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More hardy plant than Dracaena braunii, you hardly ever met. And it is valid, even the most lazy housewives this herbaceous plant can grow well and for a long time! In principle, the whole race of Dracaena is one hardy plants, but species Sanderiana advantage lies in the fact that it can easily grow in the water.

Increasingly, you can find dratsenu Sander in offices and premises. Direct green trunks and standing on tables in transparent cups of water, and a shaggy feathers tops eloquently about what they are very much alive. And, importantly, care for the workplace does not take much time.

Second name similar to bamboo Dracaena Sander sounds like Lucky Bamboo, translated to English means "lucky bamboo" or "bamboo happiness". Most likely, such a value has been borrowed from China, because that's what feng shui is believed that the Dracaena Sanderiana brings home happiness and good luck. Thus, the followers of the wise teachings influenced the widespread southern plants throughout Europe and beyond.

You will be interested in another curious fact. It turns out, Dracaena braunii is often used in composite bouquets. And give a bunch of mostly men! Yes Yes! From ancient times bamboo is the embodiment of strength and endurance, will and determination. Although I must admit that this kind of culture has nothing to do with the bamboo. Growing up, dracaena looks increasingly palm. Its leaves reach a length of twenty centimeters and have a mottled color.

Some connoisseurs prefer to admire the thin trunks, artificially curved in a spiral shape. To achieve this effect have ruthlessly get rid of leaves. On the other hand, care for the bare trunk and all simplified.

 Dracaena braunii reproduction
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Care and maintenance

How Whatever was "lucky bamboo" lucky and tenacious, but without your care instead of fortune you will be accompanied only lonely sticking the barrel, which eventually turn into a rotten stick. Therefore, we offer you a "run" on the most significant moments of the favorable content of Dracaena Sander:

  • Water

Immediately dwell on the most important condition: what content is best - in the water or in the ground? Here the choice is up to you, we'll give a few recommendations.

When growing Dracaena braunii in water is necessary to change the fluid every two weeks. Water have to be chlorine-free, for this it is necessary for a day to defend. The disadvantage of such content is the lack of trace elements in water, to which "lucky bamboo" responds yellowing leaves. Some professionals strongly against adding fertilizer directly into the water, while the other part of the growers, on the contrary, considers this the only way out of the situation.

Another caveat when growing dracaena in water: liquid level should not be above the root system more than a couple of centimeters. Otherwise, the possible process of decay of the trunk, and only this disease is not cured anything.

  • Ground

Of course, the traditional cultivation of potted Dracaena Sanderiana is less troublesome, and this process can be likened to a canvas for creativity, which you can dispose of at will and inspiration. You can put multiple columns, creating a cascade composition can grow straight or twisting of the trunk. In the latter case using special tubes or stiff wire. Particularly sophisticated fans even braided bamboo trunks whimsical "spit." In any case, you will not remain indifferent to such a miracle of nature.

Choosing pot, pay attention to the presence of the drainage holes. Particularly sensitive to the selection of the Treat drainage, better lay out the bottom of the pot expanded clay mixed with stones. In the ground, add a brick crumb, sand and granules - all this will create ventilation in the soil. Clay is best to buy a specialized garden stores.

  • Lighting

Everything is very simple: Dracaena Sander loves bright room, but does not tolerate direct sun. This is understandable: burns spoil the appearance and further dehydrate the soft tissues of the plant.

  • Temperature

The temperature range is quite wide: from +18 to +35 degrees. Therefore there is no need to create a special environment for the dracaena. Room temperature in most of the countries meet the necessary requirements in winter and summer.

  • Humidity

Dry air in the apartments do not pose any problems. Dracaena braunii easily carries all the possible disasters associated with fluctuations of humidity in the apartment. And even spray the plant is not recommended, you can just wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

  • Watering

Watering "lucky bamboo" is necessary as required, but can not allow complete drying of the soil. Therefore, unlike other types of irrigation dracaena concluded larger volume of water.

  • Reproduction

This process is quite simple and does not require you to huge costs. There are two types of reproduction Dracaena Sander: apical cuttings and stem segments. To do this, simply place the cuttings in the water and wait for the roots. By the way, one can get a large stem multiple shoots.

If you want to enjoy only the bare trunks, then you have to re-grow back slowly pinch off leaves. And give the necessary form stems can use spiral ducts.

  • Transplanting and fertilizing

To refresh the exhausted soil bamboo is recommended to repot once a year, in spring. The required substrate is best to buy ready-made garden in a specialized store. And you need to feed the flower fertilizer during the year, intended for the Dracaena. Dratsenu grows must be transplanted into a more capacious pot, preferably a narrow and deep.

  • Diseases and pests

At more or less the optimal content of Dracaena braunii little sick. Except in the case of a thick crown it may attack small pests such as Jose scale and spider mites. But with timely treatment and further prevention activities, this attack almost no effect on the appearance of the Dracaena.

From time to time to look under the leaves, sniffing the ground and do not put dratsenu adjacent to diseased flowers. If you find a small jumping insects in the soil or black dots on the inside of the leaves, the leaves immediately treat with soapy water and, if necessary, replace the soil in the pot. The procedure must be repeated wiping leaves another two or three times every four to five days.

Another possible and often attack - rotting trunk. As a rule, such a phenomenon is due to waterlogging of soil or high water level in the tank. You can revive the plant by cutting off the rotting of the stem, at the same time taking a bit of healthy tissue, and transplanted into fresh dratsenu soil or water. Review possible causes of the disease and to further ensure the plant competent care.

  • Flowering

Unfortunately, to get to bloom dratsenu Sander almost impossible. But if suddenly you become the happy owner of blooming dracaena, you can watch a very nice shock of small white flowers with a mild sweet flavor.

 Dracaena braunii or lucky bamboo
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Oh good

Planting several stalks simultaneously in the same capacity, depending on their number will contribute to the Push-Pull happiness (if you planted three stems), wealth (five stalks), health (seven stalks), general well-being twenty-one (stalk). A bonded together twenty swirling stems, according to Chinese women, is nothing else than the "Tower of Love". It is the most valuable gift of spirituality, symbolizing true friendship and compassion.

In conclusion, we want to note that absolutely nekapriznaya Dracaena Sander still waiting for your attention and happy to respond in a caring and sincere care. First introduced in the house, it will always remain in your heart!

 Dracaena braunii - Flower of happiness

 dracaena care at home


  • Dracaena: first encounter
  • Features of cultivation and care of dratsenu
  • Difficulties in the process of growth

Dratsenu called a genus of plants from the family of asparagus. It can be as bushes and trees. At the moment, the number of species is about forty or fifty. Most of them grow in Africa, some subspecies are grown in South Asia and Central America. Many growers appreciate this plant is grown and even some of his pieces. Today we look at how to provide good care dratsenu and grow a great plant. But above all, we want to talk a little bit about the most dratsenu.
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Dracaena: first encounter

Most species of dracaena - deciduous, ornamental plants, which are designed for city apartments and cottages. They perfectly decorate the interior and thus also purify the air. For this purpose is used as zelenolistnye and variegated species. Dracaena flowers can be white or blue, are collected in a small whisk. Special decorative value of the plant is not present, but they fit well in the home flower garden.

Cultivation Dracaena is not complicated: pieces of stems are easily transported, it is a good planting material. All natural Dracaena species are divided into two main groups, which are based on the growth habit. The first group - are plants with strong stems and thick, stiff leaves. They grow in semi-arid areas. The second group - smaller plants that have slender stems and soft leaves. Growing up in the tropics. As a rule, these are flowers and plants.

Resin Dracaena deep red color, which is also known as dragon's blood. Today is used in the manufacture of varnish to cover the metal and dye fabric. Locals resin used to tint the wine, mixing the juice with alcohol Dracaena based on grapes. "Dragon's Blood" helps in the treatment of skin diseases and stomach ulcers. In cosmetology resin is also used for the production of paints. Hair dyes based on this resin allow you to attach fairly resistant golden hue.

 Dracaena Care
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Features of cultivation and care of dratsenu

If you decide to grow any plant, then you definitely need to know how to properly care for it. By themselves, dracaena unpretentious. This shade tolerance, but their variegated forms must grow in the light, otherwise they lose their color: the leaves and flowers become faded.

Many rooms dracaena are extremely sensitive to air dry, so they need to be constantly sprayed with warm filtered water. For spraying, use a spray bottle. To ensure good moisture recommend putting a pot on a layer of gravel dratsenu. Please note that you need to spray the plant three times a week.

If the tips of dracaena much dried up, caring for them will not help, it is best to trim them using small scissors. Trim only the damaged part of the leaf. Also, do not forget to twice a month to wipe the leaves of the plant, using a sponge made of a soft fabric. This will remove the dust from the leaves and dratsenu will be easier to "breathe."

For the dracaena in the home will require intense lighting; but remember that direct sunlight detrimental effect on the health of the plant. As a rule, the usual standard varieties need less light than the mottled and brightly colored. Best of all, if you create dratsenu pritenenie - is the best option right lighting.

To the flowers and leaves of Dracaena have always had a bright color, it is important to remember the temperature, which in any case should not fall below twelve degrees in the winter. In the summer, this figure should not exceed twenty-four degrees, or dracaena dry foliage in the near future.

Caring for all plants involves special rules for watering. It is dependent on irrigation, and many factors of plant growth. In a period of rapid growth and active Dracaena it is necessary to provide more than the usual amount of liquid. As a rule, the period from spring to the end of autumn. In winter, the plant is in a state of rest, so in this period reduce watering.

Your task - to prevent rotting of the root system, which can be caused waterlogging of the soil or, conversely, the lack of strong liquids. As a rule, first the stalk rot, and then the root, and later significantly inhibited the growth and ability to multiply. In summer, the plant should be watered twice a five to seven days, and in winter it is enough once a week.

Now Fertilizers: how to feed dratsenu? To do this, use special liquid fertilizer, which should be diluted according to the instructions. It is not necessary to prevent excess fertilization, otherwise the plant will be seriously affected: Twist the flowers and leaves, and roots zagniyut. It is important that the plant grows in a good, correctly picked the soil. For the dracaena is better to choose clay or peat land.

Home dracaena needs in a timely transplant, which is held twice a year. If the plant has grown too big and transplant it does not work, then simply replace the top layer of the earth. In addition, there are some features of reproduction. It is best to carry out this process in the spring or summer, when the room dracaena actively growing.

Reproduction occurs by grafting and rooting in the ground or in the water. The length of the stalk can be up to ten centimeters or more, but there are varieties of which the reproduction air layering or by seed. To plant had many tops, you need to choose the already well-rooted tree, young, thirty centimeters in height. He needs to cut off the top, but the leaves on the trunk should remain. After a while, let the plant shoots and the tip will be rooting.

 dratsenu care at home
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Difficulties in the process of growth

Of course, as is the case with all plants, dracaena room is quite sensitive to some external stimuli. First of all, she can not tolerate drafts. If dracaena is always at the open vents or entrance door, soon its flowers and leaves begin to wither, blacken and fall off.

Also negatively affected and low humidity. On leaves just starting to appear bright spots, flower gradually falls ill, it is wilted and faded. Once you have noted such changes will need to rearrange the plant in good shade, but enough lighted place. If this does not work, and the flowers and leaves of dracaena began to fade, it is necessary to review all the care, ranging from temperature up to the composition of the soil.

Frostbite - a common problem, which caused suffering bedroom dracaena. Frostbite appears mottled appearance of spots. Typically, they are formed on the leaves. Similar spots may indicate abuse and watering. Use only clean, filtered water. In addition, frostbite may occur in the leaf roll or darkening around the edges. This symptom is especially characteristic for delicate species of dracaena.

If you notice that much lower leaves turn yellow, then it can happen for two reasons. First - aging. This is a natural process, because dracaena leaf does not live longer than two years, after which, respectively, dies. The second reason - the wrong care: watering, fertilizing or temperature. Discoloration leaves - is another problem in the growth of plants. This may contribute to a lack of the necessary trace elements in the soil. It is important to prepare for Dracaena suitable soil, as has previously been said.

Pests can also hit dratsenu. As a rule, she is suffering from mites and scale insects. Often dracaena ill and because of damage caused by mealy bug and sooty fungus. Suffer the leaves, the flowers, the root system of the plant. Once the invaders are detected, you need to immediately take action and save dratsenu. Use special insecticides, which in the short term to cope with problems.

The main thing - to care for the plant properly. Try to avoid an overabundance of medical drugs, feeding and fertilizing substances. Watch the temperature and humidity parameters in the room. Then care dratsenu will not be any work for you, and the plant itself will be a perfect decoration for your home, making it bright colors.

 Basic rules of care dratsenu