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Get rid of the vegetation in the bikini area or not - a matter of taste. One of the most popular women's ways of hair removal epilator is considered to intimate places. However, the option to select an individual hair removal is necessary, given the sensitivity of the skin, the growth rate of hair and a possible correction of the frequency of the result achieved. 70% of women regularly remove all the hair in the bikini area, 10% do Trimmed, leaving a face or a funny classic "striped", and only 20% of women prefer natural smoothness. Gynaecologists the second most beautiful half of humanity today maintaining the well-groomed skin in intimate places considered to daily hygienic procedure is an excellent prevention of diseases such as thrush and vaginitis.


Miniature electric appliance discs or micro-forceps pulls the hair out by the root, rotating at high speed. This device is capable of respect for hair removal permanently rid you of unwanted hair: otrosshie "hemp" begin to appear after about five to eight days after the procedure. A big plus: there is no need to "grow" hair, as required shugaring or waxing. A significant drawback: the majority of women regular use of electric epilator causes ingrown hairs into the skin. We have to hook them with tweezers before removing, and it takes a lot of time.

First epilators have only one disc rotation speed. But, if used on the private parts at the same rate as for the removal of hair from the legs and underarms, you can just go crazy from the pain. Today, manufacturers produce devices not only multiple-choice pulling intensity, but also special variants epilators designed specifically for bikini. Such devices have a floating head, the cooling nozzle anesthesia process, highlighting and an extra pair of drives for simultaneous massage of the skin. There are even trimmer for hair removal - they can remove hairs on remote areas and tinker with the grown intimate haircut.

However, electric hair removal painless procedure can not be called. To reduce discomfort can properly prepare for hair removal. First, take a hot bath to steam the skin and soften the hairs. Be sure to use the scrub with large polymer particles and fruit acids - this will prevent further ingrown hairs. To numb the skin, apply the cream with lidocaine or make some local injections of novocaine. Wait 10-15 minutes and safely proceed. Degrease the bikini area with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol or chlorhexidine. If you drive the epilator in the skin, keeping it at right angles to the hairline back and forth, do not wait for the smoothness of silk. To get rid of even the most subtle and short hair, epilation bikini area in a circular motion.

 epilators for intimate places


Shaving - the fastest and least expensive method of hair removal bikini zone. To start buy a quality machine - a cheap disposable razors too traumatic and inconvenient to use. For maximum smoothness and ease of sliding a razor, use foam or shaving gel sensitive skin. Such anti-inflammatory agent comprises components which interfere with the appearance of itching and irritation. Although some girls like to shave a conventional soap suds - and maybe you will have the option to taste. "Dry" shaving will provide you with discomfort, a large number of cuts and microtrauma.

Compared to waxing, and electrolysis Shugaring, shaving has many advantages. Firstly, it is absolutely painless process. Yes, the hair grow faster, but the adjustment bikini razor does not require a lot of time and any prior training. Secondly, it is using a razor, you can create unusual paintings on intimate places, ie do bikini haircuts. The machine can be used in the shower, and while shaving, you are not restricted in his movements: you can take a variety of poses and push the skin folds to facilitate sliding blades.

If you do not want to face the problem of ingrown hairs, do not shave them "against the grain". Treat the bikini area, moving from top to bottom, according to the direction of hair growth. Let a shaving takes a little longer than usual - but you eliminate the risk of growing and reduce the irritation after depilation. Having dealt with the unnecessary vegetation, apply a thick layer on the skin nourishing cream for the body. After 10 minutes, blot the area bikini paper towel to remove any excess funds.


"Sweet" method of removing excess hair in the bikini area was known in the days of Cleopatra. This is an ideal way for hair removal of so-called "deep" bikini. Less painful than electric hair removal and much more effective - that you had hair in intimate places, you will forget for 2-3 weeks at least. Today, sugar hair removal done in any beauty salon masters trained professionals. In the bikini area you will cause stretching cosmetic paste, spread it, and then abruptly removed along with the hair. Shugaring less than waxing, it causes itching, rashes and pustules appearance as used for hair removal paste has excellent moisturizing and toning properties.

But this cosmetic procedure can be a good idea to save - a mixture shugaring easy to make yourself at home. Cooking better single "portion", which will be enough for exactly one application. Of course, the ready "for future use" fine structure is stored in the refrigerator. However, if you are new to Shugaring, you probably will not be able to properly warm up the cold mass of sugar or diluted with water, if necessary, without spoiling consistency.

For one sugar hair removal bikini take the cup of brown sugar, ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice and 3 tablespoons Cold water. Mix the ingredients in an enamel saucepan and place it on a slow fire for 10 minutes. Periodically stir vigorously structure that it does not remain inclusions and small lumps. When sugar begins to "bubble", make the fire smaller so that it is not burnt. After 5 minutes, remove the pan, immediately pour the mass into a glass or PVC jar and let it cool. After 2-2, 5:00 can begin to remove the hair.

Take a shower - warm water and gel soften the hair follicles and the upper layers of the skin. Otschipnite warm sugar mixture on a piece the size of a walnut. Kneaded and rolled it between his fingers until it becomes a soft but dense ball. "Roll" pasta strip the skin and leave on for 2-3 minutes. Sharply pull the strip against the hairline. Repeat enough times. After shugaring moisturize skin lotion or cream. If you still can not detach from the skin of sugar toffee, make things easy. Once the cause sticky mixture on the bikini area, attach a piece of cotton fabric, the right size. Now you can use it as a wax strips are sold in stores.

Creams, lotions, depilatory foam

Cream for hair removal bikini area, "dissolves" the core of the hair, so he breaks off and easily removed. Hair follicles thus remain perfectly intact. Unfortunately, they grow quite uneven and very quickly - the first "bundles" appear on the second day after treatment. But this method is considered the most safe and hypoallergenic - of course, provided that you strictly follow the enclosed instructions. Otherwise, the risk is high to make a chemical burn. The structure depilyatsinnyh lotions and creams include ammonia, so the hair with regular use lighter and thinner.

The packaging means a manufacturer usually puts a special spatula, trowel. After you clean your skin in the shower with soap or gel, apply this cream with a spatula on the bikini area with a thick layer. Wait 7-10 minutes, then carefully remove the cream with the same spatula, podmoytes with warm soapy water and pat the skin with a towel.

 different epilators for intimate places

Laser hair removal

Let today for laser hair removal devices are sold freely available in stores Cosmetology equipment and the Internet, but they should not be ordered. This efficient method of hair removal from the root requires individuals to certain skills, so it is best to visit a professional salon and trust than to test their own skin at home.

During the procedure, each hair follicle "burned" by a laser beam, and is completely painless for you. You will feel a warmth in the treated area. To negotiate with the master in advance of laser hair removal - a few days before the laser hair removal, he will advise you to shave pubic hair. The laser beam is only amenable to hair no longer than 6-7 mm. For complete "purification" intimate places of unnecessary vegetation will take no more than an hour, and the effect persists for at least 40-50 days. If you are thin and blond hair after several sessions they could become extinct forever.

Do not be alarmed when he saw after visiting beautician, crusts and redness in the bikini area. To get rid of such effects of hair removal, wipe the skin with chlorhexidine 3-4 times a day until their complete disappearance. Laser hair removal is absolutely contraindicated in infectious skin lesions, cancers, varicose veins during pregnancy.

Making a choice in favor of a method of removing unwanted hair in the bikini area, guided by their own feelings. If you are unbearably painful during electrical hair removal, do not tolerate the meal - much easier to use a razor or a special cream.

 Epilator for intimate places. What to choose?

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