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  • Varieties podvodok
  • Beautiful hand - it's real
  • Choose a color eyeliner

What dream woman? Men believe that this question can not be answered. Girls willingly respond, and so long and so thoroughly that it becomes clear - they have a lot of desire. Would performer. But the main dream of women of all ages - it stay beautiful. And that only they do to achieve their goals! Even under the surgeon's knife ready to go for someone accepted standards. We do not recommend to make such sacrifices. It can be beautiful with the help of a harmless and familiar methods. Take, for example, cosmetics. One touch of lipstick and lip gloss a seductive sparkle again. Powder care will save you from sleepless nights tracks and eyeliner will make your eyes bigger and more expressive.

However, this will happen only if properly treated with cosmetics. After all, if a powder or lip gloss particular problems of women does not occur, then fine and accurate arrow able to draw a few. Even fewer women at the same time are able to take into account not only push the stick, but also the type of your face. In short, we love to be painted, but do not know how. To fix this unfortunate misunderstanding, we decided to acquaint our readers with information on how to make up beautiful eye liner. But first, let's see, what are the kinds of modern podvodok.

Varieties podvodok

Probably, each of the girls has ever faced an awkward sense of loss when you're standing in a department with cosmetics and did not know how it all painted. Especially when you gaze falls on the shelf with eyeliner. Dozens of tubes, which are, in fact, have to perform the same action - to draw a beautiful arrow. How out of all this splendor to choose just one thing?

In fact, the classification podvodok quite simple. There is a liquid eyeliner and contour pencil. As for the practical side of cosmetic products, it is much easier to paint with a pencil (also known as marker), while liquid eyeliner is often a real challenge for the girls.

Liner differ in the degree of softness. Cosmetologists say that soft pencils fine line of conduct, but have the unpleasant property imprinted on the century. Solid as pencils, though not lubricated, but can damage the delicate skin, scratched her. Therefore, women from time immemorial tried to outwit capricious eyeliner. They warmed in the hands of a solid stick, giving them (at least temporarily) the desired softness and soft pencils for a few minutes before use in a locked freezer.

Another difference concerns have liquid podvodok - a thick brush. The brush is thinner, the finer turns and arrow, and the harder to be a makeup artist's hand. And since 99% of the make-up as we are in favor, then learn how to make up beautiful eye liner, we have too. Well, proceed?

 how beautiful eye make up eyeliner

Beautiful hand - it's real

So, imagine yourself in the role of the artist. Our future masterpiece - is ourselves. Namely - beautifully painted eyes. To do this, take up eyeliner. If time is really running out, or no experience, then you can use the contour pencil.

  1. Sit comfortably. Hands should lie on the table, elbows have a foothold.
  2. Be patient, as beautiful hand the first time - it's almost unreal.
  3. If you are using liquid liner, then make sure that it was a bit on the brush paint. The surplus will be guaranteed its ugly blot on your age.
  4. It is not necessary to draw the entire line arrows in one motion. Better to spend more time, but to make up nice and neat than 10 times in vain to perform the same action. So mark the future dashed line arrow (or points, as you prefer).
  5. Carefully connect the target area together.
  6. Make sure that the arrow is expanded to the outer corner of the eye. Can you expand a little bit for this ready-made line. Just do not overdo it.
  7. Try not to open the eyes to the painted until the eyeliner is dry, otherwise there is a risk that will have to redo the whole makeup.
  8. Once the arrow has dried thoroughly, can be supplemented with makeup shades. There is already a special high precision is not necessary, but you should pay attention to the selected color. Do not apply too dark shadows when creating a make-up day, and not too lean on pink. These shadows, of course, are good, but they will make your eyes tired. And we're with you "draw" completely different "portrait", right?

 how to make up their own eye liner

Choose a color eyeliner

Speaking of color. In the 21st century it has become extremely popular colored eyeliner. But not every woman knows exactly what the color of her suit. Of course, to make recommendations, not seeing the person, a thankless task, but it is possible to tell what color the effect of helping to achieve.

Black eyeliner makes your eyes more expressive. However, if you make up the arrow on the mucosa of the century, it can visually make the eyes less. The same can happen if you draw an arrow is very broad. Therefore it is better if the make-up will be easy. The lighter eyeliner, the more the sound eye. Eye color also plays a huge role. Bright-eyed young ladies best to direct the blue arrow, blue or gray eyeliner. Much more fortunate dark-eyed beauties. Their makeup can include rich brown and dramatic black. But pearly shades, though good, but extremely relevant in the evening make-up. And no matter who uses them - blonde or brunette.

In fact, it does not matter how thick you have an arrow on the eyelids and the color of eyeliner you still use. The main thing - it is an expression of the eyes. If they sparkle with happiness, any type of makeup will look spectacular. The most important thing is not the form but the content. Therefore, I love those who are close to you, and then you will be considered the most beautiful and with painted arrow, and without them.

 Drawing Lessons: How to make up eye liner

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 makeup for blondes with brown eyes


  • General rules for the selection of cosmetics
  • Evening make-up for blondes with brown eyes
  • Option extravagant eye makeup

Recently, to meet the real blonde with brown eyes - a real rarity. This type of appearance makes its possessor more closely relate to the selection of makeup: color eye shadow, lipstick, blush. The girl with such striking features can easily overdo it with make-up and look vulgar.

Makeup for blondes with brown eyes should be consistent with the overall image of the girl: hair color, skin color and, of course, do not forget about his mission.

General rules for the selection of cosmetics

The blonde with brown eyes often have skin lighter shade. In this connection, the tonal framework should be ivory or beige tones. But when choosing the color of blush is best to give preference to a pale pink. Eyebrow pencil should choose brown, dark eyebrows because blondes are not suitable, as well as black ink. Here the choice is stopped on a brown or dark gray.

Shadow brown-eyed blondes have a small range. Blue, brown, beige, gray and gold - these are colors that need to pay attention. It is worth remembering that the right choice of color shades emphasize brown eyes and wrong, on the contrary, will spoil the whole make-up.

As for the lip color, then brown-eyed fair-skinned girls are best suited beige or light pink lipstick as advantageous here to do a special emphasis on the lips. But the owner of a beautiful tan safely can choose coral shades.

For the brown-eyed blondes ash suitable makeup that makes emphasis on the eyes. They should be a bright spot against the background of the entire image. And the color of lipstick should not distract from the beautiful dark eyes. In addition, the make-up every day harmoniously blend with translucent shade as much as possible natural colors.

 Makeup for brown eyes blondes

Evening make-up for blondes with brown eyes

For evening make-up to create a brown-eyed blondes to need to use a darker and more brilliant colors than everyday makeup.

  • Masking the problem areas using natural color correction tools;
  • Creams evens. Remember that the foundation should have a shade close to the color of the skin;
  • After the foundation you need to apply a thin layer of loose powder (preferably with a matte effect) to give the face a velvety;
  • Black pencil and highlight the upper and lower eyelids - a clear thick line, as close to the lashes;
  • On the upper and lower eyelids, apply a fixed shade of brown, and then blend them, thus creating a focus on the outer corner of the eye;
  • Pencil light gray-beige color must be carefully draw the line under the eyebrows, correcting and highlighting their natural form;
  • Using crisp white eye shadow, should clearly draw the upper eyelid moving, acting at the same time carefully;
  • To all of the way more express my eyes, you need to paint the eyelashes with black ink with the effect of the volume, you can also use false eyelashes: simple, feathers or any other breeds. This will give your exterior brightness and mystery;
  • The final touch - the application of a glossy shine labial beige. Since this evening make-up, you can use coral shades.

 makeup for blondes with brown eyes

Option extravagant eye makeup

For this option, you will need make-up base for shadows, shades of color, "denim" or simple blue shadows and shade of purple and reddish brown, black eyeliner, black mascara. You can also use false eyelashes.

  • Apply the base-base for the eyelids. This base-to-base, followed by layers of shadows will last long, will not let slide, and make the color deeper shadows and rich;
  • Start with applying blue shadows in the middle of the upper eyelid, close to the lash line;
  • Just above the blue layer should be applied shadows shade purple;
  • For the remainder of the upper movable century inflict shade of red-brown color (hue, you can use "sepia");
  • It is necessary to shade all shadows together to transition between them absolutely to be seen;
  • With a black pencil or a black eyeliner draw the arrow (fine or oily - you decide) along the lash line;
  • For the lower eyelid should be used shade of red-brown color, and in the outer corner, you can add a little black pencil;
  • Completing the eye makeup we use false eyelashes and black mascara.

Finish the evening image can blush shade close to the natural color of the skin. Lipstick is necessary to use soft colors - pale pink, for example, because the emphasis is on the make-up of the eye. As mentioned earlier, the dark eyes blondes - it is their most prominent feature, the business card in the publication. You can give the image of mystery, for it around the eyes on the upper eyelid glue some sequins or rhinestones.

This type of makeup is good that you can pick up other combinations of different shades of shadows. By experimenting, you will be able to achieve the most successful variant of makeup is for you.

 Makeup for blondes with brown eyes - just emphasize the naturalness!

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