effective exercises for the waist


  • Physical exercise
  • Changing food
  • Changing lifestyles
  • A bit of practical advice

The beauty of a woman - is a collective term. Of course, many dream of having a perfect figure and perfect hairstyle, but the "want" and "have" - ​​two different things. Because of the excess weight sometimes want to cry right in the fitting shop where you like outfit does not want to meet at the waist. But as they say, tears, sorrow will not help. There needed physical activity aimed precisely at this part of the body.

Slim waist - a standard of female beauty. And even if you have small breasts and perfect thighs, waist it can to rectify the situation as a whole. It gives the female figure a special attraction and sexuality, balancing all the other proportions. In order to achieve ideal results in the fight against excess weight around the waist, you need a comprehensive approach to this problem.

 the most effective exercises for the waist

Physical exercise

So the first thing we should start with something - exercise. Not that the other do not help to cope with plumper waistline. Well, let's start ...


Any physical exercise should start with a warm-up to prepare the muscles to stress:

  • In a standing position draw the belly and relax, it should be done quickly;
  • Spin the hoop until until you feel mild fatigue;
  • Put your hands on your hips and do rotational movement of the body in different directions;
  • If you have a "disk health" will be useful to whirl on it a few minutes.

A set of exercises while standing

  • Pick up a stick or broom (which is handy) and set up her head;
  • Let the stick is at the level of the neck. Now we begin to turn in the direction;
  • Does not change its position, then start to make turns down the slopes. Make sure that the head did not fall, and the shoulders are parallel to the floor;
  • Stick delay and have your hands on the back of the head (take your fingers "the castle");
  • We are doing side bends - your knees do not bend or tilt the torso down.

These effective exercises for the waist in a standing position should be done every day. And to every tilt and rotation applied for 15-20 approaches. You can play music and enjoy new sensations - like stretching muscles, lower back aches as a bit, believe me, these feelings more pleasant than painful.

Complex exercises lying

After the previous exercise, move to a horizontal position - lie down on the mat:

  • The position - lying on his side, his hand on her waist. The second hand can prop head (to focus), but you can just pull it out and lie down;
  • Raise the leg that lies on top - do not bend at the knee. Then turns to the other side;
  • We kneel and begin to squat on the left and on the right thigh;
  • The position - lying on his side. Now, do not raise the leg and, keeping her off the floor, raising the whole body at the highest possible altitude;
  • Upper torso is on the floor. Cross your legs and lift them up, and elbows rest against the floor for balance. Supporting palms back, try to stretch your legs as high as possible.

Note that exercise in a lying position should perform 15 times (not less than) the maximum possible amplitude. In a hurry, try not to shoot down your breath. Doing better in the spacious room, well-ventilated and oxygenated. You should not drive yourself too - always breaks. But sluggish workouts you will not get anywhere. So choose for themselves "middle ground" and follow strictly the given rate.


People professionally involved in sports, argue that the best effect is given exercises twisting torso.

  • For the first exercise, you will need swivel chair. Sit down and lock the legs in one position. Start spinning on a chair, keeping the feet on the floor. Your arms should be stretched in front of him. Each side needs to be done at least 30 turns;
  • For the second exercise, stand straight, hands behind his head pinch. Pull belly and try to connect the left knee with the right elbow, and then vice versa. It is necessary to make 20 approaches to each side.

Waist difficult to achieve - it does not happen quickly, so get ready for a lengthy exercise. The most important thing - the regularity. Never change the mode of conducting such training every day, you can be confident in achieving its goal. But to dwell only on the proposed exercises are not worth it.

Be sure to buy a hula-hoop, in common parlance - hoop. It can twist all day - a great help on the way to the waist. Just remember - you can not turn the hoop immediately after meals, and limit such training during the "critical days". And so - all in your hands, the more you practice, the faster you will see results. Over time, an ordinary hoop can be replaced by a weighted. The load will be greater, and the effect is better!

Changing food

Mandatory requirement in the pursuit of a thin waist - to change your diet. In women, the inherent nature - primarily fatty tissue is formed at the waist, so exclude rolls, pies and cakes. Avoid eating after 18-00, lean on fruit and vegetables in any form, drink juices and mineral water. But on the fat is completely impossible to refuse - just replace animal oils in the plant.

Meat, too, need to consume on a regular basis - to select dishes rabbit, chicken or any other dietary meat. Be sure to eat the sweet - Black bitter chocolate, dried apricots, prunes, honey. Another point: if your working time does not end at 17.00, and you go to bed after midnight, then eat the last time you have three hours before bedtime.

 effective exercises for the waist

Changing lifestyles

It is important to change your lifestyle. If you have a sedentary job, be sure to make daily walks, rarely use the elevator. No need to wait for the bus - better to walk on foot from the office to home and vice versa. You load and give your body and breathe fresh air. How much we miss in life, using cars, buses and trams!

You are in the pursuit of a thin waist? Well, run to your health! Yes, daily jogging can put in order not only to the waist, but also the entire body. You'll feel much better, your skin will become natural color, eyes shine, and the body is a high energy and vitality throughout the day. To do this, you just have to wake up an hour earlier, and then you are guaranteed a good mood!

Even the most effective exercises for the waist will not be able to help in its entirety if it is not properly configured. To get started just like yourself - that you are half done. Adjust only to win, and then in another, and will not be! Arrange for yourself a set of pleasant procedures: trips to the sauna or bath, massage therapists visit, holding sessions of aromatherapy. All this sets the correct way.

And of course, attract the company of her friends - together is always easier to deal with problems. Surely, they will support you, and then take all this will be even more interesting. Yes, and an additional incentive will be - it would be a shame to throw started midway.

 the most effective exercise for the waist

A bit of practical advice

  • Be sure to write down what day you started class and measure the initial size of the waist - will have an incentive to compare the results;
  • It is advisable to notify your husband or friends about the impending event - then it will be a shame to "go the distance";
  • You can not start to do the exercises abruptly, hurriedly - only gradually increasing the pace and number of approaches;
  • Do not use any "miracle" drugs - can harm their health;
  • Do not go to the full or partial starvation, just Adjust your diet;
  • It is convenient to begin such measures during Lent. If you stick with it, it will be a good helper, because the diet you can still change it;
  • If you have diseases of the genitourinary system or problems with the gastrointestinal tract, first consult with your doctor;
  • Pick their own diet is not recommended - only dietitian can give competent advice;
  • During breastfeeding carry out the above actions can not wait until the baby gets older, and even then, and go about their figure.

And yet - do not set yourself up to be afflicted, and in a good mood and gorgeous results! It will be difficult at first and laziness, but then you will not be able to live without the morning exercise, fasting days and jogging in the park. You can enroll in a pool or gym, you can be like aerobics, or visit the courses of Latin dance - it all depends on you and your desires.

By the way, in such an active way of life can be met and their fate if the personal life is not yet arranged. And believe me, men are not attracted to young women tortured diets with sadness and hunger in his eyes. Smile and to care for themselves, do not leave the house without makeup. Yes, even to buy bread at a bakery have to go fully armed.

Do not forget to pick up a gorgeous wardrobe (it is quite expensive) and buy your favorite perfume vials - all you adorable! You can count on compliments and smiles, glances and questions: "You have a holiday? ". A waist ... Waist be thin and graceful - the main thing to try. After all, with a strong desire, aspiration and inspiration, a woman can do everything, does not it?

 Effective exercises for the waist. How to achieve a stunning effect?

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