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  • What is depression: a disease or just a bad mood?
  • How to recognize depression: symptoms
  • Causes of Depression
  • Diagnosis and treatment of depression
  • How should maintain close during the Depression
  • Prevention of depression: self-help

This morning you woke up and looked out the window and realize you do not want to go to work, eat breakfast, go out with friends because they do not see the sense in it all. The first thought that occurs in modern ladies: "I - depression." In fact, a bad mood due to the lack of sleep, beriberi, troubles at work, etc. Blues passes quickly, you just drink coffee, eat chocolate, to make a new hairstyle, look at a cup of tea (sambuca, wine) to the girlfriend.

If apathy, anger, poor health, unwillingness something to do and somewhere to go, etc. persists for a long period of time (at least a week), then - urgently refer to a psychologist. Since you really can be this dangerous disease with which you handle yourself unlikely. As soon as the seasoned professional will be able to find out the cause of the problem, to help resolve it as soon as possible.

What is depression: a disease or just a bad mood?

So, the first step is to understand that depression - a serious disease due to which a woman has lost the mood, lose the ability to adequate perception of the world. As a result - the ill person is just not able to enjoy life. Also, quite often there is a strong retardation, lack of a normal reaction to what is happening.

Often, such individuals begin to absorb inordinate amounts of alcohol, drugs. If a person does not find solace in friends or psychotropic substances, he could commit suicide. Therefore, immediately, as soon as you notice the first signs and symptoms, contact a therapist.

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How to recognize depression: symptoms

In fact, depression in each individual manifests differently. It can be emotional, psychological, behavioral, mental changes. Worst of all, when all the symptoms are detected simultaneously. But usually it all develops gradually, growing like a snowball. Very rarely, a person at one point decides to live on does not make sense, because no one likes and appreciates. Therefore, if you notice that the person is beginning to change in the bad side, try to analyze his behavior. Maybe he needs your help.

  • Emotional changes

The first symptoms of depression - constant sadness, grief, depression, despair, developing into a panic. Diseased person feels trouble is waiting for a dirty trick, experiences with or without. If nothing happens, he began to develop complex, he blames himself for all the failures. He refuses to deal with the usual chores, since losing interest in them. Plus, depression manifests the absence of any positive emotions.

  • Physiological changes

Problems with appetite (constant starvation or lack of desire in the meal), sleep disturbance (daytime sleepiness, insomnia at night), problems with the digestive tract (constipation), lack of libido, fatigue. Usually these symptoms blamed on bad weather, fatigue during the week. And only such manifestations as pain in the heart, stomach cramps, and so on, are forced to go to the hospital. And, in most cases, doctors are beginning to treat gastritis, ulcers, and heart disease. Occasionally when a doctor immediately diagnoses - depression.

  • Changes in behavior

Once an active person ceases to participate in various activities, strives to reduce human contact to a minimum. Instead, the sick person prefers to take a nip or two in the bar, to relieve the tension. You should guard it, if earlier a woman is an avid trezvennitsey, champion of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Thinking changes

As mentioned above, depression - psychological disease that manifests as inhibited reactions, inability to concentrate on specific subjects. In addition, the sick person begins to think negatively. It seems that the death - the best way out of this situation.

Causes of Depression

You have analyzed the symptoms and understand that you or your friend - depression? This is the first step on the road to recovery. But you will not be able to start treatment, without knowing the cause of pre-depression. Agree, it is easier to get rid of that provokes this disease than ever to deal with the consequences.

Depression can result from any kind of serious feelings, stress. In the life of a person may have happened is something that has made a serious impression and influenced the thinking, perception of the world. For example, the death of dear person, the loss of good jobs, the rupture of relations with the favorite, etc.

If, however, with the representative of the fair sex does not happen, you should dig deeper. Perhaps the reason lies in the lack of certain substances that are not produced in sufficient quantities in the body. Typically, this occurs in the cold, rainy season, when the lack of sunlight is particularly acute. This is called seasonal depression.

Also, the disease results from ingestion of certain drugs. Usually depression passes, the end of the treatment, such as psychotropic drugs. Therefore, if you suddenly found out at least one of the above symptoms, please inform your doctor. He will prescribe you other tablets.

Poor health is influenced by bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs. Of course, to abandon such "pleasure" is very hard, but the only way to cope with the disease. By the way, in a pinch, you can seek help from professionals to help get rid of the addiction.

And the last - depression can be accompanied to some disease. So the first thing required for a complete examination, pass tests to exclude certain neurological and somatic diseases. Important: do not ignore these symptoms, even if you are an avid workaholic. You will be able to work and then, but to restore health - hardly.

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Diagnosis and treatment of depression

As you know, the sooner diseased person refers to the psychologist, the easier it will be to diagnose and fix the problem. Otherwise, all may end up sad until death during an exacerbation. But why people do not want to go to the hospital, but prefer to suffer quietly at home? The reason - fear. Girls are afraid that because of this diagnosis, they will be limited to some of the possibilities (sometimes imposed a ban on travel, certain types of work, a trip behind the wheel), they will start by others.

Plus, watching foreign movies and read a lot of horror films, very few people want to go to a doctor who can prescribe psychotropic drugs. Suddenly, the "roof finally move out!" Ignorance and lack of information - the most terrible enemies of man.

In fact, treatment of depression - troublesome, difficult, but completely safe. Usually doctors combine several methods, ie the prescribed medication and visits to a therapist. Only in extreme cases, the patient is admitted, for example, if it is a threat to life (both your own and others'). Otherwise it just runs inpatient treatment.

  • Medication

Specific drugs are prescribed to patients, regardless of severity. When the patient is required to visit the doctor, and to comply with the prescription regimen. During the conversation with the specialist he should not withhold the information available, their feelings, symptoms, etc. Such a person should talk about everything in detail.

Often depression prescribe antidepressants. Just do not self-medicate, buying medicines via the Internet. In fact, to acquire such products should only by prescription. Plus, the doctor will be able to choose the brand that will not harm your health. He also tells you everything regarding the dosage, route of administration, side effects, etc. By the way, if after a week's course you will not see improvement, you should not immediately panic. Good antidepressants act gradually, not immediately.

Please note: The drug treatment is divided into three stages. The first - the diagnosis of diseases and eliminating aggravation. The doctor chooses the appropriate drugs, analyzes the behavior of the patient, is studying how the drug acts on the patient. The second step is the elimination of all symptoms. It lasts as long as the patient does not feel better, it will not pass obsession of suicide, its uselessness, etc.

The last stage - the prevention of the disease. After a full recovery the patient continues to be seen by a psychiatrist, without stopping taking medicines. This is necessary in order to prevent recurrence in the future. It was only six months later, a man can return to his former life.

  • Psychotherapy

Treatment and monitoring by a psychiatrist - it is an additional measure which is necessary to stabilize the patient's psycho-emotional state. The patient is taught to live again: emote, to adequately respond to the situation, to love themselves and people around them.

Often have to take part in the consultation and family members. Such measures are necessary to ensure that was in trouble lady knew that her love and appreciate. Besides, in most cases, due to the complete disregard for the problems a person simply can not cope with the disease. Family helps to understand the situation by talking to the patient about the difficulties encountered.

How should maintain close during the Depression

Your husband, brother, comrade appeared depressed. How to behave in this situation? Support, help, sympathize, empathize? Unfortunately, many of us make mistakes, which only worsen the situation. And sometimes a person fallen into depression, and pulls the rest. Therefore, it is important to know that you can do and can not in the circumstances.

  • You can not go on about

When a person is sad, mood, and we lost. We begin to experience with him, sympathize with, to cry, to spend their strength and energy. Stop! In no event should not be a pessimist, who puts his hands in any situation. If the friend began to complain of life, support her, advise a good specialist. But do not try to drink it, poddakivaya that sense and justice in this world.

  • You can not criticize

A person affected by depression, difficult to tolerate even the slightest criticism. Learn how to select words, do not carp on trifles to the patient. Try to smooth the edges. Plus, try to explain that nervousness, apathy, tearfulness - it's not his fault. All the fault condition, which should be immediately disposed of.

  • You can not get hung up

The fact that someone is depressed - not a reason to completely give up the fun. It is not necessary to close the curtains, cooking liters soothing tincture and run around the patient, like a pebble on it converged. Try to cheer him up, but do it subtly, he wanted to take part in the general fun.

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Prevention of depression: self-help

As in any other case, the appearance of this disease can be prevented, it is wanted. So that in the future will never again deal with depression, you should observe a few basic rules. The main thing - not once or twice to execute such orders, and to make it a way of life.

First, find a job for everyone. Only doing things you love, you will avoid routine bad mood. Each morning will wake up with joy, knowing that soon begin to what you like best. If you change the scope of activities is not possible, sign up for courses. Learn to sing, dance, crochet, draw pictures.

Secondly, eat well. Eat vegetables, fruits, sweet (dried fruit, jam, candy, honey), drink green tea. Do not sit on a strict diet, because hungry people - angry and aggressive. And apathy is manifested not only in relation to others, but to themselves.

The next thing you need to do - get rid of bad habits. Smoking, alcohol, drugs - all this has a negative effect on our nervous system. It does not matter how long you're hooked on this "pleasure" - a decade or two ago. The risks are too great.

Do not forget about the benefits of physical activity. Start hanging out with friends, go hiking on foot, learn to ride a bike, join a gym or pool. Take care of your figure, pump up the press, buttocks, arms. Believe me, after training you will hardly want to cry.

And the last thing that should be mentioned - a holiday. Yes, a husband and children at home, a lot of debris and a sink full of dishes. And you do with it? One day a week, pay only his beloved. A home or business aside, or ask the faithful to help you with them. Tantrums, rolling of eyes and reproaches, saying that he is tired of the fast pass. The main thing - not to sit on his neck. And do not try to take on everything you like a workhorse. First of all, you - the woman must be to care, nurture and be on hand. After all, when you love about any depression and speech can not be.

 Depression: Symptoms, treatment and prevention of disease