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  • Types of aphrodisiacs
  • Exciting cuisine and a playful mood

Sexual arousal in women depends on many factors: the attractiveness of a partner state of the women, foreplay, caresses. Stress, troubles at work and home, scandals, financial difficulties - all of which can lead to a decrease in libido. And then come to the aid aphrodisiacs - substances that influence sexual desire beautiful women. Today, if you do not want your partner, do not immediately run to the pharmacy. Find everything you need can be in food.

Types of aphrodisiacs

Today, there are three categories of aphrodisiacs. First - stimulating phytochemicals. This - spices, herbs, vegetables, berries and fruits. Because they also make special pills for women. But that does not mean you have to give up meat and become a vegetarian. Indeed, in animal foods also contain elements that cause craving. Both men and women need to take the energy from somewhere. In addition, when the stomach is empty of anything except for steaks and chops do not want to think. The main thing - do not overdo it with the serving.

The latter category - this mineral aphrodisiacs for women. In some countries, selling powders of gold, diamonds, diamonds, etc. Seriously for such substances shall be not worth it. Natural production of precious and semiprecious metals in the free market are not produced.


  • Alcohol

Alcohol in small amounts in women usually causes libido. But unfortunately, not all of the fair sex are aware of their norm. Plus, the constant use of alcohol can lead to more serious consequences. And as has long been known, female alcoholism is not curable.

If you want to arrange a night unforgettable his favorite, beating one hundred grams of absinthe. This green drink made from wormwood else. By the way, we invented it in ancient Greece. It was believed that no one could sleep, if you drink this divine liquid.

However, be careful and do not drink alcohol it is more than once a month. The fact that the drink can work in the opposite direction. That is, lead to frigidity, impotence, etc. Because of their hazardous properties, it was banned in most developed countries.

No worse than coping with the task of champagne and wine. The main rule - do not drink on an empty stomach. Pre good bite and feed the young man. Of course, meat and vegetable casserole. Yogurts, light salads and tapas until later.

  • Pills

Use a pill designed for women should only be prescribed by a doctor. Misuse of this product can lead to the fact that she can no longer be excited without additional stimulation. By the way, not all of them are useful. In some cases, because these drugs have problems with the nervous system or a malfunction of the body.

  • Champagne fly

When I first discovered this aphrodisiac, people stood in line to buy a wonderful pathogen. It was only after some time it became clear that it is extremely dangerous to your health. In high doses, it causes severe poisoning or death. Even if occasionally indulge in beauty spot, you can earn a problem with the genitourinary system. That is why in most countries, the aphrodisiac is prohibited. By the way, if you offer it for a little money, it means that there is cayenne pepper.

 stimulating agents for women

Completely safe products: women's secrets

Useful stimulating substances not only cause strong sexual desire in women, but also help to improve your health in general. In using them, you saturate your body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. However, it's worth pre-consult with your doctor to avoid some trouble.

Be careful. For example, some members of the fairer sex, may be allergic to certain foods. If the tests show that everything is in order, you can safely experiment and magic in the kitchen (in bed). Previously not forget to make sure your significant other also carries such food.

  • Ambergris

As if this sounds unpleasant, it is a substance produced by the impact of squid on the intestines of sperm whales. Swallowed irritate the animals, because of which the secretion starts to separate. Extract this wealth either on shore or in the sea. Previously, it was mixed with the jewels, selling at fantastic prices. He drank to increase potency and kings and queens. Nowadays mainly sell synthetic oils, and that only in the USA.

  • Basil

Cook meat, rice or vegetable stew? Add a sprig of basil in a dish! The difference this evening you definitely notice. Naturally there will need to use fresh herbs. Dried leaves will not produce any effect. Is that the taste of food has changed a bit.

  • Legumes

Soybeans, lentils, peas, soybeans, beans - all this is a powerful stimulant substance. By the way, it is recommended to combine them with hot sauce. However, with the number of meals to be careful. Otherwise, after a couple of hours you and your man expects bloating.

  • Fish, shellfish

Marine life, including caviar, shrimp and oysters, is able to initiate a brutal sexual appetite. Zinc, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids can help to bring the body to tone after a hard day. As a result, even the most impregnable men and women will be very cold playful mood.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng tincture excites the nervous system, revitalizes, invigorates both women and men. You can not get up early in the morning to work? Sex for you or your partner - real torture? Propyl course only pre-consult with a specialist.

  • Ginger

Perhaps, this herb can be used in cooking to prepare any goodies. It is added to the tea, jam, honey, dried ginger and seasoned meat dishes. Besides pleasant, pronounced smell and taste, it also increases the potency. Not without reason in the eastern countries is - one of the most important spices.

  • Bow

This plant is popularly considered to be magical. It helps cleanse the blood, strengthens the body and relieves cold and flu. Plus, it is - a strong aphrodisiac and affordable, which can be bought on the market for a penny. The main thing that it was grown in an ecologically clean area and fertilize safe vehicles.

You can cook the onion soup, add it to vegetable salads or eaten raw with soup and bread. For good reason our ancestors were so many descendants - children 5-6. The only disadvantage of this means - you will not be able to kiss with your partner. However, if you are very afraid of bad breath, chew a little clove and drink coffee. Not bad copes with flavors and ordinary mints, chewing gum or toothpaste.

  • Sesame

Of course, if you eat a bun with sesame seeds, it is unlikely you will have a brutal desire to have sex. Add the seeds in honey, halva, or porridge. Gradually, your body will be satisfied with vitamin E, which is found in the seeds, and you will become more sensitive.

  • Cinnamon

Modern mistresses are often added to the spice muffins baked goods, meats, etc. But sometimes they do not even know how powerful afrodeziakom is normal bark of this magical tree. That is why the girl drinking coffee with cinnamon, is more passionate in bed.

  • Nutmeg

For us, nutmeg - a common spice that is added to the gourmets quite expensive dishes. But in eastern countries it is used as the originator. Some even managed to use its components to create drugs. Of course, to make such products, absolutely not worth it. But one nut in the day nothing bad will happen exactly. In small doses, it is safe for women.

 titillate substance

Exciting cuisine and a playful mood

Products of animal and plant origin are not divided into male and female. Certain substances contained in them, stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs, stimulate the nervous system and cause the body to tone. However, in this case, it plays an important role and your attitude, the attitude of the partner and the desire for intimacy.

Agree, if Coverings such as blankets table, light a candle, and met a young man in erotic lingerie, it will lead you both. And how much would you not prepare special dishes, wearing an apron and curlers, you are unlikely to make lounging on the couch of her husband having sex.

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 the basics of good nutrition


  • Nutrition and Health
  • Food culture
  • Mealtime
  • You are what you eat
  • Interesting facts
  • Losing weight through proper nutrition

Basics of good nutrition were familiar to people since ancient times. Unfortunately, the pace of modern life dictates its own terms and the man had forgotten the simple truth. And a very good reason, because of human nutrition depends his health. Today we want to remind you about the basic principles of good nutrition that can help you avoid many problems.

Note that all of the following recommendations are designed for healthy adult humans. Children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, people suffering from various chronic diseases - they should consult a dietitian who will help you choose the best food, which will benefit the body.

Nutrition and Health

Not only eat the sludge that product - the body has to digest it. You know that the digestion of food requires a huge amount of energy the body? Therefore, you can eat only when the body is ready to spend that same energy. Learn about this simply because the signal is unmistakable - a feeling of hunger. Otherwise, there is not worth it, because the food will obviously not good - she just overload the body.

And the feeling of hunger should be real and not contrived. Would you like lobster? Hmm .. Think, and whether you want a piece of normal bread? If not, then you're really not hungry. When hunger is strong enough at the thought of a piece of bread or potatoes you start salivating.

Also, do not eat immediately after hard work or physical exertion. Even if you are experiencing a strong sense of hunger, wait at least 30 minutes - otherwise the food will no feeling of fullness and discomfort in the digestive tract. The same applies to the emotional state of a person - if you are overexcited, upset or frightened, the meal should be avoided as long as calm down.

After you eat, too, should not be at once too much body weight - rest at least 10 minutes. Of course, this does not mean that you need to lie down on the sofa - you can, for example, to wash the dishes. Use a double - and the body good, and utensils clean.

It is often possible to observe efforts to feed the person experiencing discomfort. The argument in all cases about the same - the body needs the strength to fight the disease. But in fact this is not so - force-fed man, you are depriving these forces, because the body has to spend to digest the already scarce due to illness energy. So remember once and for all - if the body will need food, he will ask her - patient person will hunger. By following these simple basics of proper nutrition, you will significantly lighten your life.

 correct fundamentals of good nutrition

Food culture

Food culture - this is not an empty phrase. After all, without her about proper nutrition and can not speak, as you know. There are a few simple rules, the knowledge of which is very useful to you in future?

  • The taste and appearance of food

What is the dinner of modern man? In most cases, it is something formless, made from semi-finished products - such as dumplings or meatballs. For the good of the body of the dinner will not be enough, believe me. Well, maybe the fat cells rejoice - because a huge amount of calories you are guaranteed! The very first rule - the food should be tasty, but it means that you need to cook it yourself. Secondly, the important role played by design of course - it must also be enjoyable.

  • Cookware and tableware

Kohl Since we're talking about aesthetics, not to mention the dishes and serving began. Review your plates and cups - dishes with cracks and Shcherbinka in the bin! It does not matter that this cup you gave a girlfriend, and a plate that you brought from a trip. In an extreme case, if you are too expensive, clean them away in the closet. All dishes must be beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The same applies to the table - a stool by the sofa watching TV is no good. Spread a beautiful tablecloth, buy fancy napkins, place a bouquet of flowers in the end. Perhaps it is somewhat troublesome, but very soon you yourself get used.

  • Using cutlery

On the table should be not only male but also serving knife - it is a prerequisite! And not even because the use of cutlery should be able to every person, but also because the knife makes a person to eat slowly. This means that food will chew more thoroughly, which is very, very important! Poorly chewed food is practically not absorbed, and only harms the body.

Never eat on the go as you would not be in a hurry - to find the time for a normal meal is always possible. If you have a bad habit of reading while eating or watching TV, it is necessary to refuse from. If your attention is diverted from food is very high risk of overeating, because you will not notice the body's signal that he ate. By the way, a rule stating that because of the need to get up the table a little hungry, has not been canceled - a feeling of fullness comes after about 15 minutes.

  • Do not cook in store

Do you think what the majority of women during the weekend? That's right, prepare a reserve almost the whole week. However, it is necessary to try to avoid - cook food at a time. After all, in hot dish there is absolutely nothing useful, but all the same ill-fated calories.

  • Watch the temperature of food

It is a negative state of the oral cavity and the gastric mucosa influences too hot or cold food. The optimum temperature of food should be not lower than the room, but also to burn the lips in any case should not be. Incidentally, alternate hot and cold foods, such as coffee with ice cream, too, is not recommended.


We must not forget that very important meals. After all, the biological rhythms of the body still has not been canceled. Of course, we will tell you about the ideal schedule meals, but as the mode of the day everyone is different, you have to make a small correction to the wind, so to speak.

  • Breakfast

The well-known adage urges to eat breakfast. However, recent research nutritionists have shown that in practice the situation is different. Too busy eating sooner than two hours after awakening, it is a kind of stress to the body. And it proves a huge number of people who say that in the morning has come through force, reluctantly.

Of course, if you go in the morning to work, you need to eat yet. But let your breakfast will be easy - bacon and eggs will not be the best option. And on the job, take something to eat, so as not to suffer from hunger until dinner. True, the snack should be light enough so as not to overload the body.

  • Lunch

But for lunch you can make a real feast of the abdomen - of course, within reason. It was at dinner you can afford a square meal - meat dishes, nutritionists recommend eating at this time. The best time frame for dinner - it's from 13.00 to 14.00 hours. If you dine at work, make sure that the dinner was complete.

  • Dinner

Almost all people are confident that the last meal to be later e 18.00. But in fact, this stereotype is very wrong - it has lost its relevance when the vast majority of people stopped going to bed at 21.00. Actually dinner should be no later than three hours before bedtime. So it all depends on your schedule. Go to bed at midnight? So you can feel free to have dinner at 21.00. And before going to bed you can drink a cup of yogurt or juice - just do not forget to brush your teeth.

 useful basis of proper nutrition

You are what you eat

The diet of modern man is appalling - about proper nutrition and can not speak. So if you really want to start eating right, you will have to drastically revise its menu. Because it is necessary to exclude:

  • Any canned food, whether fish, meat or vegetables.
  • Artificial preservatives and colorants.
  • Any semi-finished products.
  • All sauces, excluding sour cream and mustard.
  • Sausages, including frankfurters. It does not matter, they milk or smoked.
  • Carbonated drinks and packaged juices.

Also, nutritionists recommend to reduce the amount of food consumed the following:

  • Flour products, especially the muffins.
  • Salty foods, especially if you have a tendency to edema.
  • Any sweets, especially chocolate.
  • Potatoes.

Do not rush loudly indignant - starvation you exactly safe. There are many healthy foods that you can eat without harm to their health:

  • Any vegetables - both raw and heat-treated.
  • Fruit. But remember that in sweet varieties contain a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Without exception, all cereals except the manna.
  • Dairy products, especially cottage cheese and yogurt.
  • Low-fat varieties of fish and cape.
  • Seafood. But remember - in some cases they can trigger allergic reactions.

Try to keep your diet was quite varied - for example, on Monday - fish day, Tuesday - meat, Wednesday - milk, Thursday - buckwheat. So you will not get tired of the monotony of the menu.

We would like to talk about the process of cooking. As a rule, our most favorite dishes - fried. And it is necessary to refuse from fried completely - they cause the greatest harm to the body. Ideally, food should be decoction or steamed. In an extreme case, if you really want, you can bake the dish in the oven, limiting the minimum amount of fat. And even better - use foil or a special sleeve for baking.

Of course, to rebuild and give up bad habits in one day you are unlikely. And it is not worth it - for your psyche it becomes an ordeal. It is better to slowly but steadily - for example, can make it a rule every week to abandon a harmful product, replacing it helpful. This shift to a more proper nutrition, as it reduces the likelihood of returning to the previous menu.

Interesting facts

We offer to your attention some interesting facts related to proper nutrition. It was not many people know, but all of these facts are confirmed by years of research dietician.

  • Broth

Who does not know about the benefits of soup? Probably. even a crumb in the younger group of kindergarten aware of the fact that soup need to eat to the stomach does not hurt. In fact, the soup is not only useful, but also bad for your stomach. Especially if it is followed by the second course. Broth entering the stomach, mixed with gastric juice, thereby reducing the concentration of hydrochloric acid. As a result, food is digested thoroughly enough, and here too is not far to gastritis.

  • Drinking regime

It is not recommended to wash down the food - it is normal for chewing and subsequent digestion is enough saliva and gastric juice. The only exception may be very dry food - it is permissible to wash down with a small amount of plain water at room temperature. In all other cases, one hour before meals, and within an hour after a meal to drink is not recommended.

Speaking of water - an adult should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. And no tea or coffee, and it is plain water. And the first is to drink a glass of water in the morning, 15 minutes after awakening. The only exception to this rule - people suffering from diseases of the urinary system. They are about their drinking regimen is to talk with your doctor.

  • Fruits and vegetables

If you want to fruits and vegetables bring your body to the maximum benefit, try to choose those that are grown in the region you live. Of course, in the middle lane is very difficult to do - too long winters. But even in the summer, give preference to local apple, but do not buy their imported counterparts.

 good fundamentals of good nutrition

Losing weight through proper nutrition

Most often interested in proper nutrition of the fair sex, leading an active fight against excess weight. We know about it, so for them amounted to approximately menu for the day. Of course, every day to eat so you quickly get tired, but a rough idea of ​​what should be your diet, you will receive.

  • Breakfast

Your breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates, what are all, without exception, types of cereals, beans and flour products. Given the fact that you are aiming to lose weight, it is best to give preference to rye bread. Do not become superfluous and any fruit except bananas and grapes. For example, you eat a bowl of oatmeal with a piece of bread and an apple. The porridge is quite possible to put a spoonful of honey or jam.

  • Lunch

In that case, if your task - the fight against excess weight, you should have at least five meals, so without a second breakfast will not do. Lunch may be just fruit. For example, prepare a fruit salad and season it with a teaspoon of low-fat natural yoghurt.

  • Lunch

At lunchtime, complex carbohydrates will also be the way, but in smaller numbers than in the morning - about 100 grams. In addition, not enough to dinner without animal protein - fish meat. Of course, only low-fat varieties. For example, you can cook a chicken stew with rice porridge.

  • Afternoon snack

At lunch, you can eat unsweetened yogurt or any vegetables - tomato, cucumber. Fruits in the afternoon there are not recommended because of the content of glucose.

  • Dinner

Sacred right slimming person - only protein foods for dinner. Protein - a fish, the meat, dairy products it. In addition, you can eat a small amount of heat-treated vegetables. For example, cook

For dinner, you need to eat as much protein-containing foods. It is, as already mentioned, meat, fish and dairy products. Also at the dinner he is not allowed plenty of vegetables. The perfect dinner might be a fish, steamed vegetable salad seasoned with yogurt.

Very important is the portion size - it should be no larger than your fist. The first time, perhaps, this amount will not be sufficient for the onset of satiety, but only the first few days. Then the stomach is reduced, and you cease to feel hunger. Of course, with such a diet you will lose weight is not as fast as we would like - strict diet more effective. But the effect of this very insidious - as soon as you return to a normal diet, the weight will come back in full. A lifetime to sit on a strict diet is simply impossible - it is fraught with psychological distress and health problems.

But if you learn the basics of good nutrition, good figure and excellent health will be your faithful companions for life. A tempting prospect, is not it? Your life is only in your hands!

 Basics of good nutrition - the key to health and beauty

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