how to shave your bikini area without irritation

At some point, the woman finds her perfect shape? Pure well-groomed skin, the right makeup, beautiful hair and stylish clothes. But there is another fairly intimate detail, the perfection of which gives any assurance of the fair sex, even if it only knows about herself. It depilated bikini area, with no unpleasant traces of skin irritation. What to hide: in our time do not want to sound like a woman of the Mesozoic era, and pacing the beach with excess vegetation at an interesting place. So sooner or later, each woman before the question arises: how to shave your bikini area without irritation to the skin?

Shave or not shave, that is the question

Many modern women are seriously thinking over the dilemma: to shave or not to shave the bikini zone. In the end, our mothers and grandmothers did not bother to such a problem, and nothing: this is not a marriage collapsed, there was no specific claims. And what now, lack of hair in this place has become the norm, or is it just another craze is not mandatory for all?

If you think that bikini waxing - a relatively new trend of fashion, it is deeply mistaken. Even 4000 years BC in Mesopotamia practiced removal of hair in intimate areas. However, this was done not for aesthetic reasons, but as a means to combat parasites - ticks and lice. Further more! In ancient Rome, partly shave the hair in a delicate area became prostitutes, wanting to appear more sexy. And in the 12-13 centuries in Europe became a mega-popular public baths, which were both men and women. Noble ladies removed absolutely all hairs in an interesting place to emphasize their nakedness.

During the Inquisition women forcibly shaved, as the search for "devilish marks" was conducted in the intimate area, too. It was only in the 17th century during the reign of Louis XIV shaving bikini became an element of sexuality. The fact that the Sun King loved the young girls who have pubic hair has not grown. Here and there were ladies with clean-shaven body to look younger in bed and meet all the requirements of beauty of the time.

Unfortunately, the 20th century was so controversial in the history of mankind, that it affected even such delicate issues as the presence of excess vegetation in an intimate area. In America and Europe, an entire generation of hippies promoted natural "shaggy" on the body, but a few years later the followers of hairiness became less and less. In our country, the reluctance to shave the hair below the waist was considered a sign of chastity! Many women do not even suspect that the underarms, bikini area and legs can shave.

So what to do? Live and "no steam", ignoring the curls in an intimate place, or urgently to shave all the excess, keeping pace with the times? The question every woman must decide for herself. If the whole thing in a man - is to ask him. Oddly enough, but not all representatives of the stronger sex obsessed with perfectly smooth bikini area: for someone the presence of hair in the intimate place of a woman - a phenomenon completely natural, does not require any changes. However, if your man is younger than 35 years old, he probably wants to see in his partner model from the magazine, and dense vegetation in shorts deems just savagery. In addition, the relationship with a man - not the only reason to shave the bikini area. If you regularly use the swimming pool or just like to lie on the beach, the neat appearance of the skin "in the area of ​​panties" you just need!

 shave or not to shave your bikini area

Do you shave at night, Desdemona?

But why do we say "shave" yes "shave"? Thank God, not in the last century we live - there are other methods of hair removal. For example, wax strips, shugaring, epilation, finally! After all, with the help of these wonderful methods of unwanted hair can be removed if not forever, then for a long time! A razor can cut yourself, get irritated, and hair grows on the second day ...

That may be so, but only a razor to this day remains the most reliable, affordable and cheap means of hair removal. Not every woman is able to endure the pain from the use of other methods of depilation in a gentle place, the more that they have to spend too regularly. But here everything is very simple: the machine picked up, shaved hair and free! And no time and money on procedures in beauty salons. Another thing that you need to use a razor, too, with the mind, or trouble in the form of cuts and a burning irritation can not be avoided. Here, as in any important matter requires serious approach and attention.

  • First of all, it is necessary to consider the following question: Which is better to use the machine for shaving bikini area? Realizing that the work to be jewelry, give up pretty pink machine, so vaunted in advertising. The fact that conventional machines provides for wide smooth surfaces, such as feet. In the delicate area of ​​special blade stops just shut review and you can get hurt. In an extreme case, attach the male to the female machine blades, they are perfectly suited to it.
  • Secondly, in any case, do not use disposable tools: their sharp blade so that you can easily get hurt and bring the skin to irritation.
  • Do not forget about the Skin or gel to shave a success! If you are going to buy something dorogushchee and designed specifically for bikini (supposedly there special skin and ordinary means will not work), then wasting both money and time to search. It is better to take a look to what your man enjoys the morning before shaving - believe me, this tool is quite enough! Buy yourself the same gel, but for sensitive skin, and you will be happy!
  • Shave the hair in the direction of hair growth, and in any case, not vice versa! So many times you reduce the risk of irritation to your skin.
  • Intimate place - this is not an ankle, it is full of wrinkles. To avoid injury Stretch your skin, smoothing wrinkles.
  • After you shave, take a shower and put on the shaved skin cream or a special tool after shaving. This is done to soothe possible irritation: even if you are sure you have acted very carefully, damage can be completely invisible, it does not prevent them to cause skin irritation.
  • Do not rush to wear pants after the procedure shaving bikini: let the skin breathe. This is another way to avoid unpleasant stimuli, so better to shave before going to bed.

Another indisputable argument in favor of a shaving razor to other types of hair removal - the ability to create an intimate haircut. Not a secret that many young girls believe haircut, and sometimes hair coloring intimate place to something self-evident. And to create a "bunny" or "sun" with wax or cream certainly fail. Therefore, they are simply armed with a sharp razor, gel, cosmetic pencil and start to work. The entire procedure is virtually indistinguishable from normal shaving, except for the fact that the contour is necessary to shave a pencil drawing damage. Of course, it takes more time and effort, but the result was not long in coming: usually men are delighted by this idea.

Do you want to completely shave the hairs from sensitive places, or want to leave a good-looking picture - all this is done not only for the sake of aesthetics and sex appeal, but also for hygienic reasons. Having analyzed the simple rules of how to shave bikini, you will surely reduce the risk of skin irritation and will always be happy with the result. After all, beauty is not always require sacrifice: sometimes, they just require skillful handling of the razor.

 Delicately the importance of how to shave the bikini zone

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 how to brush your teeth


  • How is the cleaning of teeth
  • Choosing tools for oral care
  • Massaging the gums: stimulate blood flow
  • How to whiten your teeth

The snow-white smile - this is probably the main component of beauty and the image of a successful person. What is necessary for a perfect smile? That's right - healthy teeth. But, alas, the nature of a series of slender white pearls goes not for everyone. So what do those people whose teeth have a yellow tint, and is constantly bleeding gums? Can accept and try less to smile? Not at all! Proper dental care is capable of performing miracles are real.

By the way, do you know why a long time ago, our ancestors had no problems with teeth and gums? Because they had a completely different food - raw meat and vegetables. And their teeth cleaned it during the meal. Do not believe? Check it out: in the morning, do not brush your teeth, eat a raw carrot or an apple. You will feel like your pearls become even smoother than after a toothbrush. Yes, and the gums are massaged very well. Hard vegetables perfectly cleaned teeth from plaque and tartar.

We mostly eat soft foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates and dyes. As a result, the teeth not only cleaned but, in contrast, are covered by a layer of plaque under the influence of which is their yellowing and degradation. So, by and large, modern of the fair sex are themselves blamed for the poor condition of their teeth.

How is the cleaning of teeth

"I brush my teeth every day, using expensive pastes and smile as it was yellow, and left! "- Such complaints can be heard almost every day. There is a reasonable question: why do some people have yellow teeth and weak, while the other - white and healthy? After all, we eat, by and large, the same food? The answer is obvious - dental care.

The simple truth that says that the teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day, morning and evening, everyone knows. But very often brushing your teeth is reduced to a few careless brush strokes on the enamel. Voila! A man with a clear conscience comes out of the bathroom, thinking that he really did everything the way you want. However, improper care of the mouth and teeth can lead to serious consequences.

One such "pseudo-cleansing", of course, not enough to cause the mouth in order. Let's look at how to properly clean your teeth. Thus, purification should take place on all surfaces, not just the visible portion. So first teeth should be cleaned on the outside, and then you can move to the inside. Unfortunately, only a few remember this.

The fact that the inner side is also a very large amount of dirt and grime. Remains after a while begin to rot, which is why there is an unpleasant smell. If time does not pay attention to this problem, you expect caries, gastritis, inflammation of the gums.

So, learn to brush their teeth properly. The first thing a good wash brush with soap and water to remove bacteria, and rinse your mouth. Start with cutters, gradually moving towards the root. Do not forget that each tooth must be at least 10 circular motions brush. Do not rub from side to side, because you're just so dirty smear.

It is important to remember that if you clean the jaw properly, food particles can get under the gums. Therefore, the motion of the brush must be sent from the base to the crown of the tooth. Dentists recommend to separate the procedure into two stages - the cleansing of upper and lower jaws. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse the mouth afterwards.

 how to clean teeth properly

Choosing tools for oral care

  • Brush tool

In fact, it is very important to choose the right toothbrush. Some of the fair sex prefer to go to the drugstore and buy the most expensive. This is probably a fairly common mistake today. It is very important when buying such products to take into account their anatomical features. Brush, for example, should fit your size. Make it simple: go to the mirror and look at the width of two molars. That this should be the head. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to brush your teeth without damaging the gum at the same time and enamel.

And do not forget that the toothbrush must be replaced periodically as a month of using her hair becomes brittle. Rigidity should be selected purely individual for each person. The main thing is to make you brush your teeth.

Nowadays more and more people prefer the electric toothbrush. Of course, they have certain advantages over conventional. In this case, the head itself makes a circular motion, and hundreds of times faster than a person can do. However, it is not cheap, and interchangeable heads need to buy each month.

  • Toothpaste

The second thing you need to pay attention - is the quality and composition of the toothpaste. Thus, for example, sanitary toothpaste is used to remove food residues and plaque. But in the therapeutic and prophylactic agents include fluoride, calcium and many other biologically active substances.

So which type of toothpaste should give preference? Dentists recommend the use of both types. In the morning, brush your teeth hygiene paste, and before bedtime - treatment and prevention. Such oral care preserves dental health and to prevent the possible development of caries and gum disease. Incidentally, in order to have time to penetrate the nutrients in enamel brushing teeth should be not less than 6 - 7 minutes.

  • Elixir

Once the enamel will be thoroughly cleaned, you should rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Mark this product is not critical. Just pick what you like. Usually all elixirs contain various herbs which prevent the development of inflammation of gums. Unfortunately, the fair sex is rarely used such funds.

  • Dental floss

We should not forget how important it is to clean the interdental spaces. Some people use for this purpose wooden or plastic sticks. And many carry with them the same toothpick long time. To do this in any case can not, as such a thing is to be used only once. When it is used every day, it becomes a peddler of infection.

The doctors - dentists recommend using only toothpicks after meals to get rid of food residue. And for thorough cleaning before going to bed is much wiser to use floss. Ask your dentist to teach you how to brush your teeth with dental floss. You do not want to hurt the gums?

Massaging the gums: stimulate blood flow

Do not forget about such an important component of comprehensive oral care, massage gums. This simple procedure will help get rid of the bleeding, if any, and to maintain the gums healthy. And doctors have noticed that massage helps a person to wake up quickly, because the blood rushes to the oral cavity and salivary glands.

The procedure is done very simply, to cope with it any person. For carrying out massage you need a toothbrush with soft bristles of the (most suitable would be the one that sold for the little ones). Note that even a brush with medium hardness can greatly damage the gums.

Sam massage is performed as follows: first, the brush should be washed with hot water, then stretch your fingers. Then type in your mouth mouthwash and not spitting it makes a soft circular motion on the outer side of the gums. Movements must be smooth, without any pressure, for 3 - 4 seconds in each direction. The massage should last about three minutes.

 like brushing your teeth

How to whiten your teeth

Even if we brush our teeth properly, they can form plaque. The dyes contained in beverages and foods, sometimes eats into the enamel. And to deal with this with only one brush will not succeed. Therefore, it is time to talk about such an important procedure as whitening. Believe me, the end result (not only healthy, but also white teeth) will please you for sure. By the way, the first thing to do - is to review your diet. Because it is necessary to strictly exclude the following:

  • Beverages rich in dyes.
  • Strong brewed black tea and coffee.

We should not forget about cigarettes - if you smoke, whiten your teeth for a long time you are unlikely to succeed. Therefore, try to at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Before starting to whiten your teeth, you should make sure that you do not have tooth decay and no gum disease. And only after a full examination can start the procedure. Of course, you can make a professional bleaching in the clinic. Today in the arsenal of dentists there are several tools that will make your teeth brighter for 6 - 7 shades. Although it should be noted that it is a pleasure rather expensive. And so let make a Hollywood smile can not do everything.

You can also go the other, less expensive way - to buy a special mouthguard bleaching. Its principle of operation is quite simple: at night it should be lubricated with a special gel and inserted into the mouth. This method is also quite good, although using this device can lighten the teeth only 3 - 4 colors. But many of the fair sex can not sleep with a foreign body in the mouth.

Do not ignore the good old proven ways home teeth whitening. They are not so much, but they are effective and do not harm the teeth:

  • Calcium

Eat as many products containing calcium. This will help to strengthen and whiten tooth enamel.

  • Lime

Lemon peel will also help get rid of the yellow enamel. Just do not get too often resorted to this method because the constant exposure to acid can harm.

  • Soda

Once a day the teeth can be cleaned using soda as an additive to the paste. However, doctors are very skeptical about this method. Of course, the teeth at times really become whiter. But at what cost? Please be traumatized gums, and then - and she tooth enamel. To admit this can not in any case. By the way, whitening toothpaste have similar effects, so doctors do not recommend using them for more than one week a month.

We should not forget about the fact that you need to take care of oral ingestion. Now with a huge number of TV screens broadcasting advertisements about the benefits of chewing gum after meals. In principle, it can really help in cases where there is no possibility at least rinse the mouth.

Now you know how to properly clean the teeth and oral care. The main thing - to do everything with the mind. After all, if, for example, you push hard on the brush daily start using whitening strips and pastes, enamel is destroyed before our eyes.

 How to brush your teeth and good oral hygiene

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