresses his reaction to it (for example: "... I would start to cry, to call the police").
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"Wings of confidence"

The purpose of the training exercise: to discover new energy opportunities.

It should be comfortable to sit or lie down and deliberately cause a feeling that you associate with confidence. To do this, dig in the memory, recall and relive some situations in which you feel very confident. Usually in such cases, there is a feeling that behind the wings. The man straightens his back, straightens his shoulders and looking confidently into the eyes of others. This increases the control of the situation and improves coordination of movements. you are absolutely confident person.
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"The most charming and attractive"

The purpose of the training exercise: to learn to love yourself and liberating.

Exercise for women's terrific, but it is very effective. Everyone needs to take a small mirror. All participants of the training necessary to stand in a circle. Initially, all recite to each other at least three compliment. Then each participant tells the audience about his three qualities for which it is possible to love. The last quality should affect the appearance and said before the mirror.

If you did this exercise at home on a regular basis, you can get stunning results.

 Exercise wings of confidence
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«Search real hope"

The purpose of the training exercise: to assess their real possibilities.

Throughout the week, you need to pay attention to all situations where you are faced with empty dreams, and when the real hope (regardless of size).

For example:

  • the day comes to you the thought that a good idea to enroll in a sports club or jogging, then you are distracted and forget about it;
  • getting up at midday on the scales, you are thinking that it's time to lose weight, and at dinner time give up the pie;
  • your friend is constantly tells everyone what the car wants to buy, without having the means and doing nothing to change that;
  • girlfriend says he wants to quit now as 5 years, but nothing is not undertaking;
  • every day you think about what we need to learn English or to enroll in a refresher course, and did not even commit to do any necessary phone call.

It is necessary to make a list. At the end of the week it is necessary to read it carefully and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What a feeling to me are people who live in empty dreams?
  2. What is the response obtained from the surrounding people who use real hope?
  3. Focus on what people in the first and second situation?
  4. What are my expectations real and which are empty?

 Exercise is the most charming and attractive

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The purpose of the training exercise: to understand their real aspirations and increase self-confidence.

Each participant of the training should reflect what he would like to be: how to behave, how to dress, what attitude should be to themselves and others, the environment in which spin and so on. D. Taking into account all this, you need to create a consistent program for their own " autopilot. " It should be written according to a certain scheme. For example: "I am confident, I'm good." After finalization of the program, each in turn, read it aloud so that others have the feeling that this man really is.

6 Using these simple exercises, you can easily discover new energy opportunities for themselves. Unsure person spends a lot of energy to fear, anxiety, resentment and anger, instead of using it to achieve the goals. Learn how to use this energy in the direction you want, life will be much easier and more fun. you will discover more and more new horizons! It should only reject all sorts of doubts and head towards the confidence that will fill your body with energy, and the heart - joy.

 Exercises to increase confidence

 Depending on the causes of niktinovoy


  • Three stages of the development of this relationship
  • Treatment of nicotine dependence
  • Types of medical therapy

The problem of nicotine addiction the most urgent today. Smoke endangers the health of the smoker and his inner circle. According to statistics, between the ages of 25-65 years old, smokers are 18% women and 40% men. In the men puffed day from 10 to 20 cigarettes, and women - about 10 cigarettes. The frequency of cigarettes smoked increases with age and seniority.

This shows counter nicotine addiction. Treatment and disposal of tobacco dependence takes a lot of time and effort. According to doctors, smoking - a habit, and that it was easier to handle, the smoker must be for some time to take nicotine in whatever form, other than cigarettes: patch, chewing gum.

 treatments for nicotine addiction
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Three stages of the development of this relationship

  1. Initial - smoking is systematic. At this stage, there is a psychological dependence;
  2. Chronic - develops physical dependence;
  3. later - it is observed as a psychological and physical dependence.

In the first stage, the number of cigarettes smoked growing. Smokers improves health, increases efficiency, he feels comfortable. The duration of this stage lasts for 3-5 years. At the next stage, the number of cigarettes smoked becomes stable. The desire to smoke when there is any change in the situation of psychological or physical stress. This stage of development lasts from 6 to 15 years. At the last stage of smoking becomes automatic and gratuitous action.

The feeling of comfort is missing. There is a constant headache, deteriorating memory, decreased appetite. There is a pathology of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. These steps every smoker develops individually and depend on different factors: the first use, the quality of the tobacco, human health.
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Treatment of nicotine dependence

I hope that many of you do not smoke and do not intend to start or have already dropped. But if you are still addicted to nicotine, you probably know that the sooner quit the habit, the better for your health and the health of people close to you. Nicotine - one of the most dangerous plant poisons. It contains about 4,000 different toxic substances. 5% are dangerous for the organism.

These are ammonia, carbon monoxide, radioactive substances, lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, and many other dangerous compounds. Smoking causes serious diseases such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular disease. For example, a die of lung cancer in 90% of cases of chronic bronchitis - 75%, and heart disease - in 25% of cases. Nicotine affects the blood vessels, which leads to the development of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases.

 symptomatic therapy
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Types of medical therapy

Get rid of dependence helps medical therapy. The main reason due to which people continue to smoke - it's nicotine dependence. The dependence is expressed in the desire to smoke, even realizing the full implications of this activity for health. For the treatment of addiction, various kinds of therapy.

  • effective treatment of dependence on nicotine - nicotine replacement therapy. The bottom line is to facilitate the removal and destruction according to the mind of the smoker logical link between cigarette smoking and pleasure. It is the most advanced method in the treatment of tobacco dependence and based on the reception of pure nicotine, with a gradual reduction in the dose to 0. received nicotine thus absorbed more slowly compared with a cigarette. The essence of this method is to help every smoker to get rid of nicotine addiction in view of its characteristics and lifestyle.
  • aversionnaya therapy - achieved with the help of an aversion to tobacco. Use a solution of silver nitrate, tannin mouthwash or anabasine for intramuscular injections within about 10-14 days.
  • symptomatic therapy - treating the symptoms of disease without affecting the underlying cause and mechanisms of its development. The aim is to alleviate the suffering of the patient. Used sleeping pills, painkillers and heart.

It is proved that the use of drugs doubles the efficiency and helps get rid of dependence.

These include as Nicorette gum Nikoderm a patch and Nikotrol in spray form. The patch is most convenient to use than a spray or chewing gum, and a much better help to quit smoking, but it takes more time for the delivery of nicotine to the body. The duration of medication is on average 2 to 3 months.

Also in the treatment of nicotine addiction may be used antidepressants .  One such drug is bupropion .  It does not contain nicotine and widely used in the treatment of nicotine addiction .  Its action is due to the influence of such brain structures that affect the formation of nicotine addiction .  This drug helps to overcome depression, decreased attention, irritability and nervousness .  Side effects include headache, dry mouth .  Efficacy of the drug is much higher than that of the patch .  Also, prescribers, causing an aversion to tobacco, to prevent a return to smoking and sedatives: valerian, motherwort or other soothing herbs .  Some drugs can cause lethargy, drowsiness, impaired memory and attention .  To improve the preparations may be administered to improve metabolism and other functions of the organism .

According to statistics, nearly 70% of people claim that they would like to quit smoking but can not do it yourself.   Therefore, all the high hopes for drug therapy. The positive effect of the therapy is based on the desire of the person to get rid of this habit, as well as support the people around him. According to statistics, men to treat women better.

 Getting rid of nicotine addiction