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  • Pilaf "Uzbek traditions" with lamb and spices
  • A classic Italian risotto with vegetables and veal

Surely there is no one who would have never tried risotto. The latter is a dish of rice and meat cooked in a special way. Options preparing this dish for today there are so many. Thus, in the classic recipe includes Uzbek pilaf lamb and rice cereal varieties devzira also an essential attribute of Oriental cuisine are the spices. Often this barberries, dried yellow and black cumin, cardamom. Russian mistress mainly used basil, oregano and rosemary. So, as you can see, each recipe - it is a separate culinary history, which has its own individual characteristics.

Pilaf is made from lamb, pork, more tender and less fatty dish is derived from beef and veal. For those who observe fasting, or in principle, does not accept the use of meat, perfect recipe of rice with vegetables or fruit. Gradually, with the development of the culinary arts, master of cooking things have come up with a lot of the most unusual and original dishes of options, so today traditional meat pilaf, which he used to see many, has many analogues. You may want to make a dish with apples and carrots, and bell peppers, seafood. One need only pick a favorite recipe and put it into practice, and we will this be glad to help.

 classic pilaf

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Pilaf "Uzbek traditions" with lamb and spices

Classics Uzbek cuisine is plov. According to there the tradition, preparing meals rests with the head of the family - a man. It is believed that the representative of the strong half of humanity is able to fully cope with its task and make the most delicious pilaf. In general, the preparation of meat in Uzbekistan rely exclusively men. The Russians like the concept of alien, so we can make the dish, each member of the family, regardless of gender. We suggest to start with the basics and consider the classic recipe with lamb dishes. Keep in mind that the meat is quite fatty, so get a very hearty pilaf. Serve it with lots of greenery and fresh vegetables.


For pilaf:

  • fine salt - to the individual discretion of the chef
  • 1, 5 kg of fresh juicy lamb
  • 1, 2 kg of rice devzira (better to use a special rump of the class, but if it does not find, take a regular long grain rice)
  • 450 g of white onions
  • two teaspoons of barberry
  • young garlic head - on request
  • 800 g of orange carrots
  • 400-450 ml of refined vegetable oil
  • Cumin - tablespoon

To apply:

  • bunch of fresh parsley and dill

Cooking method:

Options dishes, which now in question, so much that can be cooked pilaf least a day and still never happen again. For example, the classic recipe Fergana dishes based on the use of sheep fat. In this case, oil is not necessary, you just slice thin strips of said product, drips out of it in a preheated dish fat and fry the vegetables with meat. Armenian pilaf from Samarkand distinguish seasoning and Italian recipe with veal and peas is so original that it is not a sin and put on a festive table. As you can see, ways to cook dishes very much, so if you love cooking, let's learn together.

Of the products listed in the formulation, the output will pilaf about 8 liters. So you will be able to feed a large group. What is not a reason to invite friends to the nature and together with them to cook in a cauldron fragrant pilaf? Especially since it's pretty simple to do, see for yourself. So first advance - better than the night before - rinse thoroughly under running water devzira rump. Stick to the rules of the "seven waters", which means that the rice should pour water at least seven times until it starts to drain the liquid crystal-clear. When will cope with this task, fill it with a new portion of water and leave to infuse. If no time hold it at least 120-180 minutes, and ideally procedure should take about five to six hours.

If you are cooking risotto at home, of course, about any cauldron is out of the question. In this case, use a conventional thick-walled pan, baking dish or an indispensable tool of every modern housewife - multivarka. Now let's prepare food: clean from the husk, and chop onion half rings its average thickness. Carrots can grate, but the classic version of the dish involves cutting it into a straw.

Rinse the lamb, then lay it on a paper towel and allow to drain. Then chop into large cubes of equal size - not more than 3 cm. Place the pot or kettle (depending on where you cook pilaf: at home or outdoors) to heat up. Pour into a bowl vegetable oil and wait until it starts to sizzle, then pour in a bulb vegetable. If the cooking process will notice that the oil is slightly bitter, take note of the following recipe: fry it up to black onion, cut into four parts. This will help get rid of the bad taste, and the vegetable then just throw it you do not need.

Cook the onions stirring constantly, or it will burn. As soon as he gains a beautiful golden brown crust, sprinkle the lamb pieces here. Note that cover the bowl with a lid in any case impossible, as the ingredients will be extinguished. This should be done only after the laying of rice. Check the meat, if browned on one side, gently invert its shovel to another. At the same time, make sure that the onion does not become a "embers", stir constantly for this product, if necessary, reduce the heat.

After 15 minutes, pour into a saucepan carrots, continue cooking the resulting mass is actively working with a spoon, about a quarter of an hour. Meanwhile, put on the stove to warm water as soon as it starts to boil, pour it into the future pilaf. Attention, boiling water should just cover the ingredients. Now reduce the flame burners, pour into a bowl for about two tablespoons fine salt, enter your favorite seasonings (preferably dried).

The traditional recipe involves the use of cumin and Barberry and cardamom. You can add a few peas black pepper, combine all the spices in a piala and grind them using a special mortar, then pour in zirvak. That's called a lot of vegetables and meat, cooked pilaf for the future. By the way, if you want to add piquancy to the dish and sharpness, add a few pods of dried red pepper.

While languishing dish, peel the garlic. Young lay in vegetable pilaf with rice, as it is much faster than the old one, it becomes soft and breaks. In addition, please note that all the rules of cooking garlic put a whole, not dividing it into cloves. It is time to check zirvak taste - the meat should be soft. If you think that the dish is too salty, do not worry. Subsequently, the excess of the ingredient absorbs Fig. Now a few more times it thoroughly, throwing in a colander, let drain a little. Then pour in a bowl, spread evenly over the vegetables and the meat mass, but not mixed. Add a clove of garlic and pour all the new portion of boiling water. The liquid should rise above the products of no more than 2 cm.

Change the intensity of the fire is not necessary - let the dish simmer until the water has completely evaporated. After about 20-25 minutes, check the rice to taste, if he's tough and crunches on the teeth, type a little more liquid. The most important thing to prepare this pilaf - do not miss the moment when the water is gone, and the croup is almost ready. That is, it should not be too soft, as pilaf will be up in a pan with the lid closed for about an hour. Reduce the heat to low, and then collect the rump hill in the center of the pot or cauldron. Tightly cover the bowl, press gently, lower the top cover, and leave to languish for another fifteen minutes. Then completely turn off the heat and let the dish stand for a while. Before serving, stir and put on the table with fresh herbs.

 Classic risotto recipe

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A classic Italian risotto with vegetables and veal

Offer to master another recipe is incredibly delicious, wholesome, and low-fat pilaf. For fans of the original experiments and supporters making the next dish fits perfectly. Arrange the evening an Italian kitchen and surprise guests risotto with peas, vegetables and tender veal combined with chicken liver. Be sure this pilaf your friends have not tried.


  • 200 g of fresh veal
  • 1, 5 cups long-grain non-adhesive cut-rice
  • bulb onion - one piece
  • 1 liter of low-fat chicken broth (it is recommended to cook poultry)
  • celery root
  • 15 ml of olive oil
  • 110 g of tender chicken liver
  • 50 g of hard cheese, grated
  • salt
  • two tablespoons of melted butter
  • 1, 5 cups peeled peas

Cooking method:

In our country the most popular among housewives use these types of pilaf as Uzbek, Ferghana, Samarkand. Some prefer a vegetable dish, so do not add it to the meat. However, sometimes boring and the soul requires variety. It is for these moments and will suit the following recipe. Risotto - so called Italian risotto - it turns a very gentle, nourishing and extremely spicy. Do not believe? Then we offer to prove this in practice on their own to master the following instructions.

So, first carefully wash the veal, put it on special paper towels and allow to drain. Meanwhile, clean the onions and celery, chop them middle-sized pieces. The dried meat chop with a knife on the middle blocks of the same size. In order to save time, be sure to cook the soup in advance, for example, in the evening. During the night it will not go bad, but in the morning you much faster cope with the Italian cooking pilaf. By the way, that he came more appealing and helpful, use the broth for the chicken home. Put the last heated, and in the meantime cut the middle-sized pieces of pre-washed and dried liver.

Now heat the skillet and place it in a cream product, once it is fully melted, pour into the same dish vegetable oil. After pour celery with the onions, cook, do not forget to stir occasionally, about five to seven minutes. After this time, add the veal, chicken liver and peas. Regarding the latter, we note that it should be pre-soak in warm water for a couple of hours. In this case, pilaf will be more soft and delicate. Fry ingredients stirring constantly, until they change color if you want to enter a little more oil.

Rinse rice (at least seven times), until it starts to drain away perfectly clean water. By the way, if you want to deal with the preparation of dishes quickly, we recommend pre-soak barley at least 30-60 minutes. After washing, fold it in a colander, as she drained, pour into a saucepan with meat and vegetables. Evenly spoon rice so that it fully cover all the ingredients. After a few seconds here is pour hot broth. Now reduce the flame burners and allow the sauce to boil, cover the bowl with a lid is not necessary. Periodically stir the dish, as the evaporation of the liquid, add small portions of chicken broth.

Pilaf Italian languishing at least 20 minutes, try it for taste - rice and veal should be soft. If desired, add a piece of butter, then sprinkle everything with grated cheese. By the way, for the aroma suggested to introduce a couple of cloves of garlic. In this case, chop it into thin slices. Also, do not be superfluous seasonings, such as basil or oregano dried - they give risotto savor. Traditionally, meals are served vegetables, fresh herbs, salad leaves. You can do special sauce: tomato, soy or other. Hopefully this recipe will help you to organize a pleasant evening and a hearty authentic Italian cuisine.

Today we share with the readers the secrets of cooking is incredibly wholesome and very popular dishes. Let these tips will help make your diet more diverse, original, and, of course, delicious. By itself pilaf - a fairly simple dish, which certainly can cook even a novice, an inexperienced cook. The main thing - just follow the instructions and be patient, because the dish is languishing in an average of 60 minutes to one and a half to two hours. But the effort, believe me, worth it - your family and guests will be delighted by pilaf. At whatever recipe you are staying, remember to cook you should always be happy.

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