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  • What should I look for when buying a watermelon?
  • Driving watermelon diet
  • How to go after the diet to a regular diet?

It has now become quite popular watermelon diet. Many believe that using it can get rid of excess weight quickly and easily. But doctors believe that watermelon diet can not sit long. Otherwise, the consequences can be sad: frequent headaches, forgetfulness, irritability, and even fainting. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to stick to watermelon diet for 3-4 days. During this time, you can lose 3 to 5 kg. Moreover, with the help of watermelon diet have the opportunity to improve your metabolism and excrete toxins.

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What should I look for when buying a watermelon?

Nutritionists advise to sit on a diet, in August or September, because during this period are ripe watermelons. Experts who participated in the program "Test purchase" say that after buying the watermelon should definitely check it out for nitrates. To do this, put a piece of flesh in the cool water. If a piece of 40-50 seconds will peel off, it means that the nitrates in it. The flesh in water must always retain its shape. It is worth noting that the best place to buy a watermelon weighing 6-7 kg. If less, then it can be unripe. If more then 100% of it was added chemistry. Typically, this is done with a syringe.

Wash watermelon carefully. Otherwise, after the use of large berries can appear nausea. This is due to the fact that watermelon peel contains a high percentage of bacteria destroying human body. It is strictly forbidden to buy sliced ​​watermelon! Statistics show that it is in the halves of watermelon contains a large number of microbes. Moreover, watermelons may be carriers of various diseases. After the watermelon have bought, you can start drawing up a diet for 4 days because your body can not be restricted in the use of other products that contain nutrients.

 losing weight on a diet of watermelon
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Driving watermelon diet

Of course, it is better to start a diet on Monday.

On the first day at breakfast need to eat 2 slices of watermelon (small size) and a glass of mineral water. At lunch should eat a peach. But at lunchtime, you can not afford to only 3 slices of watermelon, but also glazed cheese. Need to drink only water. Snack will miss. But dinner can be a slice of watermelon and a slice of rye bread. Dinner has to be exactly at 19:00, not before and not after. It should be noted that hunger occurs in 2-3 hours. Many break down and begin to eat all the food in the house. So do not. By the process of weight loss should be treated seriously and thoroughly.

Of course, on Tuesday it will be much harder. Breakfast can be enjoyed only a slice of watermelon. But at lunch, to be consumed banana. The dinner allowed to eat rye toast (no more than 200 grams) and 3 slices of watermelon. Until mid-morning snack is not much time. After at 17:00, you can eat low-fat yogurt (150 g). For dinner, better to drink a glass of watermelon juice. On this day hunger will be felt. However, if you take yourself interesting work, then the person does not even realize that he is hungry.

Wednesday is considered the day for heroes. After all, 87% of women drop out of the diet is the third day. Of course, if you fail, you should not blame yourself. After all, you can start from the beginning. And preferably in advance to prepare yourself for a diet. For example, do not eat after 18:00. Or, stop using pastry. On the third day of the diet, you can eat a little more.

For breakfast, should be consumed 3 slices of watermelon, 5-6 pieces of dried apricots and grape juice. Lunch is almost no different from the breakfast in the past 2 days. Just Wednesday to eat an orange. The dinner is already allowed to eat 5 pieces of watermelon and 100 grams of black bread. Snack will miss. But you can have dinner with three slices of watermelon and raisins (no more than 200 g). Drink only water. But it is advisable not to drink before going to bed fluid. Otherwise can appear under-eye circles. In one of the diaries slimming man had written that from the excessive use of water, he developed severe swelling on the face . So the water will have to limit myself too. No more than 2-3 liters of water per day.

Finally, the last day - Thursday. He is final, so you should limit your diet. For example, for breakfast, you can eat only one slice of watermelon. When the time comes second breakfast, you have to eat only half a pear and nothing more. The dinner allowed 2 slices of watermelon. Of course, to skip lunch in any case impossible. When his time comes, you need to drink a glass of watermelon juice. Some do not know where to buy it. Although it is sold in all stores and is known as "good". Almost every supermarket has a drink. So it is unlikely that this difficulty arises. For dinner, the three pieces of watermelon and rye crackers. We can only sustain the evening and night.

Done! It is safe to get up on the scales and see how much you dropped. A high probability that in 4 days gone 5-6 kg.

 Weight loss results in the watermelon diet
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How to go after the diet to a regular diet?

After the diet should not eat everything. Otherwise, the lost weight will come back double. Therefore, you must first "go" on dairy products. That is the first 2 days to eat cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and yogurt. It is important that these products are free of grease. Then gradually have to eat soup with chicken broth, cereals (buckwheat, rice and barley), fruits and vegetables. It is not advisable have something salty or spicy. This may cause appetite. Just should limit their portion and not to impose on the plate too much food.

Doctors say that this diet is not for everyone. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consult with a specialist. Watermelon diet is very complex, and it is able to withstand not everyone. So do not overestimate your strength. Experts have found only one drawback watermelon diet for weight loss. It is prohibited to use for people who have kidney disease is present. This is due to the fact that the severity of the kidney goes to rid the body of any toxins. For those who have diabetic disorders, it is not recommended to sit on such a diet.

However, despite this, the watermelon diet still is effective. Thanks to her, really really lose weight. Why is that? Perhaps we should say that watermelon is a low-calorie, in fact in 100 grams contains only 36 calories. Moreover, this large striped berry has a diuretic effect. Simply put, perfectly displays the body of excess fluid. But it adds a water person 2-3 kilos. Even watermelon interrupts the feeling of hunger, because its juice that fills the stomach. Therefore I have full confidence that the diet will help. She also has a lot of good and positive reviews that it was motivated to try this method for weight loss.

It is better to do preventive maintenance for your body at least four times a year. That is to diet and do fasting days. After all, it helps to improve metabolism and excretion of toxins. However, before you sit on it, you should get tested and see if any contraindications. Otherwise, there may be side effects. So it is better to be safe. And if it turns out that watermelon diet is right for you, then this is a great success, since it is possible for only 4 days to remove a couple of extra kilos.

 Effective watermelon diet: menu for 4 days

 correct Dukan Diet


  • What is the Dukan Diet, Lebedev?
  • Diet Pierre Ducane: achieve and maintain results

Every woman dreams of, to have a good figure. And it's not only that the beautiful appearance attracts admiring men and women envious glances. Slim figure enables you to transfer the optimal exercise, do not think that you will not want any thing. In addition, consistency in size and weight allows a lot easier to buy clothes. What to take to those who dare to achieve a slim figure? Options may be few. All of them are quite common and are subject to change from time to time. For example, the majority of women who have decided to lose weight, resorting to diets. It is not always correct, as each diet should be approved by a health worker.

Exhausting diets that involve fasting as a way to buy the cherished harmony, no longer considered effective, as it promotes the breakdown of many internal organs, including mental health problems related to lack of food. Perhaps these data allowed dietitian to develop a set of measures to introduce a new version of the diet. They, unlike those that limit food intake, compiled by specialists and suggest a comprehensive solution. Indeed, in many cases, overweight is the result of hormonal failure.

 Results Dukan Diet
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What is the Dukan Diet, Lebedev?

The Internet has long been widespread such a diet, which involves at once the two authors have developed a new way to lose weight. The first - a recognized master of not only medicine, but also nutrition, which developed their offspring for 4 decades. It is known for its productive variations in the use of food P. Duc. The second author, attach their own efforts, not only in the creation of the menu, but also on their own to try it on himself - designer Lebedev. He is 5 months was able to lose 20 kg. Therefore, the diet has become very popular and is named Ducane-Lebedeva.

So the secret of miracle diet is, first, in strict adherence to the diet, developed by the French master.

The second element (which refers to the second co-author) is the ability to occasionally drink alcohol. That this is the key element, according to which the name of A. Lebedev, and was included in the co-authorship, because he did not recommend AP Ducane had his players drinking alcohol. Although the issue of journalists worried about a large number of almost every press conference. In all other cases it is sufficient to adhere to strict rules designed Dyukanom.

 Dukan Diet menu

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Diet Pierre Ducane: achieve and maintain results

This diet is not only aimed at you to quickly get rid of the extra kilos, but also to retain the achieved result. It allows you to not gain what was lost again after some time. To do this you need to go through two stages, which will take you 4 months. During the first two months, you're working hard to make the extra weight is gone, then start to work on maintaining your proper weight.

The first phase of Dukan Diet

This method of weight loss is very unusual. It allows you to eat as much as necessary, and not some empty vegetable or fruit, and meat products. They, of course, should be meatless (fish, chicken, veal or beef). Do not forget that the meat should be cooked without the use of animal or vegetable fats. Nutritionist in any case does not exclude them from the diet, but the amount of animal fat is limited to 30-40 g and vegetable - 2 tbsp Within 4-6 days allowed to use portions, which should be evenly distributed throughout the day.

But do not forget that the first meal should not be earlier than half an hour after waking up, and the last - not later than 3 hours before curfew. Up to 14.00 are allowed to use as a garnish complex carbohydrates such as: buckwheat, brown rice, cooked in water.   All this leads to the fact that, despite the satisfaction of hunger with savory products, body lacks energy derived from them. So he has to break down body fat.

The second stage - the preservation and consolidation of results

Once the weight has dropped to the desired, you can begin to change the diet. Now you can add a little bit to eat vegetables that do not contain starch, and even later, you can eat almost everything. However, leave some day purely for the use of protein foods (Council Thursday). Do not forget that physical activity also contributes to your appearance. Therefore, do not avoid having to go to the apartment on foot, did not come out at my stop, and a little earlier. Doctors advise every day to be active in the fresh air for at least 20 minutes. Finally, it is recommended daily consumption of 2 tbsp. l. oat bran.

 What is the secret Dukan Diet-Lebedev?