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  • The structure of the abdominal muscles
  • A set of exercises for abdominal muscles
  • Sports equipment for strengthening the abdominal muscles
  • Terms of exercise for the abdominals

There is hardly a woman who does not dream to be slim. Slim waist, buttocks tightened and a flat stomach - that is the ideal of modern representatives of the fair sex. Unfortunately, with age, the muscles become flabby, and the body starts to lose its appeal. Problem area in any woman - is the area of ​​the abdominals.

Because of the hormonal system in the area of ​​the abdomen with age accumulate excess body fat. In addition, almost every woman goes through during pregnancy and childbirth. But it also can not help but have a negative effect on the state of the muscles.

Men are often less concerned about the rounded tummy. After all, they have in this area with age accumulate extra weight. This occurs in many ways, not only because of poor eating habits or sedentary lifestyle. The muscles in the abdominal area for a normal person is absolutely not trained. If, for example, our hands and feet during the day are more or less moving, therefore, the muscles in these areas receive at least a minimum load to the abdomen requires special abdominal exercises.

Tighten your abdominal muscles - is not only aesthetically beautiful. It is also an excellent prevention of the omission of internal organs. Trained abdominal muscles to help support them in their normal state. Therefore, activities for strengthening the abdominals need for both women and men.

Any of us the strength to keep beauty for years to come. But for this you need to take care of their body. To maintain a slim and toned figure recommended regular exercise. And especially for the abdominals.

 The best exercises for the abdominals

The structure of the abdominal muscles

First of all, you must know that the abs consists of several muscle groups.

  1. Rectus - a long flat muscle, which is divided vertically into two tendons. Across its cross connective fibers, thereby forming six zones, which when converted into regular training, as they are called in the people, "cubes". Rectus abdominis helps to keep the back straight and is responsible for good posture.
  2. The transverse abdominal muscles located directly under the rectus muscle. It serves to maintain a normal internal organs.
  3. External obliques run diagonally from the lower abdomen to the chest. They are quite large and so well marked. Obliques are involved in the processes of bending and turning the body.
  4. The internal obliques are located deep beneath the outer. They are almost invisible, but also play a role in the formation of a beautiful relief of the abdominal muscles.

A set of exercises for abdominal muscles

We offer you the best exercises for the abdominals.

Exercises for the upper press

The easiest way to strengthen the muscles of the upper press. For this purpose, all kinds of so-called twists. Lie down on the floor, bending your knees. Feet firmly on the floor. Hands bend the elbow and slide the head, closed their hands to the castle. Loins Press firmly to the floor. Now start slowly twisting, trying to get his chin to the knee. Be sure to follow the waist! If it is not pressed to the floor, you get a load is not at the press, and on the spine. And this is something we do not.

Even more effective is a "double twist" - at a time when rising legs and torso. This exercise works the complex and has beneficial effects not only on the bottom, but the top news.

Twisting - it is a simple exercise, accessible even for beginners. However, it is not enough to perform 10 - 20 times. We'll have to work hard and do 2 - 3 sets of 25 times. The pace of exercise is chosen individually. But the main thing - to do it correctly. Beginners can make slow rolling. The effectiveness of this are not reduced.

Exercises for the lower press

To lower press fit exercises, based on the rise of direct or legs bent at the knees. For example, well-established in the fight against fat in the lower abdomen "reverse curl". Lie down on the floor, bend your legs at the knees. Hands free to put your sides or place hands under the buttocks. The choice is yours. On the exhale slowly lift bent legs up, straining with the abdominal muscles. Keep the lower back has been as much as possible more tightly pressed to the floor. Taz thus should get up as high as possible. As slowly return to starting position. For best performance and do the exercise at least 12-15 repetitions in 3 sets.

To reinforce the lower abdominals are also climbs straight legs from a prone position. This is a fairly simple exercise. Lift the legs so that they form a right angle with the body. At first, 10 times the left and right leg, then 10 times with both feet at once. As in the previous exercise, do not forget the lower back! It should be tightly pressed against the floor. The pelvis is slightly raised.

Exercises for the obliques

Thanks to a well-trained oblique abdominal muscles, you will have a beautiful slender waist. To keep them in good shape Exercise is recommended as a "diagonal curl." Starting position - lying on the floor with knees bent legs. Hands behind your head somknite the castle, push your lower back to the floor. Start ups, trying to reach the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa. Do 20 times for three sets. Already after the first time you get a pleasant tension in the abdominal muscles.

 abdominal exercises

Sports equipment for strengthening the abdominal muscles

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, you can spend in the gym under the guidance of an experienced coach who will develop for you a special program of training, as well as at home. You can simply perform the above exercise. However, to achieve the desired effect will not be amiss to purchase special equipment for training, contributing to the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

  1. The simulator Ab Rocket. This is a special simulator to train the abdominal muscles. Exercise that runs on it, in fact resembles the same twisting, which can be carried out independently, without special equipment. However, thanks to the trainers, work exactly the abdominal muscles. The back and neck at the same time do not get the extra load.
  2. Fitball. This is a very popular and widespread sports equipment for training. Using this simple tool, you can perform all sorts of exercises for all groups of abdominal muscles.
  3. Hulahup, or, as it is called, the hoop. They successfully used even by our grandmothers. Currently hulahup - it is not just a metal hoop. To increase efficiency, this sports equipment is equipped with a special massage balls. Hulahup well coached obliques and makes a thin waist. Prerequisite for employment with the simulator - to keep the abdominal muscles tense and as high as possible to raise their hands. Engage in 30 minutes every day. In a month you will not know their reflection in the mirror.
  4. Disk health. It can be used as an alternative to hulahupu. However, the health of the disk is more versatile and convenient as for employment with them does not require much space. Due to drive health you can strengthen your abdominal muscles, and find a thin waist.

Terms of exercise for the abdominals

  1. Combine abdominal exercises with aerobic exercise and proper nutrition. Otherwise, no one will notice your muscles are trained under a thick layer of fat.
  2. In no case do not use weights in the form of a dumbbell. The extra weight creates bulky muscles that inevitably will be retained in the press.
  3. Spend the morning workout on an empty stomach. After the class, it is desirable not to eat anything for half an hour. If you can not afford to play sports in the morning, train in the evening. However, no sooner than 2 hours after a meal.
  4. Remember that to strengthen the abdominal muscles is important to regularly. It is best to do the exercises every day at the same time. Combine exercises for different muscle groups. Perform the exercises at a rapid pace, preferably without stopping. For beginners is a prerequisite - not speed, and proper exercises.
  5. Watch for breathing. When muscle tension exhale during relaxation - inhale.
  6. Do not go overboard with exercises in the obliques. Excessive exercise aimed at this region, make the waist wider by increasing the volume of the oblique muscles.
  7. During exercise press try to keep in constant tension. This will increase the effectiveness of exercise. At the same time, back and neck should be relaxed.
  8. If you are a beginner or have decided to resume training after a rather long break, start to do the exercises with a small number of approaches and at a slow pace. Gradually increase the load.
  9. If serious physical activity is recommended to wear a support belt.
  10. Begin strengthening exercises for the muscles of the abdomen can be no earlier than one month after the natural delivery and only two months after cesarean section. Pressures on the abdomen at an earlier timing can lead to serious complications.
  11. Before you proceed directly to weight training, be sure to warm up. You can just move at a fast pace, run or dance. This will help prepare the body for major loads.
  12. If on the next day after training the muscles ache a little, do not be alarmed. This is absolutely normal. You can continue to do the exercises in the same volume. In that case, if the pain is too strong, it is better to take a break between workouts, so as not to harm the body.
  13. Women suffering from gynecological diseases, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before you start training the abdominal muscles, especially the lower abdomen. It is recommended to avoid heavy loads and menstrual period.

Simple and affordable recommendations outlined above will help you stay in shape and have a nice flat stomach and smooth posture. It does not matter, you'll do in the gym under the guidance of coach, at home, using sports equipment, or just doing simple exercises. In any case, over time you will achieve good results.

Just remember that you need to train regularly. Engage in at least 10 minutes a day - and you forget about the problem of flabby stomach and will always look slim and toned the envy of all others.

 Exercise for abdominals: rules and guidelines