myopia in adults


  • What is myopia, or nearsightedness?
  • The development of myopia
  • Effective treatment of myopia
  • Prevention of visual impairment

Myopia is an eye disease that is accompanied by a poor definition of objects located far away. Depending on the severity of myopia may be low, medium and high. According to the parameters of flow occurs progressive and non-progressive myopia. Keep a sharp progression and leads to a significant reduction in visual acuity, and flows into a malignant form.
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What is myopia, or nearsightedness?

Myopia is considered sufficiently frequent violation of human visual function, so you need to carefully monitor the health of eyes, and carry out preventive measures in time to start the treatment of the disease.   Otherwise, the disease becomes a greater degree, it causes the development of serious complications.

The main causes of the disease are heredity, stress akkomendatsii, increased intraocular pressure, unfavorable conditions, failure to comply with the rules of eye care. For example, while reading a book in the not well-lit room, reading in the prone position, excessive eye strain, professional employment, requires attention (computer work, drawing up of small drawings and sketches, studying printed materials, and so on).

 identifying the causes of myopia
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The development of myopia

The treatment of myopia is largely determined by its degree. Degree is characterized by removing the focus on the retina itself. The higher the degree, the long and complicated treatment is required. Up to 3 diopters - a slight degree, in which enough to carry out simple tips that helps to restore visual acuity. Up to 6 diopters - is the average degree. And for more than 6 diopters - high myopia, which requires special treatment has, as a rule, the operational method. Forecast correction depends on many factors (especially the structure of the eye elements, contraindications).

It is not necessary that the weak myopia spill in a high degree. It is often progressive myopia - this is a temporary phenomenon which is inherent in adolescence. As a rule, 20 years of the disease is stopped at a certain level and not progress. Only in rare cases, the disease is chronically progressive and leads to disability.

How can independently determine the appearance of this disease? This requires regular medical examination of the body, as in the initial stage is quite difficult to identify myopia without inspection specialists. This is because a long time the disease may not manifest itself. The main symptom is blurred vision when observing objects located at a certain distance. First, the person ceases to clearly see objects at a great distance in the future is already difficult to read the bus route, price tags in a store, watching TV, and so on.

Accurate diagnosis is determined not only by the usual test of visual acuity using special table. As a rule, you need to make a pre-pupil dilation, which is called the state of cycloplegia. Very often the symptoms can arise false myopia and other visual disturbances. It is also advisable to measure intraocular pressure, which allows to exclude the presence of glaucoma.

Only after a detailed and thorough examination of visual acuity, status of fiber and fundus selected special treatment. Typically, a set of activities by which the adjusted, restored or significantly improved patient's vision. Without treatment, the improvement of the situation does not happen, the disease will not disappear by itself.

 exercise for the treatment of myopia
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Effective treatment of myopia

In each case, myopia (especially high and constantly progressing) requires prompt treatment. The most common methods are considered surgery, conservative treatment, laser and contact correction.

Conservative or medication used both in low and high degree. First of all, to improve visual function requires regular intake of vitamins and minerals. To remove the spasms are appointed another group of medicines (Irifrin, phenylephrine, and others). To improve the blood supply to brain tissue within the receiving piracetam or pentoskifillin. Effectively and the courses of physiotherapy. Data reduction methods include a high degree of laser therapy, magnetic therapy, a specialized massage the neck area.

Contact and spectacle correction is a selection in each case, contact lenses or glasses, depending on the severity of the disease. The most common in modern times lenses that allow you to be active and do not cause the complex (like when wearing glasses). With a high degree of spectacle lenses have a fairly thick edges that detract from the appearance of man. But in some cases, the lens is absolutely contraindicated. For example, should give them at eye inflammation, the appearance of an allergic reaction if you are hypersensitive. In addition, improper care of contact lenses (a rare treatment, improper storage, the excess lifetime) can cause the development of different complications, which include keratitis.

Currently used orthokeratology glasses, which are used only at night. Of course, the feature of this method of recovery is a temporary effect (but wide). They give results only for myopia mild or moderate.

Surgery is indicated for short-sightedness, to suspend the process of falling. This operation is called scleroplasty. With a high degree can be the removal of the lens and replacing it with a specially designed lens.

Laser vision correction is the use of lasers that are made necessary manipulations. This method has a number of indications and contraindications. The main contraindications to such treatment is progressing myopia, age 18, certain eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, keratoconus), inflammatory processes, the lack of the other eye, the cornea is thin enough, some common diseases (autoimmune diseases, diabetes). Correction of the laser can have side effects that are expressed in the form of dry eye, the appearance of conjunctivitis, hypo- or overcorrection.

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Prevention of visual impairment

Of course, a high degree of myopia causes a lot of inconvenience, requiring mandatory compensation and treatment. Timely treatment allows a specialist to prevent overflow of the disease to other degrees. If untreated, irreversible reactions can occur, for example, retinal dystrophy, uncorrectable alleviation, hemorrhage and even retinal detachment.

To myopia does not appear, it is advisable to observe simple rules of prevention. First of all, when reading books or magazines, while working at the computer, watching TV when the distance to the eye should not be less than arm's length. In no case can not be read in public transport and in the supine position, as the significantly increased eye strain. It is necessary to comply with the coverage and quality of visual work. This leads to the fact that there is a low degree of myopia. On a sunny time of year it is advisable to select and wear quality sunglasses, which protect the ocular surface from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Introduced myopia requires a mandatory correction, which is chosen not by yourself, but after a full examination of the patient.

 Effective treatment of myopia

 skin cancer symptoms


  • The main symptoms of the disease
  • Effective treatment of cancer
  • Prevention of cancer

Skin cancer is a serious facial cancer. It occurs on the exposed surfaces of the face.   Most often it affects the corners of the eyes, nose, temples, ears.   Each form has its signs and symptoms. In any case, early treatment, which selected an experienced specialist.
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The main symptoms of the disease

Effective treatment may depend on the reasons for which the skin lesion formed. Of course, there is definitely the exact cause. But many factors increase the risk of cancer disorders in humans. Above all, this excessive sun exposure, exposure to carcinogens, ionizing radiation, and others. The most common carcinogen assumed tobacco smoke, so smokers more likely cancer affects people who have a large enough experience habit. Also, the symptoms can be exacerbated and manifested on the background of a weak immune system. The protective function of the body decreases after various diseases.

Of course, the appearance of skin lesions depends on the type of cancer. Most often it appears in the form of plaques, single knots, surface erosion. Not in all cases, a person notices symptoms, so treatment begins at an advanced stage, which greatly reduces its effectiveness. The main features of Cancer of skin lesions - it is bleeding, formation of ulcers and painful when you touch the person.

It is also a sign that the skin is struck by cancer can be a thickening of existing moles, changing their shape, dimensions. Typically, a normal nevus has a regular and symmetrical shape, the structure must be free of any changes. Any changes in the shape, color or size - a cause for referral to a specialist in the field of oncology, as this can often be a sign of melanoma in the body. Modified mole starts to itch, scratch, there is a burning sensation, the structure becomes more friable, may bleed.

Carcinoma (the medical name for cancer of the epithelium) is a form of skin cancer. Is the formation of lumps or plaques with a shiny surface, inside of which can be formed sore.

Delays in treatment lead to various complications that affect other body systems. Malicious metastatic spread to lymph nodes, the disease begins to progress rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable to begin treatment at the first suspicion of the disease. As a rule, it is better to be safe and to visit an experienced dermatologist, who will examine the patient and take the necessary tests to make a diagnosis. Typically, investigation of suspicious areas on the face accompanied by a histological study of the material. To determine the presence or absence of metastasis, may be used and other additional examination.

 correct treatment of skin cancer
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Effective treatment of cancer

One of the most common ways to remove cancer lesions is surgery. Surgical removal includes a variety of techniques: excision classical way, an electric current (electrocautery), cold nitrogen (cryosurgery). In any case, additional radiation therapy, which consolidates the results and does not re-form harmful cells in the body.

It is much easier and better to prevent the occurrence of the disease, rather than further exposing the body exposed to sufficiently strong drugs that simultaneously destroy harmful cells and useful. Removal of skin lesions, which includes effective treatment, leaving behind scars. Therefore, in the future it requires further cosmetic procedures that cover the external defects of the face and restore a smooth skin surface.

Modern and effective method of treating cancer is the use of laser. Already after the first treatment the cancer cells begin to die. The number of treatments depends on the severity and form of the disease. Typically, after using the laser to the skin is relatively small scar, which is gradually reduced in size.

The use of drugs is necessary to improve the final result, but not an independent method of treatment. One group of drugs given before surgery, and the other - in the period of rehabilitation and recovery.

Of course, the whole point of improvement should follow a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A well-chosen food enrich the body with nutrients, vitamins, essential trace elements that are beneficial effect on the regeneration of skin cells. This allows for a relatively short period of time to restore a flat surface and to normalize the internal processes of the skin. But even after successful treatment it is advisable to conduct regular visits to the oncologist, to prevent the re-occurrence of malignant processes. This is particularly true of those individuals who have a predisposition to cancer (including skin cancer).

 procedures for the treatment of skin
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Prevention of cancer

To not have to treat the skin oncology, it is advisable to comply with preventive measures. First of all, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If all the same person is under the sun, it must be applied to the skin surface, special protective measures that prevent ingress of ultraviolet radiation. The most dangerous rays for people with light skin.

Regularly care for the skin. Care includes daily cleaning of various contaminants, the use of moisturizing and protective creams, skin nutrition. It should also be timely to treat a variety of mechanical damage (wounds, scratches), skin diseases, as all this gradually leads to the development of malignant process in the body.

 How dangerous skin cancer?