Hair discoloration

Practice shows that not only blondes like gentlemen. By the golden-haired beauties are with great confidence, and women themselves. No wonder the definition of "angelic looks" most likely to be just people with blond hair. So let's talk about how to become a blonde. How is it that is the procedure of clarification? Is it possible to carry out the discoloration of hair at home?

History blondirovanija

That any paint damages the hair - knows every modern woman .  The most intelligent woman, as well as pregnant women, preferred to dye your hair with henna .  And if dyes are painted folk today, the chemical dyes have long been claims .  The fact that the dye blondirovanija always been the most ruthless to the female head of hair .  It is now the chemical industry pampered the fair sex-quality coloring agents with mild action, and in the Soviet Union blonde painted gidroperita, "supra" and hydrogen peroxide .  Each woman will remember the acrid mixture if not in connection with its own reincarnation, during the painting of hair friends, relatives or acquaintances .  What do we remember? Just to encourage you to forget about this aggressive way .  Today, any beauty salon can transform any woman into a radiant blonde in a few hours and without prejudice to the global head of hair .

Memo to future blondes

If you have firmly decided to become a blonde, we recommend to take into account several factors:

  1. Blondirovanie spoils hair, so if you have dry, sparse and damaged hair, we advise at the time of the procedure to refrain from or instead of chemical dye use henna. After staining folk remedies has always been more favorable to young beauties seeking for perfection. And the stronger the hair under the influence of henna.
  2. If you have to discoloration of the dyed hair, we advise to be as cautious. The more time has passed after dyeing, the better.
  3. If your natural hair color is far from the desired light color, it is advisable first to undergo the procedure of dyeing. So you lighten your hair a few shades, and be able to save part of the strands from staining.
  4. Before discolor hair, it is necessary to conduct a little test for allergies. The fact that any color, including for blondirovanija is the product of the chemical industry, however, some people have allergies to one or another component in the dye and on the body are formed after staining foci irritation.
  5. The procedure of becoming a blonde is carried out on the dirty hair. The same applies to lighten hair on the hands, face and legs.
  6. If you want to carry out painting the house, be sure that your hair should be a maximum of two shades darker than desired. Searing brunette turned into a platinum blonde could only professional hairdresser. And that not a single session.
  7. Do not forget that after coloring your hair requires extra care. Treat them balms and masks. In addition, give at least a week of using the dryer, foams and other hair styling tools.

 Hair bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

Hair coloring in pregnant

We do not knowingly carried the theme bleaching the hair during pregnancy alone. The fact is that neither hydrogen peroxide or "supra" beauties wearing a child's heart, you can not be painted. Even though some argue that hydrogen peroxide is absolutely harmless, it is not. You want to give birth to a healthy baby? Then listen to the opinion of doctors. Hair bleaching during pregnancy impossible. You can use henna to color, but not the "supra". The fact that the composition of henna - natural dyes. No more chemistry! No hydrogen peroxide. Solid and safe use of staining.

The only caveat is that during pregnancy (due to hormones) and with the help of henna, you will not get that platinum shade that you provide chemical paint .  But after the henna dye your hair will become an unforgettable red shade that will effectively play in the sun .  Who knows, maybe for the first 9 months and you do not want to go back to coloring with hydrogen peroxide? And if you do not want to remind Oleg Popov, just limit the time of exposure henna .  The secret is simple: the less color was on the hair, the lighter shade will .  Dreaming of a faint ryzhinke? Then stained curls less than 15 minutes .  Incidentally, after the henna dyed hair discoloration fail .  And it's not in the pregnancy, and that the natural dye effect on the chemical and paint can not provide the shade that was planned .  Therefore, if you are tired of henna, and want to come back afterwards to platinum shades, soak for a while .

  Other types of discoloration

From questions of pregnancy gradually move to such a question, as the lightening of hair on the body. Those who are not familiar with this procedure - the happiest people because they do not faced with the problem of excessive vegetation on the arms, legs and even on the face. Yes, the person also sometimes presents unpleasant surprises in the form of a small cannon on the lip. Many of these hairs are light and thin, and some brown-haired women and brunettes - dark, dense, resembling men mustache. It is in this case applied lightening of hair on the upper lip. Excess facial hair is not removed, and made less noticeable. Plus paint traditionally makes hair thinner. And if the head of thinning hair is not desirable, the situation with the so-called mustache and vegetation on their feet blondirovanija aggressive action, even encouraged.

There is another problem faced by so-called "whiskered women". This diffidence. Often, they are not willing to admit his lack of even a family, not to mention the beautician. What to do? How to carry out the procedure at home? In fact - very simple. Sufficiently cleaned daily problem place on the face of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 5 minutes, and the hair gradually become imperceptible. Also held discoloration of hair on arms and legs. Do not want to chemistry? Will folk remedies. Our grandmothers wiped the hair on the hands of a lemon. Its components lighten the hair. And the hair is not dyed, they peroxide and henna or basma. Therefore, the locks have been thicker. By the way, this procedure is most preferably during pregnancy. Lightens the hair on the legs with lemon and henna paint the head, and you will be beautiful and healthy, with a beautiful and healthy body.

Finally I want to advise women not to go to extremes. Not herbs body hair with hydrogen peroxide, when you can get a lemon. Or at all without it. After dark hair - this is quite natural. Love yourself for who you are.

 Everything about the discoloration of hair: blond to be fashionable

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 The most effective way to quickly grow hair

That long hair always been in vogue. Attractive long hair can be called that are healthy. Unfortunately, many women to achieve the desired length of hair takes a long time. In order to speed up the process, you can use some tricks. When asked how quickly grow hair, you can find the answer by using the following techniques:

  • Using folk remedies .  Thus, an effective help can be a mask for hair from falling out, which are based on natural products and herbs .  Good effect on hair during use of oils haircare .  Among them are the burdock and castor .  A special composition of these substances affect the hair so that they grow much faster due to the additional supply of useful substances contained in these oils .  The essence of the application is to apply a mask containing oil preheated immediately before washing the head .  In the process of washing, it is important to rinse your head very carefully to remove all remnants of the mask .  Good hair growth affects the use of a special composition, which is made with herbs .  To do this, take a hop in the amount of one tablespoon of calendula flowers and 1 teaspoon .  Herbs pour boiling water in a volume of 1 liter .  The solution is to infuse and cool .
  • Vitamins. Help hair grow faster, you can with a special vitamin complex, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Well suited for this vitamin, which belong to the group B. also help rapidly regrow hair help vitamins such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and copper. It is important to use them regularly. It is necessary to carefully examine your diet. It should include plenty of vegetables, fruits and dairy products. It is important that all the dishes were varied and included products exclusively of natural origin.
  • Proper hair care. Remember that hair grew rapidly, it is necessary to do a regular massage of the head. During this procedure, there is stimulation of the hair roots. To enhance the effect of massage during the procedure, you can use special cosmetic substances, further stimulating growth. It is important to understand that regular trimming tips will enable faster to get the desired result. This procedure is carried out approximately once every two months. Also, this will help avoid posechennyh the ends, which are kind of ugly.
  • Using suitable cosmetics for care. Now on sale is offered a huge amount of cosmetics for hair care. Such an extensive range makes it possible to choose the most appropriate tool for a specific type of hair.

Causes of hair loss

Often it is the hair loss can be called a major problem faced by women who want to grow hair. To remedy this defect, it is necessary to deal with its causes. Causes of hair loss in women can be seen in the following factors:

  • Stay in constant stress. Modern life is full of negative emotions, the negative impact on health which may affect, above all, the health of hair. As a result, a woman faced with a situation where she has been a strong hair loss.
  • Abuse diets. In order for hair to be healthy in body should do the required number of substances. As a result, long-term diet woman gets so important matter. The result is disappointing: instead of the planned beauty of the diet she gets hair loss.
  • The change in hormone levels. Most women who enter menopause, hair loss can be observed. This is due to the changes experienced by the body at this time.
 The most effective way to quickly grow hair

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