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  • Features and symptoms
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Modern doctors are sounding the alarm - a very sad Medical statistics says that absolutely healthy people, there are fewer and fewer. And one of these scourges of our time is gastritis - very few people can boast of an ideal healthy stomach.

Moreover, this disease affects all age groups, without exception - from preschoolers and ending with the elderly. Gastritis - a very insidious disease, as can long enough to flow completely asymptomatic and the person does not even know how he encountered misfortune. A disease is thus time doing their dirty work.

There is a fairly large number of varieties of gastritis, but today we will talk about one of the most common types of - of diffuse gastritis. Strictly speaking, diffuse gastritis - a consequence of the first acute and then chronic gastritis, left without attention and appropriate treatment.

Features and symptoms

Diffuse chronic superficial gastritis - disease sufficiently serious to ignore him, and in any case it is impossible, as there is a risk of developing cancer of the stomach. At the beginning of the disease gastric mucosa becomes inflamed, then the inflammatory process takes a chronic nature. After some time - one in a month, someone in a year - the mucous membrane begins to atrophy. First glandular cells die, then epithelial - they are replaced by fibrous tissue.

The disease has symptoms similar to all other types of gastritis. Please note - it can be both at once all together and just some of them:

  • Pain

First pain occurs very rarely and for a short time, but as the disease progresses the pain occur more and more often, and their intensity is amplified many times, sometimes significantly impairing the quality of life of the sick person. Pain may occur at any time, but most often it occurs immediately after a meal, especially not too healthy.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Over time, in addition to the pain a person begins to experience nausea, especially after eating. If the disease is in a very advanced stage, it can accede to nausea and vomiting. After vomiting, as a rule, a person experiences significant relief.

  • Weight loss

As you can guess, the atrophy of the mucosa inevitably leads to deterioration of the function of the stomach and, therefore, the entire digestive tract. This can lead to weight loss, sometimes quite considerable.

 surface diffuse gastritis

Dietary food

Treat chronic diffuse superficial gastritis a must, and the earlier this treatment is initiated, the more effective it will be. But only if the person will comply with medical diet - without treatment will be no good, no matter how carefully you do not comply with all recommendations of the physician.

  • What You Can Eat

From the menu, the sick person should strictly exclude all artificial colors and preservatives, flavor enhancers, fatty and fried foods, sausages, sweets, coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol. The main menu should consist of cereals, lean meats and fish, small amounts of dairy products.

  • How to cook

All dishes must be cooked exclusively baked in its own juices, or steamed. Very useful mucous soups - for example, rice. Watch out also for the temperature of the food - it should not be neither too cold nor too hot. Ideally it should be at room temperature or slightly warmer.

  • Split meals

Clinical nutrition should be only a fraction - portions should be small, about a fist. And the intervals between meals should not exceed two to three hours - so you will ensure your stomach gentle treatment, without experiencing hunger.

 atrophic gastritis diffuse

Traditional recipes of treatment gastritis

Of course, the man who has chronic atrophic gastritis superficial, must necessarily seek the help of a doctor, a gastroenterologist. First, the doctor will examine the patient, prescribe a series of tests to clarify the diagnosis and, secondly, to objectively evaluate the characteristics of the disease, and according to them you will choose the right treatment. And your main task - to strictly follow his instructions and recommendations.

But we should not ignore the traditional medicine - in her piggy bank there are lots of recipes that will make a superficial chronic atrophic gastritis retreat. Of course, the basic treatment, your doctor orders, stop in any case impossible. But the recipes of traditional medicine would be a great addition that at times will accelerate recovery.

But remember that in some cases the grass that make up a particular prescription, can trigger the development of an allergic reaction. Therefore, if in any recipe you are not sure until the end, it is better not to risk it all and give it up. In addition, do not take risks and to offer such treatment to children, adolescents and pregnant women - too large risk of developing all of the same allergic reaction.

  • Fee pain and heartburn

If chronic atrophic gastritis superficial accompanied not only pain, but also a strong heartburn is to try to prepare the next infusion. The flask, place one teaspoon of peppermint and sweet flag root and two tablespoons of St. John's wort and plantain, a third of a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Fill the grass two cups of boiling water, close the flask and leave to infuse for 12 hours.

Then strain the infusion carefully using cheesecloth, pour into a glass bottle and store in the refrigerator. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink two tablespoons of infusion - likely to annoy you stop heartburn. But if all of a sudden it comes back, immediately take a few spoonfuls - just a few minutes heartburn retreat. This treatment should last at least a month in a row. If necessary, after a week's break, the course can be repeated.

  • Collection against pain

If the pain is too strong, you can prepare the broth a little different. Incidentally, there are cases when after his regular admission chronic atrophic gastritis and superficial at all retreats. To make it, you will need one tablespoon of licorice root, fennel fruit 5, three tablespoons of lime blossom and half a teaspoon of peppermint.

Grass put in an enamel pan, pour a liter of water and simmer to a boil. Then remove from heat, cover the pan with a lid and wrap a thick towel, leave to infuse for at least three hours. Then strain it thoroughly, using a strainer or gauze cloth, pour into any suitable container and store in the refrigerator.

In order to cure the chronic atrophic gastritis surface, it is necessary twice a day - morning and before bedtime on an empty stomach to drink a half glass of slightly warmed broth. If the taste seems too unpleasant, you can add a half teaspoon of all natural honey. But, of course, only if you are not allergic to bee products - in this case it is necessary to replace the honey in the usual sugar. But do not overdo it - chronic gastritis and sugar poorly compatible.

  • Flaxseed

The best way to defeat chronic atrophic gastritis - is flaxseed. Our ancestors for centuries treat this disease in this way. There are two recipes - a decoction of flax and flaxseed oil. Linen broth themselves effectively dulls pain and linseed oil can cause chronic gastritis retreat. Incidentally, both of these tools can be taken simultaneously.

To prepare a decoction of linseed put in a saucepan five tablespoons of flax seed, pour a glass of water over very low heat bring to a boil. Then cool and strain, pour into a cup and drink immediately. The pain will recede very quickly - within a maximum of 30 minutes. Do not cook the broth for the future - it is not stored for more than two hours.

For the preparation of linseed oil in a water bath to a boil half a cup of any vegetable refined oil. Stir it 6 tablespoons flax seeds and simmer for at least 20 minutes, always stirring continuously. Then, the oil must cool, then pour into a container made of dark glass and tightly zakuporte. Leave the oil to insist in a dark place for about a week. Then you can begin treatment - drink a teaspoon of flax oil before each meal, for two months.

Even doctors-gastroenterologists confirm that in many such cases, chronic atrophic gastritis, if not disappear completely, then at least stop worrying sick person for a long time. In order not to aggravate chronic gastritis, should be carried out every six months preventive treatment.

  • Potato juice

If you want to cure chronic gastritis as soon as possible, have a little tricky. A very effective tool for this purpose - the most common raw potato juice. Wash one large potato tuber, grate it on grater and gauze squeeze the juice, drink it. This procedure must be repeated three times a day - in the morning on an empty stomach, at lunch and in the evening before bedtime.

In that case, if you are plagued by too severe pain, it makes sense to take potato juice every two hours - just a few days the pain to recede. The course of such treatment should last for 14 days and then need to do a week break and, if necessary, repeat it again.

  • Pharmacy daisy

Usual pharmacy chamomile is able to solve several problems at once: to remove pain, eliminate heartburn and cure even the most resistant chronic gastritis. For this you need the morning and evening to drink a half cup of chamomile infusion. Preparing it is very simple - in a teapot Stir in five tablespoons of dried chamomile pharmacy, pour a glass of boiling water and allow to stand for an hour. This treatment should last at least one month.

All of these recipes are in most cases able to greatly improve your health. But remember - in any case it is impossible to stop the main treatment prescribed by the doctor. And regular visits to his mind, too, not worth it - just so you can be sure that the disease is indeed retreating, not only at the time of masquerades.

 Diffuse gastritis. How to treat it?

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