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Ovulation - the middle of menstrual cycle, during which the egg is mature and ready to fertilize. The egg during this period leaves the ovary and enters the fallopian tubes, where fertilization occurs. When it matures and how it can determine ovulation test? These issues concern many women planning pregnancy.

Depending on the length of the menstrual cycle, ovulation can occur 10-16 days after the onset of menses. However, this calculation is very approximate and is suitable only in cases where the cycle is repeated through the stable and equal period of time. Female body in this case works just like a clock. It is worth considering when the rhythm changes as a result of ovulation abortion after childbirth after 40 years of age, the definition of an hour "X" can be very problematic.

The maturation of the egg, which is ovulation does not occur in healthy women during pregnancy and with the full extinction of menstrual function during menopause. In the presence of certain diseases of the reproductive system ovulation may be missing.

To select the best time to commit an act of conceiving a child it is advisable to know the exact date of ovulation.

When the probability of pregnancy is highest? Fertilization will be successful if the male sperm enters the female body at the precise time when the egg is released from the cavity of the ovary. It is necessary to take into account that sperm can remain active for several days, so pregnancy can occur even if the unprotected intercourse occurred shortly before ovulation.

However, the chances of achieving pregnancy in male ejaculation, semen is in a period of oocyte maturation are high. This period is defined in several ways: by calendar calculations, taking into account the date of beginning and end of menstruation, by measuring basal body temperature rectally, using ovulation tests, subjective signs of being a woman. Lack of ovulation becomes an insurmountable obstacle to the conception and requires medical treatment.

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How does the ovulation test?

Among other methods of determining the maturation of the egg and the most practical one is to use the most accurate test for determining ovulation. Based on what the effect of these bands? The fact is that during each menstrual cycle the ovaries matures at least one follicle, resulting in an increased number of female hormones in the body - an estrogen. As the follicle and increase the amount of hormones increases. At a time when the level of estrogen reaches a level required for ovulation, a woman's body is carried out release of another hormone - lyuteinoiniziruyuschego (LH). Within 24-48 hours from that moment, and the process of ovulation, when the egg is released and flows into the fallopian tube to meet a sperm. The test responds to the occurrence of luteinizing hormone in urine reflects its presence.

When should use the test? It is necessary to clarify that the time required for the development of the follicle individually for different women. Accordingly, the test should start to apply from around the 11th day of the 1st day of the beginning of the last menstrual period. Usually oocyte maturation phase lasts 12-16 days. Accordingly, if the cycle is on average 28 days, then use the test strip need on day 11, and if the cycle length is 32 days, with 15 days of use from the beginning of menstruation.

If the cycle is unstable, it is necessary to calculate ovulation to take the shortest period between periods in the last 6 months and start testing as early as possible so as not to miss the precious time. At periodic long delays and irregularities offensive monthly monitoring changes in hormonal levels using test strips must be made every day from 11 day cycle to determine the presence of ovulation.

If ovulation test be applied daily, and even better twice a day, over the estimated life of oocyte maturation, this method shows excellent performance, especially in combination with ultrasound.

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Types of tests for ovulation

For home use apply bespribornye types of tests that are represented by several species.

  1. Test strips - an economical option, the most popular pregnancy test. It is a thin strip of paper material impregnated reagent responsive to the presence of LH in the urine of women. Despite the efficiency of test strips have a number of disadvantages. To conduct the study must be very carefully dipped into the urine test at a certain depth for a long time from several minutes to an hour. At the slightest non-compliance with the instructions the result may be incorrect. The presence of ovulation is determined by the appearance of a second contrasting stripes on the test.
  2. Tablet tests also resemble cluster pregnancy tests. It is a test strip, enclosed in a plastic case with a window for observing the results. They are also used to determine the LH surge in the urine. The plates are strips expensive, but much more effective: for determining ovulation is sufficient to moisten the test in the urine for 5 minutes to evaluate the result.
  3. Ink test today considered the most reliable and modern. To determine the presence of ovulation with 98% accuracy easy: just moisten the test in the urine after 1 minute and the result will be reflected.
  4. Electronic differ from other tests that detect the presence of chlorides for the woman's body using saliva. This method is the most accurate and has no competitors. Saliva is placed under the lens and the result is evaluated by a characteristic pattern in the saliva, which can be observed through a microscope or a sensor. One of these instruments and detailed instructions for the characterization of possible patterns of saliva contains complete with lens. This type of test is the most expensive and effective.
  5. Reusable tests are set with a set of simple test strips for every day.

It should be noted that any ovulation test detects the presence of LH in the body needed to accomplish ovulation, but in rare cases it becomes secured ovulation. This is possible if a woman has variations in health of the reproductive system. When you purchase the test, special attention should be paid to the shelf life of the device, the quality of packaging, storage conditions. On the qualitative certified products must be present stamp with the date of manufacture, as well as the numbers of lots. Otherwise, the high probability of running into fake.

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Application of the test

Experts recommend to test systematically during the period when ovulation should occur. Research should be carried out every day, at one and the same time sutok.Optimalnym is the use of test twice a day - morning and evening. This is due to the fact that on fertile period lasts only 24-48 hours: the sooner a woman learns the approach of ovulation and sexual intercourse, the greater the chance of successful conception.

To improve the efficiency of research is recommended to refrain from urinating for 4 hours before the test, as well as to limit fluid intake during this period. These activities are aimed at improving the concentration of LH in the urine and increase the reliability of the study. If the test is applied one time per day, it is advisable to use it in the morning, just after awakening.

Evaluation results of the test carried out in comparison with the control line. Depending on the type of instrument used, it can be in a special window, or directly on the strip impregnated with a reagent. The control line is always displayed, and not an indicator of ovulation, it is necessary to determine the intensity of hormone release.

Thus, if the second test strip paler, the hormone is present in the urine even in insufficient quantity for ovulation. But if the second strip of the same color or darker than the control, then the release of the hormone was done, and ovulation is about to occur or is already happening. From this period you need to count the hours during which the probability of pregnancy during intercourse is highest.
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The probability of error

Unfortunately, there are cases where the test can be wrong. In some cases significantly determine ovulation is not obtained due to hormonal imbalance, when the test shows the release of the hormone, but oocyte maturation does not occur for some physiological reasons. LH levels rise in the body is not an absolute guarantee of ovulation. Tests may show false results not only in the presence of diseases, but also in a sharp change of climate, stress, strict diet, stop taking hormones. The presence of other hormones may also affect the results of the test. For example, a pregnant woman can do a test to detect ovulation, and that would be the result of increasing estrogen in the body and increase the level of HCG.

Before you buy a test for determining ovulation, should carefully examine the principles of action of this drug, and select the appropriate species. You must strictly adhere to the instructions to perform the procedure correctly and evaluate its results.

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