Emotion and Language

It is often said that it is impossible for the sense - really express through words. At the same time refer to the found in works of fiction, in the practical life of the expressions of this kind: "I can not tell you what a feeling I felt when separated from his native home, I can not tell you all the thrill and excitement that came over me when I his (her) saw "and so on. d.

His famous, caused so much speculation "Letter to the Immortal Beloved" Beethoven ended up like this: "Now most of the outside to the inside. We, however, see you soon, and now I can not tell you my comments about my life, made in the last few days, if our hearts would always be closely pressed against each other, I would not have done. They say these statements about what is really impossible to convey the feeling in words, or just that sometimes it is difficult? This is the last.

The feelings that people experience arise in the process of communication in the course of joint activity of people in various areas of life. People express their feelings through language, pass them on to others, as well as find out about the emotional world of those with whom they communicate.

Talking about feelings and language, it is necessary to distinguish between two issues. One -zaklyuchaetsya at what value the language of the word have to identify our feelings. And another -consists is how important language is to transfer our feelings to other people, so that they understand them.

We can meet with cases where a child, adolescent, boy, girl feel in relation to the merits of the other sex or to the senior fellow feeling that they are not aware of. How often do other people (family members, caregivers, friends and so on. N.), Observing the behavior, actions or statements of the child, a teenager, is set well before its very nature the feeling that he is experiencing.
And the process of understanding the feelings necessarily involves its designation, naming it the appropriate word. Only in this case I experienced the feeling can be realized. There is no doubt that the very fact of naming, classification vague, obscure even to a certain category of experiences feelings change to a certain extent for the person is feeling, as it based on the existing expertise of the feelings of the people interprets it accordingly.

He comes to this feeling known relationship -one was glad of it, it gives him trouble, and so on. D. When, for example, the teenager realizes that he is in love, it leads to a certain shift in his emotional life, and behavior. It appears something new in relation to the object of his feelings; he begins to look at it with new eyes on - a new understanding developed between the two relationships. His behavior may appear diffidence, shyness, or, conversely, deliberate coarseness and so on. N., Which previously did not have.
I feel a sense of a person can be designated a total of more subtle, depending on experience, knowledge of the emotional world of people drawn from the life and works of fiction.
The mere fact of naming feelings designate its records to those of human features and quality of the feelings it conveys. Differentiation man of his feelings is carried out by means of words and other means can not be carried out. Character accuracy of this differentiation is determined by the accuracy and adequacy of the words used by the man for the task.
Word is inseparable from the person experiences feelings because that allows him to understand the actual content and features of the senses.

Let us turn to the question of how important language is to transfer our feelings to others. If we want to tell others about those feelings that we experience, then we have to resort to this word. This does not mean that the other person our feelings become clear only because we do tell him about it. He will judge our feelings are not based on mere words, but on the basis of comparison with our words with real actions and deeds. And it is for him to determine the extent to which our words are true, and transmit real situation.
But at the same time without a word denoting the corresponding feelings, their characteristics and features, people can not talk about them. Thus, the words of a man "I'm excited," "I'm saddened," "I love", "I am ashamed," may well convey the feelings that it is currently experiencing.
Rightly said Kalinin: "The most ardent feelings remain unknown to the people, if they are not clearly and precisely decorated with words."

The possibility of fixing the senses by means of language is extremely high. This does not mean that the exact naming is easy. We must be able to find the right word for it. Sometimes this causes difficulties. Helps this the huge opportunities that are enclosed in the language. Changing regulations words -inversiya -sluzhit essential tool for this purpose, as well as the use of interjections, words, which are associated with certain emotional sense, the use of suffixes, which give caressing words or some - or any other color, and so on. D.

There is a distinct difference in the nature of language use to fix the scientific concepts and to fix the senses. Completeness particular feelings most accurately revealed not in terms of how it is peculiar thoughts, and images. This language of images perfectly enjoys art. It is precisely because figurative art uses means it conveys with such power and richness of human feelings and has such a strong emotional impact on people.

The wealth of the lyrical poetry of the best shows that the most subtle impulses of the human soul, the most delicate part of his feelings, his most intimate feelings can be disclosed in the relevant verbal images, in the poetic expressions.

It was yet about what the language means serving to transmit feelings, their content, particularly their experiences to others. But we have not been marked yet another aspect of the word, namely -What extraordinary richness to transmit feelings, which lies in the expressiveness of human speech, in the use of the living word in the process of human communication. The phonetic aspect of speech, intonation, the pace at which words are spoken, stress, releasing the right word, raising and lowering the voice, the nature and duration of pauses, timbre coloration of words and so on. P.vse it serves to convey in words our feelings. This is new, and the big question which we will detail in the next time.

In addition to rhythmic prose and poetic speech transmission nuances and shades of human emotions in the process of historical development of mankind were created and other means to transmit feelings. That means is a portrait painting .. Kramskoy wrote: "... Every intelligent man knows very well that there are things that words can not express strongly. He knows that the face is coming to the rescue at a time, otherwise the art would have no place. If all we can say a word, then why art, what music? ". One of the most powerful means of communication of feelings is music. Music, on the one hand, conveys a special feeling and sentiment, but on the other hand, their content generates the corresponding feelings in the listeners.

"Far less plastic, less defined than the poetry of words, far more nebulous, vague in its outlines, less accurate, less tactile, but on the other hand, less abstract, less rational, less symbolic -Music can express a whole world of feelings and ideas without the mediation of words. "

 Emotion and Language

 the secret of happiness


  • Scientific point of view
  • The secrets of true happiness

What is happiness, and what is its secret? The unequivocal answer to this question is no, and it is unlikely he will ever be found. If you speak the language of philosophy, happiness can be called a person's internal state in which he is completely satisfied with their lives, carried out all the desires and reached the main objectives. "But it is almost impossible! "- Many will exclaim. It is quite the contrary. After all, happiness - a subjective concept, for each person is his own. Important in this sense - the harmony, contentment with oneself and the world.

Someone needed to achieve happiness, they say, move mountains and conquer the world. Someone is satisfied with relatively little - favorite work, a strong family, a certain prosperity. And many people do see it as freedom from money and conventions, without which it is impossible to exist in a modern developed society, and thus create their own separate worlds of. In them they are alone with nature and live only at the expense of forest, river and own farmland. And a representative of the above categories reveals the secret of his own happiness. That he gives that same harmony and peace, which are so necessary for all of us.

Some people say that happiness is not about money, but others argue that it is time, and the estimated amount of finance. And the right of all - just every man for himself determines the measure of happiness and what it is. However, people who seek spiritual development, of course, difficult to be satisfied with only material well-being. They can achieve harmony, adhering to certain values ​​and realizing their desire to be happy, for example, in science or art.

In ancient times, some people happiness is portrayed as a woman with a long braid. She flew, the wind picked up, and seemed both close and distant. After all, it could catch only a single time in my life. So happiness can safely be called and luck, chance or coincidence brilliant. It is thanks to them man achieves its main objectives and provides wildest dreams.

Blue Bird, invented by Maurice Maeterlinck, incomprehensible and elusive, as an allegory of happiness. Remember how long it looked a little heroes, and when found in the home, then parted without regret for the health of the neighbor girls. So, happiness - is the ability to sacrifice something for others, perhaps, his own life.

Such allegories can cause myriad. And each of them will be in its own right and meaningful. This is not surprising, because the happiness - the concept is so multi-faceted that a clear definition for it is almost impossible to find. But let's still try to understand what you need to understand the basic truths of the modern man, to answer the question of what is the secret of happiness.

 the secret of happiness

Scientific point of view

California psychologists say that the state of happiness is controlled, and support it can, following five basic rules. These conclusions were made based on data obtained during the experiments. Control rules are quite simple, and it is suitable for everyone. Therefore, if you are still not completely happy, then use them.

  • The first - to be grateful for every bit. This gratitude makes you feel happy, even for a few months.
  • The second rule - optimism and belief in a good future. And the future should be as often as possible to represent, as the fulfillment of desire.
  • The third rule - the ability to enjoy their own luck and always be aware of their strengths and use them as often as possible.
  • The fourth rule - frequent recourse to the experience of successful people, and due attention to their own achievements. His successes can be recorded and re-read several times a day.
  • And finally, the fifth rule - regularly doing good deeds. According to researchers, the claim that the good returns true. But mercy and selfless assistance to others significantly elevate mood, as bring a sense of moral satisfaction and give real cause for self-esteem.

German psychologists give its determination as to what is the secret of happiness. They claim that this feeling of a person is experiencing at the moment of joyous anticipation of a well-deserved award. But what happiness is short and eventually loses novelty, turning into a routine, because people tend to quickly get used to wealth and financial well-being. Therefore, wealth, according to scientists, can not be considered true happiness. Although quality of life is still impossible to pass by. After all, the citizens of developed countries often call themselves happy. First place in the ranking of the population, most meet the conditions of his life, took Denmark. But in Bulgaria, according to the poll conducted in Europe, most poor people live.

The subject of discussion became scientists and the factors that interfere with a person to become a successful and prosperous, to feel satisfied with life. Chief among them was called idleness, and regardless of the fact that it provokes - poverty or, conversely, great wealth. It is difficult to disagree, because even laziness nobody did really happy. The conclusions reached by European scientists, are not sensational. After all, they say, the secret of happiness to be found in relationships with friends, family and loved ones, because they gave us up warm, quite without asking for financial advances. Therefore, happiness is always begins with friendship and love - these concepts are the foundation of success and prosperity.

Scientists at the University, located in the US state of Indiana, claim that temperament is often a determining factor of what is necessary for him to be happy. For example, extroverts are more in need of fun, partying and noisy companies than introverts, who pay much attention to relations with close and native people, and exactly meet their needs in communication. Such a peculiar psycho positive thinking and optimism.

But the happiest people, as evidenced by these studies are the students, as most of them have clear goals of its implementation in society. People concentrate on achieving something useful for themselves, tend to spiritual reflection. They rarely go to nightclubs or aimlessly sit out front of the TV, and make their leisure time more useful and informative.

 The secret of happiness

The secrets of true happiness

The history of our world is very old, we all live in it thanks to the wisdom that is constantly trying to restore philosophers and scientists of the past, to become the most valuable experience of generations. That it should seek answers to our questions. Therefore, combining the philosophies of the great minds of antiquity, and the views of scientists and psychologists of our time, as well as ordinary realities of life, you can give some advice to those who want to catch the blue bird of happiness.

These tips are simple and complex at the same time and not all people are willing to use them every day. After breaking the usual line of conduct and perception of the world it is often very difficult. But those of us who did tricks like the style of his life, the right to enjoy the results. Want to join the lucky ones? Then go ahead, in search of Blue Bird!

The first secret. The correct attitude towards life

  1. Happiness can not be separated from how each person relates to their lives, how to dispose of it, and it gets a result.
  2. The human mind is laid determines the amount of happiness for every individual. Therefore, to develop, and there is no aimlessly wasting the best years of his life.
  3. All events, both positive and negative, is entirely dependent on the person. So do not be afraid of responsibility.
  4. Happiness lies in the everyday and widespread choice and depends on its accuracy and timeliness.
  5. Negative experiences - also an experience from which to draw lessons that will bring further positive. Therefore, any grief or trouble is necessary to meet the question is not "what for? ", and for what? ".
  6. You must be able to be thankful and not get tired mentally say "thank you" for every sunrise, bestowed from above.
  7. Right thoughts are a mechanism to achieve happiness.

The second secret: a healthy body - a pledge of strength of spirit

  1. Every movement has a favorable effect on the senses.
  2. With regular exercise can improve not only the condition of the body, but also to cure depression and relieve stress.
  3. A man with his head held high and correct posture is easier to succeed
  4. Eating right, you can rid your body of excess weight and normalize metabolism. This has a positive impact on feelings, bring satisfaction and pride themselves. Your diet should consist mostly of vegetables, fruit and cereals cereal flour.
  5. It is necessary to leave the premises in the fresh air, getting rid of feelings of depression, which occurs under the influence of artificial lighting and closed space.

The third secret. Every moment is valuable

  1. Often a person can live long, relatively healthy and prosperous life, but did not find happiness because of fears and insecurities. Therefore it is necessary to appreciate every moment, an hour or a day spent by us on earth.
  2. A full life is possible only if the person will be happy to see in every moment, to give joy and extracting all the best.
  3. Special moments are the basis of happy memories, so they need to fill their memory as closely as possible.
  4. A man who lives on the principle of "here and now" easier to tolerate anxiety, avoiding stress and fewer regrets. So do not try to predict the future.

The fourth secret: underestimating ourselves, we did not receive and happiness

We have to learn to love yourself, to perceive correctly and positively own "I". After all, we, in fact, those are what we see ourselves. The man who is constantly dissatisfied with himself, and not be satisfied with their lives, no matter how successful it may be. That is why all psychologists are advised not to seek a negative character traits and external weaknesses and pay attention to the virtues and good qualities.

It requires faith in its own uniqueness. To confirm it is only known that the possibility of your birth was one chance in three hundred thousand billion. Do not take criticism from others as the ultimate truth. To overcome own complexes and creating a positive image of the personal need:

  1. to determine the period and cause of the negative perception of itself and how it is valid (if you still do not have any such feelings from scratch, then you need to reconsider their position in life and change for the better);
  2. every day, do not be lazy to say to yourself, what qualities would you like to have;
  3. to behave as if it has become such a man as this, in your opinion, is necessary;
  4. Find a quality worthy of esteem.

Fifth secret. Goals - a prerequisite for a happy life

  1. The meaning of a person's life is in the order that he wants to achieve.
  2. Goals help to overcome hardship and moments of crisis - they give a person the strength to start a new day.
  3. To understand what kind of purpose are the highest priority for you, you need to write them down and re-read in the morning, several times a day and always before bed. This exercise should be repeated at least twice a year to determine which goals are still relevant.

The sixth secret. Laughter is never too much

  1. A man with a good sense of humor less subject to stress and often feels a sense of happiness.
  2. Laughter relaxes, but also leads to a high concentration, which makes it easy to deal with complex challenges.
  3. In almost any situation, you can find something to laugh is. So do not ask yourself what's wrong with this or that event. Put it another way: "What is it funny? ".
  4. Less worry about the little things and remember that most of life is just one of those very small things.
  5. If you feel that you are not prepared to properly assess for themselves the unpleasant situation, then use the advice of the heroine, Margaret Mitchell and tell yourself, "I'll think about it later, for example, tomorrow."

The seventh secret. Learn to forgive

  1. Forgiveness - is one of the key elements towards achieving happiness.
  2. Hatred, resentment and anger - feelings that can not be allowed to become part of your life. They are like a boomerang and bring only grief to the person who is experiencing them.
  3. We must learn to forgive not only others but also themselves. After all, mistakes are inevitable, they need to take, and let go of worry, extracting life lessons and valuable experience.

The eighth secret. Finds giving

The man who seeks to acquire wealth only for themselves, seldom truly happy. And the one who divides, they say, the last piece of bread gets in return harmony within themselves and the satisfaction of right action. Remember that the more we give a positive, care and happiness of those around us, the more mate enriches them with gratitude. Happiness every day is the joy that a man is able to give in this time around.

The ninth secret. Happiness is not possible without strong human relationships

  1. Our quality of life depends on what kind of communication we were able to build a society.
  2. No one can live alone with their own kind.
  3. Friends and relatives to help people go through hard times, and together with us are happy and achieving success.

Remember that shared with someone to get twice as much pleasure, and tell a friend about a problem, you do it half as much. And all that you are doing in relation to others, to do so, as if it were the last time and the chance to correct will not be perfect. So try helping someone, and do not do anything "for show".

The tenth secret. You can not attain happiness without faith

  1. That belief is the foundation of true happiness. This is not necessarily a religious concept. It is impossible to live without faith in people, in their own ideals and human values.
  2. Lasting happiness is possible only by faith in him.
  3. Faith is able to give peace of mind - it banishes doubt and gives hope that tomorrow the sun will rise again.

All these secrets are a correct philosophy of life, which must adhere to any modern man. And then the personal happiness of each will be the basis for an ideal society where honesty, charity and love of one's neighbor will be the main and defining component of existence. And if we all become beautiful from the inside, spiritually, such beauty really can save the world, and personal secret of happiness of each person will be understood by all.

But the level of our moral development is failing to achieve universal harmony. And it possible at all, would not predict none. But this does not mean that the above secrets of happiness are useless, since their use in human scale impossible. No, they are necessary and important, because they can help any needy person to solve personal problems with family or career.

All these secrets are aimed primarily at the correct socialization and social adaptation. Every area of ​​our lives - it is a relationship between people. And from what they are in each case, it determines the fate of a person. Do not forget that the basis of everything is love, and happiness is the very process of life. It should be time to realize that the Blue Bird at least for a brief moment was in your hands.

 What is the secret of happiness, or how to catch a Blue Bird

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