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"As soon as my only weapon you will find in Russia a whole two pairs of shapely female legs," - wrote the great classic Pushkin. And he was a great connoisseur of feminine beauty. Slender legs have always been one of the most attractive parts of the body of any girl. And now, when the fashion mini - skirts, short shorts and jeans, the struggle for the beauty of the legs has become even more urgent. Foot care is required particularly careful.

Of course, very important smooth velvety skin and a good pedicure. But that's not all. Girls who like to wear mini skirts have to watch and their weight and muscle tone. With age, particularly affected the inner side of the thigh. The skin becomes flabby here that does not look very attractive. And this problem can not be overcome merely adhering to proper nutrition. The need for regular exercise. Tighten muscles allow women to look significantly younger and more attractive.

Increasingly popular now all kinds of fitness - centers. Where you can work out on simulators with an experienced trainer. You will be offered, and shaping - training. However, not every woman can afford to visit these institutions. Someone is missing at this materiel, someone simply no time. Many women are engaged in a career. Every day, they have to work, and in the evening to take care of their households. Thus, while on a hike in the gym and on the shaping is very difficult to carve. However, it is possible to do fitness at home on their own.

Home fitness

Nowadays, women who do not have access to the fitness - centers, and can work out at home. A huge number of tools exist to implement this objective in life. For example, the shaping can be practiced if purchased DVD - ROM with the program of exercises. They there are so many: pilates, yoga, aerobics, Callanetics and many others.

You can do by following the recommendations of the coaches that led to the perfect shape of the figure best known stars of show business. Very popular set of exercises from Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Andrea Ambandoz. Thanks to DVD - discs you can not only become the owner of shapely legs and toned body. If you wish, you can learn, for example, strip - plastic and belly dancing.

Many women who have great financial opportunities, create fitness - center right at home. But for this you need to buy a fitness machine that is very expensive. In addition, any sports equipment takes a lot of space. Of course, it is possible to get something compact, for example: drive hulahup, dumbbells. However, these things do not help in the necessary degree to tighten leg muscles. They will help to cope with the extra inches in the arms and abdomen. What about those who, because of various reasons can not arrange a fitness - room right at home? Is there a way out of this situation?

Of course! Not every one of us thinks that some of the items that are in any building, can serve as an excellent sports equipment. For example: a table, a chair or bed. What to say about the walls! They are in every apartment. Therefore, even if you Novoselov and has not managed to acquire furniture, you can easily keep your muscles toned and stay attractive.

 the right wall of the exercise for the legs

Wall - multi-sports trainer for gymnastics

There are many exercises that can be performed without having available any sports equipment and simulators. Using props as only a wall, you can train all the muscle groups.

Issues that will help to manage the exercises at the wall.

  1. Many people of all ages concerned about poor posture. But straight back - it's not only the health of the internal organs. Women with beautiful posture always look more attractive. Exercises at the wall help to eliminate the problems with the spine and the normalization of posture.
  2. Sports wall will help with the pain associated with prolapse of internal organs. Thanks to her during the exercise established a position in which the body of the patient takes his proper place. This applies particularly to the so-called "floating kidney." The body becomes the place and the pain stopped.
  3. If the wall add another ball, which also is in every house, you can make a simple massage of the abdomen and spine, which helps strengthen muscles.
  4. Exercises at the wall and develop arm strength hips, strengthens feet.
  5. Using the wall as a prop, you can even perform running exercises. Depending on the pace and speed, you can not only train the muscles of the legs, but also to develop stamina, strengthen the heart muscle. Moreover, when, during the run you will rest against the wall of his hands come in tone and arm muscles.
  6. You can do the exercises in which the knees are rotated from side to side and bred apart. Thus, ironically, there is an additional warm-up for flexible intervertebral discs.
  7. Against the wall and carried out exercises to strengthen the vestibular apparatus.
  8. It is convenient to carry out the wall stretching. This can be done both individually and with the help of a partner.
  9. Exercises at the wall are essential for a good condition of the feet. They help to cope with the problems of varicose veins, edema, even with diseases of the cardiovascular system. When doing leg substantially lifted upwards, and is beneficial to their condition and the circulation of the whole organism.

Exercise wall leg - an effective tool to train all muscle groups

Exercise leg wall made of different starting positions: lying with their feet against a wall or standing pressed against a vertical support the spine. Consider the first set of exercises.

  1. Lie on the floor, bend your arms at the elbows, feet on the wall. Alternately tightens the legs to the chest, touching the elbow to the knee. If the add more lifting the torso, along with the feet, and will train the abdominal muscles.
  2. Mahi straight leg. This exercise strengthens the back thigh muscle and a positive impact on the condition of varicose veins. Try to keep the range of motion was big enough. The more swings, the more effective impact on the muscles.
  3. Alternating retraction straight legs to the side. For better effect in lowering the legs can be lowered in front of the arc opposite hand. Thus, a movement that resembles curling. This positive effect on the intervertebral disc. This exercise will help strengthen the inner thighs and cope with edema.
  4. The next move is similar to the previous one, but lowered his hands and feet at the same time in opposite directions. The more intense the exercise you perform, the more will be twisting and increases the load. Such exercises strengthen the obliques and hips, as well as all the other exercises with legs up, solve the problem of varicose veins.
  5. Pushing his feet against the wall, lift the hips as high as possible, take a deep breath. Stay in this position 5-7 seconds, then slowly lower and exhale. No need to hurry up and make sudden movements. Through exercise normalizes lowered internal organs, edema disappeared.
  6. Spread the legs wide apart and on a breath lift the torso. Try your hands touch the wall. Then lower. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the stomach and promotes flexibility.
  7. Arrange the straight legs, but not too far - about shoulder level. Inhale and lift the trunk with sharply bent arms. Touch elbows knees, then fall on the exhale. Exercise will help to cope with swelling, varicose veins and leads to order stomach muscles. When high blood pressure is best to avoid such movements.

The next set of exercises are not suitable for beginners. It is recommended for more trained people and strictly prohibited for those suffering from high blood pressure and intracranial. Starting position is reminiscent of that used in the previous exercises. However, the basin should be raised high and almost all of the body to touch the wall, keeping the hips leaning his hands and shoulders.

  1. From this position do Mahi straight leg, trying to reach out to the floor behind your head. You can take 10 - 15 movements in a row each leg or alternate right and left legs.
  2. Do springy motion of her hips. Rhythm Pick yourself the most suitable. It should not feel discomfort. For those who have kidney problems, perform this exercise is not recommended.
  3. Simulate running in place, starting from the walls of the toes. Do not hold your breath, rhythm and amplitude selected in accordance with the sensations. The exercises train the muscles of the legs and relieve fatigue.

Next, change the starting position. Stand with your back to the wall and forced against her shoulder blades. Keep your back straight. Feet shoulder width apart place. But keep in mind that they should be on a small distance from the wall. Thus, the pelvis will be lowered to the floor at a distance of about 50 cm.

  1. Do body tilts to the right leg, trying to touch the left hand, right foot. Then return to the starting position and do the same thing on the other side. Through this exercise stretched popliteal ligament stronger hamstring and diagonal abdominal muscles.
  2. The slopes of the entire body to the feet. You can make simple movements at the expense of time and then return to starting position. If you want to complicate the exercise, do springy movement. In addition to strengthening the muscles of hips this exercise contributes to the training of the vestibular apparatus.
  3. Raise the outstretched arms up, arching the spine as much as possible. Come into contact with the walls only the shoulders and hips. Such a movement develops flexibility and trains the shoulder joints.
  4. Cuddling the body against the wall, slowly lower it down, as if sitting down on an imaginary chair. Hold this position for a few seconds, then take the starting position. This is a very effective exercise for the muscles of the legs and abdomen. It can also diversify and complicate. From a seated position on an imaginary chair make the slopes or lifts the body down on his toes.
  5. Perform the exercise in the same way as the previous one. However, put the ball at the back of a small size, and perform squats on one leg. Such movements more difficult, but much more effective. They are suitable for trained women who have for some time been involved in sports.

To perform the following complex stand at arm's length from the wall and turn around to face her.

  1. Palms lean against the wall and perform push-ups, flexing his hands. This exercise not only trains legs and arms, but also the press, thighs, chest and neck. Run must be at least 10 times.
  2. Place one foot on the wall, resting the foot. Do jumping the other leg. This is a good exercise to strengthen the muscles.
  3. Leg put on the wall and make slow squats. Repeat this movement several times, then switch legs.

Near the wall, and convenient to carry out exercises for stretching. Lie on the floor, legs straight, lift up and lean them against the wall. Then slowly spreads his legs apart as far as possible. Gradually will increase tension. Stay at the maximum a few seconds, then take the starting position.

 wall useful exercise for the legs

Exercise wall leg. Rules for execution

Before you proceed directly to the exercises, warm-up is needed. Muscles need to prepare for the upcoming stress. Due to the warm-up increases their elasticity, the body supplied with oxygen, improves blood circulation.

Better to start with simple exercises, gradually increasing the load. If you feel pain in the spine, do not do complex exercises, especially those that are performed in a standing position. However, after the disappearance of pain, try to train the flexibility of picking up the necessary exercise.

The number of repetitions define themselves. Every body is different. We must learn to feel the strain. Try to engage in easy fatigue, and gradually you will be able to withstand an increasing number of repetitions and increase the pace and range of motion. Try not to do too much respite. The body must feel the burden. Between the blocks of exercises you can shake a little, drink a few sips of water, and then get to work. And, of course, remember that for good results, it is important to have regular exercise.

Through the exercises for the legs against the wall, you will gain not only a beautiful slender legs. You will have an attractive trim figure and perfect posture. And all this with absolutely no material costs. You only need to allocate a little time to overcome laziness and exercise wall for legs help you maintain harmony and beauty!

 Exercise "wall" Foot: an effective tool for a beautiful figure