drying mushrooms in different ways


  • What is best to dry the mushrooms
  • Drying mushrooms in a rural
  • Drying methods in city
  • How to determine the readiness of mushrooms and how to store them

Mushrooms - a very valuable product, rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements.

They are not only useful, but also very fragrant, delicious, one can cook a lot of dishes for all seasons. They are so nutritious that can replace even meat (for example, are one of the main dishes in vegetarian diet). In preparation for the autumn-winter season it is best to dry the mushrooms at home - so they remain the largest possible amount of nutrients. From these pieces can then be to prepare a lot of delicious dishes with high nutritional value: soups, soups, soup, stew, and even salads. Mushrooms significantly diversify the winter diet.

Often we see in the market selling dried mushrooms strung on a thread. But when we buy them, we can not say for sure they will be tasty or not. So it's best to learn how to do such a workpiece itself, the benefit of drying mushrooms at home - it is not such a contraption. The main thing - to know what is best to dry the mushrooms, as they prepare for the drying process and, in fact, the best way to dry . Then we can certainly be sure that the mushrooms are delicious, and the dishes are - and even useful.

 Drying mushrooms rustic way
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What is best to dry the mushrooms

If you do pick mushrooms, you will never collect those that grow from the roadway, near production, and so on. D. - They probably absorbed all the roadside dust. In addition, they must be fresh and just perfect for the type of not spoiled by worms, with no rot and other defects. And of course, you have to be absolutely sure that your collection is 100% of the edible fungi. If you are in doubt, it is better not to take chances. The best place to gather - eco-friendly forests, which are far from any industry. Choose a sunny day and the dry.

It is important to know and what is most fungi are suitable for drying. These are only a tube: white, kids, aspen, boletus, boletus, Mokhovikov. Less fit and some plate: mushrooms (best autumn), chanterelles, mushrooms. The reason is that during the drying tube mushrooms retain their useful, nutritious and taste and smell amazing. It is important to remember not to dry the old mushrooms, because they can be toxins, which is dangerous for health.

Now that you have collected mushrooms, sort them by type and brought home, you need to prepare them for the drying process. This is a very important point, which should not be neglected if you want mushrooms turned out. In the first place it must be cleaned. However, in no case do not rinse them under water, or with dirt wash away much of the nutrients. If mushroom dust, you can brush away the dirt from them with a dry cloth or brush. A wash can already dried mushrooms just before cooking.

Next, you need to chop the mushrooms. If they are small, they can be dried completely and more top cut into small pieces. At the same time, the smaller you slice the them, the better and faster they will dry afterwards. White mushrooms can be cut along the (foot and hat) to pieces no thicker than 15 mm. Separately, you need to prepare the legs: from aspen mushrooms and brown cap boletus feet should be cut into slices with a thickness of 2 cm; Mokhovikov, chanterelles, boletus mushrooms and dried without legs. To mushrooms darkened better at this stage to use the horn or bone knives.

 drying mushrooms in the oven
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Drying mushrooms in a rural

First we need to decide in what kind of drying method suits you best. The choice of method depends on several factors: the area in which you live; the presence of a device for drying and so on.. But no matter what method you choose, remember that it is very important to follow all the rules of dried mushrooms. The most important thing - to ensure a constant air flow to them for better drying.

Country drying methods

  • Drying in the Russian stove

It's a great way for people in rural areas. The main thing in this case - certainly after protaplivaniya oven to clear it of ash and coals and wait for a while. Then lay on a thin layer of straw and had her lay mushrooms, caps down definitely. You can not put them under, and iron pans. In this case, you must also pave leaf straw.

You can string them through the cap on the thin spokes. If you decide to use this method, be sure to select the spokes of stainless steel - otherwise low-quality material will affect the taste of the product. On both sides need to stick in the spokes of a wooden plank - they then will lie edge spokes with mushrooms. Thus, they will be dry as skewers, without touching the hearth. Plus method "Knitting" is that the fungi do not burn, do not get dirty, and so on. D.

There are some important nuances in drying by this method: make sure that the mushrooms do not touch hats and maintain the right temperature in the oven (40 to 60 ° C). At this temperature they first provyalivayut the first day, while the second - is evaporated to dryness.

  • Drying in the sun

You can dry the mushrooms and more "natural" way, if that contributes to the weather: hot days only with rain suited for this purpose. It is necessary to take strong thick thread, strung them mushrooms. You can string together 50 or more pieces, from the largest to the smallest. Posting mushrooms is necessary to the very hot sun. If multiple threads, it is important to keep a distance between them and hang them right next to each other, the mushrooms should not touch.

In addition, mushrooms should be covered with gauze, so they do not settle the dust, the flies did not sit down and so. On. It is important to wait for the time to fully provyalilis mushrooms. In the sun, the mushrooms should hang no more than 1 week. After the mushrooms provyalilis or if you suddenly start to spoil the weather, they should be removed in a dry room. Then you must dosushit mushrooms in the oven or oven.

 proper drying mushrooms
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Drying methods in city

  • Drying mushrooms in the oven

This method is suitable for city dwellers who do not have a traditional Russian stove in the apartment. This requires a stove with oven, metal trays and wooden sticks (or sticks). Baking must be lined with a sheet of heavy paper and top with twigs. They must be clean, spread need not frequent rows. On top of these twigs is necessary to lay down the mushroom caps. Must spread in a single layer. It is important to maintain the same temperature: 40 to 60 ° C. This is necessary to keep the oven door slightly open. The rest of the drying oven in the same way as in the Russian furnace.

  • Drying Stove

Instead of using an oven heated plate. To do this, you need mushrooms strung on a thread and hang above the stove. You can use this method if you have a Dutch oven or Russian - in this case a thread hang near the wall of the hot plate.

  • Drying in rotary fruit kiln

The dryer can also be used for drying mushrooms. To do this, pour them on the galvanized grid, put the camera and rotate the carousel. Thus, they are dried in several stages. In the first stage dryer to be heated to a temperature of from 37 to 50 ° C - to provyalilis; then raise the temperature to 60-80 ° C - to dosushit. Typically the duration of the process in the drier is from 4 to 6 hours.
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How to determine the readiness of mushrooms and how to store them

It is important to catch the moment when the mushrooms are ready, that is dried to the end. From this very much depends on: taste, aroma, how well they will be stored and will not fall apart when you cooking. Completely dried mushrooms have the following characteristics: they are dry and light, easy to bend and break, but do not crumble, their aroma and flavor reminiscent of fresh mushrooms. It is important to remember that they are dried unevenly smaller prepared quickly than their larger counterparts, so during drying do not forget to check first is the willingness of small mushrooms.

It is also important to properly store mushrooms as they quickly absorb moisture and odors, they are hygroscopic, rapidly moldy and syreyut. They dry like space, at a constant air circulation and a temperature of 10 to 15 ° C. It is important and what they store. To do this, perfectly suited clean and dry linen bags or bags made of thick and durable paper. Store stocks can be long, but no longer than 1 year. Usually make blank for one season.

 Dried mushrooms - fragrant, tasty and healthy stock for the winter