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  • The optimal diet for the stars, and not only
  • Features diet
  • Disadvantages monodiets Queen Margarita

The fight against obesity takes the mind of almost every average woman, regardless of age, social status and lifestyle. Another thing is that each of us has its own strategy and tactics in the fight. And if you manage to get rid of a week of at least a couple hated kilogrammchikov, then with a triumphant cry of the Comanches we aspire to conquer new heights with triple enthusiasm.

Similarly, the lack of visible results is able to deliver a lot of frustration until real grief that is very difficult to survive without Zaev something tasty. The result is a vicious circle - not losing weight because they eat a lot and eat a lot because you can not lose weight.

Nutritionists say that keeping your weight is normal - it is not one day, but the result of systematic actions aimed at achieving the goal. That is food must be healthy and always full, not from time to time. It is not automatically develop into a habit to eat food with little salt, water, non-carbonated beverages without sugar and alcohol, salad without mayonnaise, no butter sandwiches and sausages, to achieve excellence in the waist and hips will be extremely difficult.

At least one day a week to be unloading - apples, cheese, yogurt, or a non-carbonated water. But do not forget that eating yogurt is contraindicated in the existing problems of the stomach and duodenum, because it can trigger a relapse. This drink is not desirable, and those suffering from kidney stones.

 Diet 9 days margarita queen

The optimal diet for the stars, and not only

One of the most effective nutritional programs aimed at weight loss and its subsequent stability, is now a "diet Queen Margaret's 9 days' or mono-diet. Proponents of this method of weight loss are the stars of the Russian show business, experience it for yourself.

A common result is the loss of use of approximately 10% of the initial weight. To enhance the effect, do not give up moderate physical activity at this time. Swimming, running, dancing and gymnastics will have a beneficial effect on muscle tone and overall skin condition. You can practice massage, including honey.

Queen Margaret's nine-day diet - the most accessible and most balanced way to lose weight. Thanks to him the body is not under stress.

  • During the first three days is recommended daily to 19 hours to eat only a glass of rice, soaked in the evening, thoroughly washed and cooked in the morning;
  • The next three days - boiled chicken meat in an amount of 1 kg per day, without the fat and skin, also exclusively to 19 hours;
  • Finally, the remaining three days should eat only raw and cooked vegetables, daily intake of which should fit within the 700-900 grams;
  • You can cook vegetable salads such as salad, but without pickles - the replacement of fresh vegetables or canned pickled unacceptable.

 9 day diet margarita queen

Features diet

Strict 9 day diet Queen Marguerite suggests the beginning of a new day with a glass of water. During monodiets advisable to drink plenty of clean water or green tea (of course, unsweetened) - not less than two and a half liters a day. Have breakfast obligatory, as it is not charged in the morning the body is not strong enough to carry out its functions. He suffers and then trying to stock up on fat "for a rainy day."

All food must be eaten in 5-6 receptions in small portions. It is advisable to avoid hunger. The weight of a single meal should not exceed 250 grams.

The advantage of this method of weight loss is considered a sharp change of products that enable the human body to use internal reserves metabolism and serve as a preparatory step to the basic diet.

Before you begin to lose weight by the method of Queen Marguerite, be sure to consult with your doctor!

Disadvantages monodiets Queen Margarita

9-day diet Queen Margaret of increases metabolism and improves the intracellular metabolism. And the presence of fiber in the diet helps to maintain a sense of fullness throughout the day. However, it is not devoid of any diet and aggressiveness has certain disadvantages.

  • The amount of trace elements in the body is greatly reduced;
  • A significant change in blood sugar levels - especially in the days of rice;
  • Chicken days may adversely affect the water-salt metabolism, since in this period there is increased excretion of fluids from the body.

Proper nutrition method Marguerite Queen

Of course, the diet described above is quite strict. Not everyone can withstand nine days monotonous food. In this case, a nutritionist Queen Margarita offers not torturing the body by starvation, but just try to eat healthy.

  • Eat at least five times a day in small portions;
  • Nothing fried! Boil, bake, cook for a couple;
  • You can afford bread, only the first half of the day. It is desirable rye;
  • Juices, tea, coffee, try to eat half an hour before meals or half an hour after her;
  • Sugar replace honey;
  • On the day you need to drink at least two liters of water;
  • From alcoholic drinks should be abandoned, you can afford a dry white wine;
  • If you want porridge - just on the water;
  • Use mainly olive oil;
  • For dinner, try to eat vegetables or fruit.

If your genetic heritage or credo - to be a lady with magnificent volumes and forms, it is not necessary to torture the body to extreme diets. Indeed, in this case, even a 9 day diet Queen Margaret's will not bring the expected results.

Love yourself with all my heart, always in good spirits, learn how to highlight key items in your wardrobe. Emphasize the advantages and avoid disadvantages protrusions, and you will be very sexy, desirable and irresistible in the eyes of people who love you.

 Diet Queen Marguerite - 9 days and you're in great shape!

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 Kremlin diet menu for the week


  • The essence of the Kremlin diet
  • To eat or not to eat - that is the question
  • Menu Kremlin diet for a week

Complete women, claiming that "a good man should be a lot of" little cunning. Uncomfortable it in his body. And it's not in the external appeal, and that the extra weight is very heavy to carry. Summers are hot, winters are not vlezesh into any coat, public transport takes up space. Solid cons. And look longingly girl "in the body" on hudyshek, dreaming of a wasp waist or at least the possibility to climb to become narrow jeans. But it's real. You just do not snap at her husband hints about the need to lose weight, but really go on a diet. The good choices for diet slimming weight.

For example, the most famous by far the Kremlin diet. With its help, according to nutritionists, you can throw 5 kg per week, and if you have the guts to continue losing weight by the end of the month there is a chance to lose about 15 kilograms. Tempting? It is said that the Kremlin diet menu for the week stuck to the former measures of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and his deputy Sergei Tsoi. What? Men also want to be slim. The more that the position requires. And nicknamed after famous diet her fans Kremlin.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

Each system weight loss secrets. The success of the Kremlin diet is to limit the amount of carbohydrates. With this you can have plenty of meat (not for nothing that this diet is adhered to men) and not gain weight. Do not believe? Check it out. Especially that constitute the menu of the Kremlin diet for a week, you can own. For this purpose there is a special table that counts the number of carbohydrates in a given product. Home -soblyudat 4 basic rules:

  • Eat as little as possible of carbohydrates (then the body begins to spend a domestic energy reserves);
  • Drink plenty of fluids;
  • Eating foods rich in fiber (we replace it fell out of favor carbohydrates);
  • Enter in the diet of meat and hard cheese.

But it is easy to say "eat less carbohydrates." And how to understand, how many of them in a particular product? Of course you can read part of the label, but, at first, not the fact that there will write it as it is (on the fence too much that is written), and, secondly, it will be very difficult to calculate the amount of carbohydrates, if you eat at all of the product but only part of it. What to do? Dine in the vicinity of piles of papers and kitchen scales? Then you risk to lose weight only by the effort of counting carbs and calories. But better still to clarify a few things that you can easily make yourself diet, dining or visiting the local coffee shop, without the aid of the tables and the balance (you do not carry them with you in your purse, right?).

 Kremlin diet menu for a week

To eat or not to eat - that is the question

The first thing that should be excluded from the diet - a fruit juice (except tomato) and vegetables. Surprised? However, if you want to lose weight, it is better to forget about their favorite apples and bananas. Then everything is quite natural. The "grace" get sugar, flour dishes, rice and bread (even black). We would like to warn those who like to "bypass" the difficulties. If you are told to give up sugar, even the little spoon in his cup of tea would be superfluous. It just seems that you are just a little sweetening dish. In fact, you start up down the drain all their attempts to lose weight.

Another enemy slim figure - a delicatessen. Yes, it is delicious, yes, it is convenient (for five minutes, and dinner sandwiches ready). But these products are so harmful that nutritionists advise refuse sausages, even those who do not need to lose weight. It is harmful. And the meat in sausages, according to current research, only 20-30%. And if you instantly presented the pair a piece of beef on the bone, it is unlikely the vision refers to the sausage industry. Manufacturers are trying in every way to save money and resorting to the meat trimmings, offal and .... soya additives. That you eat them with relish, believing that before you a quality sausage. Want some advice? Forget the road in the sausage department. It is better to buy a good piece of meat and bake boiled pork. It can be used on sandwiches, and add a side dish instead of sausages. Yes, and the Kremlin diet meat is welcome.

 Kremlin diet for a week

Menu Kremlin diet for a week

Meat - it is certainly good. But you will not eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? How to create a balanced diet, and weight to reset, and enjoy the food? We offer you the diet of the Kremlin diet for a week, following which you will lose weight without feeling hunger.

Day One: the main thing - to start

You woke up with the firm intention to become slim as Natasha from next door? Perfectly. Now go to the kitchen. At breakfast, you are entitled to fried eggs from two eggs with ham, 100 grams of cheese and a cup of espresso without sugar (if you do not like coffee, you can replace it with tea or herbal decoction).

For lunch nutritionists allowed to fry themselves a juicy steak, seize his plate of celery soup and, if not ate, ate salad with mushrooms (150 gr.). To wash down all this can be a low-carb feast tea without sugar. "Reach" to dinner is not easy, especially if you're used to eating tightly. So you can clean yourself 50 grams of walnuts to appease outraged howling stomach. For dinner, you are allowed to eat 200 grams of boiled chicken and a small tomato.

Day Two: Is there something already want

On the second day of the breakfast cook yourself 2 eggs (they can stuff the mushrooms) and to seize all this low-fat cottage cheese (150g.). Well, espresso has not been canceled, but do not forget that it must be without sugar. As for dinner, there is growing thin luckier. Generous nutritionists allowed to eat a plate of meat and sour cabbage soup with 100 grams of barbecue. But that's not all. Leave room in your stomach for a vegetable salad with meat and a cup of hot tea. Ate? That's fine. Wait for the long-awaited dinner and weight loss.

In the meantime, the clock hand has not yet approached the sacred figure, is allowed to bite a piece (200 g.) Of cheese. For dinner, you will find grilled chicken breast and 100 grams of boiled cauliflower.

Day three: it's time to draw the stomachs

Wake up to the already familiar rumbling stomach and go to breakfast. The menu boiled chicken breast, 100 grams of roasted eggplant and tea without sugar. Lunch will be much tighter: a bowl of soup of melted cheese (remember the signature dish of students?), Lean pork chop and vegetable salad. At lunch 10 olives and dining nutritionists recommend a glass of kefir, boiled fish (200 gr.) And the average tomato.

Fourth day: quietly kilos melt

Well, drawn into the Kremlin diet? Then breakfast will delight you for sure. In the morning, you can eat a piece of boiled fish, salad of cauliflower and a cup of coffee to wake myself. For lunch relies plate of chicken soup, kebab lamb and light salad with mushrooms. Did not find the lamb? Replace it with any other meat to taste. At lunch you can eat 200 grams of cheese, and in the evening eat fried chicken, lettuce and tea without sugar.

Day five: a welcome lightness throughout the body

Usually, on the fifth day slimming wake up with unusual ease throughout the body and a good mood. We hope that you are no exception. Breakfast is supposed to eat omelet 4 eggs with grated cheese and drink the traditional espresso. Lunch will be much tighter. It boiled escalope, celery soup and a salad of grated carrots (as a child). On poldnichny snack nutritionists emit 30 grams of peanuts, and dinner with a salad leaf, grilled fish (200 grams), hard cheese (100 grams) and a glass of red wine. The main thing - the wine was dry, and the number did not exceed the specified rate.

Day six: the end is near

We hope that the evidence on the floor scales have delight (note that women who are on a diet, stand on the scale is 10 times more likely than those whose weight is normal). Then breakfast you probably will meet with a smile. Morning menu consists of fried eggs with ham (1 time you can eat 2 eggs and ham 50 grams), 100 grams of cheese and a cup of green tea. The dinner will need to cook the soup, fry 250 grams of chicken white meat and chop the beetroot salad. Yes, it's all you. For resilience and courage in the fight against excess weight. But that's not all. At lunch you can chew pumpkin seeds, and for dinner a glass of low-fat yogurt, eat 100 grams of boiled fish and a plate of lettuce.

Day Seven: Goodbye, overweight!

Here come the last day of the Kremlin diet for a week. We met this event 2 boiled eggs, squash caviar (100 gr.) And a cup of strong espresso. For lunch eat a grilled chicken (200 g.), A salad with cucumbers and richness bowl soups. Grab a snack nuts, and for dinner cook 200 grams of boiled beef. To the meat did not seem too dry, seize it with a small tomato and wash down with a cup of yogurt.

We hope that our recommendations will help you lose weight if you do not, then at least to feel welcome lightness in the body. A man does not look like this show scales, and how he feels.

 Preparing for the spring: the Kremlin diet, a menu for the week

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