Diet Inns Volovicheva


  • Stages of diet
  • Main nuances of diets
  • Sample menu diet for a week

Diet Inna Volovicheva became known only recently, however, the popularity came to her quickly enough. And all thanks to illustrative examples. Inna is a party to the project "House 2", so its transformation took place in front of millions of viewers. According to reports and photos on the Internet, for the month of diet she dropped almost 30 kilograms. This minus 6-7 pounds per week. Is that possible, you ask? And what should be done for such weight loss?

According to the most of Ina, the main secret of her weight loss is willpower. As corny as it sounds, without the desire and persistence can not achieve anything. And this fact applies to any diet. If you started the business, be sure to bring it to the end. Do not stop, no matter how difficult it may seem way. Month - it's not such a long time, for the sake of a beautiful figure can bear.

Stages of diet

As with any weight loss diet Inna Volovicheva consists of several stages.

  • We are preparing for a new life

First we need to prepare ourselves for what will have to abandon their traditional way of life and nutrition. Forget about the sweet, flour and fatty foods, to enroll in a gym or pool, and, of course, to overcome his laziness. Adjust only positive result of weight loss, believe in yourself. And then you necessarily all will turn out!

  • Start losing weight

The second stage is the diet itself. Your menu should appear fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish. But from the spicy hot sauces, and should be abandoned. Salt also should be consumed with caution. A diet designed for a month, but you can reduce its duration. It all depends on how many kilos you want to lose.

  • Exit diet

This stage of weight loss is as important as the diet itself. It lasts about a month and that it depends on the preservation of the achieved results. For extra weight did not come back, you must come out of the right diet, gradually adding to its menu of the foods. Eliminate semis, try not to eat before going to bed, drink plenty of fluids. And do not stop playing sports. With this approach, you stay slim forever!

 Diet Volovicheva Inns

Main nuances of diets

As already mentioned, the essence of the diet Inna Volovicheva is used only healthy food. Here are the basics of weight loss, which it is desirable to adhere to anyway.

  • For breakfast porridge is required (any), boiled in water without salt and sugar;
  • Do not eat after six pm. At this time, you can only afford a grapefruit. Firstly, they weight vitamins. Secondly, they are well satisfy hunger;
  • Main menu diet for a month consists of boiled meat, vegetables and seafood;
  • Be sure to drink juice. Try to cook them yourself;
  • Prohibited: sugar, salt, alcohol, butter and bread. The latter can be used only in minimal quantities;
  • Quite an important role in the diet plays a schedule. Try to eat always at the same time;
  • Physical activity is necessary for weight loss. Without them, you will not achieve the desired effect, no matter how hard;
  • Several times a month visit the bath or sauna, to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. This is minus 2-3 kg.

This is the basic guidelines that you can achieve a stunning effect. It will take only a month, and you do not recognize yourself in the mirror! For this you can and move away from the usual norms, is not it?

 Diet Inns Volovicheva menu

Sample menu diet for a week

On Monday

  • Morning: porridge without salt and sugar, green tea. The porridge can add grated apple;
  • Day: scrambled eggs and four glasses of milk, salad of cucumbers and cabbage, coffee;
  • Evening: 200 grams of boiled chicken meat, juice or tea.

After a couple of hours after dinner, enjoy a physical activity. Do any exercises to the most problematic areas. Weight will go into the minus, and appreciate significant health advantages.


  • In the morning: rice porridge, tea or coffee;
  • Day: a piece of boiled beef (250 grams), one tomato, tea;
  • Evening: also beef (150 grams), a salad of seaweed.

After dinner (1.5-2 hours), go for a jog. Before going to bed you can drink a glass of grapefruit juice.


  • Morning: buckwheat kefir. It must be prepared in advance. Half a cup of cereal pour a glass of low-fat yogurt and leave for the night;
  • Day: salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, boiled chicken, tea;
  • In the evening: dinner with the remaining chicken and cabbage salad, juice or green tea.

Two hours after dinner, it is desirable to go to the pool and swim for 30-40 minutes.


  • Morning: any porridge on water, tea;
  • Day: beef and seaweed;
  • In the evening: a piece of chicken and one tomato.

Today you have to plan training. Takes at least half an hour. Before going to bed, you can eat an apple or drink a glass of grapefruit juice.


  • In the morning: oatmeal, any fruit (except bananas and grapes), green tea without sugar;
  • Day: lean boiled fish, salad of radish and cucumber juice or coffee;
  • In the evening: a steam omelet of three eggs, tomato, coffee with low-fat milk.

Before going to bed, arrange a jog or visit the pool.


  • In the morning: rice porridge with apple and tea;
  • Day: seafood and vegetables, tea or coffee;
  • Evening: Steam or baked squash, slice chicken juice.

If weather permits, take a bike ride before going to bed. Or work out on a stationary bike.


  • Morning: buckwheat with yogurt, cooked in advance, tea;
  • Day: beef with green beans, juice or coffee;
  • In the evening: a glass of low-fat yogurt, juice from the grapefruit.

This is a sample diet. In the month of weight loss, you can create your own menu, most importantly, to conform to the principles of diet meals. Of course, we should not expect fantastic results - minus 10 pounds for the first week. And you do not need such a result. The sharp change in weight can lead to tragic consequences, so you need to lose weight sensibly, carefully weighing the pros and cons.

Any weight loss method has its contraindications. Volovicheva diet is no exception. Before so hard to change your diet, consult your doctor. Especially if you have gastrointestinal disease. Precautions should be taken to this diet and people who are allergic to citrus. In diabetes, kidney disease and liver weight loss without control specialist is also contraindicated.

 Diet Inna Volovicheva: weekly menu and basic principles

 Kremlin diet menus


  • The essence of the Kremlin diet
  • Products "non grata"
  • Products following
  • The Kremlin diet: contraindications

Do you know why the calendar spring comes earlier this heat? She warns women that need to brush up, to pull out of the closet short skirts, high heels to try and lose weight .... As the winter holidays often leave behind not just pleasant memories but the extra weight. But you and I do not need too much, right? So let's put himself in order to meet armed with heat.

To start with the diet. Given the fact that few people like to starve offers well-fed the Kremlin diet. Why do well-fed? Yes, because the Kremlin diet menu consists of meat, cheese and eggs. Hunger will not stay, but it does not put you to bring the figure in order. Why the Kremlin? Just this system of weight loss held by many members of the government. Hence the name. But she had not called, the main thing - its essence. The Kremlin diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates to a minimum, resulting in the body begins to use his hypodermic stock, but simply put, the fat that we have acquired over the winter. As you can see, the circuit is simple. The main thing - to choose the right menu and lose weight without starving.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

But there are some difficulties. For example, as a conventional female develop diet if it about carbohydrates only at school and hear? How do you know what product they are less likely, and it is best to postpone the shelf of the refrigerator? Will table of the Kremlin diet, which described in detail the composition of each product. You just have to find their meal in the list and resolve it suits you or not.

But if the woman is often necessary to dine out? Or just too lazy to dig into papers and figures? Then we can make a rough menu Kremlin diet, from which it will become clear which products banned, but that still is possible. That is what we are now you turn. So, first make a list of what is prohibited.

 Kremlin diet menus

Products "non grata"

  • First you have to give up sugar, and to do so completely. If you put in your tea instead of the usual three cubes refined one, it does not mean that you lose weight. Rather - tricky. But the trick does not eliminate the extra kilos, believe me. So put the sugar in the side, and better and clean the house to avoid temptation.
  • The second "out of favor" get bread and all flour products. Well, with this clear. Even schoolchildren know that the bun - not the best friends of a slim figure. Although it would be nice if the cake with whipped cream helped to lose weight! And while nutritionists scratching their heads over Pirozhkova diet all flour postpone aside.
  • The third rule of the Kremlin diet says, no rice! And it's strange, because rice - cereals pretty harmless. But doctors know best.
  • Fourth potatoes disappear from the tables and all the dishes prepared from it.
  • And if the potatoes all sort of clear rules of the fifth paragraph of the Kremlin diet you of the surprise. During the weight loss you have to give up the fruits, many vegetables and juices all except tomato.
  • The sixth rule is standard for all systems of weight loss - not the 3 hours before bedtime. By the way, if you have become accustomed to fast, then try not to eat after six in the evening, then reset the kilos faster.
  • Under the 7th taboos fall almost all dairy products: milk, yogurt, kefir. At least, nutritionists do not recommend eating them in the first three days of the diet. Once the body gets used to the limits, you can afford a cup of yogurt for dinner, but only low-fat and without fruits.
  • Alcohol will also have to give up. And it is not because you are intoxicated throw empty the refrigerator. Just beer and all kinds of liquors are very high in calories and carbohydrates. The only alcoholic beverage that you can not afford to once a week - a glass of dry red wine.
  • The ninth condition of the Kremlin diet is perhaps the most pleasant. It prohibits feel hunger. Would you like to have? Snack. But this, of course, does not mean that you'll be running around all day around the refrigerator. Everything is good in moderation.

Products following

Now you're probably at a loss. Vegetables can not have fruits, too. Even the rice, and the taboo. The time to eat? On this question we try to answer in the next paragraph

  1. The first product will please you for sure. This meat. Chicken, pork, beef, mutton - it does not matter. The main thing is that it is low-fat and boiled.
  2. Next to list the fish menu. It can be as a cook, and fry. What is important is not to exceed a single rule is not more than 200 grams of fish at a time.
  3. Cheese also is possible and necessary. Of course, not a home, with a high percentage of fat, and no sour cream as we used to.
  4. The next get out of the refrigerator cheese. But it will certainly be a hard variety, and not just our favorite cream. The fact that the processed cheese contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which the Kremlin diet to avoid.
  5. From vegetables nutritionists allowed to leave the cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, cabbage and normal color.
  6. But the key to success - it is a liquid. That it helps the body to restore carbohydrate metabolism, deduce the excess salt from the body and, eventually, to lose weight. Drink as often as possible, just remember that you can not sweeten beverages.

 Kremlin diet menus

The Kremlin diet: contraindications

Every person is different. That's why the same diet can bring a long-awaited one person losing weight, and another aggravation of existing diseases. How not to hurt yourself? How to lose weight and get in a hospital bed? First of all, you need to consult a doctor. After some gentle it did not seem to be the Kremlin diet, and it has its contraindications.

Limit yourself to the consumption of carbohydrates is strictly forbidden for people with any chronic illness, and those who have problems with blood vessels, heart, stomach and kidneys. Also, do not stick to the Kremlin diet for pregnant women. But it is rather a warning for those who used to be a supporter of the low-carbohydrate food, so it is used, and with the onset of pregnancy did not have time to change their preferences. Cute future mom, now you need to eat for two, so gradually introduced into the diet previously forbidden foods.

But who really fit this diet, it's a family of women. Think about it: you can boil the chicken for myself and for my husband, and in addition, prepare beloved side dish (most of the potatoes have to give up). And it is full, and you stick to the diet. And hunger not have to lose consciousness (active slimming girl will understand us). So do not waste your time and makes its own menu, which will help you to become slim summer.

 Satisfying menu: Kremlin diet for those who do not like to starve