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  • Restorative Exercise
  • Exercises for the thighs
  • Exercises for calves

If a woman has a beautiful, well-shaped legs, then her whole figure differs elegance. Of course, lengthen the legs with exercise will not work, but to give them the correct form is admired, it is possible. In this difficult task will help you to effective exercises for the legs, which we'll talk today.

Restorative Exercise

This course will help tighten the weakened muscles. Thanks to these simple exercises too skinny legs will be better and stronger and full gain perfect shape. Let's get started:

  • Lying on your back, stretch your legs and pull the socks over. Doing exercises with a maximum voltage;
  • Still lying on his back, hands rewound back, and leg press to the floor as much as possible. Now relax the knees slightly raised above the floor, and back strain;
  • We remain in the same position, only hand breed apart and pressed his hands to the floor. Slowly, making an effort (as if you do something to prevent), pull on socks, then from himself;
  • Now flips onto his stomach and pulling arms in front of him. Begins to raise his feet from the floor, making sure that they are straight, try to raise as high as possible;
  • Next on the list is a walking and jogging in place. Walk on tiptoes, then run around. Now repeat the exercise, but based on the full foot;
  • Go to the doorway, raise high the hands and put them on the casing. Feet shoulder width apart. Begin to rotate the body in different directions at the same time try to catch up. Keep the legs remain in the starting position;
  • Now, again, we go to his back on the mat. Cross your legs in the area of ​​the feet and knees begin to combine, without changing the position of the feet. Then do the reverse procedure;
  • In the sitting position, legs bent. Vaults and dilute his knees, holding their hands. The same thing happened with straight legs;
  • Stand up, begin to slide on the floor, spreading his legs, moving them from heel to toe and back again;
  • Stand on one leg, bend the other knee and lift as high as possible. Helping hand, pull the foot to him, then lower down. Then switch legs and repeat the exercise;
  • Kneeling, vaults and spread them apart, rearranging. Keep your hands on the waist;
  • And in the end are like on the ground, and then do a light jog around, and walk around again.

Perform complex and desirable in the morning and evening. In the first month of classes 5-6 approaches do each exercise, then increase the load up to 12-15 times.

 the most effective exercises for the legs

Exercises for the thighs


Any complex of physical activity should begin with a warm-up. It can be different: Easy runs in the park, weather permitting, or roll the bike for ten minutes. You can jump on the rope or just come down and go up the stairs, for example, go to the store.


This exercise is very useful for large gluteal muscles and the back of the legs. So, lie down on your back, hands behind his head we start, legs bent at the knee. Now we begin to lift the ass from the floor, without changing the position of the back and shoulders. As if to become a "bridge". We climb as high as you can and slowly lower back. During this exercise you need as much as possible to stretch the muscles of the buttocks. For starters make at least 10 approaches further increase the load.


The most effective exercises for the hips - a squat. And based technique may be different. Consider the most common method. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, arms parallel to the floor. Start slowly squat, heel should remain in place - pressed to the floor, your knees do not extend beyond the line of fingers. To rise to the starting position should be too slow, so that the tension in the legs was palpable. Start with 10 squats, then increase to 20-40.


Stand straight, hands on his belt. Then we take a step forward with one foot and squat so that other knee touched the floor. Now make a lunge with the other leg. On each leg to do at least 10 attacks. If you feel the tension in the front of the thigh, then everything goes as it should.

 Most effective exercises for the legs

Exercises for calves

Slimming Calf - a rather difficult task. It should be a lot of effort, patience and, of course, believe in success. The most effective exercise for this part of the legs - all variations of tap dance and aerobics. If you have the opportunity to buy a subscription to the fitness center - great! No - so get ready to pass the required program at home. You will need a special platform or just a small rise.

  • Becoming the platform of the right leg, then left to join her. Change legs. You like to climb the stairs. Exercise to be performed rhythmically, better listening to good music;
  • Again put on the rise of the right leg, then the left. We lower legs alternately, again raising;
  • Right leg bent at the knee, put on the platform, the left is a little bit is lifted from the floor and lower back. Then lower to the ground and the right leg. Change legs and repeat the exercise;
  • Standing on the platform of the right leg, left bent at the knee and tighten up, then drop the original position. Repeat this exercise with the other leg;
  • To really achieve the effect, you need to perform each exercise at least 10-15 times.

Practical advice

  • Climbing onto the platform, try to carry the whole weight of the body on the feet and not on the back;
  • The foot should stand on the platform entirely, is not permitted overhang heel;
  • Back necessarily direct;
  • Try to avoid too sudden movements, so as not to stretch the muscle during the first exercise;
  • 30 minutes before drink a couple of glasses of water or do sip on during class, between exercises.

Once the complex is good to make the legs of all - give them a massage! Simply massage the calf, as best he can - machinery movement does not matter. Relax and eggs can be as follows: lie down on the floor and in turn raise the legs, shaking them in the air so that it is markedly calf muscle movement.

The proposed set of exercises above will help to achieve a remarkable result - make your feet not only beautiful, but also healthy. The main thing is never discouraged, strive for your goal, believe in the success - and the changes will not keep you waiting!

 Effective exercises for the legs - a pledge of beauty and health

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 beautiful hand exercises


  • Technology training
  • Additional procedures
  • What not to do

Very soon there will come the warm and sunny days. So the time comes to try and open shirts, sundresses. Not the fact that you will enjoy in the mirror of their own mapping. Forms hand leave much to be desired? Well, do not despair and change clothes! We must engage them. Moreover, this should be done long before the onset of heat. After hiding his hands in long sleeves is unlikely to be convenient and comfortable. It is better to make an effort, and easy to walk around the streets of the resort town with infinitely deep neckline and thin straps on the shoulders.

Easy morning exercises will not help here. The fact that the exercises for beautiful hands should be made only in accordance with certain rules. It is not enough to tighten the skin, muscle and form a rounded (but not complete) form. It is necessary to avoid pumping - agree that clear relief the muscles in her arms look less attractive as feminine and graceful forms. So, the desire for beauty - this is fine, but everything should be in harmony.

Technology training

There are two types of training for hands - with and without weighting. You must first perform the simple exercises, without any weighting, and then enhance the load. Let's take a look at the algorithm required training:

  • First workout: do Mahi hands, circular movements and simple drawing;
  • Remembering school programs for physical education and proceed to charge;
  • Push-ups. A very effective exercise is perhaps the most powerful of all available! Pushups can be done from a sofa, chairs, benches and the floor. It all depends on your training;
  • Pushups sitting. With his back to the chair squats. Hands rest on the chair behind him. We start doing squats to lift using your hands. It is necessary to make sure that only the strained upper limbs, legs do not help! Then you can relax a bit. Just walk around the room or dance to. Just do not sit or lie - muscles must be toned. Just ten minutes and take a rest in the hands of a dumbbell ...
  • Standing, arms close to his chest. The hands should be dumbbell, bend at the elbows and on the exhale lift them up, go back to the breath;
  • Now, put the feet wider than shoulders, hands breed apart. Start slowly transferring arms forward. Delayed by 3-5 seconds and retracts;
  • Focusing on the previous job, raise the hands up. On the same lines we hold our breath and go back to its original position. Yes, dumbbells are in the hands of;
  • Now we cant the torso forward and pressed his hands to his chest with dumbbells. On the exhale distribute them so that the line hand was parallel to the floor. At breath - pressed to the chest;
  • Sitting on a chair, and parted hands with dumbbells in hand, slowly bend them at the elbows. Due to the weighting of dumbbells, an exercise for the biceps becomes indispensable;
  • Ideally, to do 15-20 times each exercise. But you can start with just three times. The main thing is to start training at all - then do it!

That's all. These simple exercises will give tangible results. You will notice how the muscles tightened, the skin became resilient and flabby folds of no trace. Maximum time training shall be not less than six months, but after a month you will feel and see the first results. The hands will be a pleasant tension, they will cease to hurt after heavy bags, physical work.

There is one limitation. Do not use pull-ups on the bar for the improvement of the forms of hands. The fact that such a force effect can play with you a malicious joke. Very quickly bleed the back muscles and arms will look just ugly.

 Exercises for beautiful hands

Additional procedures

Do not get hung up only on training. Use techniques and more loyal. For example, massage with anti-cellulite cream. Many women can be seen not only sagging skin, but clear manifestation of existing cellulite - scars, stretch marks whitish, orange peel. Massage should carry out an expert, so consult your doctor first, and then in a massage parlor. This procedure not only pleasant, but also very useful.

It can be used for a specific purpose and a sauna. Yes, this is the luxury of steam the skin, to give vent to toxins, carry out the procedure peeling process or body scrubs. In general, a real pleasure! And if we use the amazing properties of honey and a massage with the use of this gift of nature, you will not only strengthen your muscles, but will return to its former elasticity of the skin, velvety.

If possible, buy a subscription to the sports complex. Firstly, you will pass the training under the supervision of a coach, and secondly, you may have to other parts of the body pull-correct, thirdly, to engage with friends or colleagues is much more pleasant than doing it alone.

Another point - sports complexes usually works and the pool and sauna and gym, and massage rooms. And get a full range of services will be very useful not only for hands, but for the whole figure and overall condition. So, buying a subscription can be quite a good investment. In return, you get a lot of fun and perfect form - unless, that is not enough? Very good play sports that involve hand - volleyball, basketball. These entertainment you can bring your friends, and then turn into a tedious charge a great vacation!

 the right exercises for beautiful hands

What not to do

If you want just a little tweak the shape of hands, you do not have to head to plunge into weight training. Dumbbells, barbells and any weighting unacceptable! Remember, you are a woman and have to look elegant! It looks ugly bulging muscles, inflated shoulders, relief forms. Rather, it is the prerogative of men. Although ... to decide, of course, everything has to be individually.

If you have any diseases related to metabolic disorders, malfunction of the hormonal system, you should first consult with a physician. Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, pustular skin diseases, tumors and acute inflammation - this too is an area of ​​risk.

Never take diet pills - they can cause irreparable damage to health. Remember, only at the cost of effort and constraints can achieve the desired result. The fact that beauty requires sacrifice not just a beautiful saying, but a reality, and you will see for yourself. Yes, it will be difficult and hard, but then you can not do without training, without a pool or sauna. And the body responds with beauty and perfection. Unless you do not deserve?

 Beautiful hands - exercises to achieve the desired effect

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