Escentric Molecules: Perfumes, change the world

  • Born Revolution
  • Facets of aromatic molecules

Do you know the expression: "The smell of that crazy? ". What do you think, is there really such a flavor that can let them not deprive a person of reason, but to change the perception of reality, change the world, to discover that he had never been known before? Revolutionary brand Escentric Molecules reveals the intrigue. Fundamental changes when and where they do not expect possible. And the very appearance of these spirits eloquently testifies to this.
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Born Revolution

Spirits "molecules" - the product of the present genius, a revolutionary world of flavors German perfumer Geza Schoen (Geza Schoen). Herr Schoen followed the first rule of genius: "All ingenious is simple." And he created a perfume line based on monoaromatah. This action itself is a molecule of perfume is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance: the aroma can be shown, then almost disappear, then "come alive" in the changed intensity and so on.

Spirits "molecule" - is not the perfume in its classic sense of the original fast fading chord, reveals notes of the heart and the train. No, Escentric Molecules - a revolution in a stylish bottle, which is based on an artificially created chemical component Iso E Super, which affects the person as well as pheromones. You probably know that a pheromone. Imagine how your life can change when using Escentric Molecules? These spirits were really born revolution, and the revolution is changing the world forever.

 Escentric Molecules: Perfumes, change the world
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Facets of aromatic molecules

Each new fragrance, created brand Escentric Molecules, like a precious diamond facets form the style and character line spirits. Among the variety of flavors "eccentric" you find the one that will happen your personal inner revolution.

For example, the flavor Escentric 01 tickles the imagination and the olfactory receptors of the original combination of notes of pink pepper, lime peel and synthesized molecule Iso E Super - Star line and a real masterpiece Geza Schoen - softens the flavor, giving it a woody-sandalwood color. The smell is not disclosed consistently, as a classic perfume, here everything is much more interesting: it is in constant motion as if playing hide and seek on the rules known only to him, intrigues and fascinates ...

Escentric 02 - quiet, gentle, balancing the flavor - the perfect choice for a harmonious whole life. At first glance it may seem that Escentric 02 has no smell, but it is only a disguise, a game that you play with perfume. As soon as it connects to the wheel, you will wrap trees and velvety flavor with a slight musky sexuality. But the flavor Escentric 03, thick and dark, has more than shown by the languid sensuality ...

Book your favorite flavor from Escentric Molecules and let your revolution starts now.

 Escentric Molecules: Perfumes, change the world

 proper clarification of hair above the lip


  • As discolored hair: homemade recipes
  • Means for clarification of unwanted hair
  • Full hair removal

As discolored hair above the upper lip? This problem occurs in many women, and some even become an obsession, and it is not surprising.

Each of us wants to look your best, and annoying dark hairs on the face of it is hardly possible.

Let's see what are the ways to address this issue and which one you should choose.

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As discolored hair: homemade recipes

There are ample options to get rid of dark hair above the lip, and every girl can find a suitable one. Let's start with the good old homemade version using hydrogen peroxide.

To lighten your hair with peroxide, quite a few times a day, at least in the morning and evening, wipe her problem areas, and after 2-3 weeks of its impact will be lighter hair. But here is to be careful owners of the skin with high sensitivity, since peroxide quite strongly affects not only the hair, but the skin beneath it, clarifying its top layer. Those who are afraid of too delicate skin, this is a better way to not take note and try the other - to lighten unwanted hair with the help of a lemon.

The gentle way to brighten a home

To perform the procedure gentle clarification of hair on the upper lip, with the help of a lemon, you'll need a small amount of thick natural yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice. This lightening paste is applied every day for 20 minutes, in a few weeks, until the desired result. There are other effective ways of using natural ingredients, but this has been checked more than one generation and is the most efficient, according to the most enviable.

 Home way to lighten hair

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Means for clarification of unwanted hair

In principle, the two above options is enough to eradicate the problem, but there are women who do not trust the national media, or simply do not want to mess with the manufacture of such mixtures. For them, there is another way out - just go to the drugstore and buy a special tool. It is worth the money, it is quite acceptable and acts on a par with the mixture prepared at home, it is very carefully applied to the skin, and the result can be seen in a rather short period of time, which can not but rejoice.

Painting: pros and cons

The hair above the lip are the same as everywhere else - and, consequently, they can also be painted or discolor with paint. That's a pretty bold move, because the paint is detrimental effect on the skin and can severely damage it. But there are those who use this option and fully pleased with him. Although it's worth noting that most of the female audience bypasses paint party and successfully uses other ways of lightening the hair above the lip.

 complete removal of hair

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Full hair removal

Situations with hairs on the upper lip can be of varying complexity: in one case, they can lighten up just a few home treatments, while in the other they are so rough and dark, lighten your hair that will not work at all. If you are faced with the difficult situation, the only option is the complete removal of hair.

There are many different ways to remove them: pull out tweezers epilator or remove cream or wax strips for the face, and it's only domestic ways, and you can also consult a doctor. Just a few treatments of laser hair removal, or relieve you of unwanted hair forever. In any case, you decide, the main thing - competently approach to this issue and choose the method that best suits you.

 Desaturate hair above the lip

 foot care after shaving


  • Is it possible to warn yourself from acne?
  • What are the causes of acne after shaving your legs?
  • A common cause of acne - allergy
  • How to get rid of acne?
  • General rules and recommendations

From time immemorial, every girl wants to have a perfect and attractive appearance. The legs and bikini area is no exception, so the waxing or shaving - mandatory actions for a smooth and shiny skin in this area.

Often, after such procedures the girls pimples, itchy and unsightly feet.

Spots are caused ingrown hairs inside. Hair can not overcome the "barrier" of the skin, causing pimples and appear inflamed.

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Is it possible to warn yourself from acne?

Of course you can. To do this, use these tips:

  • Just before shaving her legs, use a mild scrub. It can be made from any small amount of shower gel with the addition of a tablespoon of baking soda. Scrub will remove dead skin cells, and then the blade will fit snugly to the skin.
  • Before shaving be good to moisturize the feet, then softened the hairs will be much easier to cut.
  • It is not recommended to shave their legs, when the skin is covered with a leg shaving foam or dry altogether. The procedure would be ineffective and very painful.
  • Try to pick up "his" machine. Through trial and error Pick device suitable for your skin type and density of vegetation. Also, the machine should be well clear of the hair after treatment. The blade should also be wiped with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol, then it will not be long become blunt.
  • Use shaving gel designed for sensitive and dry skin, even if your skin is in good order.
  • Avoid shaving, which include camphor, menthol or alcohol. If such a remedy gets on your skin after shaving, the irritation will appear in seconds. Replace the shower gel and soap can be conditioned hair.
  • Shaving legs should be only against the hair growth. In the process of shaving, do not use sponges or loofah, take precautions so as not to cause irritation.
  • After Shave Moisturizing foot cream. In summer you can use a sunscreen to protect the skin from further hyperpigmentation.
  • It is well known that you can get rid of acne by using preparations containing hydrocortisone. You can buy them at the pharmacy, and you can cook at home. To do this, crush a couple of aspirin and a little dilute glycerine. This lotion should handle inflammation on the skin 1-2 times a day.

 allergy after shaving legs

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What are the causes of acne after shaving your legs?

It also happens that you do not use shaving and hair removal, and acne is still there. The reason for this may be a common cold. Especially worth beware of them in the autumn and spring, when exacerbated chronic, including mental health, dental, dermatological diseases. The cold and damp outside undoubtedly weaken the immune system and cause colds.

And the girls, despite the possible hypothermia, continue to dress up easily, "the fashion", forgetting about health.

Soon the girl neglected warm clothes, understand how it was not right. This will happen when the first spots and will be reflected in her appearance. Rashes acne prone to almost any part of the body, be it legs, back, butt or face. Since acne is not enough air, they will constantly itch and itch, especially when touched with clothes. If such spots appear, it means that it is time to urgently strengthen the immune system.

Watery spots on the legs

In winter, after-shave you can even appear watery spots on the legs. If it's winter and you always wear appropriate clothing that can hide your cold from prying eyes, it does not mean that the problem is not so serious. Most spots appear after shaving due to allergies or skin diseases initial stage, and a shaving accelerates.

In this case, you need to be sure to visit a dermatologist. Most likely, you will appoint vitamins, and maybe it altogether in the wrong nutrition. In any case, self-medicate dangerous! Acne - it's not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a sign of the approaching disease. Only a dermatologist will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, to identify the cause and appropriate treatment.

Acne is between your legs after shaving

Acne in the intimate zone deliver more trouble. The skin between the legs are very vulnerable and soft, so the depilation to spend in this place should be with caution. It should also be sensitive approach to the selection of lingerie and stockings, it is advisable to get your things made from natural fibers.

The appearance of acne between the legs often may indicate an increased level of sugar in the blood.

It is a blood test to identify the disease at an early stage. Another acne may occur due to an infectious disease (molluscum contagiosum). "Catch" can be anywhere in public, as well as during the fitting clothes in the store.

 causes of acne on his legs after shaving

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A common cause of acne - allergy

Acne appear anywhere on the body itch, turn red, increasing in size - it is a possible allergic reaction to uncomfortable clothes, and a poor diet.   All this may lead to dermatitis or eczema. In this case, not only appear acne, but also the red cones. Over time, they begin to itch more and more large spots are formed. They provoke severe itching and burning, and the person begins to comb servitude neoplasm. At this point it begins to accumulate brownish pus begins fusion spots, scaly skin appears ichor.

It often happens that the spots appear and disappear very quickly. This does not mean that the pimples are gone forever and no longer appear, possibly allergic to time ceased to act on the body, and with repeated exposure pimples necessarily manifest. In this case, at the first appearance of acne immediately revise your diet and change the usual means for controlling vegetation on their feet. Maybe your machine has worn, or you just care for their feet properly.

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How to get rid of acne?

Every person suffering from acne had the desire to squeeze them immediately. Should not be doing that! The disease in this way you will not win, but the pits and scars on the skin will long remind your 'unrestrained' hands. If you do not have any medicine, a simple solution - burn slowly pimples iodine.

Products that contain salicylic acid, can help in the fight against acne. For example, the "Zener" or "Dalatsin". But with these drugs should be very careful, because they have a strong podsushivayuschee property. Ozone therapy is a popular procedure. This method of acne treatment is prescribed along with the medication. In this case, the skin is saturated with oxygen, which is free to enter the body, making the treatment more effective.

Dries the skin on the feet can be an alcohol solution of tincture of calendula or simply alcohol. You can use dry ice, if you can endure the discomfort. You can double daily wipe the skin with the legs of the same broth calendula and chamomile.

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General rules and recommendations

As soon as the acne on your feet, watch the temperature regime in the house. The air temperature must be no lower than 24 degrees, in which case you have to normal

Use detergents and cleaning products that do not contain chlorine. Do not neglect hypoallergenic powders for laundry, because the skin is not to be in contact with hazardous substances.

Take vitamin A or drugs with his addition. Usually, doctors recommend Retinol. But beware, an overdose can be harmful.

Folk remedies can be trusted because they have been tested more than once. The first appearance of acne can take advantage of them. But if you see that the selected funds do not help, do not delay the campaign to the dermatologist. Perhaps pimples are a harbinger of serious disease, not associated with allergies after depilation. Try to eat properly, because the disorder of the gastrointestinal tract can also be a cause of acne.

Follow these tips, and your feet will never face with acne, but if they encounter and then you meet the disease head-on.

 What if there were pimples after shaving?