European Shorthair

European shorthaired cat has a rather long and complicated story. Its origin is surrounded by many mysteries and contradictions. The first mention of this breed is tracked from the time when the Egyptian cat began to spread across Europe. And like most modern breeds, European "Purring" is a direct descendant of African steppe cats.

History of breed

The first European standard for cats created to stay at home, has been identified in about 140 BC. This entry exists in the laws of one of the Welsh kings. And the appearance of the animal as a breed originated in England, where at the end of the XVIII century, these cats began appearing on the show. A little later they begin to breed in France and Germany.

As time passed the European shorthair breed was divided into two separate branches, as breeders of different countries were not happy with the look of the animal, and each tried to make something of themselves. For example, the British tried to bring the cat heavy type and loose structure. So there was a much-loved British breed of cat owner with a soft and plush fur. But the French and Germans on the contrary sought a more muscular and strong physique, smooth and shiny coat. They then gave the world such European Shorthair breed we know today.

The popularity of the breed has grown quickly, but just as quickly disappeared. The reason for this is the fact that Europeans well, very similar to the regular domestic cat. So why spend money on something you can get for free - that was the argument of potential buyers. In this regard, too, breeders have ceased to pay attention to the European breed, and moved on to other, more popular species. Only in Finland is still to this breed are in love. It is the country ranks third in popularity.

What is it, this European cat?

Despite the fact that fame and popularity Europeans shorthair completely dried up, the real connoisseurs of the breed argue that the similarity with the usual "Murka" is not as strong as it might seem a layperson. Differences over abound, ranging from the physiological structure and ending with the character and tastes. And only a united their color and length of hair.

This European Shorthair has a standard figure:

  • The body of a large or medium-sized buildings
  • Strong muscles
  • Well developed chest
  • The medium-sized limbs and round legs
  • Not very long tail, which is expanding in the middle and tapers to the tip
  • Slightly rounded head - it is the length of a little more than the width of the
  • Direct and well-defined nose, wide along the entire length
  • Small, widely spaced ears with rounded tips
  • Round eyes, planted a little askew. The color is different and depends on the color

It is for these data experts define the breed. And find out among many similar cats it is, we can only thoroughly studied all the required standards.

A variety of color variations Europeans gives scope for choice. Tri-color, black, striped, in specks, two-tone. Not only is chocolate and lilac shades. The most rare and beautiful cats are considered to be the golden hue of wool, very few of them in our country.

The structure of the hair deserves special attention. Europeans purchasing, make sure that the wool she shines and shimmers, and wants her to stroke. Wool matter how shiny, tight to the body and very pleasant to the touch. Experts say - European cat can tell just by looking at her little face. Because of its origin, nobility and charm of this breed does not hold.

 European shorthair cat character

Character and preferences

If you are in the house appeared European Shorthair, my character, it will not show a paste. Among strangers pet is lost, it does not know how to behave and trying to find a place poukromnee. Here plays the role of natural modesty. As part of its shelter cat can choose anything you want: a pillow, a typical package plaid. It is noteworthy that in the troubled state of her blush ears, tip of the nose and paw pads are wet.

When your pitomitsy to learn and get acquainted with all members of the family, all modesty as a hand shoots. She will play with all that turned up on the way, jump on the curtains, grabs you by the leg. Such playful character accompanies Europeans lifetime. Many owners of the breed argue that the European shorthair cat can talk. And if you become a present for her mistress and friend, you're sure to understand what she wants to say.

The saying - "cat walks by itself" does not apply to Europeans. Only in the absence of the owner, she can afford it. And when there is a man who loves her and cares for her, she will never leave him alone. Even if it is something scared. Very good with children, thanks to the tact never claws. If dissatisfied with something, it can only hiss, but the bite or scratch is unlikely to be.

 European shorthair breed

How to care

Care Europeans minimized. The frequent combing it does not need for this procedure, it is best to use a metal brush, since plastic is electrified and brings discomfort to the animal. If your pitomitsy not participate in exhibitions - you can not bathe. Kitty herself cope with this easy. If involved - occasionally wash it. But not before the show, because after wash hair loses its "oil" appearance, which is very important for the jury, and only recovered a few days later.

Feed European Shorthair, like any other breed, you need only quality products. The only way you get a healthy animal that will delight you with his presence for many years. Do not forget that to give preference only dry food is not necessary, because it can lead to various diseases. Let the diet of your pet, and there are natural products: meat, fish, liver and vegetables. By the way, due to the fact that professional animal feed shamelessly expensive natural breast will cost several times cheaper.

 European Shorthair - a cat that does not walk alone

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 breed parrots

To have a home bird-talker - the idea is not new, and not even original. But the desire to have a "buddy" is understandable. And it is fashionable (and, it is fashionable at all times), and it is interesting and exciting. Here are just a breed of parrots are so diverse that to opt for any particular is difficult. Some of them are more affordable, others are attracted to the exotic appearance, and some unique abilities to disarm simulation. And choose the "its" Mockingbird really easy. But let's try to do it. So, talking parrots: rock and abilities.

The most talented

List of species of parrots speaking rightly headed by Grey Grey. It is certainly not as bright as the others, but with unmatched capabilities. Parrots of this species is able to learn more than a hundred words and even phrases. In addition to a rich vocabulary they still have the ability to imitate the tone of voice, intonation of the speaker, as well as vocal. Yes, do not be surprised: Grey can remember and whistle unpretentious melodies. Talking Grey easily confused (at the hearing, of course) talking to a man!

The content of specific problems Greys does not deliver, but has a complex character. It is a long time getting used to the new situation, does not forgive the offense, he tends to win the leadership, Crickley and restless. He prefers to move around the house on foot, likes to show a bad mood, and harboring a grudge. But if the owner is with this bird a "common language", gentle and patient, the Greys are always reciprocate.

Next in the list are Amazon. Species of this breed for more than twenty, but the most common - sineloby, Cuba, Venezuela. This bright bird screaming green color with white, blue, yellow or red markings. It is believed that they are the most easily trained to all parrots. In addition, the Amazons are able to break the record for the number of learned words, and they pronounce them clearly enough. But intonation and tone of voice ... That they can not do.

In general Amazons tamed easily adapt quickly to behave calmly, without noise or scandal. If a family has children, then of all parrots should choose the Amazon. The only disadvantage - increased requirements for comfort (Amazons worse tolerate drafts). But they are very affectionate to the man.

Cockatoos are smaller breeds earlier. With its luxurious plumage, a cheerful disposition, energy and unpretentiousness, these parrots have become one of the most popular breeds. In addition, they start talking fast, clearly pronounce the word, is able to mimic the style of speech of different people and whistling tunes songs. They are good-natured and gentle with the hosts, unpretentious and responsive to affection.

However, their affectionate sometimes borders on tyranny. For example, a tamed cockatoo will constantly require you to attention, bringing his loud and insistent cries. In the absence of the owner of these parrots become bored and depressed, and without it (free) can be lost at all. So what about a complete rest in peace and quiet will have to forget, is in your house will live an energetic and eccentric (also very fond of flying around the apartment) Cockatoos.

Macaw (Arara) - the most intelligent talker of all parrots. Vocabulary from the representatives of this breed is small (no more than twenty words), but they say they are clean, and most importantly - "in the subject." That is exactly ares most capable of associative "speaking." They are better than other parrots consciously associate the events with specific words from your vocabulary. Part of man this ability might just shock, because it seems that the parrot really understand all that is said and says words and phrases consciously.

Outwardly ares very effects have mottled plumage and bright, very large and strongly curved beak - a real "parrot" appearance. In all of this, these birds behave decently. They are not fussy, never cry for no reason, graceful in his movements and require minimal care. It's really smart birds have virtually no drawbacks. The only obstacle to the acquisition may be the cost. But this is understandable: the better the quality, the more expensive goods.

 talking parrots breed

Just can

  • Lories able to mimic human speech and other sounds, even without special training, but students are considered to be capable of. This is a small and very bright parrots with a friendly character, which is also easily tamed. However, keep them at home is problematic, as this kind of selective eating parrots. Lorikeet - Parrot from the same group, is also unusually bright colors, and also the ability to learn. They can store up to fifty words, but they are not able to say clearly.
  • Eklektus. Large, easy to tame a parrot with bright exotic appearance. Eklektus also capable of learning, but speaks worse than other breeds. The relatively fastidious care, but has a smooth character and is perfect as a pet, beautiful, but not very talkative.
  • Lovebirds, cockatiels and Rosella conclude the list of breeds parrots. A few words and they can learn, but learning is not particularly strong. Therefore, keeping them in the building solely on aesthetic considerations. However, among the representatives of these breeds can meet quite capable, and even talented individuals.


On this version of talking parrots worth mentioning separately. And it must be done for one simple reason. In the absence of sufficient funds for the purchase of a large exotic parrot breeds can draw attention to these kids. Budgie is quite cope with the role of domestic feathered "speaker." Despite the fact that the words are not pronounced very distinctly, these birds-nevelichka able to simply hit his vocabulary.

Trained parrots willingly, "talking" too happy. In addition to the spaces of our motherland is the most common breed of parrots. With their small size, they do not only live in captivity for a long time (about twenty years), but also reproduce well, and do not require any special conditions. They are easily tamed, perfectly adapted to any environment, like to fly and play. And they bring joy to their owners no less than the expensive and rare breeds of parrots.

So find out what breed parrots talk and how pronounced ability to simulate possess, do not rush to spend money on the most expensive items. Note that among the representatives of any breed can meet as gifted items, and mediocrity. So in many ways the success will depend on the choice of the bird, something from you, but in something and by providence.

 Talking Parrot Species and their ability to