Exercises for beautiful legs


  • The legs from the ears or the principles of beauty
  • The most problematic areas of legs
  • Develop the calf muscles of the legs
  • Exercises for beautiful hips
  • Tricks for beautiful legs

What do you think, why men are so fond of the spring? During the warm sun, and asks that the girls wear short skirts? No, because these same skirt demonstrate their gorgeous legs! And what to do if they are not delicious?

Options to do foot worthy of admiration is not so much: to enroll in a gym or take them home. In any case, there is a need to do exercises for beautiful legs, because only they are able to change what nature has miscalculated.

The legs from the ears or the principles of beauty

Expression legs from the ears adopted comprehensive value. Beautiful, then certainly long, slender and neat. Well, if everything is clear with care - enough to hold timely epilation and use special cosmetics, the rest will have to work hard over the more diligently.

For beautiful feet is important, and the length of this opinion is not groundless. The human body and legs in proportion to occupy 2/3 of its height. By moving this figure downwards arising imbalance reduces the aesthetic effect. But too long legs, not burdened by excessive thinness, in contrast, make the possessor more slender, tall and charming.

Slim legs, no doubt determined by genetic predisposition. But if there are some flaws, is not associated with disease of the musculoskeletal system, they can be easily changed by performing some simple exercises under the guidance of a coach or yourself.

 beautiful legs exercise

The most problematic areas of legs

Some simple surveys showed that the majority of women around the world are not happy with calves. On the second zone jodhpurs and then the femoral part of the leg. A small proportion of women considering the buttocks as an extension of the limbs, most consider them as a separate part of the body. Nevertheless, 50% of respondents are dissatisfied with the rear seat.

If we are talking about statistics, we note that of all the respondents, only 10% do exercises on a regular basis. Not more than 20% perform charging at home from time to time. The other, considering legs in the mirror, sighing of their imperfections.

Develop the calf muscles of the legs

Exercises aimed at achieving a beautiful calf, may like to make them more expressive (inflated) and forced to lose weight, in the case of excessive volume. Before you start training, you should find out the reason why your arm in an unsatisfactory condition.

Legs with lean calves look elegant, but on condition that the owner of the whole miniature. Often happens is that when a solid weight calves are thin. It's all here in underdeveloped muscles and thin bones. You can remedy the situation, try the following exercise:

  • Warms muscles. To do this, take a short jog or stretching;
  • Slowly rising on tiptoes, most are drawn up;
  • Sitting on the edge of a chair, hold a dumbbell between your knees. On the floor lay a small book. Bend your knees and touch the book with your fingertips, then drop the heel on the floor, still holding dumbbells and not taking his fingers from the support;
  • If possible, use jumping rope or just on the spot. But there are a number of limitations. Do not use these exercises in the stagnant veins and cardiovascular diseases;
  • The most effective is Stepovaya walking. Use any available elevation, such as a children's stool. The main thing is that it is stable;
  • Place the first one leg, then tip the second. In the same way a backward step;
  • Put your foot on the hill jogging. Second leg lift and bend at the knee, but did not place. Maintain a three-second pause. My legs.

The exercises in this series should be performed so that the muscle is felt, but there was a strong surge. All approaches carry out 3 to 5 times.

A somewhat different situation when the calf is too thick. There are two reasons: physiological and artificial. In the first case, water retention or fat makes the puffy legs. From water to help get rid of the doctors, but the fat - slimming exercise the calf muscles. In the second case - is overinflated muscle. It also helps a sports complex, as well as massage. As paradoxical as it may sound, but you can remove fat the same exercises as in muscle building. The secret is that during exercise the fat will start to disappear and only then form a beautiful relief of the feet.

 useful exercises for beautiful legs

Exercises for beautiful hips

Thigh - is that part of the leg, which is above the knee. Sometimes, thigh women take only that part of the body, which are worn too low jeans. All muscles located on the femur, the femoral called. So much unloved area breeches, this is nothing like a kind of distressed thigh muscles. Naturally, exercises for beautiful legs can not do this without affecting the zone.

Exercises for the inner thigh

  • Stretch the muscles, making the "butterfly". Sitting on the floor, bend your knees, pressing the heels as much as possible to the body. Slowly, without overloading the muscles, spreads his legs apart. The heels are pressed, knees apart. Ideally, your knees touch the floor;
  • Without getting up from the floor, leaning on his hands, slightly relegating body back. Raise legs up, low, 5 - 10 cm. From the floor and not putting them in divorce in hand. Pauses 5 - 7 seconds. Vaults and omit;
  • We do not change the position, all on the same floor, lie down on your back. Raise the leg up as much as possible, ideally at 90 °, is put aside. Return to the starting position in the same manner;
  • Flips on the right side. Reliance on the right elbow. Bend your left leg and we move forward. The castle received a raise left. We get mahi with a small amplitude. Make sure to strained muscles. Repeat on the other side approaches;
  • The next type of strides from worsening. The position - lying on his right side, his head on his right hand, left in front of him. The left leg is bent, and get in the right knee, as if pinching it. Raise the right leg with a delay at the top for a few seconds;
  • Rolls in poluprisede. Starting position - standing, feet parallel to each other. Lunges with one leg to the side, squat. Slightly rising, do roll on the other foot.

All exercises are performed in this series with the approach of 10-12 times. It is important not quantity but quality, you need to feel the inner thighs.

At the end of the program can proceed to the rest of the muscle groups in the territory.

The front surface of the thigh

  • In a standing position, you need to find a foothold. Provided that the coordination is good and there is a physical training - you can do without it. Joining toes and setting the stage for a back leg, pull the heel to the buttocks;
  • In a standing position put socks and knees in position 45 °. Crouching, divorce knees as widely as possible, to a right angle;
  • Leaning back in a sitting position, lean on your hands. Feet perpendicular to the floor. Making the castle, throwing the left leg over right. Making up Macha.

The outer surface of the femur (the sides)

  • In a standing position, back straight - elbows leg to the side as high as possible. Mahi repeat the first one leg 12 - 16 times, then the other;
  • Lotus pose with elements additional extensions. In the sitting position bend your legs so that the heel of one foot touching the other knee. One arm resting on the floor. With the other hand push the knee so that the left leg forward. How would entwine the legs. This stretch should be held for 3 minutes on each leg.

The back of the thigh and buttocks

  • Very effective in this case, sit-ups. It is important that the feet are parallel and squat was complete;
  • Notorious swallow well coached legs. Standing on one leg and holding the balance, the body must be placed parallel to the body. Latency is from 3 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat the exercise with the other leg;
  • Standing on his feet, much to squeeze the buttocks, stay in this position a few seconds, relax. This exercise trains the muscles of the buttocks and pelvis.

 the right exercises for beautiful legs

Tricks for beautiful legs

  • Exercise the calf muscles can be done anywhere. Follow ups, standing at the stove or the ironing board. Wipe the dust, beating an apartment on the toes;
  • Femur is magnificent, if you take it a rule to wash the floors in the slope;
  • Lunging to the side, trying to reach can be any object;
  • Looking at the side of the TV, make a few strokes of his feet.

Even in the absence of a personal trainer and full time trouble, doing exercises and using stealth, you will become the owner of the most exquisite legs.

 Exercises for beautiful feet. How to make your own?

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