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  • Breast augmentation without effort - a myth
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This problem is increasing or decreasing breast, today concerned more than sixty percent of the female population of the planet. This is despite the fact that on the podium here for many decades in a row defile models with almost boyish figures, and the ladies, as if descended with paintings by Rubens, are still suffering from too pronounced, according to them, shapes and bends his body.

The paradox is obvious: women with large breasts, many complain about the inconvenience that this causes, and holders of modest forms dream of lush beauty. Oh, how is it that the assertion that the apple hanging on the top, it seems many times sweeter than that which you can easily rip!

Unfortunately, not yet invented a way to magically endow each of the fair half of mankind bust of her dreams. But the assertion that any chest needs good care to maintain it in an elastic state, is beyond doubt. However, as that volume, but a few fallen feminine charms men seem less sexy than small and fit. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the size of the property bust, for a start, make sure that it is not the result of neglect of exercise on certain muscles. After all, increase the chest exercises - it is real!

Breast augmentation without effort - a myth?

What tricks do not go to various scams, subtly playing on the strings of a woman's soul, giving us false hope for easy ways to the desired shape! Tablets, cunning massagers, Electrical bras - seemingly nothing assistants? And sometimes you do not want to admit the only true fact: lift the bust, round it and make it more attractive can only special exercises for breast enlargement.

But before proceeding to a detailed description thereof, it must be said, that modeling and improvement of any figure - the work tedious, and only with regard to such a gentle and sexual part of the body, like a bust, it requires a special effort and patience. So be ready for what you expect simple, yet regular exercise.

Minor changes in breast size as its growth, many women experience before or during the critical days in the active sex life and the onset of pregnancy. In each of these cases, the bust increases the activity of the hormones produced by the body.

It is no secret, and the fact that regular sex stimulates blood flow to the organs, thus developing capillary system. Therefore, do not carried away by any exercise of breast augmentation, many women are surprised to find such a welcome change in its size if a long time are sexually active.

Unlike men, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity from nature are poorly muscled, so do not expect a significant result of the exercise of breast augmentation. However, some visible to the naked eye is quite possible to achieve changes. In addition, the weakening of the muscles of the bust leads to unpleasant changes such as sagging and loss of form, particularly in connection with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the inevitable age-related changes.

But who said that to deal with this senseless, because nature does not cheat? On the contrary, granted a little bit to adjust its charms completely within your power, and a variety of exercises for breast augmentation is designed to maintain its elasticity and tone, so useful to all women without exception. So, let's not beat around the bush, and elaborated on the main and most effective ones, which can perform at home.

 exercises for breast growth

Exercises for the chest without dumbbells

Bra size is not as important as its appearance, taut and toned. Therefore, coaches and instructors who teach group programs in fitness clubs, are advised to regularly do special exercises - you can even do them at home. This set does not include the use of dumbbells or any other special sports equipment and attributes, so it is available each of the fair sex.

But he did not cause the rapid growth of breast two sizes - count on it not worth it. Such simple and effective exercises positively affect the muscles of the bust perfectly pulled it, and all the positive changes in the complex and really increase the number of rounded shapes available. So make it a rule in your free from work or study time at home to perform the following elements.

  1. Squeezing palms

    In the initial position you have to stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, draw a stomach. Now go to the core: place the palm of your hand in front of chest and send up the fingertips. Make sure that your back is straight and hands line was parallel to the floor. Surrendering palm, keep them in this position is not less than ten seconds. Repeat at least fifteen or twenty times, feeling the tense pectoral muscles. You can take two approaches.

  2. Squeezing

    Initially, the need to kneel, hands should be placed wider than shoulders and back should be kept straight. Bending your elbows during inspiration and while keeping your back straight, lower the body down and exhale need to go upstairs. Repeat wringing should be not less than fifteen or twenty times.

  3. "Pullover"

    In the initial position, you should lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, and hands - elbows. Fold the palms together, and aimed at the ceiling between the elbows should be clamped roller. When you inhale your hands get turned back, fingertips touch the floor, and when you exhale return to the starting position. "Pullover" repeat at least fifteen to twenty times, and if left forces take the second approach.

  4. Mixing blades

    Initially, the need to put your feet on the width of the pelvis and diluted hands to the sides to shoulder level. Inhaling, you need to stretch back and reduce the scapula, and the output to return to its original position. Make sure that the back was straight, his stomach was drawn and bent at the elbows are parallel to the floor. Repeat at least fifteen to twenty times. To achieve the effect as soon as possible can be made and the second approach.

  5. Bracing

    Starting position: standing, feet on the width of the pelvis, hands apart. Pull the stomach, back straight. Now you need to raise your hands in the diagonal and pulled back. In this position you must stand for thirty to forty seconds. Stretching should be repeated at least fifteen to twenty times.

Suffice it to perform home exercise program for breast enlargement, consisting of all those elements, once a day, so you can rely on sports bust in the near future. And enjoy the first results of the most persistent ladies will be able within a short period of time such as a month. You will attract men's looks - this will contribute to a lot of elastic, tightened his chest and simply luxurious.

It is easy to charge for the muscles of the bust

Enlarged breasts through exercise five to six centimeters possible and with the help of other complex exercise, which is very similar charge. It provides a common starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart - so convenient for both at home and in the office, as a workout. Charging should be done every day, and each exercise should be repeated eight times.

  1. Spread the shoulders, gently take them aside and lower. Pull the belly, watch posture, it is important to achieve an early effect. Take the head tilts backwards, forwards and sideways.
  2. Follow the deflections of the body back, and his head bowed in turn to one another and shoulder, drag to the floor. Do not forget to pick up the stomach.
  3. Pull your shoulders to your ears and then lower them. Perform each exercise slowly feel how tense the pectoral muscles.
  4. Arms to the side, tighten them and slowly raise and lower. Keep your back straight, pull your tummy.
  5. Intensively rotate divorced in the parties hands in circles for forty to fifty centimeters. Do not forget to keep a good posture, tense muscles of the shoulder girdle.
  6. Extend your arms to the sides and slowly takes them back. Try to keep the line parallel to the floor.
  7. Place the brush on the shoulders and elbows lightly against the body. Now with the power of hands up, straightening them, return to starting position and repeat the movement to the side and then down.
  8. Take bent at the elbows behind his back, clasped his hands in the lock at the waist and straighten them, dropping down. Keep your back straight.
  9. Do rotational movements shoulders - forward and backward. Hands should be thus omitted along the body, but you can put them on his shoulders, bent at the elbows.
  10. Put your hands in front of chest, hands fold for prayer, and press down firmly with one hand to another, straining muscles. The back should be straight and the stomach - drawn.
  11. Bend one arm and drop it on the waist, lift up the second. Do not slouch, stand straight. Do side bends, changing the position of the hands in turn.
  12. Brushes interlock behind the head, torso leans forward and backward, and right and left side. Maintain good posture.

To supplement the above set of exercises for breast enlargement can be a special massage, which is carried out independently in the comfort of your home. Its action is aimed at strengthening the bust and giving the skin elasticity. To do this you need to massage every day for fifteen minutes at any time convenient for you. It consists of three simple steps.

Stand up straight and relax. Start by stroking. Lubricate moisturizer hand slowly make circular movements, moving from the sides to the center, without touching the nipple. Five minutes later, go to the kneading. Lift the chest with one hand and the fingers of both imitate kneading or squeezing a sponge. I feel how the flow of blood made a bust of hot? It is time to proceed to the final stage - to tapping. Use your fingers to make sudden jerky, but painless tapping edge of his hand and then pat the entire surface of the chest.

 how to increase breast with exercise

A set of exercises for the chest using dumbbells

Of course, the use of special sports attributes, such as dumbbells, provides for work in the gym under the guidance of an experienced coach. But some simple exercises for breast augmentation can be performed at home, if you strictly follow the guidelines outlined below, which determine your expected results. Thus, the complex consists of an alternation of physical elements with or without dumbbells.

The first exercise for breast enlargement is the code name "Down with the borders! "It is as if specially created for practicing at home. Choose a doorway, stand in it, her hands on her cheek. Within a minute with a force push towards the front, as if trying to push the boundaries or remove the wall. Now bend so as to create an additional burden on the chest muscles, and continue to press even a single minute. Invest in exercise all the power.

The second element is called "The Wall". Its principle resembles the previous one, but the motion is not carried out in a doorway. Stand up against the wall and push hands, straining the muscles of the bust. Too much is not necessary to bend over, because in this case, the entire burden will get back. Try to stand up straight and do three sets of two minutes each. Is not it true, even at home it will not be difficult?

Now grab a dumbbell and proceed to the third exercise, entitled "Ski! ". The basic movement really reminds mahi Malka on the track, but you'll have to carry it slowly. Start from the thigh, gently lift the outstretched arms upwards for a few seconds fix them at the level of the chest and slowly lower to the starting position. Perform three sets of six to eight repetitions.

The fourth exercise is called simply - "Bench." At home, the right to make it quite difficult. But imagine a full range of this element can not be without. Therefore, lie on your back and put his hands bent at the elbows with the load at the breast. Legs can stretch the floor. Tighten your bust and raise the dumbbells up (try to do it exactly), lower back and do the bench press. Repeat eight times for three sets.

The fifth exercise - "Push-up support." It is best to use a chair, which is home to everyone. Stand back to him, in the hands rest against the seat, and pull the legs at an angle of thirty to forty-five degrees. Bending your elbows, slowly lower the body down and returns to its original position. Make item six to eight times and repeat three times.

Now again take dumbbells and start the exercise entitled "Wiring". Sit on a chair, straighten your back, bent close to the body and hands with dumbbells put in front of him. Keeping his elbows on the trunk, take both hands to the side as far as you can. Properly pull muscles. Follow member eight times. Now tear off from the sides bent at a right angle hands and arch-breed them twelve times for the two approaches. Complete set of exercises performed at home can be an element called "The Wall", but do not push hard on the support, as it were hanging back, relax your hands.

By focusing on the size of the breast, many people forget that it is attractive and sexy looks only when taut and toned. This effect can be achieved if we implement any above described complex, which includes exercises for breast enlargement. Yes, it is the right exercise as well as possible to cope with the intended purpose.

It's hard to find a girl who would be thrilled by his bust: for most of this part of the body is the most problematic area. It is quite clear situation where the fair sex with small and large breasts with envy looking at each other.

Some say that because of the mini-bust men pay little attention to them, while others complain that the bulk of the lush and back pain, inconvenience occurs during sleep, but some garments can not be worn at all.

This is yet another women's issue, and the public so much, so today the methods of breast reduction is not less popular than the procedure to increase it. And what you choose, you decide for yourself, but be aware of safety!

 Exercises for breast enlargement: how to reach the coveted forms?

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