effective mask against greasy hair


  • Masks from food
  • Masks for oily hair with lemon juice
  • Vegetables and fruit against fat
  • Herbal teas, essential oils

It is known that oily hair deliver a lot of hassle. Their owners know that in this case the head is necessary to wash almost every day. Repeated exposure shampoo detrimental effect on the scalp and on the hair. What to do? How to get rid of the problem of greasy hair without damaging their structure?

We offer you a mask for oily hair, which can be made at home.

The main components of these resources - natural ingredients that contribute to effective nutritional scalp, elimination of excess fat.

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Masks from food

Next will be offered a variety of masks, which are prepared on the basis of kefir, with the addition of mustard or entirely of bread. The first is called "bread." These masks can be prepared whenever there is a handy rye bread. For the preparation it is desirable to use fresh black bread, since this product is well nourishes the hair and scalp. Method of preparation: pieces of bread, chop, mix thoroughly with warm water, preferably boiled. The resulting tool is rubbed into the roots, however, if the mass turned out too much, it needs to be spread over the entire length. The main concentration should be at the roots. The mask is kept about 15 minutes, can be slightly smaller then rinsed with warm water. With the use of hair becomes soft, fat decreases with each use.

Next mask made from yoghurt. It is recommended to apply on oily hair. It is important to know that dairy products have the ability to dry hair and scalp. They are used for manufacturing certain shampoos and balsams. The cosmetic product can often find a mask with the addition of yogurt. Any liquid fermented milk, yogurt, curd or whey is applied and gently spread over the entire length. The mask is left for 30 minutes, then rinsed. Shampoo is optional.

Mustard mask for oily hair also serve as an effective tool for the pollution of the scalp. In order to apply you will need a mustard and water. 150 ml of mustard must be diluted in 500 ml of cooled boiled water. After this must be added L of water. The resulting solution was washed hair without the use of shampoo. Mustard mask is one of the most useful tools, as has a strong effect.

Mask of honey helps to strengthen the structure of the hair, making them easy and pleasant to touch, and to eliminate excess fat from the scalp. Preparation: 50 g of honey mixed with 50 g of castor oil, add the same amount of aloe juice. Mass rubbed into the scalp, spreading the roots, wash off after 15-20 minutes.

 mustard mask against greasy hair
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Masks for oily hair with lemon juice

Lemon has the property of strongly dry. Rough wrong dosage amount of lemon juice can cause dryness of the scalp. When using masks with lemon should be careful, as in the preparation of proportioning.

40-50 ml of lemon juice dissolved in 200 ml of vodka. The liquid should be applied to the roots. Do not rinse. This is a powerful way to eliminate fat.

Lemon juice is diluted with warm water. It is strongly recommended to use cooled boiled water. Rinse hair one time in three days after washing.

Honey mask for oily hair with lemon. To prepare the use honey, garlic, lemon juice and aloe in equal proportions. The components are mixed, applied and spread over the entire length. Held for about 30 minutes, then wash off. It is important to note that after the use of such masks may remain garlic smell. It can be eliminated by using shampoo or use a solution of water and mustard.

 lemon juice in the fight against fat hair
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Vegetables and fruit against fat

Eliminate fat help fresh fruits and vegetables.

The mask of quince. The core must be removed and cook for 10-15 minutes. The solution to cool, rub into the scalp, spreading to the roots. Do not rinse.

Broth from mountain ash is used in rinsing. To prepare the required 150 g of ash and half a liter of boiled water. The infusion is boiled for about 15 minutes.

To eliminate the fat and cook the potato mixture. Potato juice mixed with yogurt. Distributed along the length of the mask. Soaking takes about 40 minutes, then wash and rinse with warm water. Instead of potatoes can be included in the cucumber or pumpkin pulp.

 essential oils for the treatment of oily hair
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Herbal teas, essential oils

In the fight against fat hair help of the following herbs: chamomile, peppermint, thyme, calamus, nettle, oak bark, plantain. For application to the hair decoction prepared from any of the foregoing. First boil the grass. The resulting slurry was added 500 ml of water and boiled for about 20 minutes. These tools are used when rinsing.

Herbal remedies from linden or birch leaves. Crushed dried herbs pour boiling water. Such a solution need to rinse the hair at least 2 times per week.

To eliminate greasy useful to use the following essential oils: calendula, cedar oil, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, orange, sage. A small amount of oil should be added to the shampoo. In addition to the efficiency of oil have the ability to give a delicious flavor.

In this topic, we gave examples of hair masks that you can prepare and use at home. Hair products from natural products always effective. They are well nourish the hair and prevent breakage and loss, help to reduce fat. When buying balms and masks for oily hair, it is recommended to pay attention to the composition. Funds with the addition of yogurt and juice of citrus fruits are the most effective. However, with regular use of masks is the home of your hair will become strong, soft and shiny.

 Effective against greasy hair

 best days for cutting hair


  • Why is not every lunar day for changing hairstyles?
  • Hair and Energy
  • Terms hair clippers
  • In which of the lunar days to do a haircut
  • Mowing and Zodiac
  • Mowing and days of the week
  • Mowing and birthday

People who choose auspicious days for cutting hair, not only have beautiful hair, but also lucky in life.
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Why is not every lunar day for changing hairstyles?

Have you ever thought about where people go to get a haircut? When the hair is completely grown back? When you want to change the image? Or just the day came when the legs themselves are a beloved master? Few of the women thought about the fact that it is from these spontaneous and hasty trips to the hairdresser, not linked to any day of the week, nor the lunar days, or to the Zodiac, depends on the state of their hair, mood, emotional state and even life luck.

 cutting hair in good days
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Hair and Energy

Today, even modern scientists have recognized that human hair several functions:

  • They serve as a kind of antenna, connects people with the information field. It is scientifically proven that the hollow tubular structure is very similar to modern waveguides. Thereon lossless transmitted power flow, which is then emitted from one end of the waveguide. Every day, they spend the energy and emit a thin space, making us a part of the universe are connected to common hair znaniyam.Starinnoe name "mane" makes us think about that hair can play such a role.
  • The hair can accumulate large amounts of energy. Proof of this - the ability of Tibetan monks to turn their long braids in the die-hard "crowbar." Devoting a week, and during prayers, performing certain rituals in the lunar days, the monks are able to endow their hair strength steel.
  • Hair is as unique as a fingerprint. The skilled artisan will be able to very accurately describe a person with only one front of his hair.
  • French scholar de Roche, who devoted his life to studying the mysterious and unexplained phenomena has proved that hair, even cut, long retain their connection with man.

All these facts indicate that the hair play an important role not only in the appearance of the person. They are important for health maintenance, maintenance of energy balance, a good tone.
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Terms hair clippers

To keep their hair, to maintain health, without the hassle to move through life, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of a hairstyle.

  • Choose the right masters. Remember, the person who cuts your hair, significantly affects your aura. If you entrust your hair vicious, dull or disaffected person, even properly selected lunar day or week zodiac will not save you from a failed haircut or depression. Hair will grow back for weeks, and it is sure to affect the appearance, mood, energy state.
  • Do not forget: the older master, the clearer it during haircuts changes your destiny. Calculating a successful lunar day for haircuts, decide what you are striving for. If you are satisfied with your life, you go to the hairdresser one you age. If failures are driving to a standstill, and the things were falling from the hands, go to an experienced hairdresser older. Your life will be brighter and more joyful.
  • In no case did not cut the end of the hair yourself.
  • Hair - the best material for a love spell or other magical effects. If they fall into the hands of enemies, it can ruin your life greatly. And the problem could cause the situation if you like the barber of the opposite sex. Therefore it will be better if you visit the salon is not only the correct day of the moon, but also refer to the master of the same sex.
  • Choosing the time for cutting, be sure to observe the day of the week, day of the Moon, his own birthday, Zodiac and some celestial phenomena.

 hair cutting rules

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In which of the lunar days to do a haircut

How to choose the lunar day for haircuts? We must decide to what it is you are striving for.

  • If you want to grow hair with strong roots, do a haircut only when the moon begins to rise. At this time, you can choose any day of the moon to change hairstyle, make restorative hair mask or a haircut.
  • You do not need long hair, but you decided to strengthen the roots? Mow when the moon is waning. Just remember: in order to grow hair after a haircut, you need a week.
  • It is not necessary to carry out manipulations with the hair in the new moon, on the ninth day of the moon. Such as "satanic" are 15-23-29 days of the lunar calendar. It is believed that at this time, along with the hair, you can cut off the mind, health and good luck.
  • The best day for cutting hair is a full moon. That same day, the body is completely impregnated with the cosmic energy. Excesses it can negatively affect health. That is why the moon is full it is necessary to cut at least the tips of the hair, getting together with them in the past month from the accumulated negativity and excess energy. Especially useful haircut when the full moon coincides with the day of the Virgin and the Lion. Such a fortunate coincidence does not happen often, and they need to be sure to take advantage.

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Mowing and Zodiac

Lunar days - is not the only benchmark for haircuts. Well, if the campaign to the hairdresser will be chosen in accordance with the zodiac calendar.

  • Not a very good time to change hairstyles are considered days when the moon is in Aries. Hair grow fast, but become thin, brittle. Furthermore, hair cut in the day, may drastically reduce immunity, exposing human diseases.
  • Moon traveling for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, calls to make a variety of manipulations with the hair. They can be cut, painted, make lamination, perm and other procedures. Any impact will only improve the structure and quality of hair.
  • If the Moon moved into Gemini or Libra, the lush hairstyles will be successful.
  • When the satellite is close to Aquarius, it's time to experimentation and creativity. It will all work out extravagant, extraordinary, exclusive. But the classic hairstyle is better not to do: still fail.
  • Luna does not like water. Therefore, as soon as it enters Cancer or Pisces, the head is better not to wash: dry, brittle, weak hair, it will bring the same harm as a thick head of hair.
  • Lions - a great fluffy mane. Such effect can be obtained by mowing, if you make it in a time when the night light will travel through the Lion. Influence paints and other chemical compounds at this time is impossible.
  • When the moon moves into Sagittarius, the hair is cut necessarily. This is useful not only for growth, but for the career.
  • In order not to spoil the privacy, not part with loved ones, do not do anything with the hair at the time of the passage of the moon on the Sagittarius. These days quite normal scratching.

 hair clippers on weekdays

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Mowing and days of the week

Not everyone follows the lunar calendar, or counting your horoscope. In order to maintain the health of hair, positive impact on your career and vitality, you can use less precise, but in a simpler way: cut the ends, focusing on the days of the week.

  • For a week the hair ends accumulate a lot of negativity. Get rid of him better on Monday. Well, if you have the opportunity to visit the salon before going to work. On Monday, you can do coloring, perm, lamination.
  • If you are tired of the constant failures, if your life has become dull and boring, it can be cut on Tuesday. This will help solve the problems that have accumulated for a long time, brings emotions and luck.
  • Wednesday - day haircut for very active people. Visiting a master in this day, you can attract to itself new friends, renew old ties, even the return of loved ones. Mowing on Wednesday will travel in life, communication. Even just trim bangs, you'll learn something very important and interesting, something positively affect your pastime.
  • Looking for luck, success and prosperity? Dreaming of a change in career or in life? To do this, on Thursday to cut or trim the hair. Mowing on Thursday will increase your popularity, add the well-being and wealth.
  • Friday - the day, "locking" the beauty. If you own appearance completely satisfied, do nothing. And if you decide to change, go to the salon. Just remember: on the one hand Friday - is auspicious days for cutting hair, on the other hand, if you do not like the changes, you will have to endure for at least a week.
  • Saturday, like Monday, lets get rid of the accumulated during the week negative.
  • On Sunday, any manipulation of the hair is not recommended. It is believed that you can spoil your destiny or luck scare. It is better to spend a day in nature, not in a beauty salon.

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Mowing and birthday

Some experts believe that, going to shorten the hair, be sure to take into account the day of one's birth.

  • Antagonist Sunday is Monday. Therefore, people born on the last day of the week, the best haircut on Thursday or Tuesday.
  • Saturday Friday close energy and the other is energy Sunday.
  • "Children Friday" to work better with the image on Mondays and Thursdays, and even in the last two days of the week. Any impact on the hair on Tuesdays will fail.
  • "People Thursday" should avoid haircuts on Wednesdays. But they can take any action with hair in the first two days of the week, Thursday and Sunday.

  • Those born in the middle of the week, can not risk going to the master on Thursday. They better do it on Sundays.
  • Was born on Tuesday should not go to the barber shop on Fridays. But a visit to the salon on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday normalizes energy state.
  • People born from Thursday to Saturday inclusive, dub hair better on Monday. Those days are similar energy content, so any changes will only benefit. Antagonist Monday - Sunday. On this day, the manipulation of hair can reduce vitality.
 About that, in some lunar days better haircut