bronchitis in children


  • The danger of bronchitis in children of different ages
  • Symptoms and complications of bronchitis
  • Treatment of bronchitis in a child up to 3 years
  • Terrariums and medicines for the treatment of bronchitis in children older than 3 years
  • Treatment of chronic bronchitis in children older than 3 years
  • Folk remedies to combat bronchitis
  • Prevention of bronchitis in children

Every year during the period from autumn to spring, more than 60% of children perebalivayut various respiratory diseases, and each year the percentage of cases increases. Among all respiratory disease severity bronchitis ranks second. Treatment of bronchitis in children with modern drugs can completely cure the disease and prevent the occurrence of complications and chronic forms, the main thing - to pass completely enhanced treatment.
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The danger of bronchitis in children of different ages

Drug treatment of bronchitis depends largely on the age of the little patient, as is often required powerful drugs.

As a rule, bronchitis in children is mild or severe form, but if you do not pay enough attention to the treatment, it is possible that the disease will become chronic. The majority of children suffering from chronic bronchitis, are more prone to a variety of viral and infectious diseases, as their immune system weakens with time.

Bronchitis is well treatable, but needs constant monitoring of the health of the child, to prevent the development of complications and chronic forms of the disease. Sometimes bronchitis in children occurs in a fairly easy manner, so parents are not too pay attention to it, do not worry too much about this, but in vain, because the bronchitis often lead to a thinning of the bronchial mucosa and, consequently, to a predisposition to allergic reactions.

Bronchitis is acute infectious disease, which usually develops as a complication after myocardial previously viral disease, for example, influenza or herpes. In this case, the body is unable to fight the pathogenic bacteria that quickly affect large and small bronchi. It is believed that bronchitis starts with infection of mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, which further extends to the bronchi by hitting them.

The main group of risk of bronchitis are children suffering from allergies, asthma or who have congenital deformities of the bronchi, although often these days, and affected children are not at risk, because it is still talking about the infectious disease. For the treatment of respiratory diseases using a variety of drug and folk remedies that are extremely effective. In the case of chronic bronchitis, as a rule, it requires a longer period of comprehensive treatment and quality care.

 symptoms of bronchitis in children
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Symptoms and complications of bronchitis

Originally developed as a bronchitis, the common cold with its characteristic runny nose, redness of the throat, a strong cough without phlegm exit.   Further, the disease becomes more distinct forms - there is an increase in body temperature to 38 degrees and above, weakness, lack of appetite. Approximately 2-3 days of the disease appear dry rattle in the bronchi, and chest pain. Once a day is replaced by a dry cough wet, then we can determine the shape of bronchitis by type mucus.

In that case, if the mucus is clear, then there is an acute form of the disease, when the green with obvious signs of purulent discharge - chronic. Bronchitis observed fibrosis bronchial walls, sealing of the connective tissue and extensive inflammation of the mucous membranes of the body with the transition to other tissues that, in fact, cause symptoms.

The acute form of bronchitis with proper treatment goes to "No" after 3-4 days, flowing in the mild, full recovery occurs within 2 weeks, while chronic, accompanied by relapses and remissions can last for years. The main concern is the possible complications of bronchitis, as this disease can flow in a severe form, causing fibrous tissue changes of the bronchi, and is accompanied by severe shortness of breath and respiratory disorders. Severe bronchitis are the basis for a serious lung injury and the cause of chronic obstructive respiratory disease.

To identify bronchitis using data obtained by X-ray inspection, visual inspection and listening wheezing, and moreover, on the basis of blood samples for the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. Immediately it should be clear that the self is not acceptable in the case of bronchitis, and treatment of the child must always appoint a physician who sees symptoms and a full clinical picture. Some folk remedies can be used by parents to strengthen the immune system of the baby, restoration and strengthening of health, but in any case as the primary treatment. This will only exacerbate the problem of bringing the disease to the chronic form, and the child will get sick 2-3 times a year, and sometimes more often.

 correct treatment of bronchitis in children
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Treatment of bronchitis in a child up to 3 years

As a rule, children under 3 years bronchitis develops as a complication after undergoing cold or because of congenital bronchial obstruction, in which case even a child can get sick, did not leave the hospital. Immediately it should be noted that at temperatures above 38 degrees in children of this age put hospitalization and home treatment is highly undesirable, because the child must be kept under control because of the possibility of sudden deterioration. The majority of children of this age are diagnosed immediately - obstructive bronchitis, since there is shortness of breath. A manifestation of shortness of breath in children under one year is considered a respiratory rate of 40-60 breaths per minute.

On the basis of the diagnosis is assigned the next number of drugs: antibiotics (intramuscularly or tablets, depending on the condition of the baby), a drug to get rid of breathlessness, antipyretic, Preparations for the recovery of the intestinal microflora, inhalation against the development of obstruction, nasal drops, tablets or cough syrups .

Medications must appoint a physician and adjust the treatment in the event of ineffective drugs. The most commonly prescribed antibiotics for kids are Sumamed, Tsefuraksin, Zinnat, and similar drugs. To resolve shortness of breath, usually appointed eufilin solution. Selection cough preparations is extremely wide, so they can be registered as tablets and syrups, for example, Mucosolvan, Ambrolan and so on.

On the first day of use of antibiotics for children under 3 years of age also need to give drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora, usually prescribed drugs such as Latsidofil or bifidobakterin. Other formulations directed to treatment of symptoms, e.g., fever and nasal drops purely individually selected depending on the response of the child on the selected drug. Depending on the response of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics may be prescribed and other drugs, more potent, so it's important to treat a child engaged in a qualified doctor.

 Bronchitis Treatment folk remedies
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Terrariums and medicines for the treatment of bronchitis in children older than 3 years

Acute bronchitis and mild forms perfectly amenable to medical treatment, but it is very important that the selection of drugs involved in a qualified pediatrician. Children older than 3 years can be treated at home and just be hospitalized with severe course of the disease. Medications are selected in accordance with the severity of the existing symptoms and the patient's age peculiarities. Effective treatment of inflammation in bronchi prescribe antibiotics mucoactive and expectorant drugs, bronchodilators, inhaled drugs and medicines, to eliminate individual symptoms, for example, a febrifuge.

The most commonly used to treat bronchitis are two types of antibiotics - penicillin group of drugs and macrolides, which are highly effective against infections caused by the inflammatory process. Many parents believe that the use of antibiotics - is too serious measure, but it is not so, because the rapid development of the pathogenic environment can lead to more serious respiratory diseases - pneumonia. The duration of antibiotic treatment for acute forms of bronchitis is at least 7-14 days. In less severe disease - not more than 7 days.

Expectorant drugs are used according to guidelines or requirements of the attending physician. In cases where there are strong airway edema may be assigned diuretics including furasemid for removing excess fluid from the edematous areas. In addition, a sick child is prescribed complete rest and bed rest, since excessive activity during the illness can lead to or exacerbate it becomes chronic.

Antipyretics taken on schedule, after the normalization of body temperature recommended the use of mustard plasters and hot tubs on the basis of mustard. Encouraged the frequent use of hot drink. The use of drugs must coordinate the doctor on the basis of their effectiveness. Correct medical treatment of acute bronchitis allows you to completely cure the child for 2-3 weeks. Completely healthy bronchitis child is when are even minor symptoms, and in this case can not be left treatment after the slightest improvement.

 Treatment of bronchitis in rebnka expectorant syrups
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Treatment of chronic bronchitis in children older than 3 years

Treatment of chronic bronchitis in children - it is a difficult process, aimed not only to the treatment systematically manifested disease, but also to improve the general immunological status of the child. Typically, children with chronic bronchitis, sick several times more often, and the incidence of child can be caused not only by the change of weather, but also a move to a different climate zone, for example, a trip to the sea. This situation is really depressing, as the child grows up with poor health, and the situation will get worse year by year, because chronic bronchitis creates a fertile ground for the development of over-sensitivity to allergens.

As a rule, the period of exacerbation of chronic bronchitis disease always occurs in acute or severe, and sometimes even with strong attacks of breathlessness. During the activation phase of the disease treatment for children is aimed at the elimination of inflammation and its consequences, and not too different from the usual treatment of acute bronchitis, but, as a rule, recovery occurs much later, for 3-4 weeks. Fully heal chronic bronchitis in a child - a very difficult task. The thing is that even after symptomatic treatment and disappearance of inflammation in the bronchial tubes in the body is still the pathogenic microflora, which has an effect upon the occurrence of adverse conditions to the body of the child.

Reduce the risk of the actual disease can be achieved by continuous monitoring of the health status of the child, as well as therapies aimed at improving health. This therapy involves adherence to daily routine, respiratory and physical exercises, chest massage, hardening, active lifestyle, including frequent field trips or holidays in the countryside or in children's health camps. Welcomes the inclusion in the diet of vitamin supplements.

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Folk remedies to combat bronchitis

Folk remedies can be used as an adjunct to traditional drug therapy, but should not rely solely on the power of herbs and abandon antibiotics and modern medicine, as this may lead to aggravation of the disease. Some folk remedies really have a positive impact, with restorative and tonic effect on the body, so they still have use in the treatment of the child is welcomed.

If the child's body temperature is normal, you can use a warm soothing bath before going to bed with the addition of an extract or decoction of chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, peppermint and essential oils. These bathrooms are as easy inhalation and speed up the healing process. In addition, at normal body temperature or after taking antipyretic recommended inhalation on potato with soda, it contributes to liquefaction of the mucus accumulated in the bronchi, and its early removal. We should say about the collection of medicinal herbs used for cooking warm pitsya for the patient.

To prepare the herbal tea for children over 3 years old can use ready-chest collection, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. In addition, it is recommended to drink tea mint tea or chamomile tea prepared on the basis of a combination of rosehips and hypericum. In warm drinks can add raspberry jam and honey, but we must remember that honey should only be added to warm water, and in any case not in hot water, as this will significantly reduce its useful qualities.

In addition, you can prepare warm milk with honey, but again, you need to put the honey in a little warm milk, it will retain its properties. Warm milk with honey - is a great expectorant, and the taste of this drink a pleasant, which is especially useful when it comes to the treatment of the child. Application fees of herbs to better align with the doctor.

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Prevention of bronchitis in children

The problem of prevention of bronchitis in children of kindergarten and school age is very acute, since each child is a great amount of time in close contact with their peers, and his defeat of pathogenic microflora can not be excluded. The main preventive measure is to eliminate the visiting crowded places during the peak incidence of respiratory diseases. It is important to teach a child to hygiene and to wash their hands. In order to reduce the risk of child bronchitis, recommended bracing means, including tempering by means of a contrast shower, or exercising outdoors.

To strengthen the immune system need to adhere to proper diet and include in the diet foods rich in vitamins. Particular attention should be paid if the child is ill with a cold, as this disease can easily go into bronchitis. To this did not happen, it is necessary to ensure the child a complete rest, bed rest and high-quality treatment drugs. If previously been diagnosed with "chronic bronchitis," a cause for concern and special care for the child may even become a regular cold.

 Effective treatment of bronchitis in child medicines and folk remedies