Depression symptoms

The modern man is full of a variety of problems: the difficulty in performing work tasks, difficulties with sincere dialogue, and numerous obstacles to the achievement of the objectives. Someone manages quite well to solve it all, but for someone such a load is excessive, and he is faced with depression. The symptoms of this insidious disease are many and varied, they are hiding each other so skillfully that it is sometimes difficult to "catch" depression at the crime scene.

It is worth mentioning that clinical depression - a serious disease that necessarily require medical intervention. Do not be afraid to appeal to a therapist: the doctor does not have a goal, "plant" drugs on you or make his patient forever. He, like you, are interested in the successful outcome of the treatment, namely in your happiness and mental well-being. Unfortunately, psychotherapist - not a magician, and without your desire and effort on your part healing process may be delayed. Therefore, please read our article, fully describing the main features, as well as self-help methods for depression.

Symptoms of depression include: SOS!

Signs of depression is difficult not to notice, so the fear some people, "quiet" sick totally baseless. They are quite obvious both for the patient and for his family. The most important thing to note - this is a perceived decline in the quality of life of a person suffering from depression. What are the concrete manifestation of this disease?

The inability to experience joy

Generally, joy - this is one of the basic human emotions, along with fear, anger, interest and sadness. Like everyone else, it brings us a certain advantage: because of the joy we derive positive energy. It gives us strength for new beginnings and accomplishments.

Anhedonia, or loss of ability to experience pleasure, is one of the most important signs of depression. What does it look like? World if it becomes gray, while other colors are lost. No excitement, no revival - everything is dry and lifeless. Even if the sky suddenly drops a million dollars, it will not cause a person suffering from depression, no emotions - and all because he is unable to experience joy.

Unfortunately, with this symptom, he expressed strongly enough, nothing can be done - we need only psychotherapeutic help and antidepressants prescribed by the doctor. They contribute to the production of serotonin, which is responsible for positive emotions. However, if you notice at the first signs of a looming disaster, you can try a simple exercise psychohygienic. Sometimes it happens that you have the ability to experience pleasure - you just ignore such things. In this case, do the following: every time will happen something good (and in fact the mind, you can always evaluate the situation?), Pay your attention to it and concentrate on the joy, tune into it. If you find yourself at a fairly early stage of anhedonia, is likely to solve the problem of self.

Depressed mood

It would seem that an inability to experience joy explains everything that happens to a person suffering from depression. But no! Anhedonia and depressed mood - it's not the same thing. Agree, it is one thing when you do not feel hunger and quite another - when you are full. Here is the same: in the symptoms of depression include not merely the absence of joy, but also melancholy, sadness, grief and depression. Man is constantly experiencing mental anguish and suffering, sometimes they are so strong that he even thinks about suicide.

Can you imagine how it hurts the soul? It is neither an incomparable negative experience. Many of those who experienced it, most would agree on the physical pain. That is why in severe cases this violation is corrected only with antidepressants. However, things do not always go so far sometimes depression and melancholy are connected with something concrete, something from which you can get rid of their own:

  • a parting;
  • boredom;
  • with the loss of a great dream;
  • with a quarrel between you and your best friend;
  • with an identity crisis;
  • problems at work;
  • Disease;

The reasons for such a state can be mass. The most important thing that you should do in this situation - to find a source of sadness and get rid of it. Methods of separation anguish vary depending on what and how much you upset. Sometimes enough banal leave and switch to some interesting work, sometimes need a more serious source of positive emotions - a new love or a desire realized. In any case, if the depression is not fully absorbed the soul, parting with it is up to you.

 symptoms of depression

Increased anxiety

Another symptom that may indicate a disease. Increased anxiety - is when you start to worry about anything else. You call and ask your loved how he drove to work. You go to the head and carefully figure out if he was going to fire you accidentally - because you are so afraid of this. Are you worried that the store you slipped substandard products, the doctor proglyadit malignant "sore", and the next day all come to an end! All this collection of signs and raising alarm.

In general, depression and anxiety do not always go hand in hand, but it happens quite often. This "neighborhood" can be explained by the fact that the melancholy man reduced the level of safety and comfort, which is why he begins to be afraid of anything. And what to do about it? Independently, you can use the following psychological techniques:

Draw the worst case scenario
Estimate the probability of its occurrence, referring to his own experience and logic
Estimate the duration of the possible negative consequences of realizing their finitude
Think about positive ways to resolve the situation

Narrowing the range of interests

If earlier people poke their noses everywhere, constantly tried something new, lyubopytnichal in the end, and now it do not care - we should start to worry. Perhaps this is a temporary crisis, and perhaps one of the symptoms of the disease. It is human nature to take an interest in everything that surrounds it - this is a normal manifestation of its activity. Everyone should be something that attracts him: books, movies, sports, communication, fishing, collecting computer games at worst. It should start to worry if all this begins to disappear. Depressed patients is very revealing in this regard: it nothing can captivate even an atomic explosion at hand.

Narrowing the range of interests may also be a sign of soul-searching - in this case, you just need time to find new employment. It is worth to try something different, why not lay before the soul - that you may have changed a lot and now wish to do that. Or it is necessary to go back to something, what did you do in school - for example, to draw, because now you have to understand that this is not a silly childish - ridiculous pictures in the fields of notebooks.

Reducing needs

"Tell me what you want and I'll tell you who you are" - this sounds a little patch a famous phrase. And it really works, because many psychologists, speaking about the structure of personality, mention mandatory requirements. Man consists of their desires, it is largely a reflection of them, and there's nothing you can do.

We almost always something we want, but not depressed. Apathy and lack of demand (or a sharp decrease in their number) - is a very important diagnostic symptom. Love, friendship, communication, desire to have fun or do something interesting - all this goes somewhere. In severe cases, people do not even want to eat and drink - so he becomes apathetic. This is largely due to the fact that for the formation of needs need some energy, and depression, it is completely absent.

Anything to do with the state of their own is very difficult - in almost all cases, the need to consult a specialist. However, you can make some effort to focus on their needs. It often happens that a person does not understand that he came requirement of the state, can not distinguish one from the other wish or are not subject to its satisfaction. In all these cases, you must carefully focus on what feelings and emotions you experience in that moment, when something you want. They are markers of the come desires, as well as contribute to a better understanding of it. Listen to yourself and do not forget to meet their needs, otherwise they will cease to be felt clearly.

Negative installation

For the most part, we know the world very efficiently through the prism of his own consciousness and outlook. And what they are made? Just the same from certain attitudes and thoughts. The head of the average person is filled with a variety of content: is neutral, positive and negative opinions, and for the most part, they cancel each other out.

But when a person is depression, most plants become negative, and it is not clear what comes first - the chicken or the egg. Whether negative thoughts underlie depression, whether it is a consequence - in any case, it is a symptom, which is impossible not to pay attention.

The good news is that with this problem, you can work independently. The main trouble of negative automatic thoughts - the complexities associated with their awareness. They reflexively, folded, compressed, fleeting, stereotyped and are beyond conscious control. For example, the idea that if you do not pass the exam, you will become a complete nonentity, the whole world will collapse, and you will never be happy, rushes into the brain almost immediately.

Track is difficult, but it really - with proper training and effort. Whenever you have something upsetting, fix it and find a negative automatic thought behind the idea. Then make a list of alternative neutral or positive statements, and slowly your mind will learn to do it automatically and will cease to drive you into the abyss of depression.

Pessimistic forecasts

This symptom is somewhat different from the negative automatic thoughts. Pessimism easier to notice, and it is much more clearly seen in the way you perceive the possible development of events in his life. Of course, a depressed person believes that everything will be very, very bad. Getting a job, he knows in advance that he will not be offered the position. On their first date, he realizes that he will not continue. Arguing about the fate of the country, he had already puts an end to its future. And so in all, absolutely all spheres of his life.

From a pessimistic outlook is quite difficult to get rid of. Attention and perception of such a person is very selective: the good he does not notice, and overly focused on the bad. What should be done to break this chain? All do the opposite. Yes, at first it will be difficult, because a familiar pattern of behavior more understandable and more comfortable - as always happens with the changes in his life and thought. But if you every day to train in his optimism, then sooner or later it will arise by itself. So every time there is something wrong, say to yourself: "It will pass" and switch to another activity, and the good moments "caress themselves on the head" and focuses on them.

Low self-esteem

Pessimism and negative attitudes apply to all spheres of human life, including on himself. In general, how a self-assessment? It consists of the difference between what we have in reality, and some ideas: our inner ideals and expectations of others, their own dreams and goals. If the differences are small, self-esteem that is adequate, if more - then it starts to fall lower and lower.

As in the case with negative attitudes, it is not clear that it was the first - depression or a negative self-image. Sometimes people get sad because they have something does not work, and sometimes they do something does not work because of a depressive mood. In any case, the need to work on self-esteem. In this case, very good auditory training every day looking at yourself in the mirror and repeat something positive and life-affirming, "I am the most charming and attractive", "I have a sharp mind, and I quickly grasped everything," "I easily achieve their purposes, "etc. ... The main thing - do it regularly, and the effect is not long to wait.

Difficulties associated with the decision-making

We every day have to make a choice. Sometimes it turns out to be big and important, for example, the choice of the president or the work, and sometimes - small and simple: what to cook for dinner, what color socks to buy for her son or what picture to put on your avatar in a social network. In each of these situations, you have to take a decision, giving up the rest of alternatives.

People who are depressed, experiencing great difficulty with this process. Judge for yourself, they do not have the necessary energy and the time of the choice for them is associated with the losses, which are inevitable in case of failure of any options. Therefore, you can easily see how the suffering, for example, a woman, if she had to choose what to wear today.

The difficulties associated with making decisions - a rather ambiguous situation. On the one hand, it at least once in a lifetime provided each of us, and on the other, to make choices still need. In mild cases, the method is very good "for" and "against": you take a sheet of paper, divide it into columns, and each prescribe all-all-all the pros and cons of possible alternatives. Consider everything, even the feelings and emotions that you experience about these options.

 symptoms of depression

Reduced activity

Any person is peculiar activity. It is necessary for survival and reproduction, development of the world and the development of society. Each of us - your own, who became accustomed to this level of activity: for someone trying to fit the norm are forty-eight hours a day, and someone finds the eight-hour day of enumeration. Fluctuations in power can not be divorced from the individual characteristics, because that one course for another - not normal.

When depressed activity level is very severely affected: people become passive, passive and inert. It wakes total laziness, which applies to all areas, such as personal care, so often overlook the surrounding "extinct" the eyes of a man, to which is added a sloppy appearance.

The level of your performance depends on many factors: the overall state of the nervous system, metabolism, vitality, daily routine and personal characteristics. And if the first paragraph, you can not do anything without the help of a doctor, the latter - in your hands. It is very beneficial for energy influences physical activity: Regular exercise contribute to the level of endorphins in the blood, well, and, of course, tone. Availability Affairs also does not fall into apathy: You may have noticed that it is much more difficult to organize and do something in an empty day or weekend than in the busy? So do not allow yourself to be lazy.

Negative changes in mental processes

Everyone knows that at different points in the life of our attention, perception, memory, thinking and language function in different ways: sometimes they work at maximum, and sometimes their effectiveness does not reach up to fifty percent. The human body - is a complex and finely tuned system, which, unfortunately, may falter - usually it happens at the time of illness. And depression - the clearest example of this.

Being in a state of depression, it is easy to notice how much the perception of the changes: you are celebrating alone failures, disappointments and negative phenomena. Even in the dark is difficult to see the sign you manage to read the word death. It is difficult to concentrate on anything, on the one hand, and on the other, to shift its focus from one case to another and it is not easy. Memorization is given to you with great difficulty, as well as removing something from memory, and often deposited in your memory all sorts of sad things. Thinking becomes sluggish and inhibited: you find it difficult to come up with something new, or to cope with the usual complexity. You are very dull of apprehension - as if your "dumatelnye gear" someone forgot to grease.

All this - the symptoms of depression.

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