djufaston during pregnancy

"How many times told the world ..." What just not been told to the world, including on the inadmissibility of its own, without a prescription, take any whatsoever pharmacological agents. This is especially significant for women who are expecting a new baby. It is not surprising - after all the expectant mother is responsible not only for their health but also the health and the life of her baby. But very often it happens that in pregnancy djufaston adopted almost haphazardly.

Fortunately, pregnant women is rarely self-medicate. However, they have their own characteristics - expectant mothers prefer to re-examine very carefully almost without exception, the treating physician. Including gather as much information about each assign them the pharmacological preparation. It is for just such anxiety of pregnant women and the written material.

Reasons for termination of pregnancy

One of the most commonly used pharmacological agents in pregnant women for many years has been, and remains djufaston. Duphaston and pregnancy have become virtually synonymous. Duphaston is a kind of artificially synthesized analogue progesterone - female hormone. This drug is designed to help a woman to bear a child, because it suspends the contractile activity of the uterus.

In order to understand why doctors prescribe to pregnant women djufaston, and how this drug helps prevent the loss of a child, you need to know about what is habitual miscarriage and because of that but can occur. This is what will be discussed below.

Doctors give the following definition of "miscarriage": spontaneous, without external interference, termination of pregnancy at this period, when the child has not reached the necessary level of maturity to survive. Simply put, it is a miscarriage in which the pregnancy is terminated even before the child can be saved.

The reasons that may affect the normal course of pregnancy and cause spontaneous abortion, there is a fairly large number. Unfortunately, doctors do not always manage to establish this very reason. There are a few basic:

  • The impact of various stress factors - both chronic and acute

I'm sure that the expectant mother should be avoided all kinds of stressful situations, they know almost everything. However, unfortunately, in practice almost impossible to avoid stress. Yet the most dangerous stress in the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk of spontaneous abortion in this period is much higher.

  • Various infections of the genitourinary system of pregnant women during pregnancy

All kinds of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, can also be to blame for early spontaneous abortion. Moreover, the cause may be an infection as a chronic and acute purchased woman has during pregnancy.

  • Various chronic diseases of various internal organs of women

There is a fairly large number of different pathologies of internal organs and systemic diseases that can cause a miscarriage. That is why doctors so strongly recommend that all women, without exception, before pregnancy take a thorough investigation. In an extreme case, if it has not been done before pregnancy, the survey must be done as soon as possible. Very often, seeing the problem in a timely manner, doctors can help women prevent the loss of a child.

  • Violation of hormonal pregnant women, including because of the thyroid

One of the most common problems that lead to the premature termination of pregnancy, a hormonal disruption. Most often, these violations are a direct result of thyroid disease. But do not despair - in the event that the violation has been observed by doctors in a timely manner, the situation can be corrected with a very high probability.

However, if a woman has had more than two consecutive miscarriages occurred in the first half of pregnancy, doctors say habitual miscarriage of a pregnancy. Almost always the cause of recurrent miscarriage are various hormonal disorders in women.

For whatever reasons, a woman's body does not have enough of this female hormone, progesterone. But it is responsible for ensuring that the muscles of the uterus does not shrink, thus preventing spontaneous abortion. However, this fact is, alas, not only provokes spontaneous abortion.

Furthermore, progesterone promotes even and adequate immune system. Otherwise the immune system of a woman rebel, and will begin to reject the fetus as a foreign body. Yes - yes, do not be surprised! After all, a child - your flesh and blood only half, the other half belongs to the pope.

 djufaston and pregnancy

Djufaston - the need or ...?

Djufaston same is almost complete analog of the natural hormone progesterone, which should be produced in a woman's body. This pharmacological agents most positive impact not only on uterine activity, but also on for many other physiological processes occurring in the body of the future mother during the nine months.

In the event that a woman's body produces too own a small amount of the hormone progesterone, deviations from the normal course of pregnancy is almost starting from the very first weeks. First of all a woman has uterine hypertonus - her muscles are in tension. Of course, a woman can not feel it on their own in such a short period, but the doctor - a gynecologist noticed this problem almost immediately.

And if a problem is detected in a timely manner, to help mother and baby can be. This is why doctors - gynecologists and expectant mothers appoint Djufaston. It is well absorbed by the body, because of their structure and properties as close as possible to the natural hormone - progesterone, which is produced in a woman's body naturally.

Some women mistakenly believe that Djufaston has a stimulating effect on a woman's body, prompting it to produce its own progesterone. However, this is not so - Djufaston not lead to increased production of progesterone. However, it helps to keep the amount of hormone that is able to develop the body of the future mother. Moreover - Djufaston at times enhances its positive effects on the reproductive system of pregnant women in particular, and on the whole body.

One of the main positive aspects of the drug duphaston is that the drug has a unique ability to influence the muscles of the uterus selectively, where you need it. It eliminates the possibility of the most overly strong growths of muscle fibers, reducing them and, consequently, reduces the likelihood of a possible miscarriage.

Djufaston extremely effective as if only the emerging threat of spontaneous premature termination of pregnancy and if a woman is typically habitual miscarriage. Djufaston very effectively normalizes the female reproductive system, preparing it in pregnancy and its successful stream, if taken before conception.

Well, in that case, if there is a threat as pregnancy, drug, as mentioned above, is no less effective. But with one caveat - only if the reception duphaston conducted exclusively under the strict supervision of a physician. Before you assign the drug, a physician carefully examine a woman, she will appoint necessary research, including research on the content of the blood in her hormones.

This study is extremely important because it is based on the results of a blood test and the doctor will calculate the recommended dosage of the drug. Throughout the period of treatment - as it lasts, as a rule, during the first and second trimester - the woman is under the strict supervision of a physician. In addition, the expectant mother during the entire course of therapy duphaston requires regular monitoring of the levels of hormones in the blood.

So, when it will be canceled this medication should solve the doctor - a gynecologist. After that, when indicators are stabilized, the physician is likely to override the drug. However, this should be done very carefully - the dosage of medication is reduced very slowly. Otherwise a very good chance of spontaneous abortion.

That is why doctors - gynecologists strongly warn expectant mothers that in any case unacceptable self stop taking duphaston - is at times increases the risk of losing a child. It is absolutely unnecessary, stupid and unnecessary risk. But, unfortunately, very often expectant mothers do not belong to this drug very seriously, considering it something completely frivolous.

Pros and cons of the drug

Very many pregnant women after learning that he is shown receiving duphaston, afraid that the pharmacological agents would have on the child's development is very negative impact. However, this is not the case - many different research and observation of the huge number of kids reliably indicate complete safety of the drug, for her mother's health and the health of the baby. Djufaston reviews during pregnancy is very positive!

In addition to all its other advantages, Duphaston is also very easy to use - simply the woman to drink a certain amount of the drug tablets. It does not give the expectant mother virtually no inconvenience and discomfort. And all preparations containing inherently natural hormone progesterone, are introduced into the woman's body only by intramuscular injection.

All these drugs are manufactured, oil-based, so the injections are extremely painful. Moreover - these shots are very, very often lead to the fact that at the injection site complications such as purulent abscess. I agree that this is not the best prospect for the future mother, who already feels quite uncomfortable sensations. Duphaston is entirely devoid of these shortcomings.

Therefore, if the doctor offered you a course of treatment djufaston, think before you give it up. It is highly likely that this treatment will save the life of your baby. For this you can try, is not it? The more that you absolutely no risk!

 Duphaston and pregnancy

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