Elos epilation

Method elos - Elos hair removal - is the development of the Israeli company Syneron Medical LTD. This method appeared in Russia in 2000 and immediately won a position as the most effective way to remove hair permanently. Elos hair removal clinics are widely used US experts, Israel, Italy, Germany and Canada. This is the safest way to get rid of hair, because its development was attended exclusively medical engineers.

Unity electrolysis and hair removal

Epilation technology elos - Elos hair removal - used in cosmetics for over 10 years as a painless and safe method to remove effectively the same as the dark hair and the white, red and vellus hair.

During the procedure Elos hair removal eliminated the pain due to the presence of additional cooling systems. Directly over the epilation applied protective gel that improves the flow of current. Elos interaction occurs only with the hair and follicles. Laser Elos hair removal works in a way that the light energy heats the hair, transmitting the temperature of the hair root, followed by electrical energy passes through A warm hair to the root, destroying it. The combination of the current and eliminates the influence of light on a patient's skin and prevents the occurrence of side effects.

Elos hair removal - safety first

This method is considered the safest method of hair removal today. Leather during the procedure gets the maximum protection. You can be sure that after the procedure on your skin will not remain any traces or side effects. The treated area as a result has the same form that was before the procedure.

Many patients say that before important events for them is simply irreplaceable Elos hair removal: reviews talk about the complete absence of ingrown hairs, rashes and itching. During the course of procedures for skin irritation are simply not available.

Elos hair removal technology makes it possible to eliminate the side effects, as the first surface of the skin is cooled and only then heated hair light current is passed to the hair bulb.

Elos hair removal Benefits:

  • flexibility (the method is suitable for all skin types and hair);
  • the absence of pain;
  • no side effects (pigmentation, scars, burns);
  • speed and ease of the procedure Elos epilation

Elos hair removal allows you to forget about the unwanted hair permanently, removing the need to remove the hair by other methods. After the course, the patient receives a smooth skin does not require additional procedures. Unwanted hair disappear forever - that's one of the main advantages of Elos epilation: reviews consistently confirm this fact.

The physiological hair growth is cyclical, so usually need repeated procedures, conducted at intervals of 1, 5-2 months. Depending on where the growth, color and density of hair epilation Elos course consists of 3-5 procedures. This is absolutely enough to unwanted hair completely stopped growing. This procedure is suitable for people of any age who have attained 18 years of age.

During the procedure, the hair bulb dies, he is partially damaged hair, and after 7-10 days of falls. At the location where the epilation the skin becomes smooth, and his hair is no longer growing.

If you are interested in the cost of procedures - Elos hair removal cost of the course is usually dependent on the individual characteristics of the patient's skin and hair. Preparing for Elos hair removal begins with a consultation dermatologist-cosmetologist who collects history and clarifies the possible contraindications for the course. Only then you will be able to know the exact cost of Elos epilation. The specialist will reveal all the details of the technology Elos hair removal, as well as to calculate the number of necessary procedures.

Will the hair grow again after their removal?

 Elos hair removal reviews

The completion of the course, the regular repetition of procedures as well as compliance with all the recommendations can get rid of unwanted hair in problem areas. Specialists clinics have long been successfully carried out such procedures as the Elos hair removal bikini and underarms. In these cases, the number of procedures, again, depends on skin type, hair color, presence or absence of sunburn,
Physiology and density area hair removal.

Those patients who did Elos epilation at the stage of hair growth, show that in this period achieved the greatest effect.

The number of hairs in the growth stage varies significantly depending on the part of the body, so the procedure may pass different amounts of time, depending on the quantity of hair. After the growth phase of the hair comes from the resting phase. This phase also varies depending on the body part. For comparison we can take the upper lip where the resting phase lasts for 6 weeks, and feet - 24 weeks!

One thing is clear, that for long-term effect of hair removal should be repeated regularly. This unique method that has nothing to do with electroepilation, laser hair removal, hair removal plucking, waxing, depilating cream and other methods of hair removal. It is based on a combination of the two types of energy, and more perfect, as it gives the opportunity to more accurately destroy the structure of hair and stop their growth.

This can be done Elos epilation?

This procedure virtually eliminates any contraindications that prevent the procedure, because it is based on a more advanced and secure technologies. But everywhere there are "but".
So, on the cons ... Elos hair removal - contraindications: hyperthermia; pregnancy; severe diseases of internal organs; cancer; uncontrolled diabetes; a weakened immune system for any reason; diseases such as epilepsy, porphyria, systemic lupus erythematosus; allergic to the sun or light; blood clotting disorder; overgrown scars; violation of the integrity of skin infections in the area of ​​Elos epilation; the presence of metallic implants in the area of ​​application of procedures; the presence of a cochlear implant; the presence of pacemakers.

If your intention is to spend Elos epilation bikini (remove pubic hair), breast or underarm Elos hair removal, you will need to undergo ultrasound and receive a special conclusion of mammalogy or endocrinologist.

If you plan to remove unwanted hair on the face, then three months, you do not have to perform any procedures to rejuvenate the face with deep chemical peels or laser.

Can the men?

In the recent past, it was generally accepted that hairiness is a sure sign of masculinity of boys. However, the man who made the Elos epilation in the neck, brought a lot of fun as imagined by getting rid of a thorn, and their beloved women.

Many men do not like the presence of hair in the nose and ears, someone inconvenience increased hair growth on the face, back, underarms. Elos hair removal solves a lot of problems.

The rhythm of modern life in the minds of the people to develop a fundamentally new way of looking at how should look like a business man. More and more men begin to follow the appearance. For some, the removal of unwanted hair - it's part of personal hygiene (eg, hair removal in intimate places). Quite often, the need for Elos hair removal has a direct connection with professional activities. Have a smooth clean skin is the specificity of certain professions, such as the removal of chest hair may be important for artists, athletes, etc.

The device E-max (E-Light, AURORA DS) for hair removal

 Elos Hair Removal Cost

The greatest popularity among specialists in the field of Elos epilation unit won new E-max (E-Light, AURORA DS), which laid the basis for efficiency, reliability and safety.

In just one procedure, it leads to destruction. 10-11% papillae and hair follicle, leading to a complete stop of the hair growth on the treated area of ​​skin. You will achieve a rapid effect, which previously could not be obtained using other methods (photoepilation or laser hair removal). The unit handles 1 cm2 in less than 1 second!

In addition to the stunning speed of the procedure is almost painless, so you can use it even in the most intimate areas and conduct Elos epilation deep bikini. The risk of side effects is minimal, and during the process itself, you will feel a slight tingling.

Before and after depilating

Preparation for the Elos epilation start to align the hair with a regular shave at home, held the day before.

As a result of the procedure hair grow simultaneously 1-2 mm. This hair length allows the main course of Elos epilation with the greatest efficiency.

These procedures are included in the overall system of skin care, so this type of hair removal is not for you to become an obstacle for nutrition, hydration and improve skin elasticity.

 Elos epilation - permanent hair removal

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