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  • Duck with sauerkraut and apples
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Recipe for duck can be found in any cookbook. However, most often we are asked to cook it with apples, prunes, oranges. In short, it shows the influence of European culinary traditions. And here is the recipe duck with cabbage is considered native Russian. Our ancestors were generally mild and people prefer simple food. In addition, they were able to so masterfully combine products that even the most unpresentable dishes acquired a special taste. That there is the already mentioned combination of fatty meat duck with cabbage!

You can not imagine how it is delicious! And if you cook a duck with sauerkraut present, it will not only breathtakingly delicious and aromatic, but also quite harmless. The fact is, the acid neutralizes the duck fat and duck meat is no longer a heavy food. However, let us move from words to action, choose the recipe and start to finally cook a duck with sauerkraut.

 recipe for duck with sauerkraut

Duck with sauerkraut and apples

More than a traditional recipe. That is the famous duck cooked in Russian stove, using a thick cast-iron cookware. Bird languished for a long time, impregnated with the juice of sauerkraut and became so soft that simply melted in the mouth. Of course, up to you to reproduce this recipe is unlikely because of the absence of the Russian stove, but to try to get closer to the real thing is still possible, cook a duck in the oven.


  • Duck bird - 2 and 2, 5 kg (approximately);
  • Sauerkraut - a pound;
  • Onions - 5 pieces;
  • Apples are sweet-sour - 10 pieces;
  • Butter - 100 grams;
  • Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • Dry white wine - half cup;
  • Salt and spices - to your taste.


Previously thawed, thoroughly washed and treated bird need to marinate. To do this, combine the wine with vegetable oil and added to the salt and spices. Spices can be anything - it all depends on your taste. But the traditional set includes dried garlic, ground coriander, basil, oregano, curry, paprika and black pepper. So, rub a mixture of cooked duck inside and out, put in a plastic bag or in a large pot with a lid and leave in the refrigerator for six hours.

After this time, we obtain a duck from the refrigerator and prepare the stuffing. This is done quite easily and quickly. Cabbage washed, drained and minced. Clean the onion, finely-finely and fry it shinkuem on vegetable oil. Exempt from the rind and tough midway apples, cut them into slices and add to the onions roasting pan. Fill a quarter cup of dry white wine, cover with a lid and simmer for five minutes. At the end add the cabbage in a roasting pan.

Duck carcass farshiruem cooked stuffed sauerkraut and shear abdomen toothpicks or sew up the thread. Some toppings leave! Now take utyatnitsu, pour into it a little vegetable oil, spread the remaining filling on the bottom and put the duck on top. Cover with a lid or foil utyatnitsu and send in the oven for half an hour. Bake the bird at 200 degrees. After half an hour to remove the lid and bake utyatnitsu another forty minutes, turning occasionally and basting the bird carcass precipitated juice.

Flushed a duck ready take out utyatnitsu exempt from the filling and cut into pieces. Serve on a large platter and garnish with fresh herbs and apples.

 recipe for duck with cabbage

Duck with sauerkraut in a rural

The recipe is very tasty and wholesome food. Especially good this duck with sauerkraut on a frosty day, and under the pile. What this recipe is good? Thus, primarily for its simplicity and lack of any frills. But despite the apparent primitiveness and brutality, this recipe is quite suitable even for the preparation of hot meals for the festive table.


  • Duck bird - 2 kg;
  • Onions - 3 heads;
  • Carrots - 1 piece;
  • Garlic - 3 cloves;
  • Sauerkraut - 1 kg;
  • Raisins - 200 grams;
  • Prunes - 100 grams;
  • Thyme;
  • Salt;
  • Black pepper;
  • Bay leaf.


Duck carcass previously thawed, and my treat. Now cut off from her excess fat and cut up: legs, wings, back, breast. Remove skins from the back and cook it from the broth. To do this, fill the bird with cold water, bring to a boil and cook for about forty minutes on low heat.

In Dutch oven or directly in utyatnitsu fat drips with shredded skin. As a result, should be fully heated with oil and roast until skin is crackling state. It we take out and thrown away. Put in heated with fat duck legs, chopped into pieces of breast and wings and fry them over high heat. First, five minutes on one side and then another three minutes on the other.

Onions clean, wash and cut into halves or quarters (depending on the size of the bulbs). Carrots peeled and cut into large rings. Garlic cloves are crushed, not grinding. Take out of the broiler meat and fry in the remaining fat vegetables (onion, carrot, garlic). When the vegetables are browned, add them chopped sauerkraut and stir. Top laid washed prunes and raisins. By the way, raisins is necessary to take the dark. In the dried fruit spread fried duck, sprinkle with salt, pepper, thyme and put the leaf lavrushki. Fill all the broth to a level layer of cabbage. We put on the fire and bring to a boil.

While the contents of utyatnitsu boil, turn the oven and give it to warm up to 180 degrees. Now send utyatnitsu in the oven and leave it there for two hours. Cooking duck with sauerkraut under the hood! Serve with boiled potatoes and vegetable salad.

So, dear hostess, if you can find in the fridge duck carcass, be sure to try to cook it with sauerkraut. If the proposed recipe you like, but no duck, then immediately buy it and still cook. Believe me, you will not regret. The main thing - cook with pleasure. Enjoy your appetite and success in the culinary field!

 Duck with sauerkraut - recipe in the traditions of Russian cuisine

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 ravioli in the oven recipe


  • Dumplings "in haste"
  • Dumplings in pots with herbs
  • Dumplings "at home"

There is not one recipe for ravioli, with every nation they have different names. Italians styled their ravioli, adding as a stuffing cheese, spinach, raw fish. In Azerbaijan, the dish is served with hot broth, flavored with spices, and Slavic cuisine, there is another kind - dumplings with cabbage, cottage cheese, cheese.

Naturally, depending on the place of his birth, dumplings have individual characteristics. For example, in Siberia hostess put the stuffing in small lumps of ice, making the product better than frozen, and subsequently retain juiciness. In the Urals, the stuffing does not make one, they are used to Ukrainians, and three kinds of meat: pork, beef and lamb. There are also baked in the oven and cooked dumplings. Each variant of dishes has a right to exist, and only you can decide which one to try in your kitchen.

Dumplings "in haste"

To prepare the delicious dumplings, you will need a minimum of time. We offer a "lazy" the recipe for which you want to buy the package store frozen products. Thanks powdering of grated hard cheese dish obtained with crispy golden crust and soft cream gives it a rich flavor. By the way, if you choose to replace dairy cream increased fat content.


  • 100 ml cream
  • salt
  • vegetable oil - two tablespoons (can take the cream)
  • Half a kilogram of frozen dumplings
  • 150 grams of the Russian cheese
  • ground black pepper
  • two large tablespoons flour
  • a glass of boiled a little chilled water
  • 15 grams of fresh parsley

Cooking method:

If you have the desire and time, of course, you can sculpt their own dumplings. Besides dough recipe for them is very simple: water, flour, eggs and homemade little salt. All you need to connect and mix well to form a dense homogeneous mass. Then roll out the dough, cut glass circles and fill with their meat. For this fit beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Skip ingredient through a meat grinder with onions peeled. That's all the little mouth-watering products are ready to bake.

However, it does not always have the opportunity to deal with modeling dough and just for these cases is useful to the universal recipe for fast food. So, treat the pan with vegetable oil or butter and place on a small distance from each other raw dumplings. In a separate bowl dissolve the sour cream with the cooled boiled water, here is enter the salt and gradually pour the flour. To the mixture took lumps of intensive work with a spoon, adding an ingredient. Thoroughly mix the products and the resulting solution pour dumplings after sprinkle them with pepper.

Now heat the oven to 190 degrees and place it in the pan. The dish is cooked in the oven on the hour. After 20 minutes after the start of baking, open the door, remove the bowl and sprinkle with grated products average Russian cheese strips. Then put the dish back and hold it there until tender. Before serving, spread out in portions of dumplings plates, pour sauce formed and garnish with chopped herbs. Bon Appetit!

 how to cook dumplings in the oven

Dumplings in pots with herbs

We offer another recipe "fast" dumplings, baked in casseroles. Certainly appreciate the dish, students and bachelors, because both are in the majority do not like to cook. Always busy, working people and students prefer the simple and uncomplicated cooking. In order not to poison yourself fast food, remember how the dumplings simmer in the oven. This dish is suitable even for the holiday table, not to mention the dinner with the family. Make it taste more intense help a variety of charging and sauces. It is enough to pick up a prescription at its discretion.

Ingredients (calculated on four portions):

  • bulb onion
  • a little less than a kilogram of meat dumplings
  • one large carrot
  • a few peas allspice
  • cheese - 120 grams
  • cup sour cream
  • two laurel leaf
  • salt - to taste
  • fresh or dried herbs
  • seasoning - optional
  • 30 milliliters of sunflower oil

Cooking method:

Of course, homemade ravioli, stuck together on their own, without any competition. However, in the oven, you can bake any, even frozen. What, in fact, right now do. To the products do not stick together, they must first boil a little bit. Bring to a boil slightly salted water and sprinkle in the dumplings in it, keep it on the stove, stirring regularly, for no longer than four minutes. Then remove with a slotted spoon and let drain. There is another way: Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the dumplings in it to brown and golden. Do not forget to turn over their shoulder blade, so that they are uniformly browned on all sides.

As long as the dish cools, place over medium heat a small bowl with water (about 750 milliliters). When the liquid starts to boil, pour it in table salt, chopped fresh or dried herbs. At its discretion, enter the seasoning, ideal basil, rosemary or marjoram. Boil the mixture for about five minutes, then set aside to cool it.

Meanwhile, clean the vegetables and rub on a medium-sized carrot grater, finely chop the onion. Put food in heated skillet with oil and make zazharku. Ingredients should get a semi-soft and rosy; Mix them with the fragrant broth. By the way, it should be pre-filter, removing the herbs and spices. Now lay the dumplings on a clay pot and pour the sauce so that it did not reach the top of the dishes. This also enter the sour cream and put the product in a preheated 200 degree oven. Dumplings, baked on this recipe, prepare a little less than an hour.

After about 40 minutes, remove the dish and pour half into each pot a handful of grated cheese, then naroyte dishes with lids and send back into the oven. If you want to form a crisp, bake the dish open. This is just one of the possible quick and tasty lunch, but each recipe - individual combination of various ingredients. So you can cook dumplings with tomato-garlic sauce, cream or, for example, mushroom. Recommended add seasonings, they give a more intense flavor and stimulate appetite.

 baked dumplings recipe

Dumplings "at home"

We offer in the oven to bake homemade dumplings, cooked his own. To do this, you can pick up milk on the dough recipe, but we save a little, mix it with eggs and water. For the filling you will need a piece of fresh beef, but if you want a more satisfying and tasty dish, Dare to experiment - do the "double" minced pork or lamb. Then take 250 grams of each kind of meat. Special piquancy savory food will give a delicate tomato sauce.


For the dough:

  • 1/3 tablespoon salt
  • 180 milliliters of cooled boiled water
  • egg
  • vegetable oil

For filling:

  • 0, 5 kilograms of raw beef
  • onions - 400 grams
  • two pinches of black pepper (add ground)
  • salt

For the sauce:

  • a glass of hot water
  • 20 grams of sour tomato paste
  • dried herbs (marjoram and we used basil)
  • some salt
  • 15 grams of fresh dill
  • the same amount of parsley
  • three cloves of garlic

Cooking method:

If you want to baked dumplings, first have them blind. Of course, they can be purchased in the store, but it's a completely different recipe. In addition, not always the product bought in a supermarket, is quality. Some manufacturers save on unsuspecting consumers, which is why the latter often suffer from food poisoning and intestinal disorders. Particularly scrupulous should be treated as a purchase, if you are going to cook dumplings for your child. So it is not recommended to risk.

For the dough came a gentle, carefully sift the flour; then in the center of the funnel slides do. Boiling water should be cool, then dissolve it in table salt, and here also beat the egg. Mix the ingredients, and when will achieve uniformity, pour the mixture into the flour. Putting it on the edges to the middle, knead dough hands tight. After cover it with clean gauze and move for half an hour for proofing.

Home minced never compare to store, especially because its preparation requires quite a bit of time. Cut to medium-sized pieces of meat and pass it through a meat grinder or resort to using a special food processor. Then add the diced onion and once again grind food. Season with salt and a little pepper filling in its sole discretion.

You're a little: roll out the dough on a floured table and cut the same circles usual faceted glass, putting it down the edges and pressing down a little. Then in the middle of each of the circles, place the stuffing and seal edges of products zaschipyvaya their fingers. Roll the dumplings in the form of a crescent and vsypte them in salted boiling water, boil them for no longer than three minutes.

Clay pots grease with vegetable oil and place them dumplings. Now we need to make the sauce: heat the water and dissolve in it the tomato paste. Put the liquid to a minimum the fire, and then enter a little bit of pepper, salt and spices. Add the crushed garlic and chopped herbs. When the sauce comes to a boil, pour it in pots articles and send them into the oven. The dish is prepared not less than half an hour at 200 degrees. Baked dumplings - great juicy and hearty lunch or dinner. It can be prepared in any bakeware: glass, clay or on a baking sheet. So, choose the recipe and feel free to practice. Good luck!

 Dumplings in the oven: a recipe for a friendly dinner

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