diaphragmatic breathing


  • What a breath of "belly"
  • Pros and cons of breathing diaphragm
  • Terms of use of this type of breathing
  • Foundations mastering diaphragmatic breathing

"As long as we breathe - we live" - ​​a statement which literally can not argue. However, we all breathe in completely different ways and that's a fact. Some people tend to quick and rapid breathing, regardless of the general background of what is happening, and someone liking a quiet and measured breathing. Apart from the above, there are also diaphragmatic breathing. Not heard of it? Do not worry, we will try to fill this gap and shed light on this information.

What a breath of "belly"?

It is this kind of breathing is directly related to the concept of "aperture". Surely every one of you not only hear, but also has a general understanding of the term "aperture". Speaking in accessible language, the aperture - it's nothing but a big enough muscle partition which in turn separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.

The most regular and natural breath for most of us it is diaphragmatic breathing. In normal respiration air enters the lungs, creating a region of reduced pressure, but in this kind of respiration in light enters more air and oxygen saturation is also considerably higher.

According to doctors, the person from the moment of its birth begins to breathe properly, but then, as his older, acquires certain complexes, fears, muscle clamps and forgets about it. There is supposedly a natural clamp the diaphragm, resulting in a friend to all of us thoracic breathing, which largely impairs our health.

 diaphragmatic breathing tips

Pros and cons of breathing diaphragm

Use diaphragmatic breathing as they say, "on the face", because the diaphragm is often called the second heart, the second heart certainly would not hurt all of us. On this basis, it is possible to describe all the advantages and benefits of this type of breathing.

The benefits of diaphragmatic breathing

In this type of breathing is very large number of advantages:

  • Active enrichment of blood with oxygen;
  • Improving the operation of the circulatory and vascular systems;
  • Natural massage lungs and abdominal organs (a good way to prevent complications for patients with bronchopulmonary diseases);
  • The process helps cleanse the lungs for smokers;
  • An effective way to get rid of annoying shortness of breath;
  • Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract (to get rid of constipation, systemic blisters, excessive motility);
  • Improving the operation of the pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys.
  • An effective struggle against excess weight (there is a special set of daily exercise).

Unfortunately, diaphragmatic breathing also has its disadvantages, but this is not surprising, because even seemingly banal vitamins have a lot of contraindications.

Features diaphragmatic breathing

  • The transition to a breath should be done only after consultation with your doctor and rule out any contraindications;
  • People with hypertension is contraindicated to carry out this breath. As mentioned earlier, if there is diaphragmatic breathing pressure on the lungs and heart, which accordingly increases intrathoracic pressure and intrapulmonary parallel.

Terms of use of this type of breathing

Maybe someone would think that to master this type of breathing is simple enough and do not need to have absolutely no knowledge, but it is not. Throughout the required skill, training and improvement of indicators for increased efficiency.

 diaphragmatic breathing rules

Foundations mastering diaphragmatic breathing

Let's start with the fact that classes on breathing exercise is best done in the morning and evening. Choosing a place for this kind of exercise also pay special attention to - it must be isolated, because for 15-30 minutes, you should not interfere with anyone. For the first results you will need a minimum of six sessions. Exercises can be done either sitting or lying down.

Diaphragmatic breathing exercises

  • Lie on your back and relax as much as possible.
  • Put your right hand on the lower abdomen and the left - in the chest. This will facilitate the monitoring of breathing.
  • We begin to breathe so that felt raising his left hand, but the rules should remain in place. This is the beginning of diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Then you will need to breath to inflate the abdomen, and to do it so that he rose and fell directly in the work of inspiration and exit, but the chest should remain as still as possible. Around the same should be done with her hands up and down to the right hand and the left will be fixed. Lower right hand will testify that produced a full exhalation.

Do not be afraid of their initial feelings of dizziness and fear of light - with the time and everything will work out. The emergence of dizziness suggests a sharp saturation of oxygen, and fear - it is a normal reaction to something new untested earlier.

Here is an example of another embodiment of diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Choose the most comfortable sitting position and start breathing diaphragm, controlling its movement within our body. For convenience, you can completely close your eyes.
  • Go to the exercise under the symbolic title "dog breath." To do this, you need to get on all fours, to relax the stomach, open his mouth and start an active and rapid breathing. This position provides a real opportunity to feel itself as a diaphragm, and to monitor the conduct of the respiratory system. It should be noted that this exercise should take a minimum of time, because it can cause severe dizziness.
  • Now go from sitting to lying position and still laid on his stomach that something not very hard - this may be a trivial book. Iris begins to breathe while watching the rise and fall our cargo.

It is possible that the first attempt you will not have all perfectly prepared, but systematic classes will necessarily results.

The most important thing when performing these exercises - not to hurry, to fulfill all carefully measured, controlling every movement, inhale and exhale. If you're doing the right thing, diaphragmatic breathing will benefit your body!

 Diaphragmatic breathing - it is fashionable or helpful?

 snoring treatment


  • Why do we snore
  • We treat snoring right

Oh, how sweet night sleep! And how easy it destroys snoring! Fortunately, the fair sex are less likely to face the same problem than men. But if you or your significant other with this nuisance no stranger, then immediately consult a doctor. The fact that snoring can be a symptom of a serious disease. And it is easier to remove the cause than to deal with the consequences of using different devices and expensive drugs.

 Snoring Treatment

Why do we snore

Snoring - a noise produced by a man in a dream. It may appear due to the fact that the walls of the throat muscles have weakened and stretched, because of the irregular shape of the nasal septum, congenital narrowness of the larynx and many similar reasons. Sometimes, snoring is a serious health problem. For example, if a person is obese, the fat is a great burden on the bronchi. In this case, an urgent need to begin the fight against excess weight.

But do not read tea leaves or hope that eventually the problem will be solved by itself. Constantly snoring person must undergo a full examination and determine the cause. It is - like a headache. If in the beginning it can be tolerated or ignored, then over time it begins to drive crazy. In this situation, suffering and sick, and the people around him (children, spouse, neighbors).

What is most interesting, and sometimes this feature is characteristic of a whole nation. For Koreans, for example, because of the highly elongated soft palate are known "snorer". Even some of the great historical figures have not escaped this problem. As you know, loud snoring leaping Napoleon Bonaparte often not allowed to rest at night Josephine. Very often suffer from this disease overweight people in America. They, even more than in the whole of Europe.

 treatment for snoring

We treat snoring right

People in ancient times to understand what is the reason for the "night of noisy breathing." And then we found out how to treat snoring. What is most interesting, most popular methods are more valid than tablets. Plus, resorting to them, you do not risk their own health. Please note before you begin to self-medicate, do not forget to consult with your doctor. Also tested a home-made medicine, and do not take everything at once.

  • For the treatment of snoring is often used herbs, vegetables, honey. So, you will need to mix 1 tsp of the root of cinquefoil and horsetail, add 1 tbsp black elder berries, 2 tablespoons of burdock usual, all grind in a coffee grinder until smooth. Pour 1 tbsp of the resulting mixture cup boiling water. Insist hour. Drink a tablespoon of 5 times a day until it is fully cured.
  • 1 tbsp of honey mixed with half a cup of fresh cabbage juice (mince or grind in a blender 5-6 cabbage leaves and squeeze). Take at bedtime. The treatment of snoring is 4 weeks.
  • An hour before meal (3 times a day) should eat a baked carrots.
  • Nasal lubrication oil - one of the easiest ways to cure snoring. During the 4 hours before bedtime bury sea buckthorn oil in each nostril. Doing this before treatment.
  • Drunk before bedtime tea with mint will reduce the risk of snoring, sleep tight do. Also can gargle 1 tbsp olive oil for 30 seconds.
  • Ground fenugreek seeds (1 teaspoon) dissolved in a glass of hot water and drink in the evening. This drink helps greatly reduce the level of cholesterol.

It promotes treatment of snoring and charging for the muscles of the pharynx. How can you stick out your tongue further forward, then pull it down. Hold for 2 seconds because then again make a circular motion. Perform pair approaches a day for 30 times. Before going to bed can hold a wooden pencil in his mouth (2-3 minutes).

It helps in the treatment of snoring and sound "and-and-and." It is necessary to play with the power of singing, at least 20-30 times. Please note: as prevention from time to time is to do these exercises. If you are a shy person, develop your throat in the shower. There you are unlikely to hear anyone. By the way, you can train to sing karaoke.

Do not sleep on your back. Although this does not always work, but in any case, the strength of snoring is reduced. Ask your partner to turn you on your side every time you start to publish these unpleasant sounds. But what not to do is clamp the mouth or nose. Otherwise, people might just suffocate.

You should quit smoking and taking alcohol if you do not want to scare the neighbors at night. Smokers thins and dries out the mucous membrane in the nasopharynx. The result is a thin crust, because of which there is just this unpleasant sound. And alcohol relaxes the muscles of the soft palate, they begin to rattle, causing the noise. This same effect is often and sleeping pills.

Get rid of snoring as possible by means of a healthy lifestyle. In some cases, change in diet helps. As mentioned above, sometimes the reason lies in a large weight. In this case, treatment of snoring will not take you much time and effort. Just stop eating junk food, from which the fair sex recovering.

Remember once and for all, to treat obesity, and with it, and snoring, you need proper nutrition. It is necessary to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts. It should reduce or even refuse fried, smoked and spicy dishes. From drinks helps green tea, containing not only the bracing elements and vitamins C, P, B, K, PP, A, D, E, trace elements fluorine, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, catechins and more more. That, in turn, improves the general state of the organism. And, of course, can not forget about long walks and playing sports, and it is not necessary to load up for the night.

Sometimes, for the treatment of snoring using a laser. It is indispensable if you want to correct a deviated septum. And with narrowed throat, nasal fractures, etc, without surgical intervention is necessary. But in such cases it is best to consult with an otolaryngologist.

Since snoring is suffering huge number of people, then this attempt to play many enterprising person. It created a lot of different drugs that are promising manufacturers, magically save you from this problem. But to treat snoring pills and using special "decongestants" aerosol is not always useful. Sometimes they cause allergies. Pay special attention to the fact that these drugs are not recommended for continuous use. It is necessary to take breaks (which should be written on the packaging). However, not everyone knows about it, so treated and poison the body for years.

Snoring - a complex and costly. But if this is not done, the man in the dream may simply suffocate. Incidentally, such people often found cardiovascular diseases, nervous system problems. According to the statistics, special, snoring during sleep, often get into car accidents. The problem is that they simply do not get enough sleep. So do not risk your health, do not experiment with drugs. Immediately go to your doctor.

 Snoring: how to get rid of him once and for all