erosive gastritis treatment of folk remedies


  • What is gastritis and what are the symptoms?
  • How to treat erosive gastritis?
  • Traditional recipes treatment of erosive gastritis

As it is known, one of the most common diseases - it gastritis. There are many varieties of the disease, among which the most frequent is erosive gastritis. This is not surprising, because there is a very large number of adversities that regularly affect the body of modern man. Among these factors, inadequate and irregular diet, smoking, excessive coffee, smoking, stress.

What is gastritis and what are the symptoms?

In the gastric mucosa are some very important functions. And one of them - a protective function. However, in some cases, if the load is too high on the stomach, gastric mucosa becomes inflamed and does not stand up. Here is this inflammatory process and is known as gastritis. Doctors are two types of gastritis:

  • Gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice

In the case of the gastric juice contains too much hydrochloric acid, a person experiences a very special feeling, including recurring severe heartburn. This type of gastritis often turns both the ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.

  • Gastritis with low acidity of the stomach

This type of gastritis particularly pronounced distinctive signs are not allowed. However, it is no less dangerous, as it is a precursor to cancer of the stomach. Therefore, like gastritis leave unattended in any case impossible. However, like any other.

Erosive gastritis happens both at elevated and at low pH. When erosive gastritis in the gastric mucosa there is a large number of erosions of different sizes. Without treatment, gastritis may be similar to last long enough. But sooner or later it will end ulcer, at best.

The development of erosive gastritis is most often under the influence of alcohol, spicy foods, and smoked, and also because of the drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and various steroids. In addition, chronic erosive gastritis may be a concomitant pyelonephritis diseases and diabetes, and certain liver diseases.

Of course, the disease does not pass without symptoms. Sick man complains:

  • Permanent weight and pain in the stomach.
  • Nausea, heartburn, and sometimes, in the period of exacerbation, even persistent vomiting.
  • In that case the running gastritis, anemia may develop.
  • During acute gastritis often raises body temperature and a headache.

However, note that this is just common symptoms. They may vary depending on the individual and the course of the disease in each case.

 erosive gastritis treatment

How to treat erosive gastritis?

Treatment of gastritis should begin as soon as possible, to prevent the development of complications. And the first thing to do - is to remove the causes that led to the development of gastritis:

  • Proper diet

Strictly eliminate from the diet all the sharp, salty, smoked foods, convenience foods, and foods containing artificial preservatives and dyes. Give as coffee, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, from sweet and fresh juices. Also, you should completely and forever renounce visits to fast-food.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Try to streamline your lifestyle. Sleep at least 8 hours per day, excluding all stressful situations. Of course, this is not easy, but necessary.

  • Pharmacological preparations

In that case, if you are taking any medications, and find yourself in these or other symptoms of gastritis, as soon as possible inform your doctor. Most likely, he will prescribe other medicines.

Although a physician should apply to any case, regardless of whether you taking any medication or not. The doctor will appoint a number of surveys. Accordingly, it will select the best course of treatment. Independently any medication for the treatment of erosive gastritis in any case can not be taken - if they choose wrong, you can at times make the situation worse.

 treatment of erosive gastritis

Traditional recipes treatment of erosive gastritis

In addition to official medicine there is a treatment of folk remedies that will help eliminate the erosive gastritis in the shortest possible time. However, remember that in any case not allowed to replace the treatment prescribed by a doctor who, alone in folk medicine. Treatment of folk remedies can be an additional measure, but not the main one. Here are the most effective ones:

  • Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is very good healing of erosion and relieves inflammation. For the treatment can be used as a ready-made sea buckthorn oil, as well as made at home. It's simple - you need five tablespoons of fresh juice of sea buckthorn and five tablespoons of olive oil. Mix it and leave to infuse for three days. Take sea buckthorn oil is necessary every morning on an empty stomach, one teaspoon. Duration of treatment - at least 14 days.

  • Propolis tincture

If the gastritis is accompanied by intense pain, it is worth trying the treatment of propolis. Every five hours just before eating, dilute 20 drops of alcohol tincture of propolis in a glass of warm water. Pain disappeared after the first dose of the solution. A course of treatment should continue for at least 21 days.

  • Wheat germ

Rinse thoroughly with a few handfuls of wheat and gently place them in the pre-moistened gauze. After that, the second top cover with a damp cloth and leave it for three days, periodically wetting. Wheat sprout - that it shoots us and need for treatment. Carefully chop them - should have about six tablespoons. Mix two tablespoons of olive oil and place in a glass bowl. Take this remedy is necessary for five days, one teaspoon an hour before breakfast.

  • Honey Aloe

The good old friends - honey and aloe - in this case will stand a very good service. For the preparation of the following means you'll need five tablespoons of honey and all five of aloe leaves. The plant should be at least three years of age. Leaves before application must be at least a day to put in the freezer. Thereafter, aloe miss through a meat grinder, using gauze cloth squeeze the juice and thoroughly mix it with honey.

Honey perfectly removes inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and aloe stimulates the healing process. Take this remedy should be taken on an empty stomach, one teaspoon, immediately after waking up. The duration of this treatment - not less than 21 days.

  • Mummies

In that case, if the erosive gastritis is very difficult to treat, you can try a potent tool - mummy. In a glass of warm milk dissolve one pea mummy, add a tablespoon of honey and mix everything carefully. At night you need to take two cups of this mixture - in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed. Duration of treatment - 14 days. There should be three such treatment, a five-day break between them. Typically, running backs, even very erosive gastritis.

  • Milk with chamomile

Place in an enamel pot five tablespoons of dried chamomile pharmacy, pour a glass of milk and bring to a boil. Leave about an hour, then strain it thoroughly using a gauze cloth. For five days, drink a glass of fasting.

Numerous practice shows that treatment of folk remedies in most cases very effectively eliminates the erosive and other types of gastritis. But if you decide to treat gastritis folk remedies, remember that you should not be allergic reactions to any of the components. If this point is not taken into account, the treatment of gastritis folk remedies can turn into other, more serious diseases.

In any case, whatever method you choose to fight with erosive gastritis, remember that your main ally in this difficult match - gastroenterologist. Be sure to visit it during the whole course of treatment. Be healthy!

 Erosive gastritis: the treatment of folk remedies

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 grass cystitis


  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Treatment of acute cystitis
  • Recipes for the treatment of chronic cystitis

Cystitis - this is a very common disease which affects a large enough number of people. And women know that a cystitis, by doing much more than men. In the course are all methods - antibiotics, warm, grass - cystitis, all methods are good. That's what we'll talk - about what herbs are used to treat this disease.

But let's about everything in order. Doctors call cystitis inflammation, which is involved in the bladder mucosa. Develops this inflammatory process is the most commonly as a result of penetration into the body - in particular, in the genitourinary system - pathogenic organisms such as streptococci, staphylococci and E. coli.

In addition, the occurrence of cystitis can trigger some diseases - such as kidney stones, diabetes, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, infections, sexually transmitted infections. Not least is the weakening of immunity - if it even ordinary hypothermia can become a factor that can cause cystitis. Treatment is - a difficult lesson.

Symptoms of the disease

I do not see cystitis is simply impossible, as it flows very rapidly, with a mass of distinct symptoms, which greatly complicate the life of man. These symptoms include:

Frequent urination and false urge to urinate.
Normally, the amount of urination of an adult - about six times daily. In that case, if a person confronted with cystitis, this number may be 30 or more times per day. Moreover - there are the so-called false desires. The man felt a strong urge to urinate, she goes to the toilet and to no avail. Thus, lead a normal life is practically impossible. Can you imagine a working day spent in the toilet? That's the same ...

  • The complicated process of urination

However, the frequent trips to the toilet for a person with cystitis, still half woes. The process of urination is also becoming extremely painful action. Burning, intense pain - all the "charms" of cystitis. Tears in his eyes you almost guaranteed, even if you have to endure the inconvenience and pain.

  • Change the color, odor and clarity of urine, blood

Urine from the person with cystitis, in almost all cases, changes its color - it becomes much darker. Furthermore, it becomes cloudy as precipitate appears. Changes also smell - it is particularly sharp, with an unpleasant odor. In severe cases of cystitis in the urine of an admixture of pus or even blood.

For the treatment of cystitis is highly recommended to seek medical advice. The doctor will conduct the necessary research, diagnose disease and to select the optimal treatment - often without antimicrobials is almost impossible to do. And they may appoint a doctor. Self-treatment to the good in such cases does not lead.

But do not forget about traditional medicine. There are plenty of highly effective recipes that deal effectively with cystitis, even in the most acute and running currents. It is about them now and we'll tell you. However, remember that these traditional methods of herbal medicine can be used only as an aid. Substitute herbal medication prescribed by the doctor, in any case impossible.

 cystitis treatment with herbs

Treatment of acute cystitis

Acute cystitis occurs most severely. Therefore, to treat it using the "heavy artillery" of traditional medicine - the most potent herbs. As a rule, the sick person is relieved within a day after the start of treatment. For successful treatment of strict adherence to the recipe preparation of an agent, only use these herbs, as well as the regimen of these funds.

  • Broth flax seed

The healing properties of flax seed known to mankind for many centuries. They have been used successfully for the treatment of various diseases, including cystitis. To prepare the broth you will need five tablespoons of seeds per liter of water. In an enamel pot boil a liter of water to sprinkle in flax seeds, cover and reduce heat. Simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally broth.

After this time, turn off the heat, wrap the pot with a towel and leave to infuse for six hours. Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. You can start treatment. The sick person should drink half of the preheated broth every half hour. It is unacceptable to drink more than one liter of this broth. Duration of treatment - all three days. As a rule, cystitis disappears forever.

  • Infusion of plantain and bearberry

Bearberry is a very good diuretic and plantain is a very powerful antiseptic. And these properties folk medicine successfully used to treat severe forms of cystitis. For this purpose, the above decoction of herbs, which is prepared as follows. The flask should be placed on the three tablespoons of chopped herbs bearberry and plantain. And it is possible to use as fresh feed and dry. Buy these injuries can be almost any drugstore.

Fill the grass one liter of boiling water, cover and let sit for three hours. Then strain the infusion using a gauze cloth and add three tablespoons of any of honey. Of course, only if it is known that a sick person is not allergic to bee products. In this case it is possible to replace few tablespoons of honey ordinary sugar.

Take the infusion should be 100 grams, but very often - the entire volume is necessary to drink for only two hours. Be prepared for the fact that urination is very involved. But do not forget that you need to follow the correct drinking regime - a sick person should drink a day for at least three liters of fluid. Otherwise there is a risk of severe dehydration. It is best to use non-carbonated drinking water, cranberry juice, or juice. But from sugary juices and carbonated beverages should be completely abandoned. The diuretic effect will last for a day.

  • Infusion of corn silk

To facilitate the intense pain, you can use the infusion of corn silk. They have a strong anesthetic effect - only one cup of this brew is able to eliminate the strongest night pain. To prepare you will need three tablespoons of corn silk and one glass of warm water. Place a finger in the water and put in a dark warm place for two hours.

Then strain the infusion using a gauze cloth. To mitigate the sharp taste you can add a teaspoon of any honey. Insist need to drink all at once, in small sips. At night you can drink no more than two such glass infusion. And remember that you need to drink plenty of fluid, which helps wash out the infection from the bladder.

  • Broth birch buds

For the preparation of the broth you will need five tablespoons of birch buds and water. Kidneys can be purchased at any pharmacy. In an enamel bowl, place the birch buds and fill them with a glass of cold water. Leave about two hours, and then add two cups of water and simmer to a boil, stirring constantly. Cook for about 15 minutes. After that, cover the pan with a lid, wrap a towel and leave for two hours.

Strain the broth using a gauze fabric, add a tablespoon of honey, mix thoroughly. The broth must be poured into a glass container and store in the refrigerator only, no more than three days. Take the broth must be three times a day, for 100 grams. Duration of treatment - no more than three days.

 Useful Herbs in cystitis

Recipes for the treatment of chronic cystitis

In that case, if the disease is a chronic form adopted flow treatment is more difficult and takes more time. However, medicinal plants, and in this case come to the aid. In this case, they will have to take much longer than the acute form of the disease. And do not forget that to implement the recommendations of your doctor it is necessary.

  • The infusion of juniper

It is very well established infusion of juniper, which helps get rid of the most advanced forms of cystitis. It is prepared as follows. Put in a thermos three tablespoons dried minced juniper and pour two cups of boiling water. Tightly cover and leave to infuse for a day.

Then strain the broth using a gauze cloth and pour in a teapot. Use this as a regular infusion of tea leaves for tea. In order to achieve the positive effect of a sick person should drink at least one liter of this tea a day. Be prepared - this tea has a strong diuretic effect.

  • Liquorice root

Licorice root has powerful anti-inflammatory effect, so its infusion is also used successfully for the treatment of chronic cystitis flow. Preparing the infusion is very simple - Chop 20 grams of licorice root, put in an enamel pot. Pour one liter of water, cover and wrap a towel. Insist during the day, then strain it with the help of gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. Keep infusion is necessary in the fridge - otherwise it quickly loses its medicinal properties. Especially good

  • Broth parsley

With no less success treating chronic cystitis using broth parsley. To do this, carefully chop 100 grams of fresh parsley, boil a liter of water and sprinkle in it raw. Cook for about 30 minutes, stirring constantly. Cover t insist on leave for two hours.

Broth strain, pour into a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Take it should be every morning on an empty stomach, half glass. Treatment should be continued for 21 days. Then you have to make at least a week's break. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Those who have tried herbal remedies on their own experience, claiming that the disease is receding fast enough. However, ending the conversation, I would like to recall once again the simple truth. Herbal treatment, no matter how effective it may be, can not replace a doctor's visit. Comply with all his recommendations and destination a must - only in this case you can be sure that you always leave cystitis.

And remember a simple, but very important precaution. So many herbs can cause a variety of allergic reactions. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you are allergic to one or another component of the recipe. Take a small amount and observe the reaction of the organism, for several hours. Be healthy!

 Herbs cystitis

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