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According to statistics, in recent years the majority of women believe that the main disadvantage of their appearance - overweight. And, despite the fact that today this problem is solved easily - there is a lot of variety of all kinds of diets and weight loss programs - many women do not make particular zeal to reduce its weight. After all, in order to effectively lose weight, you need to organize your diet to exclude from all harmful lifestyle habits, stick to a certain daily routine and regularly perform any exercise. This is not so easy.

Nevertheless, many of the obese women often have to lose weight very quickly - for a week or even less - to look excellent at any celebration. This is especially true of people the public, for which appearance is one of the leading life values. Let's see how to lose weight quickly are able stellar beauty that should always look perfect.

Mariah Carrey, for example, believes that the purchase can be graceful forms, reducing the amount of fluid in the body on the eve of the solemn event. You can either limit the consumption of this liquid, or buy at the pharmacy a special leading out excess moisture, drugs. Mariah Carrey takes on those that contain sea salt and seaweed. However, she warns: elimination of liquid in a similar way can cause harm to the body, so the period of supplementation is necessary to minimize the intake of salt and sugar and drink less. The same applies to the day after the celebration.

And Victoria Beckham does not resort to any special techniques that simply hiding their problem areas under the tan. This helps its special funds for tanning. But using them, it is necessary to ensure that no excess tanning stressed splendor of forms rather than to hide it. This procedure is best done in a beauty salon.

Sarah Jessica Parker, to look slimmer, clothed in a long black dress made of thick fabric. This dress makes the figure above visually, hiding its flaws. With corset dress can be used, the models which are now fashionable and elegant. A shift attention from the surrounding body is possible by means of bright makeup, emphasize the dignity of the person.

Signs of the film heroine Bridget Jones, played by Renee Zellweger, advised to adjust their shape using an elastic panty. This method, indeed, is quite effective. Besides, it malozatraten.

But Kate Winslet finds it an effective way to make your figure look slimmer visually - the royal carriage. That's right, because straightened back and straightened shoulders, coupled with head proudly OUTSTRETCHED increase growth, which, in turn, is very slim figure. The habit so keep yourself produced quickly enough. But this method of weight loss is not worth any money at all.

 Diets stars

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 how thin Inna Volovicheva


  • Weight Loss. Where to begin?
  • The principles of food from Inna Volovicheva

The question of excess weight worries many representatives of the fair half of mankind of all ages. Sometimes the problem is not far-fetched and is unfounded, as any woman tends to look at her figure flaws, sometimes completely unfounded. Often the desire to lose weight is rooted in youth, when someone's careless word biting thrown to the early-formed girl, giving the seedlings in the form of complexes and self-doubt. It is fraught with serious violation of the psycho-emotional background and is able to cause such a dangerous disease like anorexia.

Suffering them a young woman who, in the opinion of others, is quite normal complexion, refuses food. This is not a diet, but a real starvation. Fortunately, in our country the disease itself has not yet gained threatening forms. Therefore, this article focuses on how to get rid of those extra kilos for women and girls who really need it.

 Volovicheva Inna how thin

Weight Loss. Where to begin?

On TV screens well-known film actors and show business endlessly show us downright miraculous reincarnation of plump and fat men in these stroynyashek. And such examples exist indefinitely. Moreover, all well-known personalities like the one attributed to the rapid changes in their own figure nutrition and physical activity. However, some people share their little secret. For example, advertised kefir diet has long been among the most popular with women who want to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Few of the people belonging to the world of show business, admits in passing liposuction or plastic, taking special drugs, and so on, although the rate at which the stall stars lose weight, casts doubt on the veracity of their words. But there are very real examples of how ordinary people trapped in the variety shows are becoming slimmer and more beautiful. Vivid proof of that - the most popular youth project "Dom-2".

When among its members suddenly appeared unformatted pyshechka Inna Volovicheva, many girls snorted sarcastically: "I wonder how much it weighs and how all got on TV? ". But one could not have imagined that the show is the most positive impact on her figure. We all had the opportunity to observe how Ina almost in front of the television viewers in a short time transformed from a pretty lady with elegant rounded shapes in a harmonious beauty. How many kilos it has lost in a relatively short period of time? About thirty! Agree, this is a very good result. So what is the secret of such a metamorphosis as thin Inna Volovicheva?

First of all, it claims, the thing is willpower. However, this applies to any method of weight loss, as diet, whatever it may be, is primarily a test of strength. This is not a rant, because in the name of his goals have to give up the usual diet and lifestyle. In addition, in order to lose weight is good enough, you need to adjust their behavior and significantly revise their attitude to food. A boost to the loss of excess weight girl gave gone through the stress associated with participation in the show. This is not the best way to lose weight, but discarded as an extreme form the first kilos initiated her way to harmony.

 Inna Volovicheva how thin

The principles of food from Inna Volovicheva

But all telezritelnits not interested in general, although correct, phrase, and the answer to a specific question about how thin Inna Volovicheva of "House-2". What her diet is different from the rest? If you believe the words of the participants of the show, the essence of its method of weight loss is simple. It consists in the use of healthy food, at the same time are forbidden fried foods, foods high in calories, sweets and alcohol. Quantity of white bread, sugar, salt, butter minimized. Thus excluded from the diet "fast carbohydrates" and fats, because it is they who are responsible for the formation of extra folds at the waist.

The breakfast definitely includes oatmeal, cooked Inna water and sugar. It needs to have a fruit. By the way, this technique is often mentioned, and many nutritionists, because carbohydrates contained in any porridge, assimilated by our body for a long time and, therefore, does not allow to experience the feeling of hunger until dinner. At the same time the person feels a burst of energy, and the stomach gets full and easy to digest food.

But no matter how much said about the benefits of breakfast on the basis of oatmeal, it bothers. If this happened to you, then try a variety of the morning to eat an egg, a couple of slices of cheese, lettuce and a slice of apple. Drink all you need a cup of green tea without sugar. This breakfast is not only useful, but also contains a minimum of calories.

The basis of the daily diet Inna Volovicheva are vegetables, seafood and boiled meat. This is enough to always feel cheerful and full of energy. And as such our favorite dishes from potatoes and pasta, it is better to give them to eat or very rarely and in small amounts. According to Inna Volovicheva in this food a lot of calories and it is poorly digested. In addition, the diet includes another indispensable component - juices that slimming body just needed because it delivers vitamins.

No less important to keep a clear mode of eating. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, always in the same period of eighteen hours. But if hunger hurts especially strong, it is allowed to eat grapefruit. You would think that an evening stand not eating impossible? Then take into account the opinion of modern nutritionists that the last meal you can make in three hours before bedtime. And best of all, if at this time you fool the stomach a glass of kefir. As for pineapples, which is considered to be a natural "burners" fat, they should be consumed only in the morning.

One only diet, according to Ina Volovicheva noticeably lose weight will not help. It must be combined with exercise, burns calories. This can be fitness, gym, running - everything. Good help lose weight and a sauna, which experts recommend to visit at least once a week. As you can see, diet member of "House-2" is also based on the principle of a healthy diet, and sports mode. But the results showed that the girl, once again confirms that it is not losing weight should guide you, but the desire to find harmony between body and soul.

 How thin Inna Volovicheva: magic diet without secrets

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