food allergies


  • Features of good nutrition
  • The causes of food allergies
  • In what foods are allergic
  • How does a food allergy
  • How to eat if you are allergic
  • What can have allergies
  • How to avoid allergies in the future

An allergic reaction can occur on almost anything. Drugs, chemicals (such as household and industrial), certain types of products - all this can be the same foreign protein, which is just our immune system responds. To cope with the symptoms of this disease, it is necessary not only to drink products, but also to sit on a rigid diet.

Features of good nutrition

People faced with this disease, know firsthand the important role played in this case, food. Meals for allergies should be balanced to avoid such troubles as beriberi. In this menu, there should be no foods rich in carbohydrates. And the less you will eat such food, the better. It is necessary, for example, at a time to eliminate sugar, honey, chocolate, alcohol, as carbohydrates, their constituent, quickly absorbed. A sucrose thus stimulates the process of fermentation. You can not drink tea, do not sweeten it? Use a special sweetener.

Regarding food rich in protein and fat, it must not be greater than that required in your body. In developing the menu for yourself, do not forget to take this into account. Please note: whatever you did not prepare the dish, there should be a minimal amount of salt. Of course, the first time is difficult to have fresh food, but then you get used to it. The same goes for sauces, dressings, spicy ingredients, spices, smoked.

The first time a sick lady contraindicated any meat, fish and mushroom dishes. If you need to prepare a soup or borscht, do it on the vegetable broth. And fry it (onions plus oil) can not, as we used to do. And anyway, no fry foods do not need! Just simmer, boil, bake, not pre-marinating and adding spices.

If you follow these rules, you will be able to avoid deterioration. Plus, the allergen (if it is in a certain product) will cease as quickly absorbed. And after a while you will be an order of magnitude easier: will all the symptoms and improve well-being.

The causes of food allergies

In the twenty-first century, people are increasingly faced with the manifestations of food allergy. And the reason is not only in bad heredity or environment. Most manufacturers are guilty, is added to foods such quantity of dyes, stabilizers, preservatives and other nasty things that even the body of a healthy person can not withstand such loads.

By the way, pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture will also affect our health. Unfortunately, this is not always on time is derived from the same watermelon and zucchini. Plus, excessive love of chemistry (as a consumer as well as to the drug) also contributed to the decrease in our immune system and appearance of food allergies.

 Useful food allergies

In what foods are allergic

In fact, allergies can be anything from a strawberry, ending wheat. List all impossible. But most of the concerns of eggs, milk, marine life (mussels, squid, clams, fish), nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits.

Less often, our body responds to a certain kind of meat products. This can be either a bird or pork or beef. Sometimes develops immunity milk. But be careful here, because allergies and intolerance - two different things. If, for example, you feel bad, and from cow and goat milk on, it means that your body does not produce the substance responsible for the digestion of lactose.

Incidentally, many adults such occurs. Often, such individuals do not consume dairy products in general, whether it be cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, etc. Even chocolate, a part that has this ingredient can cause very strong reactions, up to angioedema.

As indicated above, the eggs - one of the most powerful allergen. The reason lies in a protein-rich albumin. But if his subjects to heat treatment (boil or bake), the substance becomes less active. As a result - you can eat bread rolls or salads. But drinking raw eggs is not recommended - only worse this will be.

For fish, it is, unfortunately, hardly loses allergenic properties. Even if you boil it or zapechete, Allergy after use will be bad. But it is not necessarily all the inhabitants of the sea or river cause the disease. Often, the body reacts to a crab and squid, or a crayfish and oysters, or a red meat. And so the list goes on.

To find out what you are allergic, you have to go to the clinic for tests and tests. Help may also be keeping a diary in which to indicate the products and dishes eaten at this particular moment, as well as their feelings. In the end, you will be able to identify the allergen.

After that you need to eliminate from the diet of every product that enters the risk zone. A week later, it can be gradually introduced in all of the menu, but in small quantities. And once allergy symptoms reappear, you will receive an irrefutable proof of the assumptions made above.

Another option, which is used to identify the allergen - a strict diet. It differs from the previous in that the first three days, the patient should never have anything to eat. Permission is granted to only drink tea, of course, is not very strong. It can also be slightly sweetened with sugar. During this time, the body has time to cleanse it of the allergen. On the fourth day in the diet are entered cereals and breads. In a few days you can eat dairy products.

To rule out other types of allergies (eg, dust, household chemicals, domestic animals and plants), the hospital offers to do a skin test. In a small scratch or shoulder area administered allergen. And if the results are negative, that is, you will not be bad, then you have intolerance to the product name.

How does a food allergy

In fact, it all depends on your body. The sensitivity to a particular product may be so high that a person immediately starts choking, nausea, headache, vomiting, swelling. It is sufficient to only one unbearable odor substance to exhibit these symptoms. Therefore, food allergy should be carefully controlled so that some dish accidentally found himself banned ingredient.

Otherwise, if you make a mistake, can begin aggravation. You must be careful to listen to their feelings. And if you show up early signs of allergy (weakness, chills, itching, swelling, rash), urgently take special medicine or call an ambulance. If allergy symptoms are not pronounced, everything will be a couple of days.

 proper nutrition for allergies

How to eat if you are allergic

As mentioned above, the first eliminated from the diet of the patient anything that can cause allergies. Then, when the aggravation pass, you can try to accustom your body to products that do not cause severe symptoms. First introduced into the food very small amounts of such ingredients (start with a pinch of a substance diluted in plenty of water), gradually increasing the dose.

Those products, which do not play any important role in the diet, you can even permanently deleted. For example, you easily will live without lemons, strawberries, honey, chocolate, fish and so on down the list. Much more difficult is the case that a part of some dishes (eggs, milk, cereals). In this case, all you will need to dilute the liquid (for example, fruit compotes cook) succumb to heat treatment.

During the period of habituation of the organism to such products should be cautious. For all experiments should be conducted under supervision. If you become suddenly ill, relatives will be able to provide first aid and call an ambulance. Plus, in the medicine cabinet should always be drugs that relieve allergy symptoms.

What can have allergies

Depending on what you have allergies, your doctor may offer you a special diet, the main purpose of which - to cleanse the body from the foreign protein. After a period of exacerbation is passed, you will need to continue to comply with certain conditions, that there was no re-exposure to the allergen.

Patients usually recommend the following products:

  • Flour products

Daily norm - no more than 250-350 m (depending on the lifestyle and weight). Resolve any nesdobnye flour products, bran or rye bread. But with the products made by their wheat should be careful. Also, do not buy cakes with filling.

  • Soups

As mentioned earlier, you can not eat liquid meals prepared on a steep meat broth. You can eat soup, beetroot soup. However, in this case it operates one rule - use only approved products. Even if you have to fish or mushrooms do not have allergies, it is best to experiment until.

  • Flesh

Admitted lean poultry, beef. Meat or steamed, or cooked or baked in the oven. Diet is also allowed sausages, in which the composition no dyes or flavors (e.g., glutamate) or stabilizers.

  • Fish

Fish is allowed, of course, unless you have an allergy to it. Again, choose only lean. Fillet can cook steam cutlets. You can not eat canned food, whether they are in their own juice or in tomato sauce. It contains additives that adversely affect health.

  • Milk products

It is best to choose UHT milk as it passes through several processing steps and it does not contain hazardous substances. Valid and milk drinks (kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt), but only - the product must be natural, without palm oil and dry powder. The same applies to the low-fat cottage cheese with stale cheese.

  • Eggs

We mentioned earlier that the eggs fall into the category of dangerous and even prohibited foods allergy. But mostly it concerns raw. Therefore, prepare them either boiled or steam make omelets (better without the yolk). It is also allowed to use eggs in baking.

  • Garnish

During an exacerbation can only eat porridge from cereals allowed (buckwheat, barley, millet), then gradually introduced into the diet recommended pasta, beans. Important! Prepare garnishes on the water, without adding milk, sugar, oil, condiments.

  • Veggies

Meals for allergies should be balanced. One should not consume too many carbohydrates, because this can lead to re-exacerbation. Therefore, in this case it is recommended to lean on the cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, zucchini. In small doses allowed and potatoes. Be careful with tomatoes, as they cause allergies.

Methods of cooking vegetables can be different. Permission is granted to simmer, boil, bake, make salads. Please note: during heat treatment in certain foods allergen is destroyed or weaken its effect. Therefore, it is better initially not to eat raw vegetables.

  • Fruit

Choosing fruits and berries, take care that they are grown in your region. The fact that foreign exotic delicacies can inflict heavy damage your health up to poisoning. Before transporting many manufacturers treated fruits a special chemistry or wax that are stored longer.

  • Sweets

Without glucose, our brain just will not work properly. Yes, and how to cheer up yourself if chocolate and condensed milk is impossible. In fact, there are many alternatives. For example, allowed to eat jellies. It is not only delicious, but also useful. Enveloping the stomach, jelly prevents allergens absorbed. Just remember that it is necessary to prepare, but do not buy in packs. After reading part of these, you can see why shopping is better not to use the products.

Also it allowed a small amount of candy made on sorbitol or xylitol. Naturally, you need to follow the norm - a maximum of 100 grams per day, no more. Otherwise, you go to the rash and itch the next two days. This is despite the fact that they are considered safe.

  • Sauces

It is strictly prohibited mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard. But you can prepare homemade sauces in the vegetable broth. Only no condiments, fat, spices, pepper in them should not be. Try to add as little as possible salt which retains water in the body, because of what can happen again allergic reaction.

  • Beverages

You can drink weak tea, juices of the allowed fruits and vegetables, fruit drinks, teas. In the day should drink at least 1, 5 liters of fluid. And do not forget the mineral or purified water without gas. We exclude all alcoholic beverages. Subsequently better refrain from cheap alcohol (especially beer and wine), since such products are too many chemicals. You also can not drink coffee.

 good food allergies

How to avoid allergies in the future

First, check with your doctor, what products you can use in the future. To identify prohibited, you have to give blood for IgE. And clearly stick to the recommendations of a nutritionist, as even banal parsley can lead to relapse.

Second, cook it yourself. Nor any semi-finished products and fast foods. Once tinker with cooking meatballs and pancakes? Do it all in one weekend, freeze and fold in the bag. When you will need to cook something quickly, just throw the workpiece to heat the pan or in the microwave (depending on how this dish).

If you still have to buy some ready-made product (canned tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, canned meat, etc.), always read the pre-composition. And if there are too many chemicals and unfamiliar acronyms you better give up this option. Find completely natural products is unlikely, since canned added substances, which do not give the contents of the abyss. But fewer nasties out there, the better.

The restaurants, cafes and similar establishments always check with the waiter, what does this or that dish is. And be sure to ask him to warn the chef that you, for example, to pollen, pepper, or some substance allergy. Who knows what secrets are stored in their kitchen. So do the visiting. And if you follow the rules listed, allergy is not so terrible.

 Dining with allergies: you need to have sick people?