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Welcome to the world of culinary delights, delicious soups and main dishes, desserts delicate and light salads, fruit drinks and flavored dressings. On our site each - and a beginner and professional - will find what he is looking for. If you love to cook, you probably pick up the original recipe of delicious dishes of Jewish, Ukrainian, Indian and Polish cuisine. Bachelors, students and those who are just mastering the basics of cooking things, will get acquainted with a variety of instructions to help make breakfast, lunch and dinner, quickly and without any material costs. All ridiculously simple - it is necessary to try once.

Today let's talk about the dish, which is familiar with every person on the planet Earth. Recipes dumplings, there are many, and have a particular nationality, they have different names. So, Buryats named them "posture", as one of the varieties of Armenian "open" products - "Borucki." Azerbaijanis dumplings served with lamb as the first dishes with bold spicy broth, and this dish is called "dyushpara."

The Russian hostess mold "sorcerers" and the Italians possess the secrets of cooking the ravioli. In general, the options of traditional dishes million, have something to learn and something to work hard. Of course, to learn everything at once will not work, but something is worth to start?

 dumplings recipe

Dumplings in a modern way

When you first came to our site, to be sure, here are the best recipes. One interested first courses, the other looking for an original dish for a festive feast - every request we have the answer. For true sweet tooth, a special heading, which contains real masterpieces of confectionary art. And to know the intricacies of Indian, Jewish, or, for example, Ukrainian cuisine can be in the "kitchen of the world".

Now you do not have to buy expensive manuals for novice cooks do not need to spend a lot of time browsing the specialized gear. Here you will find a lot of instructions for the preparation of various dishes, from simple to more complex.

And now it will be about double the dumpling of minced beef and pork. This dish is familiar to almost everyone, it is especially popular with students. What is worth to buy the frozen product in the store, throw it in boiling water, pour the sour cream - and voila, dinner is ready. Even today, many housewives prefer to act like young students - to buy dumplings in supermarkets. After all, some of them believe that the mold product - a solid meal. However, we are ready to prove the opposite - you just pick up the following recipe.



  • 600 grams of white flour sifted
  • homemade egg
  • sea ​​salt
  • 170 milliliters of boiling water (be sure to refrigerate it)


  • three is not too large bulbs
  • salt
  • 250 grams of store pork and ground beef
  • freshly ground pepper (meaning black)
  • two garlic cloves

Cooking method:

Despite the fact that today in the world there are thousands of recipes for delicious dumplings, all these kinds of dishes have several common characteristics. To be precise, the rules on which in any case should not retreat. Firstly, what no matter what, and no matter how lazy, always sift the flour. Even a product of the highest quality to undergo this procedure. This is due to the fact that in the process of sifting flour saturated with air, making the dough out over a lush and products - soft.

The second least important thing - filling. Dumplings made with meat, cabbage (of course, then they increasingly resemble dumplings), cheese, mushrooms. Traditionally considered stuffing beef, pork or lamb. Stuffing can be purchased at your local retailer, but it is better to do it yourself, the more that it is absolutely not difficult (in which you will see later). Going to the market, choose fresh meat from a trusted vendor, the integrity of which you are sure. See that the product was not lived fat - only pulp. The piece should be bright and juicy shades.

Depending on the filling and mold dumplings carry different names. At this point you can decide to cut the dough into a circle or square to make the product. And one more thing, which heard not all. Dumplings can not only cook, as many do - they are also fried in deep fat. In the latter case, during the molding is necessary to leave a small hole in the dumpling - then they are faster and better protushatsya.

The course of a young soldier passed, now is the time to move from theory to practice. So, to begin to be kneaded dough. This is done as follows: deep and large bowl sift the flour, then assemble it and make slide inside the funnel. Now, in a separate piala whisk whisk the egg and pour into a glass of cooled boiled water, lightly salted it. Chicken egg combine flour, here we add two tablespoons of salt liquid. Assemble the dry mixture from the edges to the middle and start kneading the dough accurate movements. Do not forget to enter gradually in small portions remaining water. In the end, you should have a flexible homogeneous dense mass.

Once the first phase will be left behind, cover the dough slightly damp kitchen towel, and themselves enjoy a filling. It's quite a simple recipe for cooking use shopping stuffing. You do not have to waste time looping meat, enough to combine both types of product - beef and pork - in a bowl. Then clean the hull of the onions and garlic. First rub on a medium grater or grind in a meat grinder, and a second chop into small cubes. If possible, use a special press. Meat must be pepper and salt, the amount of ingredients depends on your taste preferences. Stir hands stuffing and vegetables. Make sure that all lumps are gone.

There was one small thing: pour on the working surface of a small handful of flour, distributing it across the table. Now roll out the dough in a layer the thickness of which ideally should not exceed one and a half millimeters. Take a glass, turn it upside down and pressing the dough, cut out circles of the same size. Stuff the meat product, laying in the middle of each one teaspoon onion and the meat mass. Tucks the edges with your fingers and place the dumplings boiled water.

As mentioned above, the dish can be prepared in two ways. The first - a standard and known to many: Boil in salted water products. In the second case, the raw ravioli fried in olive or other vegetable oils. When they become brown-golden color, add 1/4 cup water and boil for some minutes it. The food can be sprinkled with fresh herbs and a mixture of ground paprika and black pepper. As a suitable cream gravy, mayonnaise, and if you want, try the tasty tomato sauce and spices. But more about that in the following recipe.

 ravioli recipe

Dumplings "Chinese" with beef

Since so much has been said about the different ways of preparing meat dishes, it is a sin not to share the recipe for dumplings, fried in a pan. We offer master is not too easy an option. Products will have to do yourself, but it's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you have no time or hold it at the stove no desire to buy frozen dumplings (500 grams) in the store. Then they will only be browned in oil and cook the sauce, which takes no more than seven minutes. So it decides which way to give preference to, and "join the fight".


For the dumpling dough:

  • 190 ml of ice-cold water
  • Four grams table salt
  • sifted flour (wheat and buy only the highest grade) - 500 grams
  • egg - one piece
  • 1/3 cup of refined sunflower oil

For the stuffing:

  • salt
  • half kilograms of juicy fresh beef
  • Four onion bulbs (if caught more vegetables, take three pieces)
  • a couple of pinches of pepper

For the tomato sauce:

  • pack not too acidic tomato paste
  • water
  • salt
  • tbsp flour
  • 20 grams of fresh dill
  • cilantro - optional
  • dried oregano
  • one clove of garlic

Cooking method:

Note that the dough will need bottled water, which is in advance - for one and a half hours - should be put in the refrigerator. Then sift the flour and pour it into a roller coaster on the table. In the heart make by hand the deepening and pour it in the egg, pre-whisk. With regard to water, then throw it pinches pair salt and mix until dissolved.

The resulting liquid enter into the flour. To avoid unnecessary lumps formed, pour the water gradually as ten to fifteen milliliters at a time. In this carefully collect the flour from the edges toward the middle, thereby kneading the dough. Note that it should not stick to either the working surface or to the hands. If this happens, it means that you have enough flour. Add half a handful and mix the dough several times. After wrap it in a clean towel and store for half an hour for proofing.

Ready to take meat? Then let's get to this procedure. If sculpt dumplings for your beloved husband or boyfriend, or friends of the child belonging to a strong half of humanity, for the stuffing is recommended to buy beef and mutton is better. Because we all know that men prefer a more hearty and fatty dishes. Playmates on the contrary, is likely to be happy with the products with chicken or pork. Whatever you did, and no matter what the product purchased, the procedure is the preparation of stuffing the same for all four cases.

Now, chop the beef into large chunks and pass it through a meat grinder. For the second time this should be done by adding a peeled and diced onions. Double grinding ingredients help to make the stuffing more juicy and tender. Now enter in a little salt and spices - it can be a black pepper, paprika or other spices of your choice. Thoroughly mix the filling and make sure that there are no lumps.

Let's go back to the dough: Put it on the table, it is not adhered to, sprinkle the surface with flour. Then, to work intensively with a rolling pin, roll it into a thin layer. You will need a faceted glass or cup is not too wide: attach the neck ware to the test, push and cut circles. Then in the middle of each Put 1/2 tablespoon juicy ground beef, wrapped product from the edges. However, on the one hand, leave very small opening to the filling good stew.

Red-hot skillet, heat the oil in it; when it starts to bubble, put the dumplings and cook. You can add a little water and stew dish three minutes under the lid until ready. Define its very easy - the product will be golden. Once that happens, to shift into a deep bowl of dumplings and make sauce. To do this, chop as finely as possible fresh herbs, garlic, remove the husks and thread it through the press. In the absence of such use ordinary knife and chop the cloves into small pieces.

The turn of fragrant sauce. Warm water (about 1/3 cup) over medium heat, then type in the tomato paste and stir well. Add the oregano, a pinch of salt, sprinkle the parsley, cilantro and garlic. Simmer, constantly working with a spoon until the liquid begins to boil, no. The average preparation filling takes five to eight minutes. Pour it in a separate bowl and serve with hot fried dumplings. Bon Appetit!

 ravioli recipe

Dumplings "Italian" with cheese and garlic

Do you want to have a party with friends? Then we offer for a while "emerge" from the reality and plunge into the study of the culture of modern Italy. It is a country of brutal men, incredibly beautiful scenery, unforgettable architecture, imbued with the spirit of antiquity, and of course, haute cuisine. Mastery of Italian chefs can be compared, perhaps, only with the ability of the great lovers of delicious food and the right - the French.

In Italy, any dish, even the most unpretentious and seemingly uninteresting, it is a true masterpiece. Dumplings are styled "ravioli" - I agree, it sounds very appetizing. So why do not you learn their cooking? Surely friends will come to the true delight. A bottle of good wine, small delicate products stuffed with cheese and good company will do the job - the mood at all to be a great guarantee.


For the dough:

  • salt - to taste individually
  • three cups of flour (previously sifted)
  • 100 milliliters of milk
  • Two large eggs
  • red pepper (milled only take seasoning)

For filling:

  • 200 grams of juicy and moderately salty cheese
  • Garlic - one large clove
  • eight grams of breadcrumbs
  • three small spoons a little sweetish tomato paste
  • fresh parsley and dill - ten grams each

Cooking method:

Despite the fact that we are preparing dumplings according to Italian tradition, still procedure begins the same way as in the first two recipes, ie sifting flour. When finished, collect it in a bowl in the form of slides, making the middle groove. Now heat the milk in the microwave (do not keep for more than 60 seconds at medium power) or on the stove at minimum fire. Remember that bring it to a boil impossible. Enter into the liquid a little salt and red pepper, mix well, pour it into the flour. This also add the beaten egg with the help of the corolla. Knead the dough hands cool uniform, after the cover with a damp clean gauze and clean for an hour in a warm place.

Now came the turn of the filling. As you can see, in contrast to the Russian meat dumplings, ravioli prepared without meat. It replaces the salty cheese, but there are lots of different versions of the dishes. After all, cooking is not in place - chef regularly provide the world its new masterpieces. We cheese recipe, so follow him: grate cheese using floats into thin strips, and grind the garlic press. If the taste of cheese seems to you a little bland, add a few grams of salt.

Connect in a bowl of garlic and cheese, breaded and enter the tomato paste, all sprinkled with pepper and herbs svezherublenoy. Regarding the latter, there proceed at its own discretion - can use parsley, basil, cilantro or dill. Mix all the ingredients and then return to the test. It should roll out as thin as possible - ideally cake depth of one millimeter. Cut the dough in the form of squares. Then take one of them, put in the middle of ½ tablespoon cheese and tomato pulp, then cover with the second piece of dough and seal the edges, crushing them with your fingers. In the same way, and make other products.

Ravioli can be prepared in advance - about a day - up to a celebratory dinner. In this case, freeze them in a refrigerator, and before the arrival of guests, boil in a little salted water. Methods of feeding different dishes Lay the dumplings in portions of the plate and pour the melted butter, garnish with herbs or cream. If you want, pick a recipe sauce - dairy, spicy, tomato, vegetable, or other - boil it and put it on the table as a filling for ravioli.

As you can see, the usual dumplings are converted into the original dish, this is only to want. Even frozen-store products, if you make this a little effort and spend ten minutes of time, will appear before the eyes of hungry households in a completely different light - fried golden and delicious. So choose recipes and create, without considering the consequences. We offer the only proven and tested in practice, dishes that have won the hearts of millions of housewives. We wish you bon appetite and culinary inspiration!

 Dumplings: the recipe for the clever and clever

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