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I know his Natalia waist. Where wider waist, where my ... Natalia

Someone is now smiled. But there is a category of women who are not happy about this joke. And the thing is that they have a thin "wasp" waist, which would lose from the head all the men in the neighborhood. Of course, not everyone is destined to be a relief, like an hourglass. But sometimes it wants to tighten their belts to live, not figuratively. Dont be upset. Something to do for the return of the waist slimming still possible. We have in mind exercises to reduce waist, which day after day will grind your figure, like the skilful hands of the sculptor.

You have to mentally try on a short skirt with a wide belt? Take your time. First, imagine yourself on a treadmill. Now try on the hula-hoop. Complete the virtual picture of long swings press and you can assume that mentally prepared to fight for harmony. Now it's time to move on to practical exercises to reduce waist size.

The key to successful training

Before the spread mat for fitness on the floor, let's talk about how to make exercise to reduce waist circumference more effectively.

  1. Classes will have no effect if they do not enter the system. I promised myself to engage in every day at 10 am? So, do, and not make excuses for absence from training. It is most difficult to tune. It is difficult to maintain a solid schedule and daily load after so many years of inaction. Of course, you can afford to replace the mat to practice on a soft and comfortable sofa. This is your choice. But be prepared for the fact that the corporate parties colleagues do not see you in the seductive slinky dress, and slender waist will remain in my dreams.
  2. Do not overdo it. We understand that this condition is a bit contrary to the previous one. But we are not talking about the regularity of employment, and the intensity of loads. It is not necessary in the first day of training to exhaustion. Otherwise, the next morning you will not only not be able to repeat the exercise, but will move with difficulty.
  3. Reduce waist will not work if you're after a workout reward yourself for your efforts fried chicken or mashed potatoes. Especially since there were extra centimeters precisely because of the delicious and very healthy food. Therefore, if you want to lose weight Moderate appetite. You do not live at the North Pole? Then why are you such a solid fat stock?
  4. In order to effectively exercise were constantly do waist measurements and stores them in a separate notebook. And you do not notice how much benefit will bring the so-called "weight loss diary." Open it whenever you do not want to do, and magic numbers take on a momentum to be effective.

 Exercise to reduce waist circumference

Exercises to slim waist

  1. The slopes. The most simple and effective exercise to reduce waist size. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and start to tilt from side to side, not taking his foot off the floor. The first five minutes of hands during exercise is not zadeystvovany.Na second cycle studies raise your hands up and continue to move from side to side. You feel how tense the obliques? The next day can speed up the slopes or to make them deeper.
  2. Twist. Stay in the same position that you took before. Cast Hands behind your head. Somknite palm "the castle" on the back. Now start turning the housing body from side to side as if yours is the man of your dreams, and you certainly need to see it. Do not tear off the feet of the body.

    We just appreciate the potential suitor. Running for his dream to be in the next exercise.

  3. Now let's imagine that the man behind you has been so stunning that you lost consciousness at his feet. We will not show weakness, and turn limp lying on the floor in the effective exercise. Bend your knees. Foot remains securely fastened to the floor. Hands throw his head. As if you're lying on the sunny lawn and listen to warbling birds. Now imagine that you fly settled. Your task - to group the body.

    Lift the body (hands still behind his head), legs bent at the knees and pressed to the body as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds. Your whole body should be tense. Tired? Return to the starting position.

  4. Do not rush to get up from the floor. Still have time to catch up with the man of her dreams. First you need to get a slim waist, and then you storm the stern man's heart. So bend your knees. Hands pull along the torso. Now lift the ass on the floor. The head, however, remains on the mat. Hold your body weight on a few seconds. Repeat several times.
  5. Again, continue to lie. Only this time you will need to roll over on his stomach. Hands somknite "lock in" on the back. Now lift the body from the mat. Hard? It's flowers. Now turn the body first to one and then the other side. Do not worry if at first it will seem impossible exercise.

    The first two weeks, you can simplify the task of simply raising the body (without turning). After regular exercise your muscles get stronger, and you can easily not only to keep the body weight, but also to turn it from side to side.

  6. Next on the list is an indispensable hula-hoop. No need to shudder in fright. The main mistake women using this wrap is that they'll try to choose the heaviest model. Metal, with heavy spikes and sand inside. Such a combination of sounds, even fierce. And at the waist a hula-hoop turns into a real instrument of torture. It is necessary to you?

    Take the daughter of a lightweight version of the hula-hoop made of plastic and begin to deal with. Just keep in mind that you need to turn the hoop at least half an hour. Only then did he miraculously returns to the place of your waist. No need to say that you have no time, and the extra half hour to load the basic exercises - is a luxury. Nobody says that to twist hula-hoop should be immediately after the basic training. Take this part of the exercise the other half of your free time.

    For example, the one where you see another show on local television. No need to turn off the TV. Just stand up from their seats, and the whole film in parallel with the view twist hoop. So you may well be able to combine business with pleasure.

You are engaged in a long time, the waist and did not manifest? Can it really intrigues of nature, and not fried patties with potatoes? After all, not all women can boast of a relief body. Some are born with a wide bone, and no classes do not help to correct the situation. Do not be upset if you hit one of them. After all, happiness is not in a wasp waist. Look. How many poor women from around the plush figures!

So stop fighting with windmills, and pay attention to the dignity of the body. Maybe you should emphasize the shapely legs? Or exciting fourth chest size, which is so often lost in contemplation of men? Be of good cheer!

 Effective exercises to reduce waist

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 breathing exercises for weight loss marina Korpan


  • Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex
  • Breathing exercises for weight loss Oksisayz

Diets, running in the morning, teas for weight loss - most women who dream throw off excess weight, all these methods evoke a terrible anguish. Well, it is impossible to give pyshnotelye withstand strict diet, I do not help them overseas miracle teas, but nothing of jogging in a local park in the morning and do not have to dream: here like to work not oversleep, which already runs! That would be such a magical way to lose weight, it does not require any time-consuming, no money, then it would certainly these ladies took for himself seriously. And if you can do without exhausting workouts without hoops and dumbbells, and even completely without diets ... None of the women are overweight in the country would remain a fact.

You do not believe it, but this way there! All exactly as you dreamed: no diet and no grueling sport, in fact - to go, too, will not need to lose weight can be right at home! What is this wonder, you ask. And no it's not a miracle, and breathing exercises from the famous Marina Korpan! There is such a wonderful girl who has found a way to lose weight through a series of exercises designed to correct breathing.

In fact, not invented this technique Marina, because to control your body through breathing people knew how long ago. Take, for example, the teachings of Yogi, which pays special attention was breathing with the help of improving both body and soul. Marina Korpan went wrong so far - it is just a method of losing weight carefully studied with the help of breathing exercises two famous Americans: Greer Childers and Jill Johnson.

With the knowledge about the amazing weight loss methods learned in books, and she was able to transform itself from a girl with congenital tendency to gain weight in a graceful, slender lady. Currently Korpan shares all the secrets of breathing exercises for weight loss, for which she thanks a lot. Finally, now our compatriots may follow her example and lose weight without torturing yourself diets.

Marina Korpan presents two breathing exercises weight loss: Bodyflex and Oksisayz. Both of them proved themselves among dieters who choose these methods of weight loss.

 breathing exercises for weight loss

Breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex

The beauty of this gym is that for the development of its technology, it is not necessary to attend the expensive fitness centers: just a couple of times to see instructional videos, and you can quite cope at home alone. Of course, lessons with an experienced instructor - it is always a plus, even if it comes to fifteen minutes of exercises breathing exercises, but ... As they say, in the fitness center, home is best.

The essence of the gym to lose weight is the combination of deep breathing exercises to develop flexibility of muscles throughout the body. Yes, to make efforts to lose weight still have, moreover, to carry out the exercises recommended only in the early morning, and nothing else! So ingrained owls here is not to be envied: if you want - you do not want to get up in the morning and have to.

But if you are not afraid of these difficulties, the past month training you can achieve amazing results. It has been observed that women who continue to eat properly (cakes and all that), reduced by one-size clothing. Those who, having been engaged Bodyflex starts also limit yourself in calories, climbs into clothes by as much as two sizes below! As you are such motivation?

This in no way means that to achieve maximum results you need to starve or go on a diet: on the contrary, it is necessary to eat, otherwise your metabolism will slow down. But overeat fried potatoes and cakes is possible and stop - it will affect the health as well as your waistline.

Yet if your ideal figure - painful thinness with bulge collar bones, the breathing exercises Bodyflex will not help you. This clever system will cease to burn fat at a time when the body thinks your weight is optimal. Of course, you may well be able to continue losing weight, having been engaged in strength training, but it is worth considering: a can, well, them, these model parameters, and you're good in its normal, "human" title?

The most effective of the respiratory system to lose weight a woman with a large enough body fat, as well as those who for various reasons, "not friends" with the sport. If you are an avid visitor to fitness centers and to perfection you have to lose a couple of kilograms, then Bodyflex you probably will not help.

Due to the fact that the breathing exercises based on Bodyflex respiratory arrest occurs, this technique has a very impressive list of contraindications:

  • High or low blood pressure;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Any head injury;
  • Glaucoma;
  • High intracranial pressure;
  • Arrhythmia, heart failure;
  • Hernia;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Pregnancy (any time);
  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Cholelithiasis with stones more than five millimeters;
  • Increased body temperature.

If you are at risk, then you should seriously think about whether there are extra inches around the waist of your health. And if we wish to address this compelling gymnastics, you will certainly consult with your doctor. And even better - pay attention to other breathing exercises from Marina Korpan: Oksisayz.

 Useful breathing exercises for weight loss marina Korpan

Breathing exercises for weight loss Oksisayz

This gymnastics, as well as the Body flex, ensures excellent results: in just a week classes, you can easily get rid of five - ten centimeters at the waist. Yet, gymnastics Oksisayz very different from the previous system of weight loss, because it does not require holding your breath! On the contrary, thanks to this system, the body is downright saturated with oxygen, and the body fat is burned without a trace. Hence, the main advantage of the breathing exercises for weight loss: it has almost no contraindications, it can be practiced even pregnant women.

Who would not be engaged Oksisayzom? Only people with a violation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as women who have just gone through childbirth. All the rest of the exercises will not only lose weight but also improve your health. Abroad, the exercises for weight loss has gained a wide popularity, but here it has appeared recently (in our country it promotes Marina Korpan).

Sami exercise in both breathing exercises like - there is nothing complicated, all these movements we are familiar on the physical education classes. That's just hold your breath in Oksisayz not necessary, all that is required - to learn the specialty "diaphragmatic breathing." This means that breathing during exercise you should not breastfeed, and stomach, and so that the shoulders and chest remain immobile.

I must say that significant results will only appear if Oksisayzom deal with on a daily basis, seven days a week without missing a single day! But the results will inspire you, because the breathing exercises works wonders: In addition to losing weight, you get rid of cellulite, improve skin condition, improve their own sexual activity and organize the work of digestion. In addition, girls begin to engage Oksisayzom noticed that they have no desire to eat large portions of food, and many even stopped smoking.

Unlike Bodyflex, engage Oksisayzom at any time of the day, not in the morning and on an empty stomach. The main thing - it does not eat two hours before your workout. It is not necessary to spend a whole lot of exercise at a time, you can divide the fifteen minutes of gymnastics into three stages. If during the execution of a series of exercises you phone rings, or raskapriznichaetsya babe - it's okay, it is possible to interrupt the gym and do their business. If later you resume exercise, it does not affect the final result: your weight loss will not be affected.

What kind of exercises to choose - Bodyflex or Oksisayz, up to you. In any case, there is finally a revolutionary technique that will allow all unsportsmanlike girls hate diets gain excellent shape and health. These results have already made hundreds of women who have chosen breathing exercises for weight loss Korpan Marina. Is it time to join you?

 Breathing exercises for weight loss Korpan Marina

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