exercises for pumping buttocks


  • Exercises for pumping buttocks
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What most attracts the eyes of a woman? You say - expressive eyes, plump lips volume or chest? And here and there! According to opinion polls it is elastic ass takes a leading position in the ranking of female charms. And unless the female ass is good? And how many times have you paid attention to the "Die Hard" athlete-man? Smile! So was the case, and more than once!

But if with the help of sports loadings do not keep fit, very fast gluteal muscles lose their elasticity and former beautiful roundness. This is especially true when a sedentary lifestyle, as well as unhealthy diet and dominated prevail various bad habits.

It is a mistake to assume that obtained during the daily walk is enough load to maintain proper muscle tone. Alas, to pump up the buttocks and make them elastic, one walk enough. In everyday household life glutes barely exposed to load, except when climbing stairs. Therefore it is recommended to perform additional exercises to inflate the buttocks, a minimum set of which will train the gluteus maximus muscle, the priests responsible for the smartness. Just a few minutes a day and you can be proud of their results.

Exercises for pumping buttocks

Ideal for those who need "a good kick," and the hand of a mentor - the fitness room or exercise at the gym under the supervision of the power of an experienced instructor. For those who love freedom and movement, an effective way to pull up the ass will be a game of table tennis or ping pong. Despite the expenditure of more time, this is the best fitness for the formation of the elastic shape of the buttocks. The fact is that playing tennis, you can not build muscle, and train them, pulling on natural muscle lines. In addition, during the active game, when the need to maintain the speed and perform the necessary movements are trained not only to the buttocks, but the lumbar region, the waist - and this in turn creates a beautiful silhouette.

To the delight of housewives, and not leaving the house to pump elastic ass it is not too difficult. The main conditions for effective results - self-discipline, regularity and accuracy of exercise. And for that you need a great desire, patience and a few household items.

 What exercises to pump up the buttocks

Squats with weights and simple

No need to immediately proceed to the intensity. To start a few days knead the buttocks by a squat, not to accidentally pull a muscle. After four or five days to go squats with a load. You can use dumbbells or a barbell. Immediately we advise you what items you can replace sports equipment - can be used to weight plastic bottles with water or sand.

Start position: feet shoulder width apart, arms raised at chest level. Squat should be deep enough to touch the thighs calves feet. Back when it should be straight and the pelvis fell below the knees. Squats need to perform well from start to finish, gently down on the inhalation and exhalation rising.

Initially, it will be difficult to keep your balance and stay upright, but it is the correctness of each approach ensures a great result. In addition, this technique allows to build up the missing mass for the buttocks and well frighten the front thigh muscles. Exercise should be performed four to five sets of ten to fifteen sit-ups at intervals of two minutes to rest.

Another type of squats - plie squats (choose for themselves what exercise is best for you). Start position: feet wider than shoulders, feet deployed to 45 °, back straight. On the inhale begin to squat until thighs while the line is not parallel to the floor; Do not forget to stretch the muscles of the buttocks, back, keep straight. Exhale - return to the starting position. It requires repeat the exercise ten to fourteen times. To increase the load leg can be put more and more widely deployed foot and take up weights (dumbbells, water bottles, and the like).


Effective exercise for shaping and firm buttocks. As in the previous case, it is necessary to gradually move the load thrusts using dumbbells. Immediately we warn that in this exercise also involved the front thigh muscles, and they will definitely get sick. To better use the gluteal muscles adapt himself to do the exercise as we describe next.

Starting position: back straight, feet shoulder width apart, holding dumbbells. Doing a slow step forward, another sock feet never left the ground. Transferring weight on the front foot, squat so that the front foot was bent at a right angle, and knee did not go beyond the toe. Leg standing behind and bent at the knee and touches the floor. Then return to the starting position. During the execution of attacks to keep your back straight. This exercise should be performed no more than three times a week, four sets of five or ten attacks (it all depends on your physical fitness). The interval between sets - no more than two minutes. Watch for breathing: sat - a breath, stood up - exhale.

Mahi feet

Stretching the muscles of the buttocks and thighs - an essential reception when inflated ass. This will give your muscles the necessary flexibility and elasticity.

Start position: hold on to the machine or hands to the wall or use as uopra his chair, back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly and gradually exhale allot leg back until it stops, loading thigh. On inspiration back to the starting position. Likewise run swings aside. In this case, the foot must be removed as much as possible in the above way. And also do not forget to breathe correctly: max - exhale, legs together - breath.

Perform swings can also be from a position on all fours. Starting position: Kneel and lean on your hands, bent at the elbows. Perform mahi need up so that the leg remained bent at an angle of 90 °, stopping at the top to two or three seconds. Exercise is carried out ten times in four approaches at intervals of one to two minutes.

Mahi from the position on the side. Starting position: lying on his side, resting his elbow on the floor, do not slouch. Upper leg lift straight up as high as possible, stopping at the top and then lower. Exercise perform twenty to twenty-five times on each leg in four approaches.

 the right exercises for pumping buttocks


Very good and simple exercise for a good result. Starting position: lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, hands at your sides. On the "time" slowly lift your buttocks up to the level of the back line, stay in this position for a few seconds. "Two" - take a starting position. You can do this exercise every day, forty or fifty times.

The next intake is similar in its effect to the previous one. Starting position: lying on his back, feet against the wall so that the knees bent to form a right angle, arms at your sides. Slowly begin to walk up the wall while pulling and straining buttocks after kicking. At the top of freezes in tighten position for ten seconds and is also slowly return to starting position. You will need to do the exercise twenty to thirty times.


Jima is best done on special simulators, but at home, you can replace them with the next exercise, which will help not only to train the buttocks, but the muscles of the thigh.

Starting position: sit on the edge of a chair, hold the ball between your knees right size. Exhale - gently squeeze the ball knees for a few seconds, straining the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Inhale - starting position. Exercise should be repeated at least ten times.

In this article, we told you what exercises to inflate the buttocks are most effective and acceptable to perform at home. And now only on your persistence and desire will depend on the speed of obtaining results. Fortunately, the gluteal muscles is very well trained and rapidly take the necessary form. Just do not forget to follow the exercises for breathing and proper distribution of load. Finally one piece of advice: if you still stuck to your muscles very sore, take a warm bath with sea salt. This will help you relax and bring the lactic acid from muscle tissue. Successful training!

 Effective exercise for the buttocks inflation at home

 exercise of cellulite on the buttocks


  • The most effective exercises
  • Deep squats
  • Lifting the pelvis in the prone position
  • Mahi feet
  • Complicated options strides feet
  • Static version of the strides feet
  • Walking up the stairs
  • Lunges

The majority of women throughout their lives in varying degrees, faced with the emergence of cellulite in various problem areas, and such unpleasant phenomenon does not depend on the weight and can be observed in obese and have very slender and thin, even the fair sex. The most frequently localized cellulitis in the buttocks and thighs, and get rid of it is the most difficult.

Modern beauty industry offers a variety of quick and easy way to eliminate the effect of "orange peel" using creams, lotions, gels, wraps and similar cosmetic products. Women are beginning to believe advertising and diligently use all these tools, but often do not see any result. It happens also is that cellulite is a result of such manipulations on time becomes less noticeable, but after just a couple of months, all is back to normal. The fact that the external action through a variety of creams has little effect on the subcutaneous fat, but certain exercises for cellulite on the buttocks and thighs can guarantee to get rid of it in compliance with the discipline and the manifestation of a certain persistence.

The most effective exercises

There is a lot of exercise, aimed at eliminating the "orange peel", but they are not so much aerobic power as the character. Regular jogging, dancing or any other aerobic fitness orientation can help to lose weight, but cellulite is hardly affected. Next we will look at some of the most effective and simple exercises on the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, can make them much more resilient and help significantly to eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

Deep squats

Many coaches advise their clients to do deep squats every day to get rid of the "orange peel" on the hips and buttocks. Such simple exercise is really a very strong influence on the appearance of the back, as well as allows you to make skin more elastic and align its relief. In addition, squats can be performed easily at home, because they do not need a lot of space and any special exercise equipment or other fitness accessories.

To do this exercise on empty, you must learn the proper technique squats. To do this it is best to first train near the mirror, as best seen from any mistake or wrong move. If you decide to squat just with its own weight, the right to be a statement of the feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider, put his hands behind his head and start to squat with your back flat so that your knees do not go beyond the level of socks. The deeper you squat, the stronger the pressure on the buttocks and thighs. In the early stages it is best to do 15-20 squats in 3 sets, and eventually increase the number of sit-ups to 30-50 and make them in 4-5 sets.

To complicate the exercise, you can use the extra weight in the form of dumbbells or ordinary plastic bottles filled with water or sand. Under this option, you need to free weights squats hold in two hands, but the squat avoid swinging arms forward and backward or to the side, and try to keep his balance and not to bend your back. At the primary level will be enough dumbbells weighing less than 2 kg, and over time their weight can be increased up to 5-8 kg. The optimal number of reps - 10-15, and approaches - no more than four.

An important nuance! Squats are contraindicated for those who have problems with the knee, and the use of undesirable burdens for injuries or other problems with the lumbar spine.

If there are no contraindications to perform sit-ups you do not, but their implementation you feel discomfort in the lower back, try to squat against the wall to the point where between the torso and legs form an angle of 90 degrees. As a result of this exercise, you should have an impression that you like to sit on an invisible chair.

 Exercises for cellulite on the buttocks

Lifting the pelvis in the prone position

It is an effective exercise for cellulite on the buttocks is raising the pelvis while lying on a hard, flat surface. Perform this exercise like squats, you can at home, simply lay on the floor gym mat or a folded blanket. It should lie flat, arms extended along the trunk and pelvis begins to climb as high as possible, dropping him back in a way that does not touch the floor. If you have trouble, you can help yourself a little hands, pushing them to the floor and pushing the pelvis up to help create resistance. Extra weight is not necessary to use, and repeated raising of the pelvis must be at least 20-30 times in 3-4 sets.

This exercise allows you to work out great gluteal muscle and the entire back of the thigh and helps to improve digestion, which is also not the most recent influences on the skin of the whole body. However, it is important to make lifting the pelvis rhythmically, quickly picking it up as much as possible and slowly dropping down to feel all the muscles that are involved in carrying out such an exercise.

Lifting the pelvis is strictly contraindicated to perform in the critical days. You should also be careful of a tendency to high blood pressure. If you have any problems with the lower back, it is best to refrain from this activity, or to make it previously tucked under waist soft cushion or a small pillow.

Mahi feet

One of the safest exercises can reduce the appearance of "orange peel" on the hips and buttocks are all sorts of kicks. It is best to do a similar exercise on the floor, leaning on her knees and forearms so that the back of the neck to the tailbone form a straight horizontal line. From this position should in turn make kicks up, certainly straining while glutes.

Mahi is possible to do both straight and bent leg (90 degrees) for 20-30 times on each leg 3-4 approach. If you have cellulite is most pronounced on the hips, it should be added to the standard method of this exercise, its slightly modified version, involving lifting legs bent sideways to form a right angle with the body. The number of repetitions and approaches in this case may be a little less, because this exercise is not as easy as the standard foot moves up.

Complicated options strides feet

If you do not have varicose veins, you can do kicks, after having put on their specific weights, which are now sold not only in the many sports stores, but often the most common and major supermarkets. For a start it will be enough weighting weighing less than 1 kg, but over time their weight can be increased up to 4-5 kg. Mach number using additional weights should be from 8 to 15 times, and a total of approaches to do at least three.

For those who can not, for one reason or another to use weights, perfectly suited as rubber expanders, or as they are called, tape resistance. Use this simple fitness device must be so: come knee supporting leg on the tape so as to form a kind of loop and thread the other leg in the loop and do it swings against the resistance created by the expanders. There is a tape with different load levels, oriented people with different power rates as well as the individual characteristics such as overall growth of the body length of the legs and the like.

Perform mahi with ribbons resistance should be in the same amount as usual kicks, but the approach needs to be done only 2-3. In any case, you should focus on the sensations in the muscles, and not to stop the exercise, until there is a sense of light burning and muscle fatigue trainees.

Static version of the strides feet

To more effectively work out the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, accelerate blood circulation in it and make the fat cells that form cellulite decrease at an accelerated pace, it should add a static version of the above exercises. To do this, bring the leg up or sideways and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds without relaxing the muscles and keeping in constant tension. If you are able to survive because more than 30 seconds - well, if less, do not get discouraged and try every next time to increase the time the static part of the exercise.

It is very important when you hold a certain position does not bend at the waist and did not compensate for the voltage occurs in the muscles of the trunk movement forward or sideways. You should also pay attention to where the "look" of your sock. So, when the static version maha ago sock best pull up, which further stimulates the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. If you make a swing towards the bent leg, and then linger in that position for some time, the foot should be positioned perpendicular to the leg and a sock, respectively, to "look" in the direction of the head.

 the right exercises for cellulite on the buttocks

Walking up the stairs

Too many women get rid of cellulite helped usual walking up the stairs, as it is improbable at first glance may seem. The fact is that when picked up the stairs our muscles are experiencing a double burden - to overcome themselves and steps to overcome gravity. This makes walking up the stairs very effective exercise to burn fat in the wrong place, well strengthens muscles and thereby helps eliminate unsightly "orange peel".

In order to raise the stairs it was not just a daily necessity, but a real strength exercises should be to overcome every day at least 500 steps, which equates to raise the foot at 9 floor 2 times. If you add more and more weights in the form of two equal-weight bags, in which case it is necessary to keep two hands, then make walking up the steps even more effective in this difficult task as getting rid of cellulite.


If you can not go every day on the steps, then you can replace it to perform all sorts of attacks at home. To study the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, as well as their significant strengthening and tightening of the skin in these areas are considered to be the most effective lunges forward and backward in bending leg to a right angle, which is performed in an amount of 20-30 times on each leg 3-5 approaches. Using the weighting in the form of dumbbells, you want to hold in their hands, in this exercise is to be welcomed. The number of repetitions in this case will be about 8-12 per, and approaches - no more than three.

All of the above exercises for cellulite on the buttocks and thighs should be done on a regular basis (3 to 5 times a week), proper nutrition and supplement intake for a sufficient amount of water in your body. If you do not adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition, the fat cells that form cellulite will not be able to properly respond to any exercise. Failure to comply with the drinking regime will lead to the imminent fluid retention in the body that will not allow you to completely get rid of the "orange peel".

If you show the will power and will at least for a few months to make regular exercises to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks, as well as monitor their diet and amount of daily water, you can easily wear very short skirts, shorts and afraid to look bad in a bathing suit, because your skin is smoothed, and the cellulite will be over. However, to maintain this effect we must try to continue to continue to follow these recommendations, but even better - to make sport and proper nutrition an integral part of their daily life.

 The most effective exercise for cellulite on the buttocks