diet roller coaster

How subtly noticed a Polish artist and writer Janina Ipohorskaya: "Sight of one woman to another reminds monitoring baggage at customs." She's right ... slim, trim figure - the dream of almost every woman. Even the one that will assure you that feels very comfortable in its solid weight, and quote "folk wisdom": "man - not a dog, do not rush to the bone." Rather, it is - just self-defense and the recognition that the war was lost.

Perhaps most important in the battle against excess weight - the right choice of weapons. One of the weapons - the diet. There just is not thought up diets! And every promise "miraculous escape" from the hated kilograms. However, not all fulfill this promise. But some, after all, can be trusted. Today we will speak about one of them - a diet "roller coaster."

This diet was developed over 30 years ago, an American psychologist and nutritionist Martin Catania. What makes it different? His principle. Despite the fact that the diet developed man, it is intended primarily for women. The problem is that the female body is prone to "hoarding." So we arranged nature. Whether we like it or not, our body tends to create a certain "emergency reserve", which is in an emergency situation to help us survive. With this, the margin we are fighting all their lives. But the body - there is a very tricky and easily adapts to almost any environment.

Probably all know the situation - you will continue to comply with all the limitations of a particular diet, and weight stops falling. Stubborn cock all points to the same division. Why so? Just because of this ability to "adapt". The body adapts and begins to "save". Well, when the period ends with a diet, he eagerly catching up and, having learned from bitter experience, trying to "set aside in reserve" more Zhirkov. Suddenly you again come to mind to starve him to death?

The result is known to all - dumped kgs with surprising speed back into place. Diet Martin Katana - it is a way to outsmart nature. What is the essence? The fact that throughout the diet you will change the number of calories consumed. Thus, the body does not have time to adjust and will spend as many as possible. This means that you will lose weight. Tempting, is not it?

But before you go to the menu "Rollercoaster", it is necessary to tell about all the difficulties you will encounter. Firstly, this diet is hard enough. And before you try it for yourself, it is best to consult a doctor. Of course, thin waist - is very good. But, provided that this is achieved without the loss of health. Second. "Sit" on this diet is difficult. Especially the first three days.

Here you will need all the strength of will - will be hungry all the time. Third, the diet recommends that virtually eliminate from the diet of fats. On the one hand, of course, correct - why eat something from which you want to get rid of. On the other hand, the absence of fats may lead to problems with the skin and hair. They need some fat! So the main thing here - do not overdo it. You should not completely exclude fats from the menu - simply reduce their number.

And the last time. If you want to achieve impressive results, you can not do without regular and fairly intensive exercise. After all, the essence of the diet? The fact that the body spends more calories than it receives. And he spend calories, if you will sit all day on the couch? Of course, even without training, you will be able to throw three or four kilos. But such an outcome is unlikely to meet you after three weeks of "hardship." With loads of effect will be more noticeable - you can lose up to 7 kg per week.

 the roller coaster diet

How it works?

The program is designed to supply three weeks. Well-designed menu for this diet does not exist - and this is certainly a big plus. There can be anything you want, but in a strictly defined amount, meticulously counting every calorie. The scheme is simple. The first three days - the most "hard". At night you can afford no more than 600 calories. The following four days a little easier - 900 kcal. Then seven days - 1200 kcal per day. And then again three days at 600, and four - 900 kcal. Then you can gradually return to your normal diet.

Despite the fact that there are no restrictions on food there, do not "recruit" these same kilocalories due buns and Coke. The menu may look approximately like that. 600 kcal diet:

  • In the morning - unsweetened tea and a small piece of rye bread.
  • Day - about 100 grams of beef and boiled rice. Salad of cucumbers and radishes without refueling.
  • At night - an egg and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

900 kcal diet:

  • In the morning - a green apple, black tea and corn bread. With tea, you can take a piece of sugar.
  • At lunch - fish, steamed. By her side dish - vegetable salad and pasta. No more than 100 grams. Tea with a piece of sugar.
  • Before going to bed - a boiled egg, 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese and a small banana.

Sample menu for 1,200 kcal:

  • At breakfast - 200 grams of oatmeal, cooked in water, rye bread, a cup of tea with a spoon of sugar.
  • Dinner - 200 grams of boiled chicken, 100 grams of buckwheat cereal. You can add a small piece of butter.
  • Dinner - fruit salad - grapes, pineapples, apples, bananas. These days, between meals, you can "bite" - fit a cup of yogurt or a banana.

 the roller coaster diet menus

These are the "roller coaster" - down - up. The main advantage of this diet is that the conviction of the author, would have to come back to it very, very long time. After all, the result is stored permanently. Lose weight and never gain weight - that still need to be happy?

 Diet "Rollercoaster" - a weapon against obesity

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 American Diet


  • The meaning of diet
  • Menu American diet
  • A diet as a lifestyle

There is an opinion that most Americans eat at fast food restaurants and not watching their weight. And the proof of this - the large number of obese residents of America. But as it turned out, the Americans, too, are not indifferent to what the figures show the scale when weighing. And they are sitting on a diet, no less than in other countries. One of the American diet for weight loss even won worldwide fame for its simplicity and effectiveness. And for compliance with it will not need any overseas products no longer exhausting starvation. The American diet is quite loyal to all of losing weight. Furthermore, it allows for some two weeks lose about five kilograms.

The meaning of diet

The essence of the American diet for weight loss lies in the observance of several rules.

  • Nothing there after five pm

The first three days to comply with this rule will be difficult, but for the sake of losing weight can be a little bear. Especially women who have passed the American diet, claim that by the end of the first week, they almost did not feel hunger. When the clock ran far beyond the mark of 17.00, but there is still desirable, stop the hunger hot cup of tea without sugar.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Someone could surprise this condition. After all, usually at losing weight get rid of excess fluid in the body. But the American diet is not aimed at the rapid loss of kilograms, and to stabilize the weight and improve health. Therefore, in two weeks you can lose weight slightly, but it will feel ease and increased efficiency. The exception under the American diet are coffee, sodas, sweet tea - they need to limit or exclude.

  • Refuse fatty foods

Here the inhabitants of distant American diet is very loyal. She admits that you can afford a few slices of fried potatoes or a couple of spoonfuls of harmful salad with mayonnaise. I am eating something fat? Nothing wrong. The main thing - to seize all of this a few slices of pineapple or grapefruit, can break down fats.

  • The most serious contraindications

Within two weeks it is prohibited to eat salt, pepper, oil, grease, alcohol and vinegar. With regard to products, the American doctors offer its own version of power that they consider useful for the correct process of losing weight.

 American Diet

Menu American diet

Among all the other American diets - not the long-term: it lasts for two weeks. Nutritionists have decided to simplify the task of losing weight and make a single breakfast for all 14 days of the diet. Every morning you should start with a cup of coffee with milk, two apples (or one orange), slices of bread (or toast) and a soft-boiled eggs. But lunch and dinner during the diet are quite diverse.

The first day

  • Lunch - fish (fried or boiled) in an amount of 200 grams; celery, seasoned with lemon juice (100 grams); unsweetened coffee or tea.
  • Dinner - one hundred grams of boiled meat, seasoned with a teaspoon of onion and one egg yolk; a piece of toast or plain bread; an apple or a glass of low-fat milk.

Second day

  • Dinner - 200 grams of spinach stew; 150 grams of lightly roasted veal liver; two boiled potatoes; coffee or tea without milk and sugar.
  • Dinner - salad of beets, carrots, tomatoes and cabbage (finely chopped), seasoned with a tablespoon of refined vegetable oil; cup low-fat yogurt; one egg, cooked boiled, a simple piece of toast or bread; a slice of lean ham.

Day Three

  • Dinner - 200 grams of lean roasted meats; lettuce, dressed with lemon juice; A glass of tomato juice; orange, apple and grapefruit on a choice; coffee or tea without sugar.
  • Dinner - a cup of low-fat yogurt; 2 boiled eggs; two tomatoes without salt; two slices of bread; apple or pear to choose from.

Day Four

  • Dinner - 200 grams of fried or boiled chicken; 150 grams of cabbage (you can with lemon juice); a simple piece of bread or toast; a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea.
  • Dinner - 50 grams of cheese, which can be supplemented if desired bell pepper, green onion and raw egg yolk; 6 radishes stuff; glass of milk with low-fat; a piece of bread or toast.

Day Five

  • Dinner - 250 grams of grated carrots; 150 grams of lean boiled meat; two potatoes, cooked "in uniform"; one cup of coffee or tea without sugar and milk.
  • Dinner - fried eggs from two eggs with vegetables (any choice); tomato salad with green onions, seasoned with lemon juice; an Apple.

Day Six

  • Dinner - 200 grams of boiled fish; 150 grams of salad (you can fill with lemon juice); a piece of bread or toast; a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Dinner - 150 grams of cooked lean beef with grated on a fine grater horseradish; 100 grams of lettuce (available both in pure form and with the addition of lemon juice); glass of milk with low-fat; an Apple.

The seventh day

  • Dinner - 200 grams of boiled chicken; 100 grams of cooked rice (no salt); 100 grams of green salad, seasoned with fresh lemon juice; one Apple; one glass of milk with low percentage of fat.
  • Dinner - a cup of yogurt; two small patties (preferably steamed); an Apple; a piece of bread or toast.

 American diet for 2 weeks

A diet as a lifestyle

Menu is designed for seven days. However, such a power supply system should be followed for at least two weeks. Only then will the American diet to be effective, and scales will delight at the weigh-in. This system of weight loss gives excellent results, providing a systematic weight loss and preservation of good health. The effect of the diet is not Momental, but it is easy to keep, observing the rules of supply.

The American diet is quite simple. Stick within seven days of the designated menu, and in the beginning of the second week go back to the first day and again proposed power system. Do you want to fix the slimming effect? Make American diet part of your life, then you will please not only your weight, but also health.

 American Diet: Lose Weight with pleasure

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