Design country house

Interior of suburban housing often based on individual project subtly emphasizes preferences, prosperity and self-sufficiency of the owner. When designing the house is not worth chasing fashion trends which are changing very quickly, forcing again and again to come up with a new design, spending a huge savings, not always economically justified. The main rule of comfort and original design of a country house can be considered carefully crafted interior design, the implementation of which should be in full compliance with the planned project. This house for many years will be able to please their owners the convenience and amaze visitors perfection.

Interior country-house should reflect the overall style of the structure, as well as a conceptual task given to the architect. The project is the exterior and interior of a country house - is the result of a painstaking analysis of the environment, which should be inscribed architectural project. The interior design has to meet a number of principles: the creation of the project experts consider the location of the house, light level, etc. The correct design of suburban housing should have to ensure that there was a pleasure to relax, to work, to be in solitude and to receive visitors.

During the reconstruction of the house, as well as in the construction, it is important to develop the interior design of the external and internal space. Before proceeding to the design of previously used at home, you must clearly define for themselves the purpose of changing the interior. It may be:
- A simple pre-existing interior decoration, using the methods of rearrangement of furniture, changing carpets, curtains;
- Re-planning, which carries the global changes in the inner space: changing the layout of rooms, moving walls, etc.

It is important to understand that the design of the interior space of a country house is significantly different from the modern apartment design. The development of the interior of a country greatly affected by environment and natural landscape of the area. Moreover, the creation of the interior design of the cottage is complicated by the need for a competent technical equipment - at the time of the home's interior design must be considered convenient location Plumbing and heating equipment. It is also a country house design includes a proper development of wiring, the connection of all types of equipment and appliances.

In the design of suburban housing design also takes into account the materials used during the construction of the building. The interior design of a brick house is different from the design of the space, a house built of stone or wood. Due to its natural appearance and natural qualities, natural materials used in construction, will create a cozy atmosphere, with will create a number of difficulties due to the features related to safety.

If the house is located out of town - it's a three- or two-storey townhouse, then wise to place the kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. Bedrooms better to move to the second floor, away from the fanfare. Most other features relating to the creation of interior design for a small holiday cottage, speaker place seasonal residence. The main task of the designer in this case comes to ensure maximum thermal insulation of walls, without the need to take stock of all kinds of communication on the terrace and the attic. And in the first and in the second case, the design will be the main component of a harmonious unity of buildings with a landscape suburban area, providing owners of the optimal conditions for a comfortable stay.

Interior interior design "".

 Design country house

 combination of gray in the interior


  • The interior in shades of gray
  • The traditional combination of gray
  • Innovative combination of gray
  • Functionality gray

Most of us are accustomed to thinking of Grey "no." No wonder they say: gray mouse, gray days, grayness ... But in fact, gray is not so boring! He has one indisputable advantage - this color is able to set off and get to start playing with bright colors other colors. Yes, and the gray shades so rich that in a certain neighborhood of flowers can look and white, and black and blue or even green. It is due to data quality gray widely used in interior design.

Exclusively in shades of gray the room is very rarely have such an interior to taste is not for everyone. Most often, designers combine gray with other colors. Note that these color combinations have their own nuances. Different combinations fit into a variety of styles and psychological effects of such combinations are very diverse. How to do it in practice, we'll find out.

The interior in shades of gray

Exceptionally gray interior - a rare design solution. In most cases, the artist and the customer considers such an interior boring and dull. However, fans of neutral colors like decoration called the laconic and elegant. And by the way, as the gray base color is chosen, too often, in any case, it is welcome among the followers of the modern interior styles.

For example, today a very popular minimalist and ecological minimalism gives you the opportunity to use the most harmonious gray color in the interior. The most common design for minimalist interior uses natural shades of gray. Natural - those that occur in nature. Palm buds, rain clouds, overcast sky - all painted in natural shades of gray, and most often it is shades of autumn color palette.

Style high-tech, techno and a loft (also a modern interior styles) also involve extensive use of gray, but its industrial shades: metallic, chrome, wet asphalt, gray brick, concrete. But no matter how dominant gray color in the interior, it still is diluted with any other color. The same minimalism is contrasting black and white as well as color of cocoa, or coffee with milk, vanilla, nuts and caramel.

 color combination in the interior of gray

The traditional combination of gray

Most often, when it comes to gray in the interior, the designers have in mind as a basic gray or dominant. Typically, the grayness of individual elements of the interior is offset by textured materials. Therefore, when using gray in the interior should be favored rough, fluffy and porous surfaces and natural shades of gray. The traditional and most popular combination of gray with other shades can be represented as a list:

  1. The combination of gray and white;
  2. The combination of gray color with natural light oak;
  3. The combination of gray and blue, and the blue (pastel shades);
  4. The combination of gray and yellow, or orange;
  5. The combination of gray and turquoise;
  6. The combination of gray and purple or pink.

And now for the combination of different shades of gray for different styles and functionality premises. The combination of gray and white is considered the most traditional and win-win. No less traditional look and a trio of "gray-white-black."

Natural shades of gray combined with natural oak, cream, blue and yellow pastel shades used in the design of interiors, designed in a classical style. But a bright yellow and orange, as well as deep blue, more suitable for the kitchen interior. Gray and milky-blue - a combination of vintage style. However, gray in this case must be either ashy or pearl or greenish tint. This hue design environment known as antique. A gray texture material vintage colors - zhaty silk.

Gray in the bedroom is best combined with turquoise, or the so-called boudoir palette: muted raspberry, cocoa, burgundy, pastel purple. An excellent solution for sleeping and the combination is gray with a rich purple, bright pink and shimmering lilac. However, this combination is appropriate in glamorous style. In this case, preferably gray pearl and shiny texture of bright shades of pink and purple.

The combination of a rough texture of gray with delicate shades of glamor - a favorite designer interiors at the reception in the industrial styles. Loft style, for example, involves the active use of gray as a background or add-ons in the form of bricks or concrete slabs (real or imitation). But such styles as similar combinations of colors, suitable only natures with creative outlook and traditions. However, this combination can be called traditional.

Innovative combination of gray

Today it became trendy to use in the interior is not just bright and deep colors, and even flashy and acid. Naturally, professional designers people are not just creative but also artistically gifted. Therefore, the most reasonable decision on their part to become a combination of flowers with a neutral gray. Here are some examples of such combinations.

Most often, the data reception is used in the development of design projects cuisine. Gray walls and textiles great effect mute screaming bright orange, yellow, orange and red, which is often present in a modern kitchen.

For the domestic interior design innovation we have become a kind of modern Western styles. For example, today we have a popular minimalist Scandinavian variant - a combination of gray and white and bright green. Wherein the ratio of color in this case can be anything: as background gray walls and furniture and bright green and white walls in combination with sulfur furniture and flooring.

Bright orange accents in gray interior room - another fashion trend. Most often, almost the entire interior is kept in gray scale, and furniture, textiles and decorative elements are selected saturated orange or carrot color. But gray furniture combined with bright walls and ceiling - a fashion trend in the interior dining rooms. In this case, designers prefer warm shades of red or coral, but no less popular are orange and pistachio colors. But more recently the innovative combination of gray with cherry or claret has already become a classic.

 beautiful combination of gray in the interior

Functionality gray

Although the gray color and is considered to be neutral, it can affect not only the general atmosphere of the house, but also on our mood. In addition, Gray is able to refine the interior and make it cozy and elegant and visually enlarge the space and make it less spacious.

The universal solution for any room would be a combination of gray and white with added bright accents of red, orange or green juicy. In addition, such a combination would be appropriate in the interior of any style and will look at any actual fashion trends.

The combination of different shades of gray will add rigor of the room, and will look perfectly in the interior of a home office, bedroom or office. This variation with shades of gray allow room to add depth and volume. For rooms, south-facing, solution to the problem of excess sun will cool shades of gray. But in the northern interior of rooms is desirable to use to process light and warm gray - silvery-pink, gray, beige or gray with an olive tinge. For a complete image of the interior have to furnish the room contrasting dark furniture.

However, no matter how simple did not seem the use of gray in the interior, must be handled with maximum caution. Misuse of gray can make the room uncomfortable and even messy. And to avoid this error, you need to follow the main rule:

  • With the combination of gray with other colors in the interior, it is necessary to select a similar color tones - a range of cold or warm. But additional color accents is just the opposite, it is desirable to choose the range.

Thus, the gray color in the interior will never look bored or uncomfortable, if it properly combined. And no matter what your interior is gray - furniture or walls, flooring, or textiles. It is important to strike a balance and achieve harmony in a combination of different colors. And how to do it, you know.

 The combination of gray in the interior - tradition and innovation