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  • Practising buttocks and thighs
  • Proper stretching

Pop - this is the most seductive and attractive part of the body of the girls. It was on her, as well as on the chest, turned all the men's views. And especially in the summer, when in the midst of the holiday season, holidays and beach parties, the issue of weight loss is particularly relevant. Of course, endeavor to arrange for the figure of a few weeks - the idea is not of the best, however, to make it more taut is possible. Today we look at the most effective and useful exercises for buttock augmentation, and examine how to make the priest more supple and sexy, but first let's talk about the gluteal muscles themselves.

The muscles of the buttocks - one of the most powerful and largest in the human body. Their functionality is similar to the activities of the deltoid muscles, but they are much more developed. This is primarily due to human bipedal locomotion and daily activity - most of the load just falls on the buttocks and legs.

Interestingly the structure of the gluteal muscles. This three paired muscles: large, medium and small. More muscle rhomboid, flattened shape - the most powerful. It begins at the hip bone, is then attached to the femur. It directly affects the large muscles on the hip joint due to its weight. Its main function - extension and rotation of the hips out, and hold the knee in a free, unbent position. Its other function is to bring the hips and straightening of the trunk, as well as extension of the pelvis.

The difference between the average muscle in that it starts on the ilium, and then heading down passes in a thick tendon. Rear bundles these muscles are located under the first, a large muscle. But a small muscle in its structure is similar to the average. At about the same, and their function: allocating hips inward and outward, holding the body in a vertical position.

As you can see, the significance of the gluteal muscles is enormous. From that, what state they are in, it depends on the functioning of our body as a whole. Because it is imperative that the buttocks are in sports, trained state. After all, it's not just an aesthetic effect - it's about health. In principle, exercise buttocks and thighs is not very complicated, but it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances of what we continue to talk.

 exercises to increase the buttocks and thighs at home

Practising buttocks and thighs

To make firmer ass, inflated and tightened, you should pay attention to three elements: sports, diet and beauty care. It is such a complex would achieve maximum efficiency. Of course, training in the gym will bring more benefit, and the effect is obvious, however, with the right approach, the desired result can be obtained by engaging in the home.

So, about training. The first exercise - this, of course, sit-ups. Perhaps this is the most efficient and simple exercise, designed for the buttocks and thighs. Squats are different, they can perform with a barbell or dumbbells, with a book or a ball - as you like, depending on the purpose. For starters you can do is not very deep, smooth ups to warm up your muscles. But strive to make your buttocks touched heels - sooner or later you have to come to this. Squats are performed by two or three approaches, each of which - fifteen squats. It is important to ensure that the heel is not fixed on the floor, or the effect of exercise will decrease.

The second exercise, good for the thighs, buttocks and muscles - walking along the wall. It sounds strange, but it is fairly simple. Lie on the floor, his arms straight at your sides. Legs bending at the knees at a right angle, rest as much as possible into the wall. Now start walking. A couple of steps up a couple - down. What is the difficulty? During the exercise, try not to take your buttocks off the floor. We carry out fifteen times.

Another simple exercises to perform at home. You only need a ball and a chair. Sitting on a chair, hold the ball between your knees. His need to compress for thirty seconds and then, after a pause, he again begins to compress. Do fifteen repetitions. After some time, increase the number of repetitions.

The fourth exercise is designed to strengthen the gluteal muscles and inner thighs. Sit on the floor by pushing his hands back and resting them on the floor. Begin to move forward on the floor, and then back, the best use of their buttocks. Be careful not to bend legs - move only due to the buttocks. It will seem like enough for about five minutes.

Special attention should be not less effective leg bends backward. They will, on the one hand, to work the muscles of the buttocks, on the other - to make more slender legs, and ass - tightened. To perform only need a chair. Stand up and lean on the back of his hands. Follow swings back, try to raise the foot at the same time as high as possible. On each leg - ten to fifteen repetitions. A variation of this exercise - swings to the side and leaning on the chair. This will further strengthen the muscles of the hips and get rid of the excessive volume.

To perform six exercises uprites knees and elbows on the floor, back straight. Straighten one leg and start to raise it so that the foot and back amounted to a straight line. Already in a position to carry out mahi start - up and down. We need to do three sets, each with fifteen repetitions - is on each leg. It is important to ensure that the back remains straight. This exercise is extremely effective for the muscles of the buttocks.

Make it more attractive buttocks and legs - Slim, allow attacks. They will be useful for internal thighs. Perform the exercise as follows: take a deep lunge forward, rocking deeply several times. The one leg that is behind, must rely entirely on foot, but in any case not on the sock. It is not necessary to burden himself immediately to the maximum - start with five to seven attacks. Then, increase to twelve to fifteen lunges on each leg.

Effective exercise to perform at home - a "arch". Lie down on your stomach. Then you need to pick up the body and hands, forming "arc." Then lower your arms and lift your legs. It should be completed six to ten times, it will be enough to warm up the muscles of the problem area.

Deflections are as effective as, and squats. They are designed for the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and legs. You need not heavy dumbbells. Be straight with your feet together. Take dumbbells. Begin to take the right leg back. Raise your hands up, cave in. Now take the starting position and repeat for the left leg. It takes ten to fifteen repetitions.

Another simple exercise - slopes with dumbbells. Put your foot on a chair, his arms. Take a forward bend. Bend until the dumbbells do not touch the floor. Repeat twelve times for each leg. Now move the hands on the waist, keeping your feet together. Now, just lean back, taking care not to bend the leg. Repeat twelve times.

Jumping rope - a great way to warm up your muscles. Jump rhythmically on the toes of two feet. Breathing must necessarily be deeply and evenly. Duration jumps - five to seven minutes. You can do the exercise in the morning and in the evening - the more the better.

It is known to all "bicycle" not only helps to make the legs more slender, but disappoint the buttocks. It is useful to this exercise for thighs and lower press. Lie on the floor, stretching his arms. Now lift your legs under sorokapyatigradusnym angle. Perform movements similar to riding a bike, for ten or fifteen minutes. Keep the maximum amplitude and keep the right shin.

Finally, a simple and effective exercise, which aims - a deep study of the muscles thighs and buttocks - "boat". Lie on your stomach, head hands behind his back. Weave your fingers into the lock and decompress. Now raise your arms and legs without bending the knees. In this position, pause for twenty or thirty seconds. Perform ten repetitions.

The above set of exercises, though aimed at the improvement of the gluteal muscles, and has a positive effect on the whole body as a whole, making it slimmer and sportier. If you want to work only the buttocks apart, you will need to perform these isolated exercises like bench press or leg legs breeding performed on a simulator. Suit and disposal and reduction, and the mahi, which we also discussed above.

 exercises to increase the buttocks and thighs

Proper stretching

In the process of training his body in the home or in the gym, driving oil and sealing, pumping up the muscles, it is important to remember about stretching. It helps rid the body of excess volume, while maintaining tighten muscles. In addition, stretching allows not only to increase the effectiveness of exercise, but also make your movements more graceful and gait - a graceful and smooth. Agree, beauty girls is important.

How is the correct stretching? Sit on the floor, bending his left leg at the knee. Now take her so that the inner side of the thigh is on the floor. At the same time the right leg continues to be bent at the knee, but it lies on the outer surface side. Squeeze the right foot to the front side of the left thigh. Carefully follow the slow slope through the right foot forward - this will stretch the right buttock. The same holds for the left side. Repeat this stretch as often as possible, before the main sports activities and after them.

The above set of exercises plus a stretch - is the key to the ideal figure. Within a short period of time you will appreciate to tighten muscles of hips and buttocks, slim figure and mark as a whole. But in order to effect entrenched, do not forget to use the special anti-cellulite cosmetics and cook.

Note scrubs and gels for the body, stimulating the active burning excess fat and reducing the "orange peel". Spend domestic wraps the hips. If resources permit, use professional fat burning processes.

And, of course, stick to good nutrition - something without which any exercise will be ineffective. Forget the junk food. This integrated approach will allow you to quickly reach the goal and admire the surrounding his slim, chiseled figure!

 Exercises to increase the buttocks: sculpt a beautiful ass